tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove's Harmony Ch. 12

Love's Harmony Ch. 12


On Wednesday morning, the guys had an interview on Live With Regis and Kathy Lee, a national talk show series that showed on major networks across the country. The group arrived early in the morning to be greeted by a group of screaming fans. It still amazed Jennifer at how these people found out where these guys would be and then show up in droves! Didn’t these people ever work or go to school? It was amazing!

When they got there, they were quickly ushered into the green room of soundstage three where the talk show was aired and were met by the show’s publicity people, complete with juice, coffee, muffins, bagels and anything else that might be included on a continental breakfast bar. A.J., Howie, and Nick headed straight for the breakfast bar while Kevin walked around introducing himself to everyone in the room. “You know,” Jennifer mused to Brian as she watched Kevin work the room, “He ought to go into politics. He’s always shaking everyone’s hand and I bet if there were babies in the room, he’d be kissing them too.”

Brian laughed alongside her as he took her elbow and escorted her into the room. At that time, the hosts of the show came in and introductions were made. Jennifer was amazed at their openness and friendliness. They seemed to be just your ordinary run-of-the-mill people. But on stage, they were totally different personalities. The guys were told that they would be performing twice on the show . . . once in the middle of the program and then again at the end. Their interview would come right before their first performance. They also asked if it was okay if they cut away to the green room every once in a while before the interview started. Jennifer said that would be fine as soon as they were dressed and she’d send word out once they were. Soon, they were left alone to change and Jennifer excused herself to let them have some privacy, but not before Brian drew her into his arms and kissed her.

“Brian,” she gently chastised him. “You shouldn’t be doing that here.” She stepped back from him, a smile on her face. “You’re not supposed to have a girlfriend . . . remember?”

He just grinned at her and lightly smacked her on the bottom as she left the room. She sent a warning glance back over her shoulder as she closed the door behind her. The show had already started in the studio and Jennifer watched from the sidelines. They started off talking about The Backstreet Boys and the hords of young girls that were inside the studio as well as outside the studio. The girls in the audience started screaming at the mention of the band and Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh at the two hosts as they covered their ears and stared at each other. They, too, were blown away by all the attention these five guys were getting everywhere they went. They kept making jokes that that’s how the two of them were treated everywhere they went as well . . . meaning they didn’t get any attention when compared to these guys! Jennifer was having a good time just watching and anticipating the performance to come. Their last song was going to be a new cut off their new album they were currently working on and they were going to sing it acappella.

Suddenly one of the crew members was beside her letting her know that the guys were dressed except for one thing. “What’s that?” she asked, turning around to face him.

“They forgot their dress socks,” he said.

“What?!” she said, amazed and tickled at the same time. “Their socks?” She covered her mouth, trying not to giggle as she went back to the green room to find all of them standing around in their nice black suits and white tube socks.

Brian looked up at her and flashed that grin that she knew so well before he made a face that cracked the rest of them up. “Hi honey!”

Jennifer rolled her eyes, her hands on her hips. “You goofballs . . . where are your socks?”

“They must still be on the bus,” Nick said, shrugging his shoulders at her. Suddenly a camera man was there, filming the guys standing around in bare feet and white socks. The guys erupted into a freak show act as they showed off their feet and their tube socks. Jennifer could here the crowd in the audience going crazy, realizing they were cutting away to the green room and the audience could see them standing around waiting for socks.

When the camera man finished, Jennifer replied, “I’ll see what I can do.” She laughed at their antics as she made her way back to the stage area. The show was taking a commercial break and she quickly told the hosts about the predicament backstage.

Regis, one of the hosts, being a sport about the whole thing, said he had plenty of new pairs of socks here at the studio just in case of emergencies and he quickly deemed this as an emergency. As Jennifer turned to give the guys the good news, he said, “Now, once we’re back on the air, I’m going to call them on stage to come out and get these puppies.”

Jennifer smiled at him, saying, “You’re a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?”

“I just want to see this audience go crazy again,” he laughed. She ducked backstage to let the guys know what Phil was going to do and they agreed. Once the tape started rolling again, Phil made a big deal about them coming out to get their socks and they seemed reluctant . . . that is, everyone but Brian. He had on a pair of white tube socks and took off running down the corridor and slid out the door onto stage on the slippery floor. Once the audience saw him emerge, they started screaming and the rest of the band followed him out in a more traditional manner. Each of them went over to where Regis sat, shook his hand and received a pair of socks and then went over to where Kathy Lee sat, the other host of the show, and kissed her on the cheek. Then they left the stage area once more, waving to the frantic fans in the audience.

The next time they appeared on stage, they were fully dressed and came out as a group, all smiles and waves to the crowd. Regis and Kathy Lee, the hosts of the show, were sitting on stools and five extra were sitting out for The Backstreet Boys. As each guy entered, they shook hands with Regis and then bestowed a kiss on Kathy Lee’s cheek before taking their seats. A few minutes passed before anyone could talk because of all the screaming in the studio from the fans in the studio audience. The guys just sat quietly, smiling, waving and shifting uneasily on the high stools. Jennifer stood off to one side, watching them with a smile on her face.

When the commotion finally died down, Regis turned to the audience, saying, “Wow!” Then turning to the guys, said, “Welcome back.”

The crowd starting screaming as Kathy Lee said, “Since you first came here . . .” and then had to turn to the screaming crowd, trying to shush them. “Do you want to hear them talk or not?”

The crowd eventually quieted down as Kevin watched the hosts seriously and the rest of the guys laughed and smiled at the crowd. “How long has it been since you were first here?” Kathy Lee asked. “A year and a half ago?”

“It was one of your first T.V.. appearances,” Regis offered.

“Our very first,” Kevin said.

“Thanks for coming back.” The crowd began clapping and screaming again. “We really appreciate it.”

“In case you haven’t met them,” Regis said, pointing down the line. “This is Kevin, Brian, Nick, Howie and A.J.” The crowd really let loose as the guys smiled and A.J. waved. Eventually Kevin used his arms to try to calm the crowd down as the rest of them smiled

“I guess you guys are used to this, you get this kind of reaction wherever you go.”

“I don’t know if you ever get used to it . . .” Kevin offered.

“You probably grew up hearing about the hysteria my generation had with the Beatles,” Kathy Lee said. “And now here you are experiencing it. What’s the worst part about it and the best part about it?” she asked.

“Very flattering,” Howie said, nodding his head at the crowd. “Very flattering. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want a bunch of screaming women after him?” The rest of the guys nodded and chuckled at his comment.

Brian said, looking over at them, “It takes a lot of your . . . your privacy, as I’m sure you guys know.”

“Yeah,” Kathy Lee teased sarcastically. “We have this kind of hysteria everywhere we go.” The crowd laughed for a moment and then she said, “What is the one thing you can’t do anymore that you wish you could still do?”

“Well, it’s hard to go to the mall sometimes . . .”

“Or Disney World,” Howie offered.

“McDonalds,” A.J. interjected as the crowd began to laugh.

“You can’t go to McDonalds?!” Regis said, mocking shock. “You poor thing . . .” Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh along with that one.

“You have to make phone calls, arrange for security,” Kevin said, turning serious. “You just have to plan ahead.”

Kathy Lee leaned forward, catching all of their eyes before she said, “Obviously, when you’re out as a group, you get a lot more attention because, ‘oh my god! It’s The Backstreet Boys. But when you go out separately, do you run into the same type of thing?”

“Not as bad,” Kevin answered. “But when we’re as a group . . .” He just shook his head.

“But, isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what it’s all about?” Regis asked as the crowd began to shout again. “Is it everything you imagined it would be?”

“It’s more . . .” came the reply in unison from all the guys.

“We never imagined this,” Kevin replied, shaking his head. “I mean, we always wanted to be successful, but we never imagined it would be like this.”

“Is there any thought in your mind that someday this will be over, that all this will be gone?” Kathy Lee asked thoughtfully. “That you’ll have a so called ‘normal life’?”

“It’s always a possibility,” Brian replied. “But I think we’ll be a group as long as we choose to be. We’re five talented individuals and that’s what makes us The Backstreet Boys.” The crowd began to scream once again as all the guys nodded their heads in agreement to Brian’s statement. As Jennifer watched them, she knew no one could have said it better.

Turning to Nick, Phil asked, “Now Nick, since you’ve joined the group, you’ve gotten your high school diploma?” The girls in the crowd went into hysterics at the mention of Nick’s name and he just nodded his head as he watched the crowd. “You joined the group at an early age . . .” Regis continued. “At the age of thirteen . . .” he offered. Suddenly Brian broke into the tune ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ as he used his hands to feign playing a violin. The crowd laughed at his silly antics and Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh herself as she stood in the doorway leading backstage.

“Yeah, you know,” Nick finally said, “I look back and see all the things I missed, you know? The normal high school thing . . . I would’ve liked to play basketball on a team and stuff but then, at the same time, I wouldn’t give this up for the world . . .” The crowd broke out into screams once more.

Regis turned towards A.J., saying, “Now A.J., how long does it take you to shave in the mornings? It must take a while . . .” The group broke into laughter as A.J. stroked his go-tee, breaking out into a grin.

“No, I have to do it quick.” And then on a silly note, he added, “And I changed my hair just for you Regis.” Jennifer shook her head as he ran his hand over his freshly colored hair. The top of it was the color of bright red bricks. The crowd erupted into trickles of laughter as the guys shook their heads at A.J.’s attempts to make a dig at Regis. It was rumored that Regis was a little on the weird side . . .

“And you guys have been together how long?’ Kathy Lee asked, trying to refocus the crowd.

Brian answered, “Seven and a half years . . . almost eight.”

“Eight years . . .” Regis replied. “And you’re constantly together, thrown together. I mean, that’s how it has to be. Are there any pet peeves you have about anybody else on the band?”

Howie shrugged his shoulders, answering, “Well, we’re like brothers . . .”

“So you squabble a little bit?”

“Well, we know what buttons to push . . .” A.J. said, looking over at Nick.

“Okay, anybody who is consistently late?”

Almost in unison, the whole group pointed to Kevin. “Kevin!”

The crowd broke into laughter as Kevin blushed and looked down. Then opening his hands out to the crowd, tried to explain. “I just . . . uh, I just don’t like to get up.”

“But you’re just a laid back kinda guy . . .” Kathy Lee offered.

“I get it from my mom,” he said, waving into the camera with a grin on his face.

“Is there anybody that’s borrowing, constantly borrowing things from somebody else and doesn’t return them?”

“A.J. . . .”

“Alex . . .”

Nick grinned and said, “He’ll borrow something and you may never get it back.”

“But not because you don’t mean to . . .” Kathy Lee said.

A.J. shook his head and grinned. “It’s either because I lose it or just forget about it,” he replied, looking over his rose-colored shades at her.

“What about Nick?” Kathy Lee asked as the crowd began to scream again.

“Yeah, what’s the problem with Nick?” Regis teased. The crowd, at this point, began to shout that there was nothing wrong with Nick. The guys begin to tease him unmercifully as Jennifer laughed at their antics. They were always teasing each other about something!

“There’s nothing wrong with that precious . . .” Kathy Lee offered.

“Well . . .” A.J. offered, holding up a finger like he had a big secret.

Nick broke in. “Well, I can annoy the guys a little bit.” All of them suddenly broke in, saying how he’s grown up a little bit over the past few years and even started clapping for him as the crowd screamed their approval.

Turning to Kevin, Kathy Lee asks, “Are you the daddy of the group? I mean, do you father these guys a little bit?” The guys started to laugh as Brian acted like an old man with a cane.

“I don’t intentionally do it,” Kevin tried to explain. “But it happens. I just look out for them. They’re like my little brothers.” The guys suddenly started to pretend to be moved to tears as they started laughing.

Suddenly Kathy Lee held up one finger, trying to get everyone refocused as she asked, seriously, “Okay. Important question.” She looked at them with a level gaze and then asked, “Do any of you have serious girlfriends?” The silence followed by that question was enhanced as all the guys suddenly looked over at Brian and then just as suddenly all the girls in the audience start screaming No!

When things started to quiet down, Brian looked over to where Jennifer was standing by the doorway, her huge blue eyes watching him and he smiled. “Um . . .” he suddenly offered, as he grinned at Jennifer. “I’m seeing someone.” As the crowd showed their support by clapping and whistling, he turned back towards the hosts, a big grin on his face.

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