tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 01

Love Letters for Him: No. 01


Author's Note: Love Letters for Her accompanies this new series by jushorny. Comments encouraged and welcome. ~ Thanks, Red.


Good morning Handsome,

I thought I would leave you a little something before I left for work this morning. I wanted to thank you for the flowers you brought home last night. They were beautiful and a wonderful surprise. It's been a long time since I sat down to write you a love note. I sit here now and smile at the memories of the ones I wrote when we were first married. Do you remember them? I do.

I remember how I would sit here and tell you what I wanted to do to you when you got home. Then when you got home and I was at work you knew how badly I wanted you. I still want you, just as much as I did then. It seems though that we get lost in our day. So I'm here listening to that little snore you have when you sleep and I'm thinking of how much I want to wake you up. You worked twelve hours shifts for eight days straight and I want you to rest, so when you wake up know that tonight this is what I will do to you. *wink*

You'll come home and I'll rush around, making sure the house is decent looking and then I'll open the door for you. You'll smile and so will I. The door will open and you'll step in. I'll get a kiss and then you'll move to put your things away, but this time Handsome, I won't let you.

I'll take your things and set them on the floor. "They'll be fine there," I'll tell you and take your hand in mine. I'll pull you along to our room. You'll get to wave briefly at the kids. Sara will roll her eyes at us. Karen will blush and Seth, his nose will be in his joke book. You'll roll your eyes at me, but I will continue to drag you along.

We'll make it to our room and I'll shut the door, locking us in. You'll raise a brow at me and I'll smirk. My fingers will slide up and start unbuttoning your shirt. You'll cup my breasts and rub my nipples. I'll push your hands away. "Stop distracting me," will be the words that are giggled out.

Your hands will fall to your sides and I will open your shirt, lean in and taste your skin. I smell the soap you use. The scent fresh, clean and you. I'll breath deep. "God you smell so good."

My fingers will push your shirt off and I'll just let it fall to the floor. Your fingers will tangle in my hair as I step up on my toes and press your lips to mine. We'll kiss. Our tongues will slide together. I'll taste you and the soda you drank; you'll taste the tea I had earlier. "You taste divine."

I'll moan, because your hands will slide down my back and grip my ass, bringing me closer to you. My mouth will leave yours and I'll kiss your shoulders. I'll bite, you'll say "Ow," I'll giggle and bite you again. I'll lick away the sting and kiss the wet patch of flesh.

Stepping back my palms will run down your chest. You'll see me study your right nipple and I'll run my nails across it. You'll keep watching me. My head will dip down and the tip of my tongue will trace the shape of that darkened flesh of skin. I'll hear you hiss and smirk against your chest, while one of my hands anchors to your hip, the other splays over your left nipple.

You'll groan when you feel my mouth latch onto the raised peak and suck firmly. I'll bite and tease that nub, while your fingers are kneading my ass. I'll moan and let my mouth move from one nipple to the next. Until you are groaning with more lust-filled needs. I'll step back then and smirk up at you, and you'll see me slide to my knees.

My hands will travel up and down your thighs until I grasp the button of your jeans. I'll bite my lip as I work with that damn button. This is where my seduction always goes a little off. Buttons and I do not get along. . .at least the buttons on jeans. Finally, I'll sit back and blow a wisp of my bangs from my brow and let you free that pain-in-the-ass obstacle. *wink* Then my Handsome man, I'll take care of the rest.

They'll be a knock on the bedroom door, or the phone will ring. *laugh* I'll say, "Take a message," or "Dad's changing clothes, be out in a bit." Whoever is at the door will sigh, but walk away. We'll chuckle and then you'll get quiet as I open the zipper and place a warm kiss against your briefs. Your fingers will slide in my hair, I'll purr. I love it when you brush back my hair. I'll rub my cheek against your cock and then look up at you.

Carefully, so my nails don't mar your skin I'll wrap my fingers around the waist band of your jeans and briefs then push and pull the both sets of clothing down. They'll rest at your ankles and my fingers will start a path that eventually leads to the swollen sex that jerks toward my eager lips. I'll moan, breath deep and just enjoy the fragrant perfume of your sex. My fingers will wrap around your cock and I'll hold it just like I would if it were made of glass.

I'd feel my pussy throb and squeeze the muscles, enjoying that tension that is there on the edge of my sex. I can smell my own arousal and how it blends so well with yours. I'm wet now Handsome, while I write this.

You'll see my tongue come out and lick the entire length of your cock. There will be a drop of pre cum just barely peeking out and my tongue will wash it away from you. I'll pump your swollen sex up and down and more will sneak out, again I'll lick you clean. My fingers will play with the curls of your sex, until I reach your balls and then I'll stroke and rub them. Gently I'll run my tongue around the edge of the engorged head and then open my mouth. You'll growl, just like always when you feel my lips roll over your hot, slippery flesh.

My tongue will press on the tip and then around the sides. I'll angle my head so I can move deeper down on you, taking more of your sex. My teeth will graze the sides. You'll beg for me to suck harder and take you further. I will. I will open my mouth and slide more of your shaft into the warm cavern.

Your fingers will tighten in my hair and I'll grin inside as I feel you lift and drop me onto your cock; your hips taking over and you start fucking me. I'll gag just a little, adjust my jaw and take you deeper. My hands would move to your hips and I would help you plow yourself into me.

God, baby... I want to wake you up and deep-throat you right now. I'm so slick with juice. I'm so wet. I can smell myself.

I'd keep taking your cock and you'd grab my head, hold it still and you'd buck one last time into me. Your seed will start to fill my mouth. I'd hold it, waiting for you to empty yourself into me. I'd come off your cock and let you watch me swallow that precious gift you give me. I'd then look down and lick the seeds that are still coming out. When I had all of you washed off, I'd stroke your cock and get another thick drop of come and I'd lick that too.

I have to go now Handsome...

I'll be home late tonight, probably not till after you leave for work.

I love you,

Your Wife and Lover

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