tagInterracial LoveLynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 29

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 29


Lynne looked through her closet, looking for options to meet his parents at the airport. Leif was lying on the bed, wearing a smug, satisfied and relaxed expression from their morning lovemaking. He'd deliberately chosen a late flight so they had some time for some early morning lovemaking. He mentioned that he wouldn't be able to stand going a whole day without eating her pussy and being inside of her, and Lynne was glad he'd made that option, as she was satisfied and warmed from her two orgasms like a Cheshire cat.

Everything was all packed, they just needed to dress and shower.

Lynne let out a sleepy, sex induced yawn.

"Babe, what do you think I should wear to meet your parents," said Lynne.

"I think you should wear whatever you like. Whatever is comfortable. But you don't have to dress the way that you dressed when I met your own parents. I think they will be expecting a grown, beautiful, sexy woman," said Leif with a husky chuckle.

He got up and stood beside her, and slapped her butt, which she'd clad in boy cut white panty briefs.

"I think you should just wear these little panties, they drive me wild," he added stooping to nibble her butt where her luscious ass met with her thigh.

Lynne giggled.

"Stop being so nasty. You know I'm not going to just wear panties to the airport. That'd be a good way to end up being detained in airport security," she cracked.

"Oh but Lynney, it'd be so fun to be locked up in jail naked with you. The things I could do to you all day. Just give me three square meals and I won't be complaining," teased Leif.

Now she was giggling so hard she snorted.

"But, the problem is that they won't lock us up together. They'll put us each in a cell with a three hundred pound member of the same sex. And you and I will both be in our panties running from some sumo wrestler ass homosexuals and lesbians," said Lynne.

Now Leif was cracking up laughing everywhere.

"Honey, wear whatever makes you comfortable. And don't worry sweetness, they will love you. You've got some pretty skirts and sundresses. Gonna be some warm lovely weather in California. Wear one of those. They know you are a grown, sexy beautiful woman, because I've told them so. They know you are a musician. My parents don't judge people based on appearances. Before I was in a metal band, I used to love my fish heads, and I often wore a pair of them until they quite literally fell apart. Toes, tongues, and all And they never judged. And god forbid someone would judge me for it, they would have read them the riot act, that's how my parents are. They won't judge you, unless you show up wearing these little panties, like this because you just can't wear these sweet little panties in public, as much as I'd like for you to just throw out everything in your closet and only wear these little boy cut panties showing off your juicy little ass," he teased, tickling her crack with a gentle thumb.

Lynne decided on a pretty, black sundress with flowers on it, and a black trench coat, since it was still cold in New York. She was unusually quiet on the flight over. She was used to needing to impress the adults of her friends, and her ex-boyfriend, and even though she was twenty three years old, she looked at her parents as authority figures. They definitely were not people to let her hair down around. She was used to treating them like her church pastor. Careful about swearing around them, nervous that they were evaluating her speech and her carriage, and using that information to determine if she was a good person or not.

She felt comfortable around her older music associates, and would let her hair down around them, act the way she usually acted. She also felt comfortable around Janelle's mother, who treated her more like a younger girlfriend than an authority figure. But around the older one's in her church, she'd always felt uncomfortable, and definitely as though she could not be herself.

She also worried because, although she'd talked to Linda, and knew she wasn't racist, and knew that Lynne was black, she was also keenly aware that she would probably be the only black person present this weekend. It worried her. She worried about fitting in with Leif's family. If she didn't fit into his family, it might change the way he felt about her.

When she mentioned that he said,

"Don't worry about it baby. They will love you. If they don't love you, we'll get a quick return ticket back to New York and live our own lives. I love you, and I plan on spending the rest of my life with you. I want them to like you, but if they don't, I'll just be glad we live all the way in New York, and don't have to deal with that shit everyday. Just be yourself. Everyone around you loves you, and we only want you to be yourself," he added kissing her forehead.

She was still nervous, and he ordered her a Coke and Jack Daniels from the airline stewardess.

"There baby, this should relax you. Sip it," he added protectively pulling her into the circle of his arms.

"It's alright sweetie. Don't be scared. It will go a hell of a lot better than meeting your parents, I'm certain," said Leif with a laugh.

Lynne giggled to, at the memory, even though the results of the disastrous meeting with her parents had an outcome that had been anything but funny.

She loved coke and jack and she sipped the sweet, strong liquor. Leif was so thoughtful to get her a small drink to help her relax. She'd pinned hair hair up in elaborate pin curls because she wanted her hair to look nice when she met his family. He pulled her head into his chest, while he was careful not to disturb all her little pinned up curls. He knew the time she spent on her hair, and he was always careful not to muss it when she spent extra time on it.

The cocktail made her sleepy, she cuddled up into his arms lovingly. People didn’t often stare at them in New York City for their interracial relationship. But on the airplane, some people stared. It might have been because they were cuddled up so lovingly, but Lynne surmised that the other passengers on the flight might have thought that they made an odd pair, Leif was like a tall, svelte, blonde, gorgeous hippie with dreadlocks, and although she was petite and beautiful, she knew she looked a bit like a bookworm, so they did make an odd pair from the outside glance.

But neither of them cared at all, because when they were close together, affectionately, or sensually, none of those differences mattered, and in fact, those differences added the spark. She freely laid her head in his chest, and his chin rested on her hair, and they slept like babies, the same way they fell asleep in front of a boring movie on the couch. He doted on her, and she doted on him.

He relaxed her. She fell asleep in his chest and had wonderful arousing dreams about Leif kissing and sucking her pussy.

She awoke and combed the pincurls out of her hair, while Leif watched her with fascination, and before she knew it, they were on the Los Angeles landing strip.

They got Lynne’s four of bags out of checked luggage, including her huge present for Leif.

He teased her, chided her saying-

“Why couldn’t you have bought whosever big ass present this was right from Target, or Macy’s or Bloomingdales in California? I wouldn’t have told anyone that you gave them a last minute ass gift,” he teased.

“Because this is a special gift that you can’t get in a boxed store smart aleck. And it’s for you. I should take it back now. Take it back and get some more old ass game systems and have my own Merry Christmas,” she teased saltily.

He chuckled.

She loved the teasing and banter between the two of them.

“All these damn bags Lynne? Like Beyonce or Diana Ross? You’re always talking about our footprint, and making us recycle and shit, what about the carbon footprint of lugging all this shit in the air. Plus we had to check four bags babe. Each of these damn bags cost us fifty dollars. You’re lucky you’re so cute, or I would have made you leave some of this shit back at the house,” he teased swatting her ass.

“It’s not a lot of bags to stay two weeks! Besides, I can help you with the bags Leify,” she said with an impish grin.

“You know I don’t want you fiddling with these bags, and carrying heavy stuff. That’s your man’s job. Here, grab this, should be pretty light, but it would help a lot," said Leif. He handed her his guitar and his wheel on carry on bag to carry.

He managed to wheel all the rest of their things, by strapping the luggage together.

Lynne took ample time to tease him for taunting her earlier by swatting his cute ass, and he couldn’t swat hers back because his hands were full.

She loved swatting his round, shapely little ass. And when she wasn't slapping it, she was pinching it, like a naughty little girl.

She'd found a motion to really slap it and she was giggling hysterically, when Leif called


And Leif had found his mother at their gate, right when Lynne was in the midst of smacking Leif’s ass hard.

Lynne was embarrassed and flushed red. She didn’t want her mother in law to be to think that she was overly forward with Leif. She didn’t want to make a bad impression on the woman, despite the fact that Linda said that she knew that Lynne and Leif slept together and she would be putting them in the guest cottage. Lynne really felt like she wanted to crawl onto the floor and die, being caught red handed giggling and smacking his tight, sexy ass.

Without missing a beat, Linda hugged Leif tightly, and after she finished hugging Linda, she looked at Lynne and said-

"We didn't believe in spanking growing up, so we'd give Leif and his brother different tasks to reflect on their problems, and work with them that way. But I think every now and then Leif could have used a good spanking, so keep him in line Lynne," said his mother.

Linda's teasing relieved Lynne so much. It really broke the ice. Lynne was so relieved she actually started hugging both Leif and his mother.

He dotingly kissed Lynne's forehead and explained to his mother,

"Lynne is really sweet and shy. She's probably embarrassed you caught her, but she does her fair share of keeping me in line, and torturing me," said Leif in their shared embrace.

"Oh I don't believe that for a minute, you probably were enjoying your spanking just then, and I'm sure you are giving that poor girl plenty of spankings. She's probably glad your hands are full. The difference is, you probably deserve whatever punishment Lynne is meting out at you," said his mother with a huge laugh.

Lynne felt so relieved. She felt like she felt around Leif, like she could be a normal person, and didn't have to hide the fact that she was attracted to Leif, as long as she wasn't behaving in an inappropriate and disrespectful way. She felt something she only really felt with Leif, and her friends like Janelle. It was a feeling of freedom, and being allowed to be a normal, twenty-three year old woman. She was immediately learning she could be normal around his family. So different than the way she felt around her own family.

His mother turned to Lynne.

"Oh Leif, you are right, she is simply beautiful! Let me look at you," said her mother taking both of her hands into her own.

Lynne really giggled and blushed.

"You told her I was beautiful. Damn Lief, you're so sweet, but that's so much to live up to," said Lynne.

"You know you are beautiful, the way you carry on, onstage you little rascal, you should see her up there Linda. But, as you can see, she's also shy, so I think sometimes she doesn't realize how beautiful she is, and that is also charming," said Leif.

"Come on, cut it out, she's going to get a swollen up head, bigger than your own head," teased his mother, and although Leif was much taller, she reached up and mussed his dreadlocks.

"Wow, these things are really growing Leif. I remember when they were just little twists on top of your head. Takes a lot of dedication," said his mother.

"Hell yes, it does, I wouldn't have the patience to grow those damn things...but, a great rock musician needs a groovy hairstyle, and that's the grooviest hairstyle in the Bay Area," said his father Garrett with a chuckle.

"Hey thanks Garrett. I'm working hard on my hair over there in NYC, like you worked on yours in the eighties. Garrett had ass length hair when we were growing up. He was like a neighborhood legend when I was a little kid. All the kids used to look at his hair and how long it was. Then, after all those hair metal bands started growing the ass length hair, he got a traditional haircut, so he could stand out. And probably so he could do that CEO shit for Peterson's Herbal farm, because no one trusts a guy with long hair...that's what Garrett says anyway,"

Lynne, Leif, Linda and Garret guffawed with laughter.

It was touching to see how close they were despite the first names that they called each other. She could see that Leif got his model like good looks from his mother. She was a slim, petite hippie looking woman, with long blonde hair, turning grey that was done up in an elaborate French braid that hung past her buttocks.

From his father, Lynne could see that Leif had acquired his height, and his handsome, chiseled chin.

After the brief hugs both of his parents gave her, Lynne immediately felt accepted into their fold. They didn’t wait around for her to feel awkward. They immediately included her into their conversations, and their special bond. To Lynne, it meant so much.

“Lynne you are lovely. So you must not know everything about Mr. Blockhead over here, or you would have run in the other direction,” said his father taking her hand.

“I want to learn everything about him, so please share all that you know, everything juicy. But he’s not a blockhead, he’s really sweet. And he’s handsome,” said Lynne with a husky chuckle.

"Oh boy, you don't know the half on him young lady, we are giving you the book on your boyfriend. We figured you kids would be hungry, so we're gonna go to Leif's favorite Mexican restaurant if you feel up to it. We let your brother know you are in town Leif, and you've got a special lady friend, so your brother and his girlfriend should be set to meet us there," said his mother.

"Sounds great!" said Leif.


Lynne was so cute to Leif staring out of the window of his parent’s Prius. She was taking in the view of the LA strip, because she’d never been to California before. She was quiet, and there was an adorable childlike wonder in her eyes as she took in the Palm Trees, the wide boulevards, and the relaxed yet big city feel of LA.

In the Mexican restaurant, everyone ordered. His father piped up and said

“Get whatever you two want. Since you’re out of town New Yorkers I’m treating,”

When the waitress came, they all ordered. Leif’s father asked her casually if she drank.

“Yeah, I like to have a drink every now and then,” said Lynne demurely.

Leif stifled a chuckle, then teased gently.

“Oh does she ever. You gotta watch my Lynney, she’s a little lush,” said Leif with a tease.

Leif couldn’t wait. This was a prank that his father played on unsuspecting visitors of the family who were new to this restaurant. But, he knew the kind of fun woman Lynne was deep down, and she’d be able to take the joke.

He rubbed his hands together under the table.

“We’ll have a round of margaritas for everyone, except the young lady in the black sundress, she wants a megarita,” said his father.

“What’s a megarita?” asked Lynne.

She had that adorable doe in headlights stare that Leif loved, the same stare she gave him when he first stuck out his hand to meet her backstage.

“You’ll see soon enough sweetheart,” said Leif.

They all giggled, except his little Lynne who wasn’t in on the joke.

“Oh Poor Lynne, why don’t you at least wait a day before you start teasing that girl,” said Linda.

The waitress brought out the drinks, all the margaritas were reasonably sized, except Lynne’s which came in an enormous glass.

“What the hell? That’s a megarita alright,” said Lynne with a giggle.

“So the deal is Lynne, if you can finish that, everyone can eat free,” said Leif’s father pointing on the menu.

“Well I’m going to do my best effort Mr. Peterson, but I can’t promise you that you will not be paying that tab. I could take a bath in the tub with the amount of liquor that is in this glass,” said Lynne.

But Lynne sipped the liquor, and she was a really good sport. She sipped the liquor and started making a dent in the glass. A mariachi band came by, singing from table to table.

Lynne, a little bit tipsy asked to hold the maracas, and she sang along as best she could when they were singing Mexican cantos. His family clapped and urged her on.

Then Lynne had the crazy idea to get the band to sing Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.

“You little ham. The girl is a human jukebox. She knows the words to every damn song in the world,” teased Leif.

But how he loved Lynne. She was so engaging, and fun, and she won the hearts of people wherever she went with her crazy, impetuous, fun antics, and that gorgeous voice.

Only two of the members knew how to play the song, but she sang along with the two who knew the song, while the rest of them learned the tune. Then Lynne, ever the ham, got up from the table to sing along with them.

Even Leif was surprised though, when the band thought she was so good, they asked her to sing at a few of the other tables. So she did, and pretty soon the patrons were all clapping. His mother and father watched Lynne, and they were enthralled.

His mother said-

“She’s really good. Just a natural. No fear, and such charisma! She’s like a professional show woman. And that voice! Look at her go! She’s so precious and adorable Leif,” said his mother.

“Oh it’s the alcohol. Tell that girl to get back over here and finish that drink so I don’t have to pay the check!” teased his father.

“Oh quit moaning Garret. She is amazing, Linda. She comes alive when she’s singing. She’s like a whole other woman. But I’m starting to see that fun little woman off the stage too. She’s a great girl. I’m glad you love her. She was so easy to fall in love with, so easy, and wonderful,” said Leif. He was smiling proudly.

After she sang Margaritaville at a few tables, she returned to their table. Lynne looked a little embarrassed.

“I’m sorry about that ya’ll, I just got caught up in the feeling…and in that damn Margarita that Mr. Peterson dumped on me. That drink is huge, and I am not at all responsible for my behavior…I’m not normally that crazy,” said Lynne with a laugh.

“Hell yeah you are normally that crazy, when we first met, she pulled me right up there on a Karaoke stage. Anytime singing is involved, Lynne is out there with both guns like a little ham,” said Leif with a huge chuckle.

“Don’t be embarrassed. We enjoyed the show, and I think the other customers did too. That Mariachi band probably will ask you to come back, and be in the band, I bet they wish they could anyway. You should feel free around us the same way that you feel when you sing. And you’ll enjoy your time with us so much more,” said his mother.

The conversation between them flowed freely during dinner, after the ice was broken with the liquor, and Lynne’s impromptu performance with the mariachi band. They liked Lynne a lot, Leif could tell. They asked her about New York. They marveled at her accent, just like he did, because they were so far away from Brooklyn and did not get to hear a real New York accent all the time. They asked her about her singing, and talked about her going to Yale. Then they asked her what she loved the most about Leif.

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