Magic Girls 02: Day Dreaming (Illustrated)


"Is this better attire for you?" Hannah asked with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

"Slightly. What the hell is going on?" Cindy asked as she walked towards an elegant Hannah.

"What, you haven't figured it out yet?" Hannah asked, calmly sitting on the ledge thirty-plus stories above the streets below. Cindy stopped in her tracks, and looked around at the city around her.

"I'm dreaming?" Cindy asked, utterly confused. "I can't be. This is far too real. I've been at work for almost four hours. I remember waking up and getting ready and driving to work and ..."

"And you're little sexual interlude in the closet?" Hannah finished.

"How do you know about that?" Cindy asked with some shock and anger in her voice.

"I'm a bit of a voyeur, what can I say? He does have a nice cock. Maybe I should give it a go." Hannah said as she looked down over her own magnificent body. She ran her hands up along her legs, feeling her marvelous body beneath and longing to get herself free of the confines of her clothing once more. She then longingly gazed upon her friend, and smiled. "So if you don't think you're dreaming ..."

"So then I'm awake?" Cindy asked.

"And ...?"

"And you're here ..."

"Keep going. You're so close." Hannah said as she could hear Cindy's thought process as if she was shouting it out to her.

"So you ... you're real?"

"You got it." Hannah giggled, finally happy that Cindy came to the right conclusion. "I'm as real as you are, and I always have been."

"But how? You did all that magic stuff in my dreams."

"I know. But you see, you weren't dreaming. All my magic, my abilities, all my powers; they are as real as the world around you. I can do all of that same magic here in the real world." Hannah revealed, and as she sat there on the edge of the building, her body simply lifted off the cement and floated a few feet above the rooftop. Cindy took a few steps back as her former college roommate who's magic she thought was just an imagination was apparently real. Hannah, who was merely twenty-five years old, who had shared a dorm room with Cindy for a school year, was actually flying in front of Cindy ever so calmly under her amazing and real magical powers. She looked every bit the professional business woman in her black suit and shirt, except for the obvious fact that she was flying.

"See?" Hannah asked Cindy as she hovered.

"No. I was dreaming. I know I was dreaming. You even told me I was dreaming."

"I told you many things." Hannah said, and she suddenly vanished from her levitating position, leaving behind a faint puff of black smoke. Before Cindy could even look to see what happened to Hannah, she instantly reappeared on her feet before Cindy. As she slowly walked her sexy strut towards Cindy, Cindy quickly realized that Hannah could teleport herself anywhere she wanted to be. It was a magical power that Cindy had not witnessed first hand, but it explained quite a bit about Hannah's quick travels. As she walked closer to Cindy, the discarded clothes that Cindy was still holding merely disintegrated into nothingness, falling from Cindy's hands.

"You were scared when I told you about my powers, so I knew that pretending that my magic was just in your dreams was the only way to get you to embrace it. You needed to see that it's safe, and you needed to realize that we're special."

Cindy stepped back from Hannah as Hannah's walk had brought her quite close.

"Wait ... we're special?"

Hannah laughed, and then vanished instantly again into a puff of black smoke. Cindy looked around to see where Hannah had teleported to again, but heard her before she saw her.

"You still haven't figured it all out yet, have you." Cindy heard. She looked up and saw Hannah sitting on top of room that lead to the stairwell. Hannah was enjoying playing with Cindy and finally revealing her sneaky plot. "Let me just explain a little more of my story." Hannah started as Cindy looked up to her.

"I enrolled myself in your college a while back to play around, have sex with all sorts of young guys and girls, and pretty much just live out some new erotic fantasies with some sexy strangers. I mean, I had all these magical powers now, what else was I gonna do with them?"

Hannah then jumped down from the ledge she sat on and fell the fifteen foot drop. Just inches before her feet slammed on the concrete, she caught herself with her thoughts. As she hovered calmly before Cindy, she lowered her high heels onto the rooftop, and stood just outside the door to the stairway.

"Anyway, I spend that glorious year having sex with all sorts of guys and girls with the intention of saving my roommate for last. Let me say, that night you surprised me more than I probably surprised you."

"How so?" Cindy asked as she stepped away slowly, still in shock. Hannah just smiled back.

"You remember how intense our sex became that night?" Hannah asked. "Vaguely."

"Let me be more specific. Do you remember me ... and you ... naked ... with our legs tossed over one another ... grinding our pussies together as our breasts bounced vigorously ... sweat dripping down our bodies ... do you remember that?"

"Kinda." Cindy admitted, turned on by the faint memory.

"Do you remember where we were?"

"I think we were on the floor."

"No. We were on the ceiling ... up-side-down. And you put us there."

"No. That's not true at all..." Cindy said shake her head, she turned around and walked away from Hannah's lies, but she didn't walk far for Hannah already standing in front of her even thought she had turned away. Hannah's teleportation abilities were far too fast.

"Why don't you believe that? You were flying last night with me."

"But that was a ..."

"... a dream?" Hannah giggled.

"I can't fly. That's stupid. Come on."

"But I can. Why is it so hard to believe that you can't too?"

Hannah turned and stepped onto the ledge of the building. She then turned back to Cindy.

"How about this? When you're tried of living this normal life. When you're done working this job. When you want to leave it all behind and realize that you might truly be capable of the same magic that I am, come back up here on the rooftop. I'll be waiting."

Hannah turned her back to Cindy, and looked down at the city streets far below. She then turned back to Cindy once more and smiled.

"Oh, and bring your mail." Hannah instructed, and with those words Hannah then stepped off the ledge of the towering building before Cindy could respond. Cindy gasped, and ran as she just watched her friend step of the edge and plummet to the streets below. As Cindy arrived at the ledge to see her friend falling, she saw that Hannah was just gone. There was no falling blonde girl. There was no one.

As Cindy looked over the ledge of the tall building down to the busy streets below, she wondered about what Hannah had said. She definitely remembered flying through the skies in her dream from the night before, and according to her magical friend, it wasn't a dream at all. The idea that she herself could actually fly using just her thoughts was not possible. The thought that she herself might be just as magical as Hannah; a girl who could teleport her body anywhere, turn completely into water, walk through walls, see others' thoughts, grow angel wings, and essentially do whatever she wanted: that idea was unfathomable.


Cindy sat in her tiny office, surrounded by clutter and paperwork. She didn't pay any attention to the work that lie ahead of her, for her mind was still in a major state of flux. If she truly had the magical ability to fly and do all sorts of things, why couldn't she have done it before? Why couldn't she just pop out of her chair and fly out the window? Why did Hannah have to reveal these magical things to her?

Hannah's revelations were always so questionable impossible, yet at the same time there was no way to question the things that Hannah herself could do. It was getting to the point that if Hannah did something new with her magic that Cindy didn't know about, she just accepted it and moved on. As Cindy watched Hannah vanish from one spot and instantly reappear in another spot while they talked on the rooftop, it just seemed ... normal.

There was a knock at Cindy's already open doorway to her small office, and a postal delivery-man stood there with a package.

"I have a package I need you to sign for, ma'am." The delivery-man said.

Cindy was confused as she rose up from her desk. She quickly signed for the package and took it from the delivery-man. She quickly stared at the small box as the man left, wondering who was shipping her things to her job. She looked at the sender's address, and shockingly saw her own address and her own name. As curiosity took over, she pried the cardboard apart and opened the box. What she found inside gave her quite a shock.

Inside the box was a long pink double sided dildo; a sex toy that screamed 'lesbian lust'.

Cindy quickly closed the box up, and her heart started to race. She pushed the box to the far end of her desk, and just starred at it. She was not enjoying being toyed with by Hannah and her magical life. The last thing she wanted her coworkers to know about where her secret lesbian desires, not to mention her growing sexual relationship with a living goddess. She had a career to work on and if she was caught with such a device at her office, she would be ruined.

On the other hand, was a career what Cindy was supposed to have? Was she supposed to roam the Earth as a magical goddess, doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted? Was money, career, and a home even necessary for someone as powerful as she might be? Was she destined to spend her lifetime in lingerie, flying and roaming around the world, fucking anyone she wanted at any time like Hannah seemed to do?

The slam of folders on her desk snapped her from her daze. She looked up and saw her manager, an older man who had just dropped a large stack of folders on her desk. He just looked down at her and smiled.

"These need to be redone. The forms are wrong." He said with a smile, and then turned and left Cindy alone with her work. Cindy glared at the stack of folders over a foot high, folders full of paperwork she knew she had done right. She then looked beyond the folders to the package that she had received. The package that seemingly she had mailed to herself.


Cindy burst back onto the rooftop with her package cradled safely in her hands. The rooftop was empty, and Hannah was no where to be seen. Cindy looked all around for Hannah who had said she would be waiting on the rooftop if Cindy was ready to accept her supposed fate.

"Hannah! I'm here." Cindy called out.

"I know. I'm here too." Cindy heard echoing on the winds. Cindy spun around and looked all over the rooftop for her magical friend, but saw nothing. The wind seemed to swirl around her as she looked for her magical friend.

"Where?" Cindy called out.

"I'm around. I see your brought your mail." Hannah called back to Cindy. Every time Hannah spoke, it seemed as though the winds spun around her, swirling like a tiny tornado around her body and through her hair.

"Did you send this?"

"Of course, and I want you to use it with me ... right now."

"But I can't have sex now. I'm at work!"

"That didn't stop you in that closet." Hannah pointed out. Hannah's echoing voice had Cindy spinning on the rooftop. Cindy had no idea where Hannah was and based on her abilities she could be anywhere, everywhere, or even nowhere.

"Where are you, seriously? I feel like I'm talking to myself." Cindy called out.

"I'll let you see me only if you let me wear what I want to wear and be what I want to be." Hannah called back.

"Fine." Cindy answered.

With those words, the wind speeds increased. Molecule my molecule, Hannah slowly re-materialized as the winds blew over the rooftop. As Hannah pulled her body into a more solid form, Cindy quickly saw that Hannah now wore an amazing outfit that contradicted her previous sexy office attire. She now wore nothing more than a pink glittery micro bikini and a long neon pink and black robe that was loosely draped on her shoulders and fell behind her back. This sheer sultry robe was lined in pink feathers and stretched far behind her like a wedding train. Her bikini was so tiny. It was tied on the sides and back by tiny strings, and seemed to hang on her body as if any moment it was just going to snap right off. Her luscious and curvy body was oiled and shiny, while her breasts bulged out from her tiny top on all sides.

As Hannah completed her solidification, Hannah closed her eyes and arched her back, pushing her giant breasts into the air. As she did, an amazing pair of butterfly wings pushed through her skin, her robe, and folded out from her back. Hannah looked back at her glorious wings, and they flapped ever so softly. They were large, magnificent, and matched Hannah's own bikini in both color and sparkle. It was as if Hannah created them specifically for that outfit. Cindy realized that Hannah was obviously not in the mood for playing by the rules of physics or reality anymore. Cindy looked at the amazing and impossible body of this strange butterfly-fairy version of Hannah. It was as if magic radiated off her body in a pink glow.

"You have so much to learn about this way of life." Hannah stated, and her calmly floated before Cindy as her butterfly wings started flapped behind her. In her tiny bikini, Hannah looked down to Cindy, gloriously levitating her oily above the rooftop just a few inches. "So, about your mail. I want us to finish what we started last night."

"I can't. I have to work to do."

"What about Kevin?" Hannah calmly asked, displaying her knowledge was more than just Cindy's sexual adventures.

"That fling with Kevin ... that was different."

"How so?"

"Well, it's a bit easier to get away with than ... well, sex with you."

"I guess you're right. But you're up here now because you want to give all that up, right? All that 'sneaky sex'. All that work in that small office. That normal life walking around, trying to make money to live. You and I, we could do whatever we want together. I've been calm about showing you what I can do and what I can be, but if you promise that from here on out not to be afraid of our magic, you'll witness the extent of my magical powers. And believe me, I can do so many outrageous things that you can't even think up."

"Well, if I am what you say I am and I can do all the things you can do, then I don't see much reason to ever be afraid." Cindy answered back as she couldn't take her eyes off of Hannah's wings. The first time Hannah showed Cindy her idea of dress up, she was startled as Hannah sprouted a giant white pair of angel wings. Now Cindy was slowly taking in Hannah's new features. Her old college dorm-mate who used to sit quietly on her bed was now standing before her now as a bikini-clad fairy-like magical sex goddess.

"I've spend years practicing my magic to learn all these things. I honestly don't know what you can do. But as we have both seen; you can fly. And if you are really ready to give up that normal life of yours, I show you how to use your magic with ease."

As Cindy looked away from Hannah's large pink and black wings to Hannah's lovely face, she knew she was ready. She hated her job. She had a small apartment. She had no relationships. Her parents had passed. She had no real close friends or family anymore. She had an opportunity to become a magical and infinitely sexy goddess. She had a chance to learn to fly and walk through walls and move things through the air with her thoughts and maybe even grow wings of her own. Why not see what she could do?

"I'm ready." Cindy decided.

"I know." Hannah giggled as she was reading Cindy's thoughts. Hannah pointed to the rooftop between the two girls, and in a flash of light and a pink sparkle, a large king-sized bed covered in silk sheets and complete with lace curtains came into existence by Hannah's command. Cindy's jaw dropped as she witnessed the bed's creation from Hannah's magical fingertips. Cindy stared at the bed and saw that it was as real as the rooftop she stood on. As Cindy quickly turned back to Hannah to see her magical face, Cindy saw that she was no longer standing there. Cindy then turned her gaze back to the bed, and saw Hannah had already teleported her body on top of the bed. There she lie before Cindy, now without her tiny pink bikini over her body. Her large oily breasts glistened as the sun poured down through the sheer fabric ceiling of her magical bed. She ran her fingertips over her nude tantalizing figure, stroking her own curves and waiting for Cindy to join her as she folded her large butterfly wings folded behind her.

"Whatever we want, whenever we want." Cindy heard Hannah's voice say as it echoed in her mind. Cindy carried the package and was becoming eager to join her friend. Hannah just lie on her own bed, with her wings folded back and her hand caressing her oily breasts. Her lips didn't move, but Cindy could hear Hannah talking to her. "I told you before, when you are as powerful as I am, the only thing you really want anymore is pleasure and amazing sex. I hope you will come to the same conclusion after you learn how to hone your own magical abilities."

"This is ... amazing." Cindy said, soaking in the fact that her dreams were not dreams. She carried the package to the foot of the magical bed and looked down over Hannah's nude body. Hannah brushed the sheets of her bed with her hand and looked up at Cindy who stood before her. Hannah rose her hand towards Cindy, and the package she carried opened up. The double-sided dildo that surprised Cindy in the mail floated up out of the box and in front of Cindy's face. It them floated towards Hannah's extended hand. The moment Hannah placed the dildo in her hand with her thoughts, she took one end of it, and placed it in her own mouth.

"Mmm..." Hannah moaned as she lovingly sucked on her dildo as if it was a cock. Her beautiful pink and black butterfly wings fluttered ever so softly as Hannah quickly became aroused by the sensation of sucking on the large toy cock. Cindy bit her upper lip as she watched Hannah lick up and down the extra-long shaft. The pins that held up Hannah's blonde hair suddenly fell out and landed on the bed. Hannah quickly shook her hair out, and revealed that her cute blonde hair was much longer than her previous shorter haircuts. As her hair fell down around her shoulders, Hannah gave Cindy a sexy and desirable look.

"Let's get you out of those clothes." Cindy heard Hannah say in her head. With those words, a button on Cindy's shirt popped off. One by one, the buttons on Cindy's shirt popped off, and Hannah giggled as Cindy watched in minor shock. Hannah was disrobing Cindy with her thoughts; without even a gesture and hardly even a look. Hannah let go of the toy that was firmly in her hand, and placed her hand over her own breasts, massaging her own body. Even though she wasn't holding it, the dildo moved in and out of her mouth, floating around by Hannah's thoughts as well.

With a quick rip, Cindy's black skirt was pulled to her knees by Hannah's invisible magic, revealing her tiny black thong between her ass-cheeks.

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