tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLois Griffin, Return to Video 02

Lois Griffin, Return to Video 02


Brian submitted the video of Lois sucking him off to his friends and their website. It was a big hit not only with them but their subscribers. There were of course requests for more videos. Requests that Brian was looking forward to filling.

It had been about a week and it was time to get a new video done. To that end he had been calling around and making arrangements in the hopes of shooting one or two interesting little clips. In the mean time he had left a hand held camera with Lois and given her basic instructions on how to operate it. She had in essence a homework assignment which was to film herself masturbating (though if she filmed herself doing other sex acts he certainly wasn't going to complain).

The footage Lois had shot was sitting on his desk right, now in fact. She had quietly dropped it off earlier in the morning.

Brian had been looking forward to seeing the footage and as soon as he had a break in his day into the computer it went. It was of course going to need some editing but this first viewing was purely for enjoyment and "quality control".

The video began as most of these amateur solo videos do with the camera being set up taking in a shot of the bed or some such location. Lois had been careful removing any items of a personal nature that might give clues to her identity. She had also spread out some toys on the bed. The usual assortment of vibrators, lube, and dildo's including what had to be a massive 16" black rubber cock.

After a few moments Lois crawled into frame and onto the bed. She had her little mask on and a big comfortable bathrobe. Other than the tease of a little bit of her sexy leg showing through she wasn't giving anything away. Not just yet at any rate.

She gave the camera a cute little smile then blew her audience a kiss.

"Howdy boys."

She positioned herself seated with her legs pulled up in front and a little off to the side of her as she faced the camera. Now comfortable she started to moved her hands up and down her body as sort of a warm up. Once she started to get into the grove she opened up the top of the bath robe a little bit to show off her cleavage bending forward to tease the audience. After a minute or two more of this she carefully untied her bathrobe and peeled it away ever so slowly. Starting with the top freeing her lovely tits then working her way down. She was still sitting with her legs pulled up and to the side so you got a great view of her legs and inviting thighs. She gave her bottom a little wiggle then repositioned herself with legs forward and spread wide showcasing her gorgeous shaved pussy for her viewers.

Brian was already hard and was pretty sure the paying subscribers would be too.

Lois went back to caressing her body specifically playing with her tit's and rubbing her pussy a little. She wasn't at it long before she went for one of the vibrators and a dildo. First she gave the dido a couple of licks then winked at he camera and proceeded to simulate a tit job on the dildo. This was solely for the audiences pleasure and when she got bored with it she instead took the vibrator in hand and started sucking on it. When she had it good and lubed she went right to work on her pussy and started fucking herself. No foreplay at all she wanted it and she wanted it now. She got vocal as she started getting herself worked up. The volume of the musical notes of woman getting ready to cum ever increasing. Well right up to the point when they were muffled by the up to this point idle dildo being shoved into her mouth. She was sucking and working the dildo with her tongue like a champ as she rammed herself feverishly with the vibrator. As she neared the edge of orgasm she laid back on the bed bucking with every wave of please that passed through her as the vibrator came in and out. When she hit the crest and was overcome by her orgasm she tensed up and arched her back at the same time pulling the dildo from her mouth a letting out a wail of pleasure. Afterward slowly sinking back releasing the tension from her body as she became totally relaxed.

She just lay there for a few minutes awash in the fading pleasure of her orgasm. Her breasts slowly rising and falling with every breath. When the moment had passed for her she turned and looked over at the camera with a evil grin on her face.

Lois rolled over onto her stomach discarding the dildo and vibrator and went for the big black rubber cock and some lube. She gave it a little bit of a suck and nibble along it head then proceeded to give it a very generous lubing. She then got up on all fours turned herself almost all the way around so her ass was facing camera but you could still somewhat see her face. She reached back and started to very deliberately work the cock into her ass. It went slowly at first and met some resistance as evidenced by the occasional groan and wince form Lois. But as she patiently worked it back and forth getting it ever deeper in her ass it became clear she was enjoying it more and more.

Lois fucked herself in the ass with that black cock for some time getting ever more into the moment. Suddenly without much warning she exploded in a sharp cry of pleasure and collapsed forward onto the bed convulsing with the aftershocks of her second orgasm. The black cock still in her protruding from her ass and twitching in the air every time her body gave a tremor.

Lois wasn't the only person who came. Brian had been jerking himself off ever since she showcased her shaved pussy and much like Lois in the video he too needed a few moments to come of the high of this experience.

The rest of the video when Lois finally collected her composure was nothing more than her removing her last toy and crawling over to the camera to shut it off. Brian edited the video to end with Lois laying on the bed with the big black dildo still sticking out of her ass waving good bye.

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