tagBDSMLured into Domination Pt. 02

Lured into Domination Pt. 02


She wasted no time getting started, pulling a silky-looking back of tricks from under the bed. She resumed the sucking, just to "clean me off" she said. It was so incredibly tender I tried in vain to pull away but her hand held my shaft so tightly I couldn't move an inch. This just made her smile, devilishly. She apparently craved the control of a dick, adored making me squirm, making me understand she had total control. I completely understood. I moaned as she focussed on the head. Pinching it tightly between her thumb and forefinger, watching the color drain from the bell, then sucking hard to force the blood back in. every so often she would tighten the ring a notch, making me feel more and more trapped, and so painfully hard!

I wondered how much I could endure, already I was frantic about how tender I'd be after cumming a second time. Luckily she was having too much fun applying different treatments to my member. I heard the buzz of an electric toothbrush. I gulped, wondering what the sound was...tasting again her damp panties that were nearly choking me. She pulled my cock towards her, away from my torso, increasing the pressure, I arched my back to try and alleviate the pressure, again, to her delight. She touched the tip lightly, it was a sharp but amazing feeling, then she pressed a little harder. I wiggled as much as possible, unable to retract my throbbing dick from the torture. She pressed so hard the teeth were roughly attacking the thin skin of the bellhead. OMG it was ridiculously satisfying, scratching an itch I never knew I had. I had never felt such a pleasure. I let out a long, low groan. She continued...

Before long she tired of that treatment and arose to torture another part of me. Still clothed she stood beside the bed, drinking me in with her eyes. I lay outstretched before her like a piece of meat. It was an oddly sexy feeling being so helpless, naked and tied before a demanding sexy domme. I liked it!

She took a seat beside me, in a soft voice, "wondering why I am still so dressed? I know how u like legs, and how much u adore my feet, I thought id take it a step further and see just how much u like them." She draped her leg across my chest, unzipped the boot slowly, revealing her juicy calf, the tights stretched so thinly across her skin. I couldn't take my eyes off them, eyes that widened when I realized her plan.

She removed her other boot, sat next to me, facing me, placing her hot smelly feet squarely across my face. Being mouth-bound I had to either smell her or suffocate. It was already hard to breathe through just my nose with her moist feet smothering me. Watching them up close was such a turn on, having them molesting my face, assaulting my nostrils. It was too much, I turned my head but she cupped my balls and told me it was in my best interest to obey. I liked it but didn't like it at the same time, if that makes sense. Her fragrant feet felt delicious against my skin, my dick twitching with delight.

By now she was fingering herself, watching me without breaking stare, pleasuring herself at the sight of the specimen she cornered. Before long she fondled herself to her first orgasm, pushing her feet roughing into my face and nose. I never realized but I was starting to get a little soft. She was having none of it!

She removed the ineffective cock ring and held the slightly limp dick in her palm. She smacked it! Ouch it was so unexpected, painful and stimulating. I could feel the echo of her strike resonating through the shaft. Then again. BAM! This was an actual real punishment I was not liking in the least. Fortunately, it turned gentle again. My wilting penis held tight in her hand, she dripped some lube on the head and started twisting it like a corkscrew...a cockscrew, if you will. It was amazing and I was over the sensitivity of the first cumming. Sensing my pleasure she decided to introduce the next treatment. She told me she was going to just suck the tip until I gushed again...and then she was not going to stop. I was eager for another BJ but as soon as I heard there would be no end to the sucking I dreaded orgasming again. I tried to resist feeling the pleasure but its all u can think about. Her tongue and lips assaulting my head again, plucking it in and out of a suctioned paradise.

Of course I failed and she succeeded, I writhed as I fervently tried to contain the building semen, but it exploded and my eye rolled back into my head at the feel of her tight lips trying to pop my bellhead off. Then came the teeth. OMf'ingG. She closed her teeth around the corona, the part where the bellhead meets the shaft, then dragged my dick through the narrow sharp opening. I whined like a little puppy with each pass. She sucking it back in, clenched, dragged my scared dick through the barrage of front teeth over and over. She was now moaning in pleasure at my whimpering. It was not something I would ask for but there was a little pleasure in there, that's what was torture. Liking it a little but hating it mostly. Therein lies her devilish plan, to keep me just enough engaged that I was always staying hard, to like and hate it at the same time, to make me feel guilty for loving being tortured.

I had no idea of the games she had planned, in fact I spent all night bound spread eagle. Literally. I was tied for over 8 hours to her bed. From 9 that evening until the next morning, I was forced to cum over and over and in such diabolical ways. You ain't heard NOTHING yet...

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