tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 04

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 04


The next day passed without incident. Jamie followed through with the inspections and interviews with her team. The captain accepted her report and made several references to it in the meetings with all department heads. She noted that each team had worked on their respective areas but Jamie was the only team leader who had looked at the larger picture and made recommendations based on that.

Jamie was pleased with the captain's praise but embarrassed by the way she had received it. The captain had put her on display as the model researcher and team leader. The fact that she had only just arrived and the way she had changed only made Jamie want to slide into the background and do her job. She was itching to get inside the sphere and see what engineering marvels were waiting to be discovered and translated.

After the meeting they still had another day to go before they reached the sphere and Jamie sought out Carol for an official meeting. She popped by her office and found the councilor deep in paperwork.

"Hey, have you got a few minutes?" Jamie asked, sticking her head into the office. "I need to ask you a couple of things."

"Sure, you know I always have time for my roommate, what is on your mind?"

"Something you said last night has been running through my mind and I need to talk to you about it."


"You said yesterday that I had massive amounts of hormones and estrogen surging throughout my system and that I was experiencing puberty again." Jamie said slowly.

"Yes and..."

"Well how could I have massive amounts of hormones and estrogen in my system when I don't have any ovaries?" Jamie asked. "They create and monitor them, so where are they coming from?"

"They are coming from your food." Carol replied calmly.

"My food?"

"Yes, when Dr. Sportan set up your caloric limit he also set the replicators to add the necessary levels of female hormones and estrogen to keep your system balanced."

"What do you mean balanced."

"Jamie, your body has changed dramatically and it needs time to settle down to its normal routine. Without these hormones and what not, your male mind would begin to reject your female anatomy. The testosterone produced by your testicles would begin to battle with your mammary glands and your whole body would start to shut down due to massive internal failure."

"What would cause the failure?"

"Your female cell structure and organs would be looking for the estrogen and only find testosterone and androgen. The internal shock would cause organs to eventually fail. To prevent this and keep you healthy Dr. Sportan started you on a preemptive course of female hormones."

"Then that would explain why I am starting to notice men more."

"Yes, your body and your mind are learning to co-exist together and the female side of the makeup is starting to push to the surface. It is not anything wrong or scary, just your body trying to find its way."

"Well, it would have been nice if someone informed me earlier. I have been fretting about this for days now."

"I am sorry, we should have discussed this sooner, but in sick bay you were not in the best frame of mind to find out that you were taking hormones and since then it hasn't come up."

"Yes, I see your point." Jamie replied.

"Now, I want to cover another thing, the incident yesterday morning in the shower." Carol said, and Jamie blushed scarlet. "Now there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I told you that yesterday and I stand by it. I want to know how it made you feel."

"When I was masturbating, I felt excited and hot, when I tasted my pre-cum I felt... I can't believe I am having this conversation."

"You are doing fine," Carol said softly. "Just go on as you feel comfortable."

"I felt even hotter and hornier when I tasted my pre-cum. The salty taste seemed to go right to my brain and take me to a higher place. I have never been that excited jerking off." Jamie said quietly looking at her hands in her lap.

"Go on."

"I wanted more; I wanted to feel a cock in my mouth. I wanted to taste it direct from the source."

"And when you came?"

"It was the most relaxing feeling I have ever had. It felt like my entire body had turned to pudding. I thought my bones had melted."

"That is normal for women. Men normally orgasm with just their penis, but a woman tends to feel it more internally. But I meant when you saw your cum in your hand."

"I wanted to taste it, to lap it up out of my palm. I wanted it straight from my...clit. But when I brought it to my face and smelled it, my mind seemed to snap back and I was repulsed by the thought. I almost vomited when I thought that I had tasted my pre-cum. I started to cry, I thought I had lost something that made me a man. I thought that I was becoming even more of a freak."

"And now?"

"I don't feel like a freak anymore. But I am still worried about how my brain is working."

"In what way?" Carol questioned.

"It feels like the female side is taking control and I am losing my manliness."

"In a way you are."

"What." Jamie said sharply looking up.

"You have been taught for a long time that men act a certain way and women act another, right?"

"Yes," Jamie replied looking wary.

"Now after a lifetime of behaving one way, you are being forced to act another. That takes an adjustment. That adjustment is to give up some of your 'manliness' in order to accept your femininity. It does not mean that you are any less of a man, just a more complete person."

"This is going to take some really major adjustments in my thinking, isn't it?"

"Yes, but more importantly, you have to develop a new set of standards for acceptable behavior. What you consider improper for a man, no longer applies to you. You are not seen as a man."

"Yes, I can see that, but what about these urges."

"Let's talk about them. You said you have the urge to taste semen, do you also have the urge to taste female ejaculate?"

"Yes, I still want to be with women, but I am gravitating to men as well."

"You may just be feeling the freedom to explore different sexual situations. Now that you are seen as a female, you can explore sex with males, without the guilt of having to change your sexual orientation."

"Perhaps," Jamie said slowly.

"I would like to try something, if you are willing." Carol said.

"Sure, I want to get to the bottom of this."

"Good, let's go home and we can work on it there."

Jamie followed Carol out of the office and they talked quietly about ships routine on the way back to their quarters. When they got back to their rooms, Carol locked the door and activated the privacy field. Carol had Jamie strip and stand by the sofa. Jamie stripped off her clothes and stood naked in the living room. Carol came over, having removed her clothes as well, but her gaff was still in place, giving her a feminine form. Her clit dropped out from between her legs and Carol stepped before her and gripped it gently. Carol put her other hand behind Jamie's head and pulled her close, their lips met and Jamie's eyes flew wide open as Carol's tongue slid into her mouth.

Jamie pulled back in surprise and said, "Carol, what are you doing?"

"Conducting an experiment," Carol said calmly. "Just trust me and go with the feeling."

Carol put her lips back over Jamie's to silence any further complaint. Jamie fought for a few seconds and the feelings from her body began to register. Her breasts were pressed firmly against Carol's larger mounds, their nipples hardening against each other. Carol's hand slid down from her head and started to stroke her back. Her other hand started to stroke Jamie's clit in increasing force.

Jamie moaned into Carol's mouth and her tongue started to search out the fleshy invader. Their saliva flowed back and forth as the kissing became more ardent. Carol's hands had not stopped moving, she stroked Jamie's back and butt, her other hand moving faster and harder on the firm column of flesh extending from Jamie's groin.

Jamie started to hump her hips in time to Carol's pounding fist and Carol broke the kiss. Pushing firmly, Carol force Jamie to sit on the couch and dropped to her knees before her excited roommate. Leaning forward, Carol swallowed all of Jamie's hard clit. Jamie grasped the seat cushions to keep her hands form gripping Carol's skull and forcing it down to her groin. Carol needed no help and took all of Jamie into her mouth and throat. Bobbing her head up and down Carol had Jamie on the edge of orgasm in seconds, she could have held Jamie there indefinitely, but the point was not to torture Jamie, but to show her something else.

Carol brought her other hand into play and started to massage Jamie's balls. Jamie groaned loudly and drove her hips up. Carol swallowed and fisted Jamie's clit faster.

"Carol, I'm gonna cum," Jamie said looking down at her friend and councilor.

Carol looked up with doe eyes and stared right into Jamie's face. That was all it took for Jamie, shouting "I'm coming," she filled Carol's mouth and throat with semen. Carol pulled back and stroked her clit with both hands, forcing all of the cream into her mouth. Jamie fired four strong bursts into Carol's waiting mouth and her moving hands forced two more weaker dribbles to add to the semen collecting there.

Carol sat up quickly and kissed the still panting Jamie. Jamie accepted the kiss at first then tasted what was in Carol's mouth and started to pull away. Carol held Jamie in place and drove her semen covered tongue into Jamie's mouth.

The texture and the taste surprised Jamie. It was not as bad as she feared. The moving tongue and collected saliva had diluted the strong taste and Jamie accepted it in her mouth, swallowing some and using her tongue, pushed the rest back into Carol's mouth. Carol swallowed slightly and pushed the rest back into Jamie's mouth. They passed Jamie's cum back and forth until Jamie had swallowed it all. Carol only swallowed once, she wanted Jamie to taste herself and get used to the taste of cum. When she had swallowed the last of Carol broke the kiss and sat up.

"Well, how was that?" Carol asked.

"Not what I expected." Jamie replied. "I am still a little shocked by it, but I enjoyed it. Probably because I was here with you."

"Good, I want you to get used to the idea that there is no right or wrong in this situation. As long as you feel good about what you are doing, then go ahead and do it. If you are not hurting anyone, and your partner, or partners agree, then it is fine."

"I guess, but I am still a little shocked at how easily I accepted the situation."

"That is due to the hormones and estrogen. Your body wants to accept the situation and your mind is fighting it. Just relax and take whatever comes along as it comes. Maybe next time you can do me, or we can do each other."

"I don't know," Jamie said looking unsure.

"Don't worry about it now; just remember what I said about going one step at a time. Now how about dinner?"

"Good idea," Jamie said. "That was a good appetizer, but I need more sustenance to survive. But let's just eat in tonight. I am not in the mood for socializing tonight."

"No problem." Carol agreed. "I want to get to bed early tonight anyway."

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