tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 02

Little Girl Games Ch. 02


After a day at the pool, Kelli offered to take Amy and I to get some tacos, but she didn't want us to sit in her car wearing wet swimming suits. Amy stated that we didn't need our suits, but I reminded her that we could get arrested for driving around naked. Kelli suggested that we just wrap towels around us. Kelli and Amy were already naked, so I reluctantly agreed and slipped off my tiny bikini. We grabbed three towels and piled our young nude bodies into Kelli's car.

I was a little nervous about driving around town in just a towel. Kelli had the windows down and I was riding in the backseat. It was difficult to keep my towel in place with all that wind blowing on me. Even when we stopped, I had problems with my towel. We were sitting at a stoplight and I asked Kelli to turn on the stereo. She told me to do it myself. As I leaned forward to adjust the knobs, the driver in the car behind us beeped his horn. I wasn't even aware that I exposed my whole butt to the car behind us when I leaned forward. When they beeped again, I turned around to find two guys waving and blowing me kisses. Suddenly I realized that they were blowing their horn because I displayed my naked ass for them. I immediately sunk down in the backseat, wishing I could crawl into a hole and hide!

We finally arrived at the taco stand and placed our order through the microphone. When we pulled up to the drive-through window, a cute guy was waiting there for our money. As Kelli was looking in her purse, her towel began to slide down. She made no effort to adjust her towel and it slowly slid further down her chest. The eyes of the guy in the window were glued to Kelli's chest as the towel continued to slide down and her pretty pink nipples came into view. Finally, the towel dropped down to her lap, completely exposing her breasts.

Instead of covering herself, Kelli looked up at the guy, smiled and said, "You'll have to excuse me. I just finished swimming and all I have to wear is this towel. Its such a small towel that it doesn't want to stay on very well. I hope you don't mind."

He smiled back and said, "No problem. Please take your time."

Kelli purposely took her time and left her towel down around her waist even though she knew the guy was looking at her. While she continued digging around in her purse, the guy just stood there admiring her bare titties as they wobbled back and forth. Amy turned sideways to help look in Kelli's purse and as she did, the bottom of Amy's towel separated. The towel had a gap all the way up to her belly button with the ends of the towel falling down to the side of her legs. Her dark bush was out in the open for the guy in the window to see. Amy pretended not to notice that the towel came apart. They finally found the money and Kelli handed it to the guy. He really took his time counting the change because Kelli and Amy made no attempt to cover up.

When he handed us our food, Amy looked at me and wondered when I was going to get in on the fun. I leaned forward from the back seat to look at the contents of the bag and when I did, my towel fell completely off. It was lying on the seat behind me and my whole body was completely exposed. My eyes were glued to the bag. I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone that was looking at my naked body.

Amy asked me if our order was correct. When I looked up to answer her, I noticed that Kelli and Amy had put their towels back on. What I didn't realize was that Kelli had rolled the car forward in front of the dining room windows. I looked over and was shocked to discover a group of people staring at my exposed breasts and pussy. I quickly wrapped my arms around my chest, but the hair between my legs was still showing. I was afraid to reach for my towel because it would force me to drop my arms and expose my breasts to the crowd. I begged Kelli to drive on, but she just sat there as if she was going to eat her tacos. I felt embarrassed and humiliated.

Suddenly a group of guys came out of the restaurant to get a closer look. I was naked and there was a group of guys only a few feet away. When Kelli still refused to leave, I reached forward and yanked on both of their towels. Their towels fell into their laps and now all of our breasts were on display for the crowd. As the guys came right up next to the car, Kelli shifted into drive and we roared away.

Kelli seemed to have trouble keeping her small towel on while she drove the car. A large passenger van carrying a college baseball team pulled along side of us and Kelli conveniently let her towel slip down, exposing her breasts. I thought the van was going to tip over as the guys all moved to our side to look at Kelli's bare tits. As we approached a red light, Kelli lifted her leg high to step on the break. This caused the towel to separate in her lap. Now her blonde bush was also exposed to the team. Kelli slowly put her towel back on and pretended not to notice that the guys were staring down at her. When the light turned green, the van tried to stay along side of us, but Kelli pulled into a gas station and the van continued on its way. I asked Kelli how she was going to get gas in just a towel.

She said, "Just watch me!"

She pulled up to the gas pump and looked around. There was a man filling the tank of a BMW at the next pump. There was another guy on the other side of the pumps that didn't look much older than we did. He was putting air in the tires of his beat-up sports car. Kelly got out and put the nozzle in the tank. As she was filling the tank, Kelli took a squeegee and started cleaning her windows. Both the man and the other guy were staring at her and probably wondering what she had on under that towel. It was a short towel that barely covered her butt. She kept reaching higher and further across the windshield with the squeegee so that her towel would ride up. This gave the man a little show as half of her naked butt cheeks peeked out from below the towel. It also looked like her tits were going to spill out of the top of the towel, the way she was leaning over.

Kelli motioned to the guy checking his tires and she asked him if her tires looked low. He said he'd be glad to check them for her. He squatted down and Kelli stood above him with her legs slightly spread apart. The towel was gaping in front and from his squatted position, the guy was able to look right up at her partially exposed pussy. The man came over and asked if he could help. Kelli asked the man to verify the maximum air pressure stamped on the side of the tire, so he squatted down beside the other guy. Kelli spread her legs a little wider to make sure they were both getting a good look up her towel at her blonde bush. Finally the hose clicked off and Kelli returned the nozzle to the pump.

Kelli turned to the man and said, "I can't believe it. I forgot my money."

The man said, "That's not all you forgot."

Kelli said, "What do you mean?"

The man replied, "You forgot a swimsuit under your towel."

Kelli said, "No I didn't," and opened her towel.

She acted embarrassed and said, "Oh no, I did forget my suit," then pretended to panic and accidentally drop the towel.

She turned around with her back to them, bent down straight legged and slowly picked up the towel. This gave the man and the other guy a clear view of her smooth, firm, naked butt. As she turned around and slowly wrapped the towel over her breasts, she began scolding the man and telling him how awful it was for him to look up her towel. She asked him if he made a habit of looking at naked little girls. The man offered to pay for her gas to make up for his bad behavior as the other guy jumped in his car and took off. She accepted the man's offer and we drove away with a free tank of gas!

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