tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLois Griffin, Return to Video 05

Lois Griffin, Return to Video 05


Lois had now down several videos with Brian and was developing into something of a sensation with a solid following on the site that was caring the videos. Brian had received the first payment from his friends who ran the site and it was for a very respectable sum of money. After making sure to get his cut Brian slipped Lois a check that morning for her part of the first payout. He didn't say a word just smiled and walked away figuring the numbers would speak for themselves.

They must have since later that afternoon when everyone was out Lois tracked Brian down.

"So Brian when are we doing another video and what are we shooting?"

Brian had been getting requests and suggestions for future videos and since the Quagmire video some of the other guys had wanted a shot at participating in videos. Some of the suggestions were interesting and Brian decided to kill two birds with one stone. Cleveland's sons eighteen birthday was coming up Saturday and this could be a interesting opportunity.

"How about this Saturday night? Maybe some energetic black cock and maybe even a double team."

"Oh, sound fun."

"Wear a cow girl outfit if you have one."

"I got just the thing."

Come Friday Brian got a nice hotel room downtown for his shoot. Passed on the location and time to both Lois and Cleveland and got set up.

Saturday Cleveland Jr's party went off during the day without a hitch. Cleveland had told him earlier in the day that they would be cutting out to catch a show around 6:30 pm.

"All right boy in the car I don't want to be late. No one wait up for us we might be out for a while." With that he and his son headed downtown.

It wasn't long before they were pulling into the parking garage of one of the better hotels downtown.

"What are we doing here dad?"

"I got a special gift for you son. What did you think I forgot to get you something?"

Fifteen minutes later Cleveland was opening the to one of the rooms on the twelfth floor. Inside they found a very nice set of rooms one of which had a series of camera's and associated gear set up for a film shot. Brian was relaxing in one of the arm chairs with a scotch.

"Good evening guys. Cleveland Jr your father set up what's going to probably one of the best nights of your life. You ready to be a porn star?"


"Son welcome to manhood. Oh and by the way I remembered how much you like westerns."

That was Brian's cue. He snapped his finger. Across the room a door opened and out stepped Cleveland Jr's toy for the night.

Lois had worn for the occasion a set of nice cowboy boots, very short cut off daisy dukes, a checkered shirt tied off at her breast but in truth barely keeping her tits contained though it did show off her sexy midriff. The outfit was rounded out with a nice western straw hat and Lois little mask of course. Lois bent forward a little squeezing her tits between her arms to show off the goods then did a slow spin so everyone could get a look at the full package. Her daisy dukes were cut so short that they almost became a thong in the back though this was perfect for showcasing her glorious ass.

"All right boy here are the rules. She will do whatever you tell her or what we tell her. But you don't touch the mask and you don't get overly aggressive. If you want to wear a mask we got some on the table by the door if not, well that's your choice. You got it?"

"I got it dad. Fuck I'm going to be a porn star!"

"See that chair there in the middle of the set up. Go and have a seat. Brian is going to start filming."

Cleveland Jr walked over to the chair and took a seat. He felt like a kid in a candy store.

Lois gave Cleveland Jr about twenty second after he sat down to settle in then sauntered over to him and into frame. She put her left hand on his right shoulder and circled him once giving him a chance to enjoy a closer look at his present. When she was back in front of him she could tell by looking at his pants that he already had a hard on.

She started in by giving him a little show. She did a turn and half in front of him wiggling her hips slowly as she went. Half way through her second turn when she had her back to him she spread her legs and bent over at the waist putting her ass front and center for a few second. When she came back up she didn't turn around instead she unbuttoned her daisy dukes, wiggled out of them kicking them off to the side once they were on the ground. Cleveland Jr now had a sweet bare ass right in front of him. Remembering that he could do what he wanted her reached out and pinched Lois ass. Lois not expecting this squealed and jumped a little.

"You naughty boy." Is all Lois said when she turned around. Lois stepped in till she was straddling his lap. She took booth his hands and guided them to her ass for him to play with. Then she reached up and untied the knot at the front off her shirt letting her ample inviting tits spill out. Once they were free Lois leaned in and let Cleveland motor boat her for a bit after which he sucked on her tits and nipples. While he was enjoying himself Lois tossed aside the hat since it was only going to get in the way later. When she felt he had enough teasing she reached down and squeezed his crotch.

"All ready for me I see."

Lois backed off of Cleveland Jr a bit then spread his legs to make some space and in a flash she was down on her knees undoing his pants. He hadn't worn a belt and his pants were loose so she was able to slide them and his boxers off with ease. As his dick came free it sprang up right to attention.

He was fairly big for his age maybe even a little bigger than Cleveland senior.

Lois took his hard cock and guided towards her mouth as she leaned in. At first she gave it a little nipple and lick. He was young and over exited and she could immediately tell that he was going to blow at any second. She had planned on starting with a tit job but not wanting to disappoint she quickly took as much off his rod into her mouth and down her throat as she could, gagging a bit at the end. This was it for Cleveland Jr. he grabbed both sides of the chair, bucked his hips forward getting his dick just a little bit farther down Lois throat and hollered.

"I'm cuming, fucking I'm cuming!"

He must not have not jerked off in a week or two since the torrent of cum that he shot was massive. Lois tried to swallow all she could but had to come up for air after a bit and as she pulled back of his cock she got blasted in the face by the last of his load.

She sat back on her ass in front of him coughing a little with cum dripping off her chin and cheeks' as he relaxed and came down of his orgasm. Once they had taken a few moments to get back in the moment Cleveland Jr now feeling empowered stood up. As he did so Lois noticed that even after all that he was still hard.

"Take off your shirt and get up on all fours I want to take you from behind."

Without any resistance Lois did what was asked of her. She took off and tossed aside her open shirt and got onto all fours facing away from Cleveland Jr sticking her ass up at him invitingly.

He got in behind her but instead of fucking her outright he got down on the ground and took a try at eating pussy. He worked at it for a bit and clearly needed a lot more practice but Lois reached back and helped him get her off by massaging her clit. She was in the moment and exited enough that she was able to reach orgasm.

Now that much more encouraged after eating some pussy Cleveland Jr got up behind Lois and guided his cock to her pussy lips then pushed forward and slowly slid on in. He took Lois by the hips for balanced and started to pump away at her pussy.

Cleveland and Brian had been enjoying the show and Cleveland was glad his son was clearly having a good time. That said now that Cleveland Jr had enjoyed Lois for a bit it was time for dad to join the fun. While he had been watching and waiting Cleveland had stripped. Even Brian had stripped while the cameras were running on automatic since he planned on getting a piece of the action too.

With Cleveland Jr fucking Lois from behind Cleveland took the opportunity to get in on the action. He stepped out into frame and walked over to Lois stopping in front of her for a turn at her skilled mouth. He was mostly hard and had been jerking off a little. Cleveland took Lois by the hair, stepped in a little for better positioning and guided Lois's mouth towards his balls. She immediately responded by alternating teasing them with her tongue and sucking on them with an occasional nibble.

He let her play with his balls for a bit as he got a little more worked up then took her by the hair again. He pulled her up just a bit and guided his dick right into her mouth bucking his hips forward so he could ram it home and face fuck her. It took a few minutes, a few enjoyable minutes till he and his son managed to find a rhythm that worked for them.

They were both having a great time. Cleveland reached out and high-fived his soon enjoying the father son bonding experience with a wanton redheaded slut between them. Not long after that Cleveland Jr. blew his second load in Lois pussy pulling out only after he was spent and beginning to relax.

With no one pushing form the other direction Cleveland now had a lot more control of his own rhythm as he fucked Lois mouth. He took her head in both hand and started to pump ever harder and farther down her throat. When he started getting his dick into her mouth right up to the hilt she started to gag. Right about then he pulled her down hard one last time and started to shot his load, unlike his son though he held her head tight not letting her pull away forcing her to take it all and choke a little. When he was done he let her pull back gasping for air.

"You see son if you want them to swallow it all you got to hold their heads so they can't pull away."

Looking around the room while he gave Lois a couple of moments to stop coughing and recover he noticed a large cushioned foot rest and got an idea.

"Boy how about you go get that tube of Vaseline off the side table by the couch there. We're going to have ourselves a little fun taking this white bitch up the ass. It will be a good learning experience for you."

As Cleveland Jr was getting the lube Cleveland Sr helped Lois to her feet and led her over to the cushioned foot rest. He had her lay down on her stomach ass in the air. After she was in position there was a loud crack as he gave her ass a good slap.

"Listen boy you can't just go ramming your dick up there ass whenever you feel like it. Instead you got to ease into it a bit. When you find one that's willing you should start out by fingering her asshole to warm her up. Use some lube if you got it to smooth the way or have her get your dick nice and wet before you go in."

Cleveland took the tube, spread Lois ass cheeks a little with one hand, and applied a generous amount. He then tossed the tube aside and focused his attention back to the task at hand. He took his thumb and gently started to finger her asshole massaging it gently relaxing and stretching it ever so slightly. As he did this with his right hand he reached down with his left and played with her pussy a little getting a occasional hushed moan out of Lois.

"You see if you ease them into it and get them to enjoy it then they're going to want it next time. Use your fingers to relax and massage her asshole. Get her stretched out a little and nice and lubed then start to ease yourself in. Take your time before you go whole hog."

With that Cleveland stopped teasing Lois pussy and positioned his dick, which had gotten stiff again in anticipation, at her asshole. He ever so slowly started to push into her, in a little then back then in a little more and so on. When he was finally in as far as he wanted he started to pump her ass with a slow steady rhythm at first. He then proceeded to ratcheted up the tempo.

One of the cameras Brian had set up was filming the view from Lois face looking back towards Cleveland and it showed Lois with part of her fist in her mouth and her biting down on her knuckles. It was a great shot and would play well with viewers.

Lois was taking the assault on her ass like a champ as Cleveland pumped ever harder. When he was ready to blow Cleveland rammed his dick hard into her while pulling her hips in to him and held her there. He was shaking and gave out a groan as he pumped her ass full of cum. After he was finally spent he pulled out with a pop and stepped back.

"Alright son I've loosened her up a bit for you. Go ahead take a crack at it."

Cleveland Jr didn't need to be told twice. He had been jerking himself off watching his father fuck Lois up the ass and was ready to go. Seeing as she had already been lubed and used he didn't feel the need for any foreplay. Instead he just positioned the head of his cock at Lois asshole, grabbed her hips, and slammed in hard with one thrust.

Lois wasn't prepared for this second and abrupt assault on her ass and screamed as Cleveland Jr buried his dick I her ass. He was going at Lois's ass fast and hard and Lois was being vocal grunting when each trust hit home.

Knowing that Cleveland Jr wasn't going to last long and wanting a piece of the action himself Brian took a handheld camera and went over to stand in front of Lois. He reached down taking her by the hair and guiding her mouth onto his dick.

At first she was having a little trouble blowing him as she was clearly distracted by the pounding she was getting from behind. Brian however had been in this situation before and managed to find a way to work with the rhythm Cleveland Jr was setting. As soon as he hit that sweet spot Lois was able to do a decent job sucking on his dick while her ass got fucked.

Cleveland Jr lost it soon after just as Brian figured he would, it was after all not Brian's first time filming a newcomer. Cleveland Jr hooted and trembled as he blew his load into Lois's ass adding to his father's earlier load. He stayed in her for a while as he relaxed. When he pulled out Lois had a steady stream of cum leaking out of her ass and running down the side of her legs.

With Cleveland Jr now done and out of Lois's ass Brian could fuck Lois's mouth as he pleased. He fucked her steady but not hard going in and out with long trusts to get a good set of shots for the camera. When he was ready to finally cum he only shot the first spur in her mouth opting instead to pull her head back and spray his cum all over her face. Finally spent he stepped back and got a great shot of Lois's face glazed with cum as she looked up at the camera.

"All right boys we're done."

With that Lois got up and staggered toward the suites bath and shower satisfied and spent while everyone else slowly started to collect their cloths.

"All right son let's get cleaned up and dress then go out for a steak."

Cleveland didn't need to ask his son if he was satisfied with his gift he could tell as they left by the stupid grin on his face.

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