Lucky with the Landlords Ch. 02


She kissed him on the mouth as she felt him lift her up and roll her onto her back. She immediately opened her long legs and allowed him to climb in between them. Danny pressed his hard shaft against her as he lay on top of her.

He kissed her hard, forcing his tongue back into her mouth as he ground against her. The sensation sent tingles of pleasure up her body, and she gasped into his mouth, all thoughts of her husband long since chased from her mind.

He broke the kiss, quickly kissing down her neck, raising his crotch off of her mercifully as he did so. His lips trailed down the tanned skin of her chest to her cleavage. As she panted above him, he ran his lips softly over the slope of her breast until he was able to wrap them around a nipple. He let the nipple slip out of his mouth and more electricity shot up her body as she watched him kiss down her belly. His nostrils caught the tantalizing scent of her womanhood as he kissed the very top of her panties. He didn’t think his cock would ever be any stiffer than it was at that moment.

His heart was pounding so furiously with desire that he thought it would burst. He bent a little further down and kissed her panties again, right where they covered her pussy lips.

“OHH!” She gasped, violently humping her crotch upwards into his face one time. Her incredible reaction made his cock twitch. The cotton of her underwear was soaked right though! He could clearly feel how swollen the petals of her vagina were, and he could taste her delicious flavor just with that one kiss.

Teasing her, he kissed the very top of her smooth thigh, immediately beside her panties.

Unable to help herself, Sharon raised her feet in the air, opening her legs up a little wider for him. She was all his. He kissed the top of her other inner thigh, again beside her panties. He kissed her pussy lips through her panties again, this time pulling them outward a little along with her underwear.

“UNH!” She cried, again fucking upward against his face at his brief touch. She was looking down at him over her large breasts; her dark eyes were glazed over. He slowly moved his hand up to her crotch, placing two fingers at the side of her panties. Danny slowly moved them over to the side, gradually revealing more of the tanned skin of her crotch, and then the pink of her pussy lips. They were pressed tightly together invitingly. Her pussy was neatly shaved, but there was a thin treasure trail of pubic hair up above. He kissed those swollen lips, watching them shiver at his touch. She sucked in her breath, again ramming her pussy up to his face, although not as forceful as before.

He placed his mouth against her pussy lips and slipped his tongue inside, tasting her delicious juices. “Ohhhh!” She groaned, her hands grabbing the back of his head as she fucked her crotch upward into his face. He wiggled his tongue up and down inside her cunt, and her hands pulled his face in between her thighs even harder. He pulled his tongue out of her pussy and forced his head up – which was pretty difficult considering how hard she was holding him there. He grabbed the sides of her panties and tugged downwards. She raised her ass and allowed him to slide her last remaining piece of clothing down her long, slender legs, over her knees to her ankles. Sharon pulled first one foot out of her panties, and then the other one. He dropped the dainty things on the floor. Sharon’s legs remained open and spread wide, her feet in the air. He looked at her pussy lustfully, and slowly bent between her thighs.

She was panting hard as she watched his face draw closer and closer to her needy cunt. Danny buried his face between her thighs, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth.

“OHHHH!” She cried loudly, ramming her crotch so far upwards that she lifted his head up a good foot. His hands grabbed her bare ass, holding her in place so that he could lick at the sensitive lips that he held in his mouth.

Normally, he waited a while – teasing the woman before going for the clit. This woman, however, was ready. She needed it badly, and he wanted to give it to her. He suddenly wrapped his mouth on the top of her pussy, sucking her clit inside.

“UNNNH gawd…” she whined, thrusting her pussy up to his face even higher – she was practically doing the bridge! He pulled his mouth away and gave her a chance to lower her ass back to the bed. His hands were still holding her cheeks tightly. When her bum rested on the bed, he buried his face back between her thighs, again gathering her clitoris into his mouth. She let out a high-pitched groan, and rubbed her cunt up into his face once more. He held her down as best he could, pressing his face hard against her pussy as he rapidly tickled his tongue back and forth across her sensitive button.

Sharon wrapped her long legs around him, pressing the heels of her feet into the middle of his back as she ground her aching treasure against his face. The tingling in her crotch was building exponentially, and she could feel herself racing towards a mighty orgasm. Danny was relentless as he lapped at her clit. It had been so long since her husband ate her pussy, and the sensation was overcoming her!

“OHHHHHH!” She squealed, wincing as she bucked her crotch into his face. She came hard; the inner walls of her vagina were pulsating as his tongue lashed over her nub. Her thighs were squeezing the sides of his head as she came and came and came. He held her ass tight, licking her through her orgasm. Finally, her hands and legs released him with a gasp, and he mercifully released her pussy and lifted up.

Her feet remained in the air and her ample chest was heaving as she watched him crawl up the bed between her open legs. She glanced down and a surge of desire went through her body at the sight of his hard cock waving back and forth with his movement. She could not describe how badly she needed to be entered. He lay on top of her, lips finding hers as his hard manhood rested along the lips of her vagina. He could feel how hot and wet she was as he pressed against her, and she kissed him hard. Her tongue darted far into his mouth, and her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Their lips smacked as they kissed sloppily, and they began to grind against each other. They were breathing laboriously into each other’s mouth, rubbing their genitalia against each other. Her bare feet were caressing the outside of his legs, and she was grinding her cunt upwards a little more aggressively, as if trying to capture his cock. Finally, his married landlord could take it no more.

Sharon reached down in between them and her hand grasped his hardness. He broke the kiss, lifting up a little when he felt her hand on his cock. Her breath was shaking when she felt how rigid his member was, and she slowly ran the head of it down the moist lips of her pussy.

Her big tits were shaking with every breath, and her dark eyes were locked on his as she placed him at the entrance to her needy treasure. She let him go, and his dick remained there, the tip held in place by the entrance to her hole. He could feel tremendous heat touching the tip of his organ, and instinctively he wanted that heat to embrace his entire length.

Danny slowly pushed forward. The lips of Sharon’s vagina opened up wider and allowed his penis to slowly enter her. “Ohhhh…” she sighed, her eyes glossing over as she felt her pussy stretch wide. Her warmth was now gripping half of his member. He pulled back a little; feeling the cool air of the room hit his wet cock. He pushed forward again, easing his cock into her body inch by inch. Sharon closed her eyes, arching her head back as she felt a new man enter her for the first time in six years. He pushed relentlessly onward until his manhood was entirely inside her hot, tight vagina. He held himself inside her, taking in the look of satisfaction and pleasure that was on her face.

Every inch of his manhood was squeezed on all sides by her warm, comforting pussy. He could feel the bottoms of her bare feet rubbing up and down the back of his thighs.

She opened her eyes and looked at him erotically. She broke into a big smile – he felt so incredible deep inside her like that! He pressed his lips against her, kissing her softly. She put one arm around his neck, and the other one around his back, returning his kiss as she grabbed his ass. Her tongue shot eagerly into his mouth as she began to grind her crotch against his groin, creating friction on her clit and sending bolts of pleasure up her spine. He slowly pulled most of his penis out of her body, and then eased back inside her heat.

“Mmmmph…” she sighed into his mouth as he penetrated her again. Her hand squeezed his ass in encouragement, and Danny slowly began making love to her. His hard cock was as rigid as it could possibly be, and it was poking into the depths of her body over and over again at a slow, steady pace. Their tongues swirled in each other’s mouths as his thick member rubbed against the sensitive walls of her vagina relentlessly. She broke the kiss and he felt her feet slide further up his legs to the bottom of her ass. He held himself up on his arms and looked down at her. She was looking back at him with a helpless, lustful expression on her face. Her eyebrows were raised in ecstasy, as he entered her again and again. Sharon’s large breasts were bouncing up and down with each thrust. Her hands were now rubbing up and down his biceps.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohhh! Ungh!” She cried, feeling a new penis squeezing into her cunt a little faster now. She raised her long legs high in the air, increasing the pleasure in her crotch as her new lover began fucking her just a little bit harder. Feeling a new cock poking at the bottom of her pussy was increasing the intensity of the tingling. She could feel the stirrings of an orgasm beginning, and focused on that feeling, raising her feet high in the air.

Danny began thrusting between her outstretched legs as hard as he could, watching her facial expression as she rushed to embrace an orgasm.

“Unh!” Sharon grunted, wincing as a massive orgasm exploded within her. The blood rushed through her veins, and her entire body was tingling as she came. She thought her heart would burst!

“OHHHHHHHHH!” She let her breath out with a loud moan, finding her voice at the tail end of her orgasm. Through it all, Danny continued pounding his manhood hard into her helpless body. He looked down at her beautiful, slender body. The hot tightness of her pussy, combined with the visual of her large tits rocking up and down was pushing him close to the edge. It had only been a few minutes – he had to slow down!

He pulled his penis right out of her, and he could hear the wet noise of a cock leaving a pussy quite clearly over their loud puffs of breath. Lifting her leg up in the air and out of the way, he managed to lie down on his back beside her, his thick member sticking up in the air. Sharon was weak, still recovering, but she took one look at her tenant’s cock and swung her long leg over him. She was straddling him in no time, reaching underneath her and wrapping her warm hand around his wet cock. She held it up in the air, pressing her pussy against it. Her sopping wet lips parted easily for him, and he slowly entered her body.

The two of them moaned in unison as her warm cunt engulfed him. She looked down at him as his hands slid around to grab her ass cheeks.

She began to slide her pussy up and down his fat rod. She tried to do it slowly, but the lust that was inside her was taking over. In no time, she was bucking on top of him nearly as fast as he was fucking her just a moment earlier. Danny watched Sharon’s naked breasts bounce up and down violently – he couldn’t take his eyes off them! He leaned forward, trying to catch one in his mouth. He caught her nipple, sucking it briefly before her thrashing pulled it from his lips. He released her soft ass, his hands moving around to the front of her body and locking onto her mounds. Now he was able to hold them steady somewhat, and he again leaned up and sucked one into his mouth as she continued fucking him.

After a couple of minutes, he could no longer hold himself up so he lay back on the bed. Sharon looked down at the man whose cock was sliding in and out of her vagina, and she felt a strong urge to kiss him. The feelings in her were so powerful at that moment that she wanted to kiss him long and kiss him hard. She bent and her lips found his. Her mouth was open, and she forced her tongue into his. Her tongue was far inside his mouth as she kissed him firmly.

Her thrusts had slowed down, and his hands again locked on her smooth, naked ass. He squeezed her cheeks as his tongue shot back into her mouth. She was kissing him with incredible passion, and he didn’t think he could take much more of this. Sharon wouldn’t stop kissing him, and her kiss was so hot!

Danny broke the kiss, pushing her off of him. He couldn’t take it any longer. Sharon rolled onto her back, chest heaving as she watched him get on his knees. Instinctively, she opened her legs and raised her feet in the air, her dark eyes locked on that cock of his. As soon as he knelt between her legs, her hand was clutching for his organ. She grabbed it and put it directly at the entrance to her forbidden treasure. He wasted no time in slipping back inside her.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, closing her eyes and arching her head back as she felt him enter her in one steady stroke. He collapsed on her, his arms sliding underneath her warm back and holding her close to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, squeezing him tight as he began to thrust quickly in and out of her. She wrapped her long legs around him, holding him tight with all of her limbs as he fed her his fat dick. He pressed his lips against hers – not really kissing her, as he was fucking her as hard as he could – but just touching her mouth with his.

“Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” She moaned into his mouth as he drove his manhood deep inside her over and over. He was losing it.

His orgasm was rising up quickly within him. He moaned, still pressing his lips against hers as he thrust quickly a few more times. Danny slid his entire penis all the way inside Sharon’s hungry vagina and held it there. He moaned again as his cock twitched inside her, and he could feel a thick wad of his semen shoot out the end. It splashed off the depths of her womb even as his member pulsated again. Another rope of cum shot out the end of his penis and deep into Sharon’s pussy. Her sexy legs squeezed him tight, holding him as deep inside her as possible. More of his seed poured out of him and into her, and she began to kiss him. She could feel her cunt filling up with cum, and she rubbed her crotch up against him.

They broke the kiss, looking into each other’s eyes as the last of his fluid trickled into her body. They smiled at each other, trying to catch their breath. After what seemed like an eternity, he still had nothing to say to her – he just felt fantastic. So he bent and kissed her again. She sucked his lips a little as she kissed back, before her tongue briefly darted into his mouth. Her legs squeezed his waist again, as they kissed sloppily.

He broke the kiss again, lying on top of her. She ran her hands up and down his back.

“You shouldn’t have cum inside me, Danny.” She breathed softly. “I’m not on any kind of birth control – Jim and I are actually trying to have one more baby.”

“I don’t think either of us could have helped that.” He replied. And he was right.

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