tagText With AudioLyla Christens the Ford Pt. 02

Lyla Christens the Ford Pt. 02


Girl is ordered to return to the back seat of her boss's grand-champion Ford Roadster and is instructed to finish her day's near-cum session by inflicting additional welts to "His" bare breasts with Master's wooden rod. As the already-red and welt-covered tits received yet more abuse, the cunt was squirming and accumulating its milky juice prior to a full-blown orgasm.

Girl was enjoying her approved orgasm ... what she feared most was happening: the detailing crew was returning to finish some chrome one of the men had suddenly remembered he had missed. What she hadn't expected was for someone to attempt to enter the classic car garage while her legs were raised and spread wide and her naked breasts were out blatantly showing ownership stripes. Pure panic ensued as girl shut down the voice recorder, stuffing her sore naked breasts back inside her bra and sweater, scurrying out of the backseat, hoping she'd not been revealed.

Finish your ride with girl as she completes her assignment ... enjoying her ruined cum.

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