tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 07

Lustful Summoning Ch. 07


The base music engulfed the small group as they entered the club. Jason started to worry as soon as they entered, a man sitting behind a small caged window asked to see their stamps. All of them raised their hands and the black light made the neon-ink glow.

When they passed the window, Jason watched the other black succubus round the corner and climb two steps to a door. She knocked and the same man that asked to see their stamps opened it. The black woman climbed inside, closing the door behind her. Jason looked over his shoulder and watched as a shade was pulled over the caged window.

Knowing what was going to happen inside the little booth, Jason turned his head and decided to walk further into the club.

Further past the corner, the club opened before the small group. There was a wide staircase not to far away, leading to the upper level balcony. Many men could be seen at the railing, leaning over the makeshift wooden bar around the railing. Jason could tell they were all leering down the top of women's dresses and partially open dresses.

He couldn't blame them, since a lot of the women were very attractive, but none compared to the beauties that were already surrounding him. He knew that they were beautiful because the closest people looked at them.

Jason saw the interest peak in the eyes of the women, but the men were easily filled with hunger, even those with women already hanging on them.

"Have fun ladies, but work on the women first, then take the men," the original succubus said. "Make sure you pass the word as you spread."

Jason suddenly felt more nervous at this comment, and was about to protest this excursion all together. But the original took his hand in hers and led him to an empty booth near the first floor railing.

As they sat down, Jason noticed he had a good view of the dance floor and all of the people bouncing around on it. He noticed the sea of bodies all moving together with the beat and several of them were grinding against each other, as if they were screwing on the dance floor.

The women in the room seemed to be outnumbered by the men two to one, but Jason figured if the succubus' plan was what he thought it was, that wouldn't be the case before too much longer.

"Can I get you guys something to drink?" asked a very large busted woman with a notepad in her hand, holding her pen poised to write down their order.

Jason's head snapped around to stare down her burgundy halter-top, noticing that her breast hung free of any bra. He also saw that a very tight pair of black jeans covered her long legs.

"Jason would like a beer, and..." the succubus began, then her hand shot up between the woman's legs, grabbing her crotch. Her nails quickly cut through the seam, allowing her fingers to plunge into the woman's quim. "Me, I'll just have some of you."

The waitress' mouth opened with shock at the sudden attack, and her hands quickly landed on the table to steady herself. The succubus pushed her hand harder onto the woman's crotch, burying her finger deeper into the woman's pussy. This extra leverage pushed the opened mouth to the succubus' mouth, where they locked together in a divine kiss.

Jason watched as the waitress' eyes opened wide at the shock of the situation, and then fluttered to a close as she was overcome with pleasure. Her hands tried to clinch the tabletop as the woman gave into the assault. When the succubus pulled her fingers from the woman's crotch, the waitress continued to kiss the succubus back.

Finally, her eyes opened wide and stared at Jason with a lustful desire he knew to belong to the hell spawn he was sitting with.

"This one is protected," the succubus said. "We need to convert the women before the men start to leave. Bring you master his beer, best in the house, and then use your body's wine to help convert the women around here."

The new convert left, biting her lip while looking around the club, as if she was seeing it for the first time. Jason could tell that it was taking all of her control to keep from fucking the first man that was close enough to rape.

He turned his attention back to the dance floor and saw that several of the women around the floor were starting to dance with other women more than the men. Straining his eyes through the smoke and haze of the club's atmosphere, Jason could see the other succubi on the floor, groping some of the women and kissing them deeply.

Jason watched as one of the newer converts turned from such a kiss and joined a group of women that were dancing together. Some men had started to dance their way right up to the many groups of women that were dancing. Some of the men were standing right behind some women, grinding their increasing hard-on against their asses.

Jason watched as one man was grinding against a woman that was being converted by one of his succubi. Julie had one hand around the woman's side and down toward her ass. The other hand was digging underneath the tight mini-skirt the woman was wearing. Her mouth was locked on the woman's mouth, which was sandwiched between the man and succubus.

From the man's expression, Jason guessed that the Julie was also squeezing the man's cock. Jason the noticed the original succubus' hand was on his groin, stroking him to an erection.

He turned to look at her as she leaned toward him. Their lips connected and her tongue once again trapped his in its coils. It squeezed and caressed his tongue in time with her hand on his growing dick.

The succubus suddenly broke her kiss and gave his cock one last squeeze before she let it go. She then brought her mouth to his ear and whispered into it.

"I'm going to help the ladies with the conversion. I'll send someone to keep you company while I'm away."

Jas was surprise that he could hear her speaking over the extremely loud music. He didn't know how that was possible, but he let the thought go as the large busted woman returned with his beer.

The original stood up in front of her and they kissed again before she left. The waitress leaned far over the table, more than she needed to and stared into Jason's eyes. He leaned into her and let their mouths connect.

He felt her tongue slide past his lips before they connected. She was probing deep into his mouth with her tongue, tangling it around his, and feeling all of his teeth and every little crevice that existed. As their saliva began to mix, Jason detected a slight taste of alcohol.

As she pulled away, Jason noticed that his dick was straining to be released from its confines, stronger that it was with the succubus caressing it through his pants.

"It's my new trait," she said as she pulled away. "We all get one, of some kind or another. Mine is an aphrodisiac-slash-alcoholic system. One taste of any of my juices, and a man or woman is aroused, horny and mine.

"I will follow any orders you give, Master, as long as they don't stand in the way of her plans," the waitress continued. She sat down next to Jason, letting a hand come to rest on his leg. "I've been asked to keep you company while she helps to initiate others. You will be pleased with our work."

Jason tried to ignore the aphrodisiac that was working through his system and the creature's hand that was gliding up his leg. He turned his head toward the dance floor again watched as more women were changed into lust-filled demons from Hell.

When the hand reached his crotch, Jason saw the first of the attacks on men take place. He watched as one of the converted women dancing with a man near the opposite edge of the floor lead him into a dark corner.

When they got there, Jason saw the man's back toward him, but didn't see any of the woman's body until her legs came up and wrapped around his waist. Watching the legs movement, he could tell the man was driving into her, but no one either noticed the same situation or either cared.

Jason felt his zipper being pulled down as he watched the woman's legs tighten around the man's waist. He couldn't tell if it was because the man was trying to pull away or if the woman was just having her orgasm, but he guessed it was a little of both.

As Jason watched the woman's legs finally relax and release the man's waist, he felt his cock being pulled out of his pants. The woman's arms were already around the man's body, and she easily carried him to a nearby chair and sat him down. He only looked like he was passed out, but Jason no longer cared.

He felt something hot and warm wrap around his dick looked down with wanton lust to see a woman's head bobbing on his crotch from underneath the table. The waitress was still sitting beside him, and another woman had crawled her way under the table to perform this fellatio on him.

Jason laid his head back as he relaxed into the pleasure of the woman's mouth and noticed that there were fewer men at the balcony above. Those men that were still standing there were no longer leaning over the railing. They stood there as women were kneeling under the wooden bar, sucking the men's cocks.

The waitress leaned over Jason's head and began kissing him deeply. The two women sucking on his body brought him closer to release than he wanted to be. He didn't know if they understood that he was supposed to be protected. As his lower abdomen began to tighten and heat up with the impending orgasm.

Jason no longer cared about his danger as pure lust took over his senses and he went with the pleasures that were surrounding him. He exploded inside the woman's mouth and felt relieved when she slowed down her sucking. The waitress continued to kiss him, but she wasn't as forceful as she was earlier. Finally, she pulled away from his mouth, allowing Jason to just sit there in the after glow of such a strong release.

He slowly looked up and saw that there wasn't anyone at the balcony above him. He slowly raised his head up and turned it toward the dance floor. He was that there were still several men dancing on the floor, but the women on the floor now at least tripled the number of men.

Small groups of women danced around the men in tight circles, constantly caressing each other's bodies. Jason saw the original succubus standing at the edge of the dance floor, not dancing with anyone, but watching the dozen and a half groups. Her tight black skirt seemed to shimmer in the lights flashing around the dance floor, along with the black shirt she was wearing.

Without warning, all of the original's clothing disappeared and connected to her shoulder blades. The demon's wings opened wide and rose several feet above everyone's heads. This sight shocked all of the men on the dance floor, who suddenly stopped dancing and stared at the gorgeous nude form in front of them.

With opening of her wings, the original succubus apparently gave permission to the others to begin open feeding. The groups of women quickly tightened their circles around the men and started kissing them all over. Hands ripped through clothes as the men and women were stripped.

Eventually, everyone on the floor was naked and writhing en masse on the floor. The orgy had started. Jason watched as several women came from the tables nearby, where other men were now sitting slumped in their seats. The sound of moaning grew louder than the music.

As Jason watched the sex acts continue, his cock began to rise again. He couldn't believe how much sex he was able to endure, but at the moment he didn't care.

The waitress rose from seat and took Jason by the hand. She led him to the edge of the dance floor and waited there with him. The original succubus walked over to him and took his other hand. As soon as she had it, the waitress let him go and joined in the writhing bodies, letting the women and men pull her clothes off.

The succubus led Jason to the center of the floor and stood there. Women's hands kept reaching up and grabbing his legs, trying to pull him down to the debauchery that was taking place. The original succubus wouldn't allow it, just yet.

"I wanted to show you what our other creation from your home is able to do," she said. Jason had been looking directly at the demon, but never saw her mouth move as she spoke. "She is lying at your feet and you should see first had how good she can be."

Jason, stunned at the voice that was in his head, looked in the direction he was told. Down at his feet was the black woman; her cornrows were splayed across the floor behind her head as she lay on her back, looking up at him.

The original succubus was already undoing his pants, as the black woman's hands pulled at his socks and shoes. Jason expected the air to be cool to his nude legs as his pants were pulled off of him, but the temperature was rising with the writhing bodies.

While the original succubus pulled his shirt off of him, Jason looked around and noticed that there weren't any men on the floor. Only women seemed to be writhing together in many different acts sexual frenzy.

When he was completely nude, Jason was pushed to his knees by the original succubus, where the black woman reached up for him. He noticed the small circles on her arms, chest, inside her thighs and all along her body. As he lowered between her legs, she brought them up and wrapped them around his thighs.

Jason felt the circles connect and attach to his legs. He instinctively reached for her legs and tried to pull them off, but the legs were locked tight, even though they weren't tensed up. Jason now knew what those circles were.

The black woman then reached up with her hand, palm toward Jason, and showed him the suction cups there before she put it on his shoulder and pulled him into her embrace. Her scent, mixed with the smell of sex all around him, kept Jason's cock erect, and he slid into her heat without any trouble.

When Jason felt the rest of his body come into contact with the succubus underneath him, he felt other suction cups attach to his body. Her arms wrapped tightly around his chest, pinning his arms to his sides. His mouth came into contact with the creature's mouth and opened on instinct.

As her tongue slid into his mouth and his into hers, she sucked on it greedily. Her hair moved on its own, reaching up and wrapping around his head and pulling him deeper into the kiss.

She ground her hips against his shaft, burying it deeper into her pussy. It sucked his cock harder as he tried to fight his urges to pull free from this creature, but lust was beginning to take over again.

The succubus quickly rolled Jason onto his back and she released his arms. Her spine curved in an impossible manner as she started planting kisses down his chin, neck and the rest of his body. Her mouth never left his body until it was just at his bellybutton. She then rose high onto his cock, pushing him deeper into her heat.

Jason was just starting to lose control when his free hands were pulled away from his body. Several women had slid across the floor and up to his head. Their bodies were now lying on top of his arms and his wrists were covered by pubic hair. He let his fingers find their way into their sucking pussy's lips, playing with the labia and clits as best as he could.

The women's mouths sucked and kissed at his ears, jaw line and neck. Another body straddled Jason's legs and sat behind the black succubus. He watched as the new woman on him reached around and started to massage the suction cup nipples and kiss the creature's neck when she leaned into the beast behind her.

Another woman straddled Jason's face, keeping her sucking pussy lips above Jason's waiting mouth. She was looking toward the creature that was riding his cock and learned toward her to suck on the waiting nipples.

Jason reached his tongue toward the pussy above his mouth, but he couldn't reach it. He was rewarded, though with what felt like a tongue touching the tip of his. Jason tilted his head to see what it was and saw something like a tongue sticking out of the pussy just above him.

The woman straddling his head now lowered her lips onto his mouth and Jason found himself French kissing with the pussy. The tongue inside probed deep into his mouth, licking everything it could reach. The weight and heat of the women's bodies on his was driving him over the edge, as Jason neared orgasm.

He suddenly felt something like a tail press between his bound legs and slide easily up the back of them between the crevice created by his legs being together. The tail, or whatever it was, gently prodded between Jason's ass cheeks before finally reaching his hole. Jason jumped at the thought of being raped by this thing, and didn't want it to happen.

He tried to scream his wish for it to not go in, but his mouth was completely covered by the tongued-pussy. A familiar voice in his head began to talk seductively to him, though, and calmed Jason down.

"You wanted to encounter all possible pleasures, Master," the original succubus' voice said. "Now you will feel how wonderful it is to have you prostate caressed from the inside as your orgasm reaches its maximum height. Relax, Master, I promise it will be a delicious experience."

Jason gave into the voice's request and finally relaxed, letting his mind stop protesting as his lust ravaged his mind. The tail pushed a little harder onto his asshole as Jason pushed deeper into the black succubus' sucking pussy. He pulled out of it with much force and helped to push the tail past his pinching hole.

The woman behind the succubus let out a moan as the penetration started, and she began to rock along Jason's thighs. This led him to believe the tail belonged to her. As the pushed back into the black succubus' pussy, the tail went with him. When he pulled back out, the tail remained still, letting Jason drive it deeper into his body.

A moan escaped his throat with the pain of the invasion, but the moan vibrated the pussy that his tongue was buried into, causing that woman's body to shiver as she came. She started to grind harder on his mouth and her legs tightened on his head.

All of the women riding his body moaned as each of them came at the same time. This reaction, however, caused all of them to redouble their efforts to cum again.

Jason felt his fingers being sucked deeper into the pussies wrapped around them. The woman on his face began to grind her clit on his chin as she let her pussy continue to kiss his mouth. The tongue coming out of it was now dripping with her pussy's juices into Jason's mouth, giving him more need to orgasm; but since he didn't want this pleasure to end, Jason fought against it.

The Black succubus redoubled her efforts to fuck Jason's cock deeper into her body, the suction cups on her fingers now holding his hips and constantly pulling him up to her. The other woman's tail was now working its way in and out of his ass, constantly wriggling inside him, teasing his prostate closer to release.

Before Jason could stop himself, he slammed his eyes shut, opened his mouth wide in an attempt to scream out the pleasure of his body being used by so many women, and exploded inside the succubus' sucking cunt. Another orgasm rocked the multitude of women raping his body and their screams of pleasure sent another rush through Jason's body.

For the first time in his life, Jason felt a second orgasm building while he was still cumming. No sooner had it finished did he feel his balls release his seed again into the orgy.

The world was beginning to black out, but Jason did everything he could do to fight it. He didn't want this pleasure to end, nor did he want to miss a single second of it. The noise around him grew fainter and fainter as a third orgasm began to build up. He fought with every last ounce in his body to stay focused on remaining awake.

The third orgasm exploded in a world of lights and Jason knew no more.

To Be Continued...

Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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