Magic Girls 02: Day Dreaming (Illustrated)


An explosion of passion erupted in both girls as their nude bodies touched. Cindy found her lips magnetically drawn to Hannah's as she wanted nothing more that the freedom to pry her dream girl's mouth apart and taste her lips. Cindy ran her hands through Hannah's long blonde hair, kissing in and around Hannah's mouth. Hannah did the same, and took a firm hold of the back of Cindy's head. Hannah pulled her in closer to her as she wanted Cindy just as much as Cindy wanted her. Cindy's hands rubbed down Hannah's shoulders and found there way to Hannah's epic breasts. Hannah ran her hands up and down Cindy's back as Cindy began to kiss down her neck, working her lips toward the mountains on Hannah's chest.

Hannah smiled as she knew Cindy was getting her fantasies fully fulfilled as she played with her body. She sensed Cindy's ever emotion as these two girls made love on the rooftop.

Cindy cliched onto Hannah's left breast with both her hands and squeezed and pushed as best as she could while her mouth danced around Hannah's nipple. Hannah's breast was so gigantic and soft and full, which was no surprise at all to Cindy. She could barely get both of her hands around Hannah's one breast. Cindy grabbed hold of both of Hannah's breast and pushed them together. She rolled them around in her hands, pinching Hannah's nipples and smiling down at her magical friend. As she looked down at Hannah, Cindy rubbed her hips against Hannah's and eased her own leg between Hannah's. Hannah quickly rubbed her bare pussy against Cindy's leg and arched her back. Her head tilted backwards and she moaned in pleasure as she felt the sensation on her clit.

With her breasts pressed higher into the air, Cindy pressed down against Hannah's body and rubbed her own bare breasts against Hannah's. She rubbed up and down Hannah's body, grabbing onto her own breasts and pushing them firmly against Hannah's whenever she had the chance. Cindy pressed her leg harder against Hannah's exposed pussy, and Hannah rubbed harder and harder as she was overcome with Cindy's lust for her body. Cindy dove back down Hannah's body and she started to kiss down Hannah's chest. She ran her hands down around Hannah's tiny waist, and back up under and around her breasts. She let her tongue slide down Hannah's body, between her breasts and down around her belly button. Hannah looked down at Cindy, and quickly placed her own hand on Cindy's head, pushing her further down her body.

Cindy smiled, and dove in. She quickly placed her mouth between Hannah's already wet pussy, and started to lick.

"Yes! Like that!" Hannah said as she pushed down on Cindy's head, forcing Cindy to stick her tongue deeper in her pussy. Cindy sucked on Hannah's clit, flicking it with her tongue and tasting her juices. Hannah took her hand from Cindy's head, and ran her hands over her own large breasts. She touched herself as Cindy tasted her, feeling her own enhanced body. As Hannah enjoyed her own amazing breasts, she let her magical powers radiate from her body. As she did, Cindy soon found Hannah's own pussy rise up towards her mouth. As she looked up towards Hannah's face, she realized that Hannah's entire body had left the rooftop and was now inches off the ground. Cindy didn't cease pleasing her friend as those inches became over a foot.

On all fours, Cindy lovingly tongued Hannah's magical pussy as Hannah simply floated before her with her hands up in her hair and a smile on her face. She allowed her body to float higher off of the ground as Cindy tasted her pussy. Cindy loved to make her dream girl cum as much as she loved to cum herself, as Hannah's orgasms were as magical as her powers.

Cindy lifted her hand from the ground and gently inserted her finger into Hannah's pussy as she flicked her clit with her own tongue. Hannah moaned as she felt Cindy fuck her with her finger. She arched her back again as Cindy increased the pace that her finger came in and out of Hannah's wet pussy. One finger became two, and two became three as Cindy longed to make her magical friend cum. Cindy licked and sucked on Hannah's mouthwatering clit. She closed her eyes and tasted the magic that was Hannah's clit, and it tasted like perfection. Hannah spread her legs wider as she floated a foot above the rooftop under her own magic. She looked down at her nude lover, and smiled a Cindy fucked her.

"Yeah, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me harder." Hannah cried out, and Cindy smiled as she kept her lips on Hannah's clit and her fingers in Hannah's pussy. Hannah looked up to the stars above, and was lost in Cindy's sex. Her weightless nude body bounced as Cindy fucked her harder and harder. Hannah's giant breasts bounced as Cindy pulled her fingers in and out of Hannah while she pulled at Hannah's wet clit with her lips.

"Oh shit!" Hannah screamed as her floating body gave a quick jerk. "Fuck! I'm cumming!"

Light suddenly poured from her nude body, and blinded Cindy. She felt a rush of heat from Hannah's body as Hannah came into her mouth. Cindy couldn't see anything but white, but she could taste Hannah's juices as they flowed from her body. They tasted so good that Cindy blindly continued to suck on Hannah's clit even though she could no longer see. In the white light, she suddenly heard an alarm sounding over the rooftop.

Cindy jumped from her bed, tossing the blankets aside. She was covered in sweat, as well as the same tiny T-shirt and blue panties she wore when she got home from work. Seconds before she was high above the city on a rooftop with her hot blonde friend, and now she was sitting up in her bed back in her apartment.

The sexy lesbian dream was over.

Not only that, but the night was over. Her alarm clock was blaring, and she quickly smashed it off with a quick reaction, realizing that she was in fact awake. The sun poured in from her window, and all Cindy could do now was return to her normal life.


Cindy hadn't been at work for more than an hour as she dragged her coworker Kevin into a closet on the twenty-third floor. Cindy's dreams of Hannah had kept her on the edge of orgasm all morning. Even her shower-head wasn't enough to satisfy her needs. Horny and unsatisfied, Cindy decided to cash in on a booty-call she had started at work since her break up. Horny and unsatisfied meant that Cindy eagerly ripped open Kevin's shirt as she kissed down his neck. She had already slipped out of her short black skirt as she revealed Kevin's sexy bare chest.

"I ... I don't have a condom." Kevin pointed it. Cindy wasn't in the mood for stopping.

"Fuck it. I'm on the pill." She answered as she pulled his belt off. Cindy climbed down to her knees and slid his pants and boxers clean off. Before his pants could hit the ground, Cindy got Kevin's stiff cock in her mouth, and quickly started sucking. Kevin leaned back against the closed door of the closet as Cindy sucked his cock, driving the shaft deep into her own mouth.

With one hand on his cock, Cindy started to unbutton her red blouse, and reveal her black bra underneath. As she unbuttoned her shirt, Kevin reached down at pulled her shirt off her shoulders, getting Cindy down to just her black bra, thong, and her long black stockings. She sat there on her knees, looking up at Kevin's masculine body as she sucked hard on his big cock.

Cindy wasn't into foreplay that morning. She needed to cum.

Cindy quickly crawled onto her back in the small closet, and slid her thong off her awaiting and wet pussy. Kevin crawled down onto all fours quickly to help Cindy get out of her thong, and yanked it completely off her legs. With his cock already wet from Cindy's mouth, Kevin climbed on top of Cindy, and plunged his giant cock into Cindy with ease. He arched his back and drove his massive tool into Cindy's awaiting pussy, giving Cindy just what she needed.

Cindy too arched her back at the sensation of Kevin's cock inside her. It filled her up fully. Cindy smiled as she not only got to feel the girth of Kevin's cock, but she was glad she had chosen him as her booty call. His massive cock moved in and how of her wet pussy as she lie on her back in the small closet. He increased the speed of his thrust, pulling his cock just far enough so that he could play with the edges of her pussy while returning quickly deep into her depths.

"Yes!" Cindy cried.

"Shh!" Kevin said. "You gotta keep quiet or someone will catch us!"

Kevin powered his cock into Cindy as her breasts bounced inside her black bra. She grabbed onto whatever she could in that closet to keep herself steady and push back against Kevin. Cindy reached up around Kevin's neck, and pulled him down completely on top of her. She scratched down his back as he slammed her cock harder and harder into her.

"Yes. Like that. Just like that." Cindy whispered into his ear. "So close. Yes."

Kevin took instruction, and plowed into Cindy's pussy harder and faster. He knew he was going to give it everything he had in him that morning, and this was do-or-die time. Kevin fucked Cindy as hard as he could, giving her everything he had inside him. He braced himself against the floor as sweat began to pour down his bare back.

"I'm cumming." Kevin warned, and all Cindy could do was nod.

Kevin gave one final thrust into Cindy's pussy, and she felt his cum explode inside her. Cindy let go of Kevin's neck, fell back against the concrete floor, bit her lip to keep herself from screaming, and came too. She moaned. She jerked. Her whole body became lighter as she came with Kevin. Kevin's body fell down on top of Cindy from exhaustion, and Cindy felt her body hit the concrete floor once more.

"That ... that was a good start to the day ... hu?" Kevin asked as Cindy could feel his heart racing.

"Yeah." Cindy answered. She just looked at the ceiling above her, and despite the large cock she currently had inside her pussy, she thought of Hannah.


Weary and tired, and satisfied, Cindy stepped out of the closet as Kevin redressed. She left him alone as she didn't want them to leave together. Cindy worked at a large corporate office downtown in a building that rose high above the city. She pushed papers and didn't have the fancy job she wanted to get after college. It may have paid enough to pay the bills and have a little fun, but it was boring. Not only that, but her department seemed to have little room for growth, something that often bugged her.

Cindy wandered down the halls and attempted to act like nothing was out of the ordinary. She got to cum, and hopefully that would tide her over for the next few days until she could dream again. She needed something to drink, so she headed carefully down the hall towards the small break room on her floor.

As she arrived, she ignored the few people wandering around and headed towards the fridge. As she grabbed a previously stored water bottle, she looked out over the city and remembered her dreams of flying. She was momentarily lost in her memory that seemed so vivid as she flew above the city she was now looking upon. She took and drink from her water bottle and sighed, wanting so bad to get back home, back to sleep, and hope her mind took her to new places.

"So, Cindy. How's your day going so far?" someone asked her from behind. Cindy turned with a smile, and behind her, seated comfortably in a small chair was a woman reading the newspaper. Cindy didn't know which one of her coworkers was talking to her, but as this woman lowered the newspaper, and Cindy's heart stopped.

It was Hannah, sitting there in the break room of her place of employment. The girl that existed in her dreams was now at her office, sitting comfortably in a chair and smiling her million-dollar smile back at her. Hannah was not sitting naked, or in lingerie, or anything to risque. She just sat there in a tiny baby-blue skirt, a large black jacket and a loose white button-up shirt. Her hair was up in a bun and she wore long black earrings and even a tight black collar around her sexy neck. She was gorgeous like usual, but dressed as though she was working in the office as well.

Cindy didn't say anything, and no one else in the break room noticed her shock as she stared at the infinitely sexy and magical girl who was once confined to her own imagination was seated before her. Cindy quickly thought that maybe she as hallucinating. Maybe she was the only one seeing Hannah. She closed her eyes, and concentrated hard on the fact that Hannah wasn't real. She was just part of some very sexy and outrageous dreams she had from time to time. She wasn't sitting in a chair in the break-room of her office.

Cindy opened her eyes, and Hannah was gone. She wasn't in the chair at all. She sighed a sigh of relief, but at the same time she was worried that her dreams were starting to move in on her regular life.

"Oh, thanks." Cindy heard a familiar voice say behind her. Cindy turned around, and saw her coworker Travis helping Hannah with the coffee machine. Cindy remained silent, and watched as a very real coworker attempted to hit on her so-called hallucination.

"So, are you new here? I haven't seen you around." Travis asked Hannah.

"Hu? Oh. No. I have an interview though."

"Oh, nice. Well, hope to see you around." Travis said as he took a cup of coffee for himself, and headed back out of the break-room.

"Yeah. That'd be nice. Thanks."

Hannah finally made her way away from Travis with a cup of coffee in her hand. She looked over the cup at Cindy as she walked by. Cindy turned back around to Hannah as this time she sat on top of the table, and not on the chair. As Hannah sat down, Cindy looked around and noticed that everyone else had left the break-room, leaving these two passionate lovers alone.

"It's funny because he thinks I'm here being interviewed when in fact I'm the one doing the interview." Hannah pointed out. "Now that everyone else is gone, I can finally take this coat off."

Cindy just stood there as Hannah pulled her black coat off her body, revealing her very transparent white shirt underneath. Not only was her silk button-up shirt extremely see-through, but she was not wearing a bra. Her large breasts and perky nipples were clearly visible underneath her shirt. She also had merely two buttons together on her top, leaving a very plunging neckline.

Hannah tossed her jacket onto the floor as she kicked her legs up. She then leaned back on the table, letting Cindy take in the view of her gorgeous breasts as the seemed to fall out of her loose silk top.

"You can't dress like that here!" Cindy finally said.

"Nice to see you too." Hannah joked. She then spread her legs wide, revealing that she wore no panties underneath her tiny skirt. Her beautiful shaven pussy was now visible to Cindy as Hannah lounged back on the table top. As her skirt rode up her thighs revealing her of her tasty pussy, Cindy found her eyes stuck on the tantalizing office version of Hannah.

"Why don't you get down and lick my pussy again like you did last night?" Hannah suggested as she unbuttoned her shirt even more. As she reached the button, Hannah threw her shirt open and allowed her beautiful young breasts to be free and fully visible. Her shirt fell back down her shoulders as she kept her hands placed firmly on the table top. Her legs spread wider, beckoning Cindy to climb between her legs and orally please her.

Cindy was panicking. She had no idea what was going on. At any moment, a coworker could walk in and see Hannah's sexy nude body on that table top attempting to lure Cindy in with her sexual advances. Cindy lunged at Hannah, and grabbed the jacket that was on the floor. She tossed it over Hannah's bare chest, and Hannah was shocked to be quickly covered up.

At that very moment, two older ladies walked into the break-room in mid conversation. They paid little attention to Hannah as she struggled to put her jacket back on her nude body at Cindy's desperate request. Hannah hoped down off of the table top, hiding her exposed pussy under her shirt blue skirt.

"What are you doing here?" Cindy whispered as Hannah covered up.

"Well, I don't work here, that's for sure." Hannah answered.

"That's not what I mean .... How ... How are you here?"

"You're security in this building is pretty bad."

"No. You know what I mean."

Hannah walked in close to Cindy, and whispered into her ear with her sexy seductive voice.

"If you want to know what's going on, maybe we should talk on the roof top."

Before Cindy could answer, Hannah zipped up her coat over her sexy top, and strutted right out of the break-room. Cindy quickly followed, and peaked down the hall at Hannah as she continued to strut her long legs away from Cindy. A few of her male coworkers stopped and took in Hannah's sexy appearance as she made her way down the hall towards the elevator. Cindy finally stepped out from the break-room. Still utterly confused and startled, Cindy pursued Hannah, pushing past her fellow employees as she paced down the hallway.

Cindy watched as Hannah stepped onto the elevator down the hall. Cindy's pursuit wasn't fast enough as the elevator doors started to close. All Hannah did was smile and give Cindy a tiny wave as the elevator doors shut with her alone inside. Cindy dove and quickly pressed the 'up' button on the side of the elevator. As the light lit up, the doors quickly reopened for Cindy, allowing her to join Hannah in the elevator.

Only as the doors opened, Cindy saw that Hannah was no longer inside the elevator. Even though the elevator had not changed floors, Hannah was gone. All that remained where her clothes on a pile in the middle of the elevator. Cindy quickly rushed inside and picked Hannah's clothes up off the ground; her skirt, her tiny shirt, her coat, and her shoes. It was as if Hannah had vanished right out of her clothes. Cindy thought panicked as she thought that Hannah was now probably floating around completely naked in the building, and she knew she had to see how she got there. Cindy pressed the button on the side of the elevator, and headed toward the rooftop like Hannah had instructed.


The winds hit Cindy in the face as she opened the large metal door the led to the rooftop of the thirty-plus story building in the heart of the city. Still carrying Hannah's clothes so that no one would be suspicious, Cindy started to look all over the rooftop. She eventually she saw what looked like a blonde girl sitting on the ledge of the building in a black suit. Cindy started to cautiously walk towards the girl, wondering if either of them was even allowed to be up on the roof. As she got closer to the girl, she could see that it was in fact her dream girl: Hannah, waiting for her.

Hannah was simply sitting on the ledge of the large building in a black business suit and skirt. She wasn't too reserved as her purple shirt underneath was unbuttoned low enough to allow her large cleavage to pour out her top. Her hair was up and her makeup was simple and flawless, and even though it was quite windy on the towering rooftop, Hannah seemed completely unaffected. She just smiled at Cindy as Cindy walked onto the rooftop of the building where she worked. Cindy cautiously walked towards Hannah, confused and slightly afraid.

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