tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 05

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 05


The red alert claxon sounded, shattering the stillness of the night aboard ship. Jamie rolled out of bed with the trained reflexes of a Starfleet officer and promptly hit the floor. She had never had to react to an off shift alert since she had become a woman. The shift in her body balance was something she still had to think about. Scrambling up she dove for her uniform and grabbed her pants, Carol stopped her with a word.

"Gaff, don't forget your gaff." Carol said stepping into her own and then pulling her uniform pants on without underwear. Jamie followed her lead and was dressed and out of the door in less than a minute, with Carol hot on her heels. At red alert, they had less than two minutes to report to duty stations, underwear and makeup did not even enter their minds. The corridors were filled with scrambling crew members. Jamie headed directly for Damage Control One as Carol made for the lift to the bridge.

Jamie tore into DC-One with less than ten seconds to spare and noted that only PO Taylor was missing, but he ducked into the room before the doors closed behind Jamie. She reported that DC-One was manned and ready with five seconds to spare. Chief McAddams was suiting up in his tool rig and Lt.'s T'Pal and Briggs were suited in their firefighting equipment. Jamie and Taylor manned the consoles ready to direct the team and anyone else that was needed to repair the ship from any damage, battle or otherwise.

Scanners showed the space around the ship clear and no threats were showing on the ships monitors when the Captain came over the intercom.

"This is Captain Parvin," the calm lilting voice of the ships female captain came over the speakers. "All stations manned and ready, drill elapsed time two minutes four seconds. Not bad people, but I want those last five seconds. Response time is to be under two minutes. Department heads, schedule additional training. All departments coordinate with the first officer. Stand down from Red Alert."

Jamie just looked at the speaker and shook her head. She had been riding an emotional rollercoaster for the last few days and the Captain decided to pull a drill tonight. Well, at least she had been able to respond properly and under the two minute requirement.

"Stand down people." Jamie told her team. "Just another drill, but I want to be ready for the real thing next time. Taylor, you and I barely made it in time. I know we can do better. I will schedule additional drills for us and I want each of us to know all the jobs for this team." Jamie continued on for several minutes, asking questions and slightly changing the order of how things were done in DC-One. After thirty minutes she dismissed her team and slowly trudged back to her quarters after shutting down DC-One.

It was two thirty in the morning when Jamie stepped back into her quarters. She was still high on adrenaline and paced several laps around the living room before Carol came back in.

"I hate when that happens." Carol said sitting down on the couch. "A perfectly good dream interrupted by that screaming alarm. How did your team do?"

"We made it, but just barely, only five seconds to spare." Jamie replied.

"I was about ten seconds early, but only because the lift went straight to the bridge."

"Who was late by the four seconds?"

"Torpedo control, someone fell and broke an arm and they were late as a result." Carol responded. "Dr. Sportan will have them back to duty in about another five minutes."

"Carol, can we talk about last night?"

"Yes, I thought that you would want to over breakfast, but I know that I will be up for the day now."

"Me too, it takes me usually about an hour or so to come down after a middle of the night drill."

"Come on then, we can hit the holodeck again. This time I will program the privacy codes to make sure we are not interrupted. Go and change into your swim suit and we can get some sun."

Jamie followed Carol into the bedroom and they both stripped off their uniform tops and pants. Neither had bothered with underwear, just their gaffs, there had not been time. Jamie pulled her suit out of the drawers as Carol went to the replicator and started punching buttons again. The unit hummed softly and a small pile of material appeared. Carol picked up the small pieces of fabric and strolled to the bed.

"What is that?" Jamie asked.

"A new bathing suit," Carol replied.

"You sure, it looks more like a sand flea's hanky with some dental floss to hold it on."

"Don't be so prudish." Carol said, "I want to work on my tan some more while we talk and this is just perfect."

Jamie looked down at the microscopic bathing suit on the bed and shrugged into her own one piece. Jamie was dressed and ready by the time Carol had the suit on, but she was still fussing with the fit as Jamie slipped into her heels.

"Come on Carol, I don't want someone else to beat us to the holodeck."

"Don't worry; I reserved the holodeck right after the captain stood us down from red alert. I knew that I would need something for the rest of the night."

"Well, let's go, you look great as it is." Jamie said, meaning it. The bikini covered her nipples and a thin strip covered her crotch, but that was all. Carol could not even wear her gaff; it was bigger than her panties. Both grabbed their wraps, Carol slipped on her high heeled sandals and together they headed for the turbo lift.

The holodeck was empty as usual, but this time Jamie watched to make sure that Carol activated the privacy locks and codes. The same beach appeared as they walked into the holodeck and the sun was directly overhead beating down on them. They spread out their towels by the beach lounges and Carol covered Jamie with sun block before settling to her own lounger. Jamie laid back and closed her eyes for a minute, luxuriating in the feel of the sun when she heard Carol sigh with relief. Jamie looked over and sat up sharply as she saw that Carol was completely naked.

"What are you doing?" Jamie screamed.

"Getting some sun while we talk," Carol said calmly, stretching out on her own lounger. "The door is locked, and it is just us here, you should try it sometime. There is nothing better than tanning nude."

"Carol, we need to talk," Jamie said seriously.

"I know, Jamie, but I need to gather my thoughts for a minute." Carol replied, closing her eyes.

Jamie used the time Carol sat in the sun to observe her body. Carol was a study in physical perfection to Jamie's eyes. Even her penis, or as Carol called it her clitty, looked perfectly natural on Carol. Jamie studied the soft skin and gently moving chest as Carol breathed in the hot humid air on the holodeck. Sweat began to form on her glowing skin and Jamie felt a stirring in her groin as she watched Carol soak up the sun. Carol turned her head and smiled as she saw that Jamie was watching her.

"Okay Jamie, what is on your mind?"

"I am still just so confused." Jamie said, "a few days ago I was a man and had interest in women, now I am mostly a woman and I am looking a men. My whole life and body and feelings have been completely corrupted. I feel like a computer working on damaged data, splicing different data together to get completely wrong instructions."

"That is normal for someone who has had such a dramatic change in their life as you have had." Carol responded calmly. "You are not the person who stepped onto the transporter platform on Starbase 55; you are not the person who beamed from this ship to Starbase 55, but an amalgamation of the two. You can't expect to function as if everything is the way it was there. You have to find yourself a new way to live until you get back to your original body."

"But what about these feelings and desires I have been having about men."

"What about them, you are normal healthy nineteen year old woman; you are supposed to check out men."

"Carol I am not a woman."

"That body lying next to me says otherwise." Carol observed. "You have the body of a woman and crew sees you as a woman. Now you have to deal with the changes that go along with it."

Jamie hung her head; this was not going the way she thought. "Carol how did you deal with it?"

"Being both sexes, I was born this way, and introduced into a society where it was perfectly normal and was shown to appreciate my body and what I can do for others." Carol replied. "Let's talk about what happened last night. You tasted your own cum."

"Please don't remind me." Jamie said, burying her face in her hands.

"Why not, it is natural. Did you never taste it when you were James?"

"No, never," Jamie said quickly.

"Well, many males do, just out of curiosity, but don't worry about that now. As Jamie, it is normal to want to taste it. You are a girl now and you have to stop thinking like James. Many girls like the taste and texture of semen. Surly you have had other women give you a blowjob in your time."

"Yes," Jamie replied.

"Well they swallowed it didn't they?"

"Some, most actually."

"Again, normal, not all women enjoy the taste, but as I said, most do. I definitely do."

"So you have sex with men, what do they say about your penis, I mean clitty?"

"Nothing, most don't even notice it. If they take me from behind, they don't see it. Also, on my planet the males are quite used to it, as are the females."

"You mean that you have had sex with women?" Jamie asked incredulously.

"Of course, on Nelvor 3 sex is permitted and welcomed in any combination of sexes. You mean you have never had sex with a man?"

"Of course not," Jamie said sharply.

"Well, you better rethink that position, because with that body it could very well happen before you know it." Carol said calmly, sitting up. "Come over here and sit with me, I want you to try something."

Jamie slid off her lounger and joined Carol on the same seat, facing each other.

"How did you feel the other night when you went to sleep holding my clitty?"

"At first I was uncomfortable, but the after a few minutes, it felt natural in my hand. The soft skin, the underlying hardness felt so nice. And the feeling of your hand on my ... clitty," Jamie said blushing slightly, "was very comforting."

"Good, now I want you to touch me, anywhere you want." Carol said laying back down on the lounger.

Jamie took her hands and placed them on Carol's breasts. The nipples were hard and distended against her palms. Carol brought her hands up and covered Jamie's, then started to squeeze gently. Jamie got the hint and began to caress Carol's tits. Carol watched Jamie closely and let go of her hands, giving Jamie free rein on her body.

"Close your eyes and let yourself go with it, don't think, just feel." Carol instructed.

Jamie did as she was told and cupped the beautiful breasts before her, her fingers tweaking the nipples gently. She heard Carol inhale and did it again. Jamie slid her hands down Carol's ribs and smiled with her eyes closed as she felt Carol twitch beneath her. Jamie danced her fingers over Carol's sides tickling gently. Carol laughed and twisted in Jamie's grip. Jamie continued lower down Carol's body. The soft skin was delightful beneath her fingers; the warmth emanating from Carol's body was having an effect on Jamie. Carol reached up and pulled Jamie's face down to her chest.

Jamie went forward when Carol pushed her and found a nipple pressed into her mouth. Jamie latched on to the offering and sucked gently. Her hands worked across Carol's midsection and met at her belly button, still tickling gently. Jamie let the nipple slide from her mouth and moved to the matching nipple beside it. Licking it first she then took it into her mouth and started flicking it with her tongue. Carol hissed and pushed her tit deeper into Jamie's mouth. Jamie started to chew on the offered nipple and Carol stopped her.

"No, slowly, there is no need to rush this. Women understand the need to take their time with making love."

Jamie started again and this time she slowly took the nipple into her mouth, her tongue licking and circling the hardening flesh as she sucked on it slowly. Carol brought her hands to Jamie's breasts and started to squeeze softly. Jamie let the nipple pop out of her mouth and started to lick the underside of Carol's breast. Her hands continued down lower on Carol's stomach as she passed her navel Jamie felt something wet and soft touch the back of her hand. Carol shuddered as Jamie stopped licking and looked down. Carol's clit had touched the back of her hand and the pre-cum she was leaking had left a smear. Jamie looked at the liquid on her hand and brought it slowly to her mouth. Carol watched in silence as Jamie slowly touched her tongue to her hand and lapped up the sticky fluid there.

Jamie tasted Carol's pre-cum and felt a thrill shoot through her to her clit. Lowering her hand Jamie grasped the hardened organ and slowly slid her hand down. Carol moaned softly and laid her head back to enjoy Jamie's touch. Jamie stroked the stiff clit before her and was mesmerized by the texture, she had never held penis, other than her own and was fascinated by the subtle differences. Carol's clit was a little larger and had more veins running through it. Jamie found her head moving down to Carol's groin almost on its own. Jamie wanted to see Carol up close and her hand continued to slowly stroke Carol's hard-on.

Carol shuddered as she felt Jamie's warm breath on her engorged head. She had been keeping her own sexual releases to a minimum since Jamie had started sharing quarters with her and she needed to cum badly.

Jamie was as close as she could get without touching Carol and she took a deep breath and licked her tongue out to taste the head of Carol's clit. Carol shivered at the contact and Jamie did the same at the taste of the pre-cum oozing from Carol's head. Opening her mouth Jamie swallowed the head and stuck her tongue into Carol's piss slit, digging for more. Carol grabbed the sides of her lounger to keep from pushing Jamie deeper on her clit.

Jamie rolled her tongue over the head and then flicked the tip against the underside of Carol's head. Carol was moaning louder and louder, her head twisting from side to side. Jamie slid the clit deeper into her mouth and started to move up and down. Jamie found this position difficult and uncomfortable and slid to her knees and crawled in front of Carol, all without letting Carol out of her mouth. Carol opened her legs and let Jamie between them.

Jamie started bobbing her head up and down, nursing on the gift before her. Carol still held on to the lounger and tried not to push too deep into Jamie's mouth. She only choked twice before Carol told her to slow down and not go so deep. Jamie followed her instructions and quickly developed a smooth rhythm. She began to pay attention to what Carol was doing as she sucked on her. When Carol would moan louder, Jamie would make a mental note about what she was doing for future reference. The feel of Carol's clit against her tongue was delightful.

Jamie pulled off Carol's clit and started to lick the length of it up and down. Carol was shaking her head from side to side, writhing under the attention of her student. Jamie slid down too low on one pass and found her tongue in the opening of Carol's pussy. Carol thrust her hips forward at the contact and Jamie found herself immersed in Carol's pussy, her hands continued to stroke the hard meat before her and her tongue went deep into Carol's opening.

Carol shrieked in pleasure as both of her sex organs were stimulated. Her hips drove up and down, grinding her pussy into Jamie's face and her clit in and out of Jamie's hands. She let go of the lounger and gripped her nipples, trying to pull them off, stretching her breasts out from her body. The pain and pleasure from her tits were all that was needed to send Carol over the edge. Screaming in release Carol came.

Jamie tasted the fluid surging out of Carol's snatch and moved up quickly to capture the eruption from the organ in her hands. The first spurt landed on the side of Jamie's face as her mouth closed over the head of Carol's clit. She moved one of her hands down and drove it into Carol's snatch as the other continued to milk the hard on into her mouth. Carol fell back across the lounger, her head hanging off the far side, twisting in delight, her nipples still in her fingers stretching to the sky. Her pussy sprayed juice out over Jamie's chest as she fought to swallow the nectar pouring into her mouth while her own clit, still trapped in her gaff exploded in orgasm. The feel of the fingers driving into her body kept Carol coming longer than Jamie thought possible. Finally the jets of cream slowed and stopped completely, but Jamie kept on sucking and stroking the clit to work the last of the milk out into her waiting mouth.

Carol let go of her nipples and pulled Jamie up off her clit, sitting up she kissed Jamie with her mouth open and tongue questing for the semen she had shot into Jamie's mouth. Jamie returned the kiss with passion, but Carol opened her eyes in shock as she realized that Jamie's mouth was empty, she had swallowed the entire load. Breaking the kiss, Carol turned Jamie's head and licked the string of cum off Jamie's cheek.

Swallowing, she said, "is that all I get? What happened to the rest of it?"

"The rest of what?" Jamie asked looking mischievous.

"The rest of my cum," Carol said indignantly. "I can't believe you swallowed it all. At least I shared with you."

"Well, it was so good, I could not resist." Jamie said quietly, looking somewhat embarrassed.

"Good, I am glad you liked it." Carol said seriously. "You have taken a big step into accepting what you have become."

"I have you to thank for that." Jamie said earnestly. "Without you I don't know what would have happened."

"You would have been fine. Now, what about you, you must need some relief." Carol said, reaching down and feeling Jamie's clit through her gaff and finding it completely soft and wet.

"No, I don't want anything now, it got off on getting you off. I have never come like that before. Let's just to get back to our quarters, clean up, get to bed and try to get some sleep before we hit the sphere tomorrow."

"Are you sure?" Carol asked.

"Yes, let's just go home." Jamie said standing up and picking up her wrap.

Carol followed Jamie's lead, dressed in her small bikini and put her wrap on. Shutting down the program the girls left the holodeck and were in bed and asleep in less than fifteen minutes. This time though, both were naked and cuddling, her partner's soft clit in hand as they drifted in the arms of Morpheus.

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