tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 03

Love Letters for Him: No. 03


Author's Note: This letter compliments jushorny's letter: Love Letter to Him No. 4. I hope you enjoy. ~ Red

Hello love. . .

It's me again. Last night was amazing I hadn't come so hard in such a long time. Thanks for the letter. It was an added bonus to the evening. I was thrilled when you got home and we were able to act out our fantasies as well as indulge in more play.

I'm having dinner with mom and my sisters. The kids will be at your parents... they are spending the night. I'm sure we can think of something to do together. Your hiding in the shower right now. . .well not hiding, but you are in there and we have to head out in a little bit. Don't worry I'll give you a kiss goodbye before I leave, but right now I wanted to tell you how much I love you.

When your at work today I want you to think of something for me.

Do you remember the small vibrating egg, the one with the remote... I bought it a few weeks ago? Oh, I bet you do. I can already see the smile on your face. I'm taking that with me to dinner today.

Every time I think of you, I'm going to press that button and feel the vibrations against my clit roll through me. I want you to think about how wet I'll be when you get home. How slick my pussy will be and how much I'll be dying to have you lick away the hot moisture of my arousal. You'll be hard for me won't you baby?

Right now I'm growing moist. You do that to me. Just the thought of you is all I need to make myself wet, slick, and horny. Now. . .having you beneath this table would help clear up all these problems you have forced upon me.

The shower is still running and I'm tempted to toss this letter to the side and slide into the shower. Perhaps run my hands up and down your back and around your waist, until I reached your cock. I'd wash you, baby.

My hands would slip over and grab the "girly" sponge you laugh at me for using and I'd fill it with soap. Don't worry sweets. I'd use your gel, not my lavender scented one. I'd slip the sponge over your chest as you felt my breasts pressed against your back. My hand would glide over your chest, soaping up the hairs and grazing over your nipples. I'd have to let my fingers pinch them while I took a bite of your wet shoulder.

You know. . .I'd eventually slide my hands down to your cock again, this time with soapy hands and start washing your shaft, making sure every inch was covered with soap. Your balls would be the next thing I focused on, cupping and teasing them. I know you'd be growling at me, wanting your turn at washing me, but you'd have to wait.

I'd run my tongue down your back and slide to my knees. I'd kiss your ass, bite each cheek firmly, while stroking your cock up and down. You'd feel the sponge skate down the front of your leg, while my tongue slipped over one cheek. Then when I ran the cloth up the other leg I'd be licking the other cheek.

Baby, I'm going to get the egg now and press it as I write this letter. I want you to imagine what is happening to me as I write you...

I'm back, lover. The egg is inside now and I've buzzed it once. Fuck, it feels good. I'm so wet. Throbbing and pulsating around it. Baby... after we rinse the soap off I'd want you to turn around so I can suck that cock of yours. I love having you in my mouth. . .

Damn.... oh fuck, baby this egg is going to drive me crazy when I get home. If your late, I may have to shoot you

Honey, after you cover me in your come, I want you to fuck me from behind. I want to be pressed against the wall of the shower and taken slow. Tell me baby. . .tell me like you did before. How would you fuck me? What would you do? How hard? How fast?

This vibrating egg is nothing compared to your cock. I'm wondering if I'm not asking for trouble by bringing it. *chuckles* I just thought. . . good thing we haven't bought the Ben Wan Balls yet. *blush*.

When your working today I want you to think of the moisten wrinkle at the bottom of this letter. Think of it is as a "scratch and sniff" goodbye... or a promise to see you later. Two fingers are sliding in while I write and I'm gathering my nectar for you. You'll be able to smell it. The shower just shut off and I'm out the door. . .with a slick hand and leaving you a wet spot on a letter of love.

I have to go.

Love you,


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