tagGroup SexLinda's Birthday Dinner

Linda's Birthday Dinner


Adele and Linda had been in chat for almost 3 hours and both were exhausted from the many orgasms they had both had. The subject then turned from sex to everyday things including Linda's forthcoming 30th birthday. Adele asked what plans she had to celebrate it and Linda told her that she wasn't sure as Tony, her husband, was away on a course for the week end that her birthday fell on so she was expecting to spend it quietly indoors. It was then that the 'Great Idea' popped into Linda's head. She outlined it to Adele who fell in love with it and, over the next hour, the plan was hatched and details arranged. A Birthday Dinner with Linda, Adele and their best friend Howard was the final outcome and the following week the invite went out via Yahoo.

Linda made the arrangements as far as dinner was concerned after both girls decided to make it really special and have an overnight stay at a London hotel. Adele put her mind to work as to what they would each wear and, knowing Linda's dress size, she began her search of the shops.

The Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair's plush Park Lane was chosen as the venue and 2 connecting rooms were duly booked with a dinner reservation for 3.

Although Howard had replied immediately to the invite he also telephoned the Grosvenor Hotel just to ensure that they had satellite TV in the rooms. Saturday 22nd May, the date of the dinner, was also the date for the much awaited clash between England and Germany in the Euro 2004 Championships. Yes he would have missed the match to be in the company of the two very delightful ladies but if he could also watch the match then that would be an added bonus.

The night of the dinner arrived and, as per the arrangements, the 3 guests met in the Royal Club for coffee and afternoon pastries and the 3 long time friends spent an hour chatting and reminiscing over the many adventures they had been through together; but the main topic of conversation was Adele's recent marriage and Linda's many Thank You's to Howard for his support during her absence.

Linda collected the room keys from the desk and quickly nipped up to Howard's room after checking that she still had the small screwdriver in her clutch bag. Ten minutes later she returned to the Royal Club and handed Howard his electronic room key. Laughing and joking the three guests entered the lift and ascended to their adjoining rooms. Linda and Adele gave Howard a small peck on the cheek and disappeared inside their room whilst Howard entered his. He smiled as he felt a tiny pinch to his bottom just before they closed their door; Linda or Adele? He guessed right at which one. A glance at his watch told him the match was about to start. He knew exactly what would be happening in the room next to his whilst he settled in front of the TV in readiness for the match and a smile crossed his face as he pictured the two girls getting showered and dressed ready for the evening. But before they were all due to meet back in the Royal Club in readiness to go into La Trerrazza for their Italian Dinner he had the match to look forward to before he need shower and dress. Picking out a small bottle of cool champagne from the room fridge he opened it, poured half a glass and switched on the TV.

* * * * * *

No sooner were the two girls inside their room than Linda headed for the shower whilst Adele re arranged the TV set and the armchair into just the right position for their needs. She then poured some Moet from the cool bottle in the fridge and followed her friend into the bathroom. Linda took the proffered glass as Adele raised hers in a loving smile.

"Happy 30th Birthday Princess."

"Thank You Angel." Linking arms they took a sip from their glasses and then kissed. The kiss was immediately followed by a second; and then a third. But the third kiss lingered on, and on, and on. Without removing their lips from each other's they placed their glasses on the wash basin and embraced each other for the long and passionate kiss that then developed. Their breasts pushed closer together in the sensual, erotic embrace and both girls felt their passion begin to rise.

It was at that moment that the next part of 'The Great Idea' came to fruition. The expected knock on the connecting door materialised right on time. The kiss was broken and Adele walked to the door, flicked the lock, and opened it for Howard to enter.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Adele but the TV in my room doesn't work. I've phoned downstairs but they say the engineer will be another hour before he can get to me. The match is just about to start. Any chance I can watch your TV please?"

Linda, still inside the bathroom, had to cover her mouth to muffle her giggle. 'The Great Idea' was working perfectly. Thank God for the small screwdriver and her limited knowledge of fuses.

"Of course you can darling." Smiled Adele as she stepped back to allow Howard to enter.

Howard reached for the remote control resting on the armchair, sat down and pressed the button. The TV sprang to life to the cheers of 90,000 English fans as the teams strode onto the pitch. Howard settled himself comfortably just as Adele handed him a glass of Champaign.

"Oh! Thank you. Now that is what I call service. Thanks again Adele."

"Your welcome hon. You enjoy the match while Linda and I shower."

Adele re entered the bathroom and made sure she didn't close the door fully. She knew that the large mirror on the wall could be seen from the lounge.

It took Howard 5 seconds to also realise this fact.

Linda moved towards Adele and the two girls re kindled their earlier embrace and soon they were kissing and hugging as if there had been no interruption. Pressing their lips tight together their tongues slid inside each other's mouth and their nipples began to become erect beneath their clothes; pressing hard against each other's body as their passion rose.

Slowly, without breaking the kiss, Adele removed Linda's dress strap from off her shoulder and slowly slid her dress down until gravity took over and it fell to her ankles. The newly exposed strapless, uplift bra was flicked open from the back and it followed the dress to the bathroom floor. It took Linda 30 seconds to complete the same move on Adele's clothing as she slowly and sensually undressed her. Both girls now stood in just their lower under garments consisting of suspenders, matching panties and sheer nylon stockings. Linda's were a Mediterranean Tan colour to hide her pale legs whilst Adele's were Natural and showed off her Australian tan.

Where Adele's under garments were in a pure white; Linda's were a silky red that matched her hair perfectly.

A roar from the football fans echoed around the next room as the referee blew his whistle but both girls knew that Howard's eyes were not on the kick off. He probably didn't even know who had won the toss.

Linda dropped her head, still holding Adele's shoulders, and slowly began to lick at each nipple in turn as Adele threw her head back and savoured every touch of Linda's lips. Adele's hands slid down over Linda's hips and began to unfasten the clips hanging from the suspender belt around her. Slowly and sensually each clip was unfastened until both stockings were free from support. Linda continued to suck and nip at Adele's breasts until Adele suddenly pulled away and dropped to her knees. Linda placed her hands on her lover's head and began to gently brush her fingers through the blonde highlighted hair whilst Adele, in turn, placed her lips on the material covering Linda's pussy and began to suck.

Linda moaned. Her wetness had already soaked through her panties and Adele was sucking almost greedily at the scented juices that touched her mouth.

Linda moaned again. Louder this time. Without removing her mouth from Linda's wet panties Adele's nimble fingers slowly slid first one, then the other stocking down and off her long legs. The fastening on the red suspender belt followed until Linda stood in just her red, silk panties whilst Adele sucked lustfully at the juices seeping from deep within her partner's pussy.

Linda moaned louder still and thrust her hips forward into her lover's face. Adele's fingers reached for the elastic waistband of Linda's panties and slowly and erotically slid them from her hips. Once Linda's pussy was exposed Adele flicked her tongue over the erect clit awaiting her and the taste of the love juices sent a sensual tingle through her mouth as she began to lap eagerly at Linda's nectar. Meanwhile her fingers pulled the panties down to the floor where she gently slid them from Linda's feet and returned her hands to clasp at Linda's hips. Holding them firmly she continued to lick and probe at the wet pussy now in her mouth as Linda's moans echoed around the bathroom and drowned out the roar of the crowd as Beckham somersaulted around the pitch whilst his team mates attempted to hug him and kiss him. Howard glanced briefly at the TV as the team in white returned to the centre circle but it was just a glance. His attention was captivated elsewhere.

Linda's hands pressed firmly onto Adele's head in an attempt to push her face even harder into her womanhood just as her knees began to shake and her orgasm began to rise. Adele; sensing the pending climax, drove her tongue deep into her lover's wetness and caused Linda to scream in pure pleasure as her orgasm erupted through her body and sent wave after wave of delight throughout her being. On and on Adele's tongue flicked and licked at Linda's clit until, eventually, her orgasm subsided and she reached down and pulled Adele to her feet.

The two girls kissed again as Linda reached down and blindly removed Adele's stockings, suspenders and panties until both girls were naked in each other's arms. Breaking the kiss Linda took hold of Adele's hand and led her into the shower; intentionally neglecting to close the pink curtain that would have hidden the mirror from the eager pair of eyes that lustfully watched from within the next room.

Adele flicked on the forcet and the cool water sprayed down over the two naked female bodies as Linda picked up the shower gel and began to pour it over Adele's tanned shoulders. Replacing the bottle on the stand Linda began to gently rub the gel into her lover's skin creating a lather that felt soft and cool as Adele closed her eyes and extracted every ounce of pleasure that Linda's hands were giving her.

Slowly Linda rubbed the lather over Adele's firm breasts and smiled as she saw the pleasure that her touch was bringing to her friend's body. Firmly she rubbed over the nipples and breast in her hands as Adele began to moan softly as she dropped her left hand down to her own slit and began to masturbate herself. Linda kissed Adele gently on the tip of her nose before going to her lips. Dropping her hands from Adele's breasts she pushed her own erect nipples hard against Adele's, causing a further moan to escape her lips. Sucking greedily on Linda's tongue as it flicked in and out of her mouth Adele began to probe her finger deeper into her pussy and allowed her thumb to press firmly against her clitoris.

Suddenly Linda broke the kiss and moved behind Adele. Pressing her pussy against Adele's firm bottom she slid her arms around her so that one hand gripped Adele's left breast and the other pulled Adele's fingers from her pussy and replaced them with her own. Pressing her thumb firmly against her erect clit she slid her two longest fingers into Adele's wetness and Adele screamed.

With gentle kisses on Adele's back Linda continued to fuck her fingers into her pussy whilst rubbing her thumb hard over Adele's clit. Adele was in heaven as she let her lover slowly bring her to a climax that sent tingles through her body. With the warm shower water splashing over their nakedness Linda began to suck gently on tiny patches of skin on Adele's back and neck whilst her relentless fingers drove deeper and harder into Adele's pussy and her other hand squeezed and pulled at Adele's breasts. Adele screamed again and her body trembled in the final throes of an almighty orgasm that caused her eyes to water and her legs to shake.

Finally the two girls turned to face each other and kissed again. Then, breaking the sensual kiss, Adele picked up the shower gel, poured some over her shoulders and breasts, and then poured the remainder over Linda's body. Linda reached up and moved the shower head away from them and together they began to rub the gel into a lather as they washed each other; pausing when their hands moved over their breasts and pussies and then continued until they were both covered in soft, white lather.

Smiling softly at each other they both slid their hands down into each other's pussy as they stepped closer together. Again their lips met and, while they kissed, they finger fucked each other into yet another incredible orgasm that sent echoes of pure pleasure around the bathroom.

The watching eyes from the next room almost burst their sockets. The owner of those eyes failed to hear the rapture of the crowd as the German team again returned to the centre of the pitch; heads held low.

As their orgasms subsided Linda reached for the shower head and turned it onto their hot and shaking bodies. The lather slowly washed away from their skin and trickled down the hole in the base of the shower to leave the two girls with the droplets of water glistening on their nakedness. They kissed again and stepped from the shower. Wrapping a white towel around their waists, but leaving their breasts naked, they entered the bedroom where Howard was engrossed in the TV.

"How is it going sweety?" Asked Linda as she clenched Adele's hand tightly but directing her question at Howard.

"Umm I think England are winning 2 – 0."

"You think?" Queried Adele smiling at him.

"Well I think I may have dozed off but I'm sure it's 2 – 0" Stammered Howard.

Linda looked at Howard with her flirty grin and smiled. "Why have you got an enormous bulge in your trousers H?"

Howard smiled back but said nothing as he crossed his legs and picked up his glass of champagne.

"Come on Princess." Interrupted Adele in an effort to save Howard's embarrassment "Let's get your hair and make up done. Sit in front of the mirror darling and let your Angel pamper you.

"Not just yet sweetheart." Replied Linda as she flung a sexy, taunting grin at Howard. "I think I know a man who needs some attention first. Yes?"

Adele smiled back at Linda as she loosened the towel around her waist and let it slip to the floor.

"Yes Princess, I think you are right."

Linda allowed her towel to hit the bedroom floor and, naked, both girls approached Howard as he sat grinning in the chair.

Adele went to the rear of the chair and began to rub her fingers gently over Howard's temples in a slow, circular motion, whilst Linda went to the front and sat on Howard's knees with her legs astride his and facing him. Her fingers dropped to Howard's groin and before he could protest; not that he had any intention of doing so, she deftly slid the zipper to his trousers down and he physically jumped as her fingers probed inside the opening and emerged clasping his huge, hard cock. Adele continued to massage his temples whilst Linda began to massage the erection in her hand. Slowly she pulled the foreskin up and over the red head and held it there for a moment before pulling it back and taking it down towards his balls. She then repeated the movement picking up speed with each stroke until she was wanking Howard's cock and he was jumping and moaning in the chair.

Adele stopped massaging Howard's temples, not wanting to be left out of the exciting action happening on his lap, and moved around to the front of the chair. Dropping to her knees she slid her mouth over the head of his cock just as Linda pulled the foreskin back towards his balls. Linda made a little audible yell of delight and slid from his lap and took up a position opposite Adele. Dropping her head she began to lick hard at his balls whilst Adele allowed the length of Howard's cock to slide into her mouth.

Howard began to moan even louder and thrust his hips upwards sending the point of his cock deep into Adele's waiting throat. Linda began to undo Howard's belt buckle and a moment later he was sat in just his shirt while his boxers and trousers lay on the floor at his feet. Linda grabbed the front of his shirt and tugged; sending the buttons flying across the room and opening his shirt wide to expose his hairy chest. She then nipped at his nipples whilst her hand slid under him and her finger touched the outside of his arse. When it entered the tight hole he screamed.

In and out Linda began to fuck Howard's arse while Adele greedily took his thrusting cock deep into her sensual mouth. Her head began to bob faster and faster as Linda began to arse fuck him just as fast. Linda then returned her mouth to his balls until the moment when his cock left Adele's mouth and she then slid her own mouth over it while Adele took a breather.

Next moment Adele returned her mouth to Howard's cock and they began to take turns sucking on the long shaft. First Adele would give the huge cock a few sucks and then let Linda take it in her mouth for a while before handing it back to Linda.

Howard went crazy.

He began to shout and moan at the girls to suck him off.. take his spunk in their mouths.. swallow him.. fuck him.. and they did.

Linda's finger never left his tight arse as the two girls took turns in sucking at his cock. It became a race to see which one of them would have his cock in their mouth when he erupted. On and on they sucked; knowing that he couldn't take much more. They knew he was desperately trying to hold back his eruption for as long as possible so as to enjoy the experience even longer. Harder and harder the girls sucked. Gripping his cock tighter and tighter in their mouths as they took turns in sucking the spunk up from his balls.

Howard was arching his back as he fucked his hips upwards to meet the girl's mouths. His hands were gripping at the arms of the chair and his knuckles were turning white. He was sweating and moaning and the girls knew that it would not be long before he would spurt his load.

Linda sucked as she arse fucked him. Then Adele sucked and Linda kissed him on the mouth sending her tongue probing into him. Then Linda returned her mouth to his cock and Adele kissed him in the same manner. Howard went crazy. Suddenly, just as Adele's mouth wrapped itself around the head of his cock again he exploded. She felt the hot burst of spunk slam deep into the back of her throat as he began to empty himself into her.

Suddenly she pulled her mouth away just as a stream of cum shot from the tiny hole and headed upwards towards the ceiling only to drop back down and land on his own face where it slowly trickled down towards his mouth. Meanwhile Linda sunk his cock back into her mouth and she too felt the thrust of hot spunk as another wave erupted out of the thick shaft and into the back of her throat. Then Linda pulled her head away and swallowed while Adele wrapped her lips back around the throbbing cock just in time to get another load of hot cum inside her.

Eventually Howard sank back into the chair as the final drops of spunk were licked from the glistening head of his cock by the two girls. He felt the thick cum on his face trickle down to his mouth and he licked at it and swallowed.

Smiling Adele and Linda stood up and grinned down at the exhausted man in the chair. Linda reached down and ran her finger over his cheek to collect the remaining cum and slid her digit into his mouth. Howard grinned back as he licked at his own sperm and allowed it to slide to the back of his throat.

"Come on Princess. I need to dry that hair and do your make up.

Remaining naked Linda sat down, facing the mirror, and Adele reached for her hair drier. Howard grinned and returned to his room to put on his towelling robe before returning to watch the proceedings. It took him just 20 seconds.

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