tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLuna vs. Rival Ch. 11

Luna vs. Rival Ch. 11


Typically, my stories happen with a few weeks to even a few months in between them, and it has been nearly a year since my journey began, and things have certainly escalated lately, but the last week before graduation was a really busy week.

At the start of graduation week I was the talk of the school, by this point, everyone figured out that if they wanted me naked and humiliated at any point or time, all they had to do was make up some silly excuse and I would "fall for it".

In fact, once late in the day when the teacher had given us a free period all to ourselves to say our goodbyes, she had stepped out to take care of some preparations for graduation, and Kim took advantage of her absence to humiliate me once more.

"Hey guys, why don't we have some fun before graduation?" She called out to everyone in class, grabbing my arm and dragging me up in front of everybody "Let's have Luna give us one final show."

I protested, but my voice was drowned out amongst the cheers of my classmates, of course, I loved the idea, but I wasn't just going to strip because they asked nicely, even if it was the last week.

Kim had apparently heard my pleas, and decided to make it easier on me:

"Oh come off it Luna, we've all probably seen you naked or even worse!" She argued, her hand moving from my arm to my ass and gave one of my cheeks a squeeze, though it probably looked like she had it on my back from where everyone else stood "In fact, how about a deal, for every one of them that tells us a story about your... "adventures", a student gets to take a piece of clothing off you, and if there aren't enough stories to get you naked, I will get naked, and you can tell me to do whatever you want me to until graduation."

This was my excuse, so naturally I agreed, knowing full well that I'll probably be completely naked in my own classroom before half the stories are done, even if nobody knew any stories before, I was sure that Kim had taught some of the students a few tales.

And that was precisely what happened; at first one of Kim's own swim team friends came out and told the story not only about how I was challenged by and lost to Kim in a swimming match in front of her and others, but how my bikini "slipped off", leaving me naked.

The emphasis was hers, apparently I had fooled no one that this was an accident, and with that, she bent down and removed the shoes and socks off my feet, I tried pointing out that this was two items at least, but nobody listened to me.

Next came a friend of my own, well, a former friend, as now I really didn't have any real friends, just people who wanted to humiliate me, see me naked and take advantage of me.

My former friend told the story about how, apparently after losing a couple of times and ending up naked, Kim challenged me to a fight in her own back yard, and she was invited to watch as I was handily defeated, stripped naked and hogtied in front of everyone, then tickled me for ten straight minutes as I squirmed helplessly, and finally sent out naked into the street, and as far as I knew, nobody had a clue that I masturbated in the middle of the street from how horny I was, but it turns out that some people (including my friend) had managed to catch up just enough to watch me finger myself out in the open, probably accelerating the escalation of my humiliation.

And with that, my former friend stepped behind me and reached out to unbutton my shorts, pulling them down and revealing my kitten emblazoned panties that barely even covered the entirety of my ass, they were my last pair of panties since I had lost all the rest one way or another, and I didn't want to wear them because they looked silly, but I had no other choice, and now this was added to the list of many things I was ridiculed about.

Next up, a guy came over, standing besides me to tell his story, where I'd been challenged by Kim to compete in my own field of expertise, track and field, where I'd showed up only to get completely skunked, losing all my clothes and left standing in the middle of the field with dozens of people watching me get humiliated.

He noted that he had seen me run before, and he was pretty sure I was a faster runner than what I'd shown that day, maybe I wasn't being serious, or maybe I was and just wanted it too badly that I couldn't perform.

This last remark really got me going, implying that I had thrown the race just to humiliate myself, but I certainly wasn't trying to, the second possibility might be true, but I never tried to throw any of my challenges, at best, I went into them knowing fully well that I had no chance of winning.

But that didn't matter, because either way, he got to grab my white shirt and pull it off my body, making sure his hands cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples; it was quite obvious that I was not wearing a bra because I didn't have any more of them, and I was already getting so turned on by the stripping, leaving two prominent points on display from the start of Kim's speech at the beginning.

And now I stood in front of the entire class, completely naked save for my kitten panties, my hands instinctively reached up to cover my breasts as the class erupted into applause, but Kim forced me to keep them at my side and show everyone my bare breasts, where my nipples were undoubtedly hardening as the class cheered.

The final piece was taken away by another boy, I recognized him from the time Kim stripped me at the pool, which was the story he told about how I quite obviously stripped all my clothes in front of them, jumped in the pool and was forced to serve them naked, tied up and gagged before getting marched to the street and forced to masturbate out in the open before being sent home as I am.

I don't think he shared any new details about me this time, not that he had to; I was already reaching an unprecedented level of humiliation in this story, I couldn't imagine many ways it would be exacerbated as he knelt down and removed my embarrassingly childish panties, I was extremely wet by this point, and if the crowd could not notice this, my stripper certainly would.

I watched the boy return to his seat with his prize, and I noticed the buzz he was creating as he whispered to his neighbors, they seemed to be paying special attention to my crotch as he showed them my panties; it seems I was so turned on I had left a mark on my underwear, showing how horny I was.

"Well Luna, seems like I'll be staying clothed this week." I could feel the shame rising inside me and turning my skin a deep shade of red as Kim gloated over my nude display "Now how about that show?"

I was taken aback as I thought getting stripped in and of itself was supposed to be the show, I voiced this observation to Kim and was shot down:

"Not so, this was just to show you how silly it is for you to put up a fight," Kim's hand now rested on my bare shoulder "and with that said, let's move on to the show, seeing your current state, I think you know what to do."

I looked around the classroom, my classmates all staring at me intently, awaiting my next move and obedience of Kim's command.

My eyes glimpsed the teacher's desk, sitting center stage in front of the classroom's whiteboard. The smooth, varnished finish of the desk shone seductively, letting me know what I should do.

Giving in, I stepped towards the desk and sat on top of it, facing my audience, I spread open my legs and gave everyone a good look at my bald, glistening pussy mound, already damp thanks to my excitement.

My hand, resting on my chest defensively, trailed down between my breasts, softly tickling my stomach before finally reaching its destination and making first contact with my eager joy button, I gasped in shock as pleasure ran through me, and it wasn't long before I was giving everyone the show demanded of me, I was engaged in full blown masturbation in the middle of the classroom in front of all my classmates.

My fingers found themselves sinking into the soft, velvet folds of my loins, rhythmically penetrating them as the other hand found itself teasing my breast, and soon when the bliss was too much to bear, I found myself reclining backward, finding myself on my back with my feet propped up against the edge of the table, pumping away furiously towards my climax, my pussy on full display as I came to a powerful orgasm.

After congratulating me on a show well done, Kim reminded me that my clothes belonged to her, meaning I was officially out of underwear, and I was nearly out of clothes, period.

Being forced to spend the rest of the period naked was no cake walk either, I was the center of attention in all the bad ways (to an outside observer, at least), thankfully the period itself was nearly done and I was forced to find my way home naked.

Nobody offered me a ride home, not even in exchange for a favor, although I didn't try to offer any of my own accord.

The run home went by quicker than I expected, most likely because I'd done this so many times already, I had gotten great at returning home completely naked while staying hidden.


During the third day of the week I was in the library after school, feeling somewhat depressed, we were given back the results of our final grades, needless to say, I didn't do so well, however, despite the setback, I figured I would do some studying for the SATs in the library; my SAT scores from our mock exam were not stellar either, coming in around the 1200 range, though I was already quite bored and incapable of studying any further.

My mind was already drifting to the daydream of college, imagining all the different ways my rival could humiliate me in that setting.

Would that even be possible? I thought to myself, since my grades were clearly not as good as hers, I may not get to go to the same college as her, hell, I wasn't even sure if I had that many choices to begin with. I was starting to feel anxious about not seeing my rival again after graduation, when suddenly my reverie was interrupted.

"Hey look, it's Luna!" I heard someone say, when I turned around, I noticed it was the smart group of our class, we called them the book squad.

"Hello." I replied, still in a somewhat foul mood, the book squad tended to gloat about their grades and scores, and I wasn't in the mood.

"So you're studying for the SATs, how are you doing?" One of the boys asked cheerfully, it was obvious that he wanted to gloat about his own grades.

"Well, um..." I stuttered, I certainly didn't want to share my scores with everyone.

"Oh, not so well? I know how you feel, I scored a personal low for myself on the last mock exam, completely horrible." He said, he began pulling out his paper, but stopped midway "Tell you what, I know you don't have that many clothes left, so how about we make a bet?"

I blushed with embarrassment, the fact that everyone knew I was being humiliated by being stripped and parted with my belongings was exciting me, even more knowing that it was obvious I was running out of clothes.

"W-what did you have in mind?" I asked, curious but still somewhat nervous.

"Well, we compare scores, and the one with the lowest score gives two pieces of clothes to the winner for them to keep." He explained, and I held out a small measure of hope that his personal low was lower than my own score when I agreed, however, I held out a bigger measure that this wasn't the case as well.

He pulled out his sheet, and I showed everyone mine, but of course, his personal low of the year was a 1454 out of 1600, according to him, he only scored above 1500 on all his other exams, which meant my measly 1200's score was completely crushed.

"A deal's a deal, Luna." He grinned, and I nodded and removed my shoes and socks, the boys seemed visibly disappointed, and so the next boy challenged me to the same bet:

"Hey Luna, now it's my turn to compare scores." the second boy said, when I protested, he told me that he actually got a lower score than his friend, he added with a grin on his face "Besides, if you didn't want to compare with me too, you shouldn't have started."

Naturally, his score was still higher than mine, resting at 1413, meaning that I was about to lose the entirety of my clothes, after all, I had no more underwear, and I didn't get a chance to buy any more (a mostly deliberate and self-engineered dilemma).

I swallowed the lump in my throat and stood up, lifting my pink sweater off my body, revealing my breasts and now hardening nipples, then I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down, leaving myself in nothing but my shoes and socks.

I couldn't believe it, within a minute of me making this deal, I was already naked thanks to my lack of underwear, I felt a cold chill run down my spine as my nipples hardened painfully and I could feel my pussy moisten at the thought that I was standing buck naked in the middle of the library.

One of the boys brazenly reached out and ran his finger against my pussy, feeling the forming moisture.

"She's soaking wet!" he exclaimed in the middle of the empty library, a little too loudly for my nerves "I told you she was a slut!"

That one insult truly stung; despite my "adventures" I did not think of myself as sexually promiscuous, while things tend to turn sexual (as they do), I mainly do because I love being stripped and exposed, I basically loved being naked in front of everyone, and if it ended right there every time, I'd have no objections.

"I heard she stripped naked and masturbated in front of everyone in her class the other day." The first boy remarked at my most recent exposure, and that one stung even worse following the previous comment.

"Really?" One of the boys recoiled in disbelief, and I had no choice but to silently nod in confirmation when asked to do so.

It seems that not only were the tales of my humiliation spreading, but the idea that I enjoyed them as well.

The two other boys pulled the same deal with me and compared scores, and since I was already naked, I was now forced to give the boys four forfeits.

Despite my humiliation, I was kind of disappointed that the library was as empty as it was, meaning that I had no further audience beyond the four boys.

First they made me bend over with my hands placed squarely on the table, they took turns spanking my ass, I was so embarrassed, if the librarian saw this, I'd risk being expelled from school, public knowledge of worse travails or no, and probably be sent out of here completely naked to boot, that would mean me losing everything I own in one instant, but alas, we were still alone.

When the boys had their fill of spanking my now reddened ass, they told me to lie down on the table, they began groping me, pinching my nipples, fingering my pussy and bringing me very close to the edge of orgasm.

Of course, they must have sensed that when I began moaning, and they stopped, they told me to follow them, and led me out to the school courtyard, I couldn't believe I was walking in broad daylight in my own school yard, naked as the day I was born.

They took me to the flagpole and took my hands and feet, tying them behind me and onto the pole using my own clothes, everything was exposed.

Since it was after school, even the courtyard was sparsely populated, though it didn't take that long for everyone there to notice the naked girl tied to the pole and gather around her, they were already prepared with cellphone cameras pulled out, ready to record my humiliation.

Apparently the boys had prepared some feathers to give out to the crowd, and told them that they were free to touch me anywhere, so long as it was using the feathers.

And it was a sight to see the entire school rushing me to tickle every inch of my body, I was writhing and laughing and crying all at once, unable to resist them, it felt like forever until they were finally done, leaving me very exhausted and extremely horny.

This wasn't the end of the crowd's humiliation, some of them deemed fit to pull out a few markers, adorning my bare skin with vulgar doodles and comments, things like "slut", "exhibitionist", and (my favorite) "future porn star".

When they finally untied me, I collapsed on the ground, I didn't care any longer what they wanted me to do, so when they told me that my last forfeit is to masturbate, I didn't even hesitate, my hands darted right to my breasts and pussy, rubbing, fingering and pinching away at my sensitive spots like there was no tomorrow.

It didn't take long for my hips to finally buck with the waves of a powerful orgasm, I sadly dawned on me that the school year was nearly over and I was about to graduate, I knew I would miss this once I did.

With my orgasm subsiding, I was finally led over the parking lot, where I saw the boys' car, it was a convertible, and they made sure to exploit that fact every time we were at a stop light, making me stand up, moon the passersby, and even say some very suggestive things as I exposed my privates, such as how big of a slut I was.

When I wasn't being paraded to other people outside, I was made me to sit in the backseat of the car, with two of the boys at my side, taking this opportunity to further molest my body, playing with my breasts, pinching my nipples, spanking my ass and, of course, fingering my pussy, although it wasn't enough to bring me to another orgasm.

Before we reached my house, they told me to get out and to kneel on the sidewalk, I did as I was told, the road seemed quite deserted at this time of day, which was both good and bad in my opinion, considering it was quite obvious what was to come, and sure enough, they told me that if I wanted the rest of the ride home, I'd have to give each one of them a blowjob.

I'd never done anything like this before, but like always, my pussy's only response was to tingle with excitement at the abject degradation, I went to work on the boys' shafts (which didn't take long, it seems they were just as turned on by the events as I was), bringing each and every one of them to orgasm, the seeds of which they chose to release on my face and chest, I was quite a mess by the end of it, but instead of letting me back in the car, the boys abandoned me naked, halfway home and without a single possession on me beyond the cum they covered me with.

I was mortified to be abused so blatantly, which made me feel so ashamed, and just like that, I was hornier than I ever imagined I could be.

I figured I might as well get one more orgasm out of it, and my hand reached down to my pussy once again, this time on a sidewalk in broad daylight, my fingers were furiously pumping away in my soaking wet pussy where any stranger could see me, and that only made it more exciting for me.

I finally hit my climax, moaning loudly without a care that anyone could hear me, I collapsed on the sidewalk in an exhausted mess, I'm not sure how long it took for me to regain my senses before getting up and heading home.

I sincerely hoped college is at least half as fun as highschool.


The next day was slightly less eventful as I just went to school in my last set of clothes, a tattered shirt and gym shorts that were so worn out the elastic waist kept slipping, and a worn out pair of sandals I had from long ago, I got enough ridicule just for my outfit, but it seemed everyone had had their fill of humiliating and taking advantage of me for once.

At least, that's what I thought, apparently there were still some hardcore "fans" left.

At PE later that day, I was sitting at the bleachers watching some of the girls play soccer; while I personally was unable to participate with everyone on the field since I didn't have any proper gym clothes left; what I had on was certainly not fit to play, and while it would be fun to lose my shorts every other minute, it was almost a guarantee that I'd lose them pretty quickly, if not to damage then through a prank by another girl.

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