tagIncest/TabooLoving in Silence: Family Reunion

Loving in Silence: Family Reunion


Author's Note: This story contains Incest between sisters, F/F, and FMF play. Please don't read it if any of this offends you. It is the conclusion of one day in the life of the deaf couple I created from an idea off of the Story Ideas forum on Lit.'s Bulletin Board. Thank you for the wonderful feedback I have received from this series. ~ Red

Taken from Loving in Silence: Sisters' Sin:

When she felt her sister's body slowly calm itself, she kneaded the soft flesh and welcomed the tiny climaxes until Abigail pulled her from her sweet home. The sound of a cough filled Abigail's ears and she turned around to see Roger standing there. His cock was in his hands, hard and thick. She blushed realizing he had entered the room and his sounds were lost to the exquisite pleasure she'd been receiving.

Joyce saw her sister turn and looked around her sibling's shoulder and saw her husband. She grinned wide.

Roger lifted his right hand and with his fingers closed over his thumb he placed his fist level with his lips. He then opened them into the "5" position and moved them in a counterclockwise circle over his face until the circle was complete. He stopped it where he'd started it.

"Beautiful," Abigail whispered and fisted her hand up to nod the answering "yes" to his loving sign.

Joyce stepped back and slipped free of her clothing and motioned for Roger to do the same. Abigail followed suit and she slipped out of her heels, stockings and crotchless panties.

"Are you ready?" Joyce signed to her husband.

Roger had done what his wife had demanded of him. So when he looked up from his discarded boxers to read her hands asking him if he was ready his wicked grin appeared and he reached for her. She squealed and missed his hand, but felt the slight touch of his fingertips against her flesh. She winked and crawled onto the bed.

He watched Joyce's small body make its way across the soft blankets like a snake getting poised to strike. His cock jerked and he forgot that he held their last addition to the night of erotic play in his hand. His attention was brought back to the third person in the room when he felt her reach out and timidly pluck the two ear plugs from his fingers. He turned his gaze back to the other temptress and watched her push the soft foam-forming plugs into her ears. He tried to not stare openly at the wet patch of flesh that was on her nipple. His wife's saliva still there. He lifted his hands and quickly signed, "Can you hear?"

Abigail concentrated on the world around her and signed back, "I can not hear anything right now. I can hum and hear myself and perhaps if there were loud noises around us I could hear them, but I can not hear simple things like breathing," she thought for a moment, "cough," she added.

Roger chuckled, but did as he'd been told. He coughed, not hearing the sound and waited for Abigail to answer his question again.

She smiled and signed, "Barely a whisper."

Joyce had been watching and she sat up, waved her hand and signed, "Show us what a whisper is... we can not hear a whisper." Her fingers rested on her lap.

Abigail smiled and signed, "I will show you."

She ran her finger down her brother-in-law's chest. Her sex pulsed lightly inside her and she glanced back at her sister. She closed the distance between her and Roger, slipping her other hand over his shoulder. Her fingers came up and she signed, "A whisper sounds like a soft touch. A caress to the skin that you can hardly feel."

"Show us a whispered kiss," Joyce answered back.

Roger groaned and Abigail felt the vibration of it against her skin. She looked up and was amazed she'd not heard his sound, because the vibe had been so strong. Licking her lips she pressed her lips to his right ear and blew very soft against it. Her hands continued to tease his body. Careful touches that could be barely felt ran over his felsh.

Joyce watched her husband become the teasing sex toy of her sister's hands and mouth. She reached down and touched her sex. Her pussy was warm, hot really and she began to pet the shaved mound, enjoying the coolness of her palm and the contrasting heat of her cunt.

"Ohh.." Roger moaned, unknowingly. He rarely allowed sounds to escape him, never knowing what they sounded like to himself. Now as he watched his sister-in-law slowly begin to lower herself to the floor, her tongue probing his flesh as she did, he was producing low grunted sounds of lust.

Abigail gazed up at him. Her lips inches from his balls. "Your cock is beautiful," she signed and then licked the base. She smirked when it jumped toward her. "So hard," she signed and licked again. Her hands remained free as the cock jerked around and tried to desperately find her mouth.

Joyce slid from the bed and lowered herself to her knees. Her hands came up and she opened her left palm. She ran the edge of her right little finger down the palm's center signaling she wanted some of her husband too.

Roger's jaw dropped as he watched one sister gather his balls and begin sucking on them one at a time and the other, the one who he'd given his name too, lower her mouth down on his dick.

"Fuck," he signed and dropped one hand on each blondes' head. He petted them both, toyed with their hair as they fucked him with timid licks and sucks. His hips started to lift and fall over and over again.

Joyce stopped her ministrations and gazed up at her spouse and their looks held as she rolled her tongue over his thick head and coated the top with her moist tongue. She lavished it with attention, making low strokes down the shaft, up to the head and then back down eventually she traded places with her sister and suckled his balls, letting her teeth graze the sides.

Abigail deep-throated him right away, letting the head of his sex slam against the back of her throat. She repeated the motions several times, tightening her hold on his dick when she'd pull away and then forming another tight ring on her way back down. Her nose nuzzled his pubic hairs and her breath tickled his skin.

Two sisters alternated their places on Roger's cock until he had tangled his fists in both their heads, when he came it was in his sister-in-law's mouth, but she only took two shots of his milk. She swallowed up his balls allowing Joyce the gift of the remaining two squirts. He shook violently as his balls were milked free of their come and delivered to his wife's eager mouth. When they were done, both slid up his body and suckled one of his nipples before colliding in a three-way kiss.

Tongues tasted come from both a man and a woman and each one savored the unique flavors of something and someone new.

Roger stepped away and lifted his right hand, left it flat and moved it forward with the palm facing up.

The two women repeated the gesture of Thanks and then slid their almost twin like bodies over to the bed. Roger watched two soft, firm asses lift up into the air and sent a prayer to the heaven's that he lived through the night. They both stayed there and winked at each other, a sight that was not lost to Roger. He moved to the bed and rubbed the sweet flesh of his wife's ass and slapped it hard. He watched her press back for another and he gave her what she wished.

Abigail wasn't surprised by the hand gesture she watched being given to her sister's rump. She'd talking to Joyce at length about sex; that was one of the reasons she'd come to her sister when her marriage started to fail. She had been jealous of the relationship between her sibling and her husband. Abigail had learned a lot about Joyce's relationship and she pressed her ass back, too.

Roger knew what she wanted and when his hand found her rump, he smiled at her jerk. He reached down and felt her cunt. It was wet and slippery. He spanked her again and then a third crack fell on either deaf or muffled ears.

Joyce rolled to her back and watched her husband spank her sister. She rubbed her nipples and then let one hand trail to her cunt. Her fingers came away yet and as she smeared the moisture over her nipples Abigail shifted her body to lie closer to her sister's. She cupped one juice coated nipple and opened her mouth. Joyce watched Abbey lick the juice off and then inhale her pink pearled nub.

The throughly sucked cock that Roger had recently had soften was growing inch by inch as he watched Abbey work her way over his wife's body. His fingers slid from her pussy and he helped to position his wife's legs so Abigail could slide her way down them. When she was settled he climbed back on the bed and rested on his knees.

Moans and gasps of pleasure ran through three bodies as they slowly began to take the final step to completing the erotic images that had been dancing in their minds all day. Joyce lay there, clenching the sheets as her sister worked her right nipple into a screaming peak and then her left. Joyce's fingers curled into her siblings hair and she tugged her away, her eyes demanded more and Abigail licked her lips then placed hot, open-mouth kisses down her lover's figure.

Once she reached the flat tummy that she'd admired through the years, she took her time licking, biting and sucking on the sweet flesh. Abigail felt her brother-in-law's cock press against her and she moaned quietly. Unable to hear the actual sound, but feel the vibrations of it in her head, Abigail marveled how different it was to love without words that were spoken. Everything had to be conveyed by touch or by fingers. She did that now. She conversed with her hands, splaying one over her sister's mound.

Roger had felt as if the world were moving through time at a snail's pace. It seemed like forever before Abigail's rear reached him. His cock was hard again, aching to slide into the forbidden entrance of his sister-in-law's cunt. When she wiggled her ass provocatively he growled low and swatted it again. He watched her lift it high and knew she was silently asking him to take her. He had every intention of doing just that.

Joyce opened and closed her eyes. Eventually, she held them open long enough for her to look down and see her sister's pink tongue dart out and lick at the juice coated clit. She lifted her fingers and signed, "Bite it." She quickly added, "Hard!"

Abbey did. She opened her mouth and kept eye contact with Joyce. She pulled the sweet strip of heated flesh out and sucked it, gnawed it and then soothed it with licks. Her eyes never left her sister's fingers, but her fingers were used for a different kind of sign language. She plunged them into the moist cunt that lay under her lips and proceeded to roll them left and right.

The head of Roger's cock was poised and ready. He rammed into Abbey's pussy and felt her tighten around him. His hands grabbed her hips and he started to pound into her. His balls slapping her ass and his nails digging at her skin. At first he was fast, then he slowed, then he sped up. There was no tempo, he would just change when his body desired it. Abigail was eating his wife and he was fucking her sister. The group moaned to themselves, growled and whimpered for more. Each one reacted to scents and tastes, touches and sights, but none reacted to sounds. Sounds didn't exist.

Joyce pushed her fingers into her sister's hair and lifted her hips. Her fluids gushed free and were swallowed up. Abigail welcomed the hot come and bathed her face in it, burying her tongue deeper into the folds and hungrily wanting more. Roger's body stiffened and he felt Abbey's pussy constrict. They both came together, flooding each other with juice that mingled and slid down to mix in trails down her thighs and his balls.

Abbey licked up her siblings come and then rolled to her back. She scooted up and lay still while her breathing returned to normal. Her brother-in-law's cock hung limp and he crawled up between the two women. He kissed his wife and then his sister-in-law. His hand smoothed back Abbey's hair and he spelled out to her quickly, "Your ex was a fool."

Abbey blushed. Joyce smiled. She slid back and rolled to the side. "Lay down, Roger," she signed.

Roger lay between them and felt his wife spoon his back. He held her hand and squeezed it. After releasing it he pulled his sister-in-law to his front. Legs tangled with legs and arms tangled with arms as the three lovers fell into a needed slumber, one that would stir erotic dreams they would awaken them and lead them to play out those fantasies during the hours that were to come.

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