tagText With AudioLyla Christens the Ford Pt. 01

Lyla Christens the Ford Pt. 01


As part of this girl's ongoing work with her Master in obedience training, orgasm control and public risk-taking, Sir had girl perform this submission and then instructed her to share with you ...

Ever wonder what it would be like to climb into the back seat of one of those beautiful collector-item classic cars? Obeying Master's precisely-worded IM in the middle of her work day, girl proceeded to leave work and travel back to her employer's pristine 1940 Ford Roadster. Girl had already locked up her boss's garage for the day after the recent completion of the professional detailing by a crew of three men. She had recently shared phone pics of the beautiful sheen on each and every car within the "man cave" with Sir. The cars were a sight to behold and Sir knew how much his car-loving slave lusted after the perfect 1940 vehicle.

Once in the vintage car garage, Sir ordered girl to inflict seven hard-as-hell strikes with their 18" birch rod to each breast and girl, nervous yet excited, entered the back seat to practice a series of near-cums. The goal was for her to ascend to the very top of her orgasm cliff and stop right before allowing the release of the pulsing pleasure. She stretched out on the luxurious burgundy leather seat ... spread her legs, placing them up onto the back of the seats in front, and, as ordered, commenced touching, pinching and smacking of His pussy and clit. Never one to disappoint her Sir, girl let everything else leave her subconscious and pushed her whole being into the near-cum session -- while enjoying the luxury of the auto and the luxury of the powerful near-release. Although the crew had driven away, girl wasn't positive that her boss wouldn't walk in at any time to catch her with her freshly striped/caned breasts exposed and legs spread wide for all to see.

Listening to her struggle to hold on to control, you won't hear the perfectly quiet remote-controlled vibrator (Lelo Lyla 2 Premium Bullet) pulsing strongly up inside her rapidly contracting pussy. Although no one can hear Lyla ... SHE feels the aggressive beats, jarring all the way up to (and inside) her 34DDD breasts in perfect syncopation.

Climb in the driver's side door; turn around and witness the delectable debauchery ... peer up-close at this slave's maiden voyage as Master has her "christen" this classic car -- imagine yourself watching, touching and sharing her moment.

* * * * *

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