tagIncest/TabooLookalike GF and Mother. Uh oh.

Lookalike GF and Mother. Uh oh.


Disclaimers -- This is fictional and inspired by a popular story on this site. That one also featured a lookalike mother and girlfriend but it was written from the mother's point of view and quite a bit different than this one, which is much longer than I expected when I began to write it. I considered splitting it into chapters but the first part wouldn't have qualified as Taboo and I didn't want to have the two (or three) in separate genres.

If you're a fan of pregnancy or freakishly large cocks and breasts, you'd best seek another story more to your tastes. I've given up trying to find editors so the editing is mine alone. Please let me know if there are errors. I've re-read it in pieces a few times but I'm sure to have missed something. And I do reply to comments.


I had never entertained sexual thoughts or desires for my mother. It's not that she was hideous or obese or foul-tempered. Quite the opposite in fact. She resembled the mother on The Partridge Family -- blonde, trim and cute but not exactly oozing sex appeal. While I had x-rated fantasies about a couple of aunts, I never thought of my mother, Shirley, that way.

When you're an 18 year-old male, your mind wanders all over the sexual terrain. But it was as though there was a big EWWWW sign over the track in the direction of my mother. As for me, blond hair, 5'11'' (180 cm) slim and about to enter my freshman year. It had just been my mother and I for several years after my father packed up and left.

As the university was around 300 miles (480 km) away, I was to live in residence. I promised my mother I'd come home once a month and politely listened to her departure advice.

"Keep up your studies.

"Socialize but don't let it interfere with your schoolwork."

"Just because you're of drinking age (18 in our neck of the woods), don't go overboard."

"Try to meet a nice girl.

Meeting Stefanie

I ignored the first three but soon enough met a nice girl. We had a History class together where she asked smart questions and quietly mocked the dumber ones. We got chatting and soon discovered we liked the same music (Clash, Police, Madonna, OK, everybody liked them, how about Kate Bush and Squeeze), the same contemporary movies (Prick Up Your Ears and Under Fire), NPR radio, Shakespeare and smoking dope. More importantly, we laughed at the same things.

I could tell she liked me and I liked her too. But there was one problem. She looked like an 18 year-old version of my mother, even down to the same height, body shape, hair-style and how her nose wrinkled when she laughed. At least she didn't like The Partridge Family. Her name was Stefanie which made it weirder because my name is Stefan.

So for the longest time I friend-zoned her. We hung out a lot, had a weekly study session in the library and went out on lots of group dates where we'd spend most of the time talking to each other. My residence pals caught on and Dwight, my mountain bear of a roommate, questioned why I hadn't asked her out.

"Aww, she's nice enough but I just like her as a friend."

"But she's pretty and likes you. And she'd be putting out in no time."

I suspected that. And that was the problem. Every time I'd imagine something sexual with her, I'd get this vision of my mother and, ewww.

But I really enjoyed her company and enjoyed having someone who was sort of a girlfriend. Still, I recoiled any time there was an opportunity to kiss her.

Around mid-semester I went home for the weekend. My mother was glad to see me and over-fussed. After the usual school questions,

"So Stefan, have you met any nice girls?"

"Well, one, but we're just friends."

"Is that friends or 'friends'?" as she air-quoted.

"Friends, without quotes,"

"Well she must be a bit special for you to mention her."

"We get along really well but there's no chemistry, at least on my part."

"So there is on her part?"

"I don't know that."

"But you suspect so, or you wouldn't have mentioned 'on my part'."

I felt stymied. Words were failing me and I shook my head.

"Is she nice looking?"

Uh oh. I could sense dangerous ground here. I was disinclined to come right out and say she looked just like my mom because who knew where that would lead. Nowhere good I reckoned.

"Yes, she's pretty."

"Pretty, likes you and you enjoy her company. Stefan, give it some thought. Women with that combination don't come around very often. Is there some drawback you haven't mentioned?"

Now was the time. Except it absolutely wasn't. I racked my brain for a failing, but the only failing was my brain.

"Well..." long pause, "her parents live on the West Coast." Even my slow-witted self could see the No Sale sign going up on that one.

My mother looked at me as though she hadn't heard right, shook her head, made a "pffft" sound but then thankfully let me off the hook.

I got back to college and there was already a message from Stefanie. I called her right away.

"How was your weekend home? Did you miss me?"

"You know how those home weekends are. Lots of grilling about school and college life."

"That answers one of my questions."

"It was only a weekend. Just a couple of nights. If it had been a couple more then I'm sure I would have missed you. But we're talking now."

"Hmmm, I'll accept that. Of course I didn't miss you in the slightest."

"Then the phone message was an accident?"

"No, I actually wanted to know if you'd like to increase the study evenings. End of term is coming up and I seem to get more done when we study together. Would you mind Tuesdays and Thursdays?"

We already had our History class Monday, Wednesday and Friday and usually hung out on the weekend. This was beginning to feel like going steady but hell, I liked her company.

"Sure. If you flunked out on my account I'd really miss you."

"Thanks. I'd rather I didn't and rather you didn't, though I like that you said it."

After that Stefanie started getting more touchy-feely. Little things like sometimes grabbing my arm when she was talking to me or playfully shoving me Elaine Benes style if we were arguing about something.

A few weeks later there was a party at one of the student dorms. I was with my residence buddies and Stefanie turned up with some of her pals. She came over and hugged me and we started chatting. She was beaming and it felt like there was an undercurrent of something, tension?

Just then Dwight came over.

"Hey Stef, Marvin's breaking out the wacky tabacky. Want some?"

"Of course."

Stefanie chimed in. "I'm Stef too. Is this Boys Only or are women welcome too?"

"Stef and Stef. Sounds like... I dunno. But sure ma'am. You're very welcome."

Dwight was a slow talking good ol' boy who enjoyed his weed and as he described himself, "your basic C & D student". I liked him but suspected there'd be long spells of unemployment and underemployment in his future.

Marvin was the main dorm connection. A fast talker and entrepreneurial. Everyone knew not to ask where he got it from but he always had it. He was likeable enough but confuted volubility with insight. I didn't mind so much as I usually agreed with him but he did go on with conventional observations that he'd declaim in a tone of voice suggestive of stone tablets.

"You see, I don't want MY tax dollars paying for police to go after kids who are just smoking a harmless plant."

Well yeah. Not that he was paying taxes, and I noted the self-interest. I imagined his future as one of intermittent successes and jail time. I must have imagined that aloud as Stefanie whispered "My thoughts exactly."

There were eight or nine of us in the room and a few bowls had been passed around. It was good stuff and I was getting to that stage where whatever I said came as a surprise, especially to me.

Stefanie was looking glassy-eyed and leaned over on me. "This is really hitting me Stefan, do you mind?"

"Not at all. Make yourself comfortable." She snuggled closer and I put my arm around her shoulder. The physical contact was feeling very nice. We kind of dozed with occasional interruptions from Marvin.

"What people have to realize is that nukes can wipe out EVERYONE!"

I'd done enough realizing for the night and asked Stefanie if she wanted to leave. She put her arm around me. "Let's go."

Out in the fresh air we looked around. "Walk me home Stefan? That stuff was strong."

I'd never walked her home before. It was only a couple of blocks to her dorm and though it sounds minor, it felt like a significant step. If I hadn't been so buzzed I might have had more of a clue of the steps to come.

She fastened on to my arm and staggered once or twice. The second time she put her arm around my waist and I reciprocated by putting mine around her shoulders. We didn't talk much and I tried to steer what conversation there was to safe topics like Dwight's and Marvin's foibles.

At her doorstep she thanked me for getting her home and then lunged forward and kissed me on the lips. "Thanks again Stefan."

I mumbled a goodnight and turned away. Somehow I knew this moment would come. Now what? I didn't want to push it forward but I didn't think I could, well, whatever the equivalent of break-up is when you're not actually going out with someone. On the other hand, if she hadn't had a roommate and had invited me upstairs, I doubt I would have had the willpower to resist. It ain't easy keeping the harness on 18 year-old hormones. I wondered how I'd feel in the morning.

Which I never found out. It was almost 1:00 when I awoke. It was the first real dope-over I'd experienced and I just wandered around, watched TV and shot the breeze with the less studious dorm-mates. Stefanie called in the late afternoon.

"Hey Stefan. You want to get together in the library after dinner?"

"Sure. It's a date." Geez, what did I just say? But I did have a term paper due in a couple of days and had wasted most of this one.

We met up at the library, had some brief school talk and got to work. Around 10 we packed it in and she asked if I wanted to go for a coffee. I sensed that the coffee would come with A Talk but could see no way out of it. And sure enough...

"Thanks again for getting me home last night Stefan."

"No prob. That's what friends are for, right?"

Small grimace from her. "Stefan, did I kiss you goodnight?"

I nodded. Safer than words.

"Oh my. I was wondering if I'd imagined it."

"No, it happened."

"Did you mind? Did you like it?"

Two questions for the price of one. The first looked to be the easier reply. "No, we were both under the influence. No harm done." In thinking back I remembered liking it.

"I see you've a habit of answering only one of my questions. And the second?"

I liked that Stefanie was smart. Except for times like these. Lyrics from that Joni Mitchell tune came to mind.

You don't like weak women;

You get bored so quick,

And you don't like strong women

'Cause they're hip to your tricks.

"Yes, I liked it but in my condition I couldn't remember it too well." In that moment I thought that by using the faulty memory qualifier I might lower the positivity, or something like that. And that's why I waltzed right into the set-up.

"Well, we could try it again. Straight."

"Well, um.." and a few more semi-articulated sounds, "I wouldn't mind, I mean, I'm tempted, but I like our friendship and wouldn't want to ruin it." I'd once been on the receiving end of that line and was hoping it would stump her as much as it had me.

"I like our friendship too Stefan but don't you think we could enhance it?"

"Well, um..." it was like a favourite chess opening that I was familiar with, not that I'm much of a chess player. But Stefanie was in no mood to wait for a reply that looked to be long in coming.

"Look, I've enjoyed your company and being around you. And we've spent a lot of time together. I'm attracted to you and I thought you might be attracted to me too. Aren't you?"

She had such a sweet smile as she said this and I wanted to answer in kind. I hesitated, her smile receded and I saw my mother.

"So I've just made a fool of myself, haven't I?"

"No Stefanie, not at all. It's just, I don't know. I like you too of course and look forward to being with you."

She brightened a little and I couldn't resist. "Look, I really do value our friendship but maybe we can try for a little more. But let's take it slow and see how it suits us. If we rush into things and it doesn't work out then it would be too difficult to go back to being friends."

She'd been leaning forward with an intense look and paused when I finished.

"Well OK then. Would it be too much rushing if I kissed you now?"

I don't have to say how I replied, do I?

We kissed a couple of times, lots of lip but no tongue. I walked her home again and she was laughing and giddy.

"You know Stefan, I think I'm really going to enjoy, check, WE'RE really going to enjoy our...new friendship."

As we were both Casablanca fans, I couldn't resist.

"Stefanie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

She laughed, we kissed a few more times when we got to her dorm and I wandered home wondering where we'd go from here.

It was only a couple of weeks till the end of term so we were both very busy. We still had our library nights which were now Sunday through Thursday and we still went on group dates Saturdays and Sundays. I always walked her home, we kissed more and not only at her dorm entrance and sometimes even held hands. It occasionally felt high-schoolish to me but I was still nervous about upping things to college level.

I hadn't made it home in the past month with the end of term workload and, to be honest, the pleasure of Stefanie's company so I'd been calling my mother every week. In the last call she asked about my Christmas plans.

"I'll be home for a couple of weeks I guess."

"And what about your friend? Are you still seeing her?

Sigh. "Yes."

"Would she like to visit with you?"

"I doubt it Mom. It's Christmas for her family too and she has to fly to the west coast."

"OK, but would you do me a favour?"


"Please tell her I've invited her to visit."

"Mom, there's no point. She has to see her own family."

"Just ask her though, promise?"

"Okay. Bye. See you in a week or so."

Now I hadn't told either Stefanie or my mother how much they looked alike. It never seemed the right time and just the thought of it put me into that Scarlett O'Hara 'I'll-think-about-that-tomorrow' mode. But I'd promised and at least I was sure that she wasn't about to skip Christmas with her family.


"Oh Stefan, I'd love to meet your mother. I can't miss Christmas with my family but I could come back before New Year's so we could have almost a week together."

Oh great I thought. Now what? "Great Stefanie. I'll tell my mother."

Weekend at Marvin's

We still had a few days of classes and I had three exams plus a term paper. Stefanie's workload was similar. At the end of it I'd planned to stay a few more days for a big end of term party before going home. That would give me a couple of weeks to figure out how to casually mention the lookalike matter.

Then Dwight added a wrinkle.

"Stef, me and Marvin are going to spend next weekend at Marvin's cabin. You want to join us?"

A weekend of major boozing and loads of dope didn't sound bad but I wondered if I was going out steady enough with Stefanie to allow for it. Dwight solved that for me.

"We're bringing Cathy and Karen (the latter was Marvin's girlfriend, I presumed that Cathy was Dwight's latest). You could bring Stef, I mean the other Stef, aw, you know what I mean."

"I'll let you know."

"Gee Stefan, I thought we'd have a few days here but maybe it would be fun? I can't say I'm crazy about Marvin but Karen sticks to him close. Dwight's a teddy-bear but what's Cathy like? And what's there to do there?"

"I don't know. If it were just the guys I expect there'd be lots of drinking and smoking."

"And you don't think I drink and smoke?"

"Well yeah, but not as much."

"They'll have their girlfriends with them which I'm sure will influence their behavior -- in a good way." And she gave a smirky smile.

That made me wonder about sleeping arrangements but I was too shy to ask Dwight.

The day arrived and Marvin pulled up in some monstrous gas-guzzler. I wondered where he'd got it but instinctively knew it was best not to ask Marvin where he got anything. He told us anyway.

"Like it? It's a classic 78 Caddy. It's my brother's but I'll be getting it next year."

We piled in. Karen in the front with Marvin and the four of us in the back with Cathy mostly on Dwight's lap. At least as students we didn't have much stuff for the trunk which left plenty of space for beer.

The cabin was a couple of hours north and there was already snow on the ground. Inside was a large main room with a prominent fireplace and an open kitchen alongside it. It looked like Marvin's family was well off.

The bedrooms. There were four, though one was used for storage and there were all manner of boxes and fishing gear in it. That left three. Marvin and Karen had the master which was down one hallway with the master bathroom. I looked at Stefanie and whispered..

"Hey, I can sleep on the sofa in the living room."

"Don't be silly. They'll make fun of you all weekend. Besides, I won't bite. Unless you ask me to nicely."

Dwight and Cathy had the bedroom at the end of the opposite hallway where the room that Stefanie and I were to share was also, across from the bathroom.

Dinner the first night was just hamburgers with lots of add-ons. Sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, three types of cheese, green peppers, hot peppers, even salami and pepperoni. We sat around the table eating and drinking and generally having a laugh. Marvin called for an interval, or an appetite enhancer as he put it. So we smoked a couple of joints before going for seconds. Dwight started explain how he was going to make the ultimate burger with double everything. Much laughing and as Dwight was slow in both speech and movement, it took about 15 minutes before he was prepared. Then we all had a bigger laugh as he bit in and realized he'd forgotten the beef patty.

After dinner we sat around the fire, had more beers and passed around a few more joints. Marvin was a big Pink Floyd fan so there was a lot of their tapes (hey, it was the pre-CD 80s). Fortunately, both Stefanie and I liked them when stoned.

Eventually it was bedtime. Stefanie and I took turns getting changed in the bathroom. I was in regular pyjamas and Stefanie had a mid-thigh baby-doll buttoned up to the neck.

We got into bed and lay there nervously, gossiping about the others. We were side by side with only our shoulders touching. Soon enough we heard some faint moans from down the hall in the direction of Dwight and Cathy's room.

Stefanie turned and looked at me. "I'm done for. Goodnight kiss?"

We kissed. And kissed and kissed some more. Hands all over the back and shoulders. I felt her tongue along my lips and I tongued back hard. We were having our first French kiss and it was a dandy. Our bodies were still apart but we now were caressing hips as well. I had a full-fledged erection that part of me (you know which one) wanted her to touch. She was clutching the back of my head and pressed her mouth more firmly against mine.

I was caressing her lower back with my right hand and had my left underneath holding her shoulders. She kept her right hand against my cheek and moved her left around my chest, moving her hand between the buttons for the skin contact.

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