tagInterracial LoveMaking Her Mine Ch. 02

Making Her Mine Ch. 02


That day I let her go after she cleaned my cock and balls, even though I didn't want to. I wanted to take her in every hole. But that's not how I train my girls. If she was the kind of girl I wanted, she'd be calling.

When the phone rang eight days later, I knew it was her. I answered and for a second, she didn't say anything.

"I know it's you, baby. Got all shy on me?"

Her voice was real hesitant. "I was wondering if I could come over for a little while."

My dick got hard just hearing her say that. "Yeah, baby. For as long as you want. Wear something real sexy. Something that's gonna make me wanna rip it off your fine ass."

I sat on my couch to wait, wearing just my jeans. I was thinking about when I had her bent over the back of it, and how smooth and tight her ass felt in my hands, when the door bell rang. I was rock hard by then. I was gonna have to be careful if I didn't wanna scare her.

I opened the door and she was standing there looking like a real fuckable white bitch.

She had on this tight yellow dress that didn't go much past her ass. A halter that wrapped her tits so tight, they were almost popping out. The dress plunged all the way down her smooth belly, to right under her navel. And five inch heels with straps that made her little feet look real sexy.

I knew it took a lot of guts for her to call me back. I like that in my bitch. I rewarded her with a smile, ran the back of my hand lightly over her tits. "You look real nice, baby."

She blushed. My dick got harder.

"Can I come in?"

I stepped back, let her slide past me, watched her ass move under that tight dress. Locking the door behind me, I went past her, sat on the couch.

She stood in front of me, not sure what to do. I patted my legs. "I want you right, baby. Swing those pretty legs over me."

She straddled me and the light weight of her settling on my legs, pressing into my cock made me want her real bad.

I kissed her tits, ran my fingers down her naked arms. "You had a good week, baby?"

She squirmed on my lap. "Yeah. I thought about you a lot."

I slid her dress up in back, ran my hands over her naked ass. "Yeah? What did you think about?"

Missy rested her hands on my shoulders. I picked up a little hand, kissed her palm and said, "Did I say you could touch me?"

She drew her hands back like she'd touched open fire, and looked down, blushing even deeper red this time. "No, you didn't. Sorry."

Gently, I took her hands, put them behind her. "That's how I want your hands, unless you're using them to please me."

Her nipples got even harder. "Okay," she said.

Running my finger up and down the crack of her ass, I said, "Tell me what you thought about."

Felt really good when she ground her pussy into me real slow. I could tell she didn't know she was doing it. She was trying to get some relief for her clit. I was gonna make her wait a long, long time for that today.

"This is stupid," she said. "Last time, I bent over and just let you fuck me. Now, it's scary to tell you what I was thinking about."

I squeezed her ass, kept lifting my hips up and down, matched her rhythm of grinding into me, and kissed her. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth, enjoying her fresh sweet taste.

"It's not stupid baby," I whispered against her lips. "You bitches get like that. Relax." I pushed the dress back from her tits, licked her nipples. "Ain't nothing to be scared of. Just tell me you wanna be my girl, my bitch. Then I'll make you mine. You ain't gotta worry about nothing else."

She was breathing real hard, leaned into me to kiss me. I pinched her nipple. Not too hard, just enough to remind her. "You don't kiss me. I kiss you."

I grabbed her long blond hair and held it tight, pulled her head back so her lips were right where I wanted them, then I kissed her deep and hard again, thrusting my hips, like I was fucking her. She moaned against my lips.

Letting her go, I sat back, watching her chest heave, her tits bouncing gently, her whole body tense with need.

"Say it, Missy," I said, running the tips of my fingers over her hard pink nipples. "Tell me you wanna be my girl."

She licked her lips. "You said I was your bitch last time."

I laughed a little. "You was driving my dick crazy."

She looked down, her pretty hair falling into her face, and said softly, "I don't wanna get hurt. I mean hit."

I'd known this was gonna come. "I got a belt. You don't piss me off, I won't use it. If my girls don't what I say, then they get the belt."

I ran my hands down her naked back.

"You have other girls?"

"No," I said, "just you. So you're gonna have to take real good care of my cock."

If this was gonna work, I knew Missy needed time to think, but my cock was throbbing, aching. I needed to take the edge off, so I could show her what her new life with me was gonna be like.

"You mean I'll be your fuck toy?"

I kissed her, whispered in her ear, "You'll be mine - my cock slut, my bitch, my girl. I'll give you what you always wanted Missy, to be a black man's fuck slave."

She rubbed her pussy into me real hard and fast then. I don't think she could help it. I grabbed her hips, made her slow down. "You don't come 'til I let you."

Breathing hard, swallowing between breaths, she said, "I wanna be your girl."

I bent and sucked her nipple into my mouth, while my hand found her swollen clit and teased her lightly. She bucked against me whimpering.

"Good," I said, kissing the side of her neck, fingering her clit. "Now beg. Show me how much you want it. Beg to be my bitch."

It was so fucking hot watching her face, feeling her writhing on my lap while I teased her soaking wet cunt. I slid my finger up her tight, slick hole, and let her ride me while I sucked on her nipples.

"I don't hear you begging, baby," I whispered, kissing her lips, teasing her pussy. "You must not want it real bad."

She swallowed, rested her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "Please. Let me be your bitch. Please."

"That's what I wanted to hear, baby." I lifted her off me. "On your knees, between my legs. Gonna empty my balls down your throat."

Kneeling there between my legs, her dress pulled up over her ass, her tits hanging out, she looked like a real good white slut, ready to give me what a man like me needs - all of her.

"Unzip my jeans, baby. Take out my cock."

Spreading my legs, I leaned back, felt her small hands on me, watched her face when she took out my swollen cock. Pre-cum was all over my cock head.

"See what a mess you made? Clean it up. Just the head."

She put her hands behind her, while her tongue licked, getting all the pre-cum.

"Lick up and down my cock and tell me what you were thinking about me."

She licked all the way from my cock head down to the root of my cock, down over my balls. I groaned and thrust my hips into her face.

Whispering while she licked me, she said, "I thought about being on all fours for you, my ass up, your cock sliding into me."

Her tongue slid up and down my cock real slow, while I watched her pretty little face, saw how much she was loving it.

"Fucking your pussy or your ass?"

Just like I knew she would, she blushed again. I loved it when her face got all red like that. It made her nipples get even harder.

"In my ass," she said. She slid her tongue over my balls before she said, "But I never had it like that."

Running my hands through her hair, I said, "You're my girl now. That pretty ass is gonna get used good and hard. What else you thought about?"

She sucked on my balls, sliding her tongue over them. My new bitch had a real hot mouth. I knew right then I was gonna enjoy owning every inch of her.

"About sucking your cock and --" She stopped, like she couldn't make herself finish.

"And what, girl?"

Her face turned the deepest red I'd seen so far. "And one of your friends watching."

I smiled, touched her face. "Yeah? And what he's doing while he's watching?"

"Maybe touching my tits," she whispered, and licked my cock everywhere, like saying it made her so crazy, she wanted to feel my cock all over her mouth.

Touching her nipples, rolling them between my fingers, I said, "Or maybe fucking your tight little pussy?"

She sucked on my balls a little bit before she said, "I don't think I could do that."

"Your clit all swollen and throbbing?" I rubbed her hard nipples. "That pussy all hot and wet?"

She bit her lips, nodded.

"I didn't hear you, baby. Tell me. Or you want me to stop? I could just jack off and come on your tits, or you want it down your throat?"

Not looking at me, her eyes on the floor she said, "I'm real hot and wet for you."

Good. She was already learning my cock in her mouth was a reward.

I reached down between her legs, found her clit. It was swollen so bad, she must have been aching. I rubbed, just a little, enough to make her crazy. "Wanna come, baby?"

She wriggled, trying to press into my finger, to get some relief. "Please. Yes."

I rubbed her clit in real slow circles, so light, she couldn't come. "What if I kept you like this? Told you the only way you could come was to suck my cock while my friend fucked your tight little pussy?"

Licking my cock, moving her hips, she moaned.

I rubbed her clit a little harder. She whimpered.

"How long you think you could last, baby? Me teasing you, not letting you come, 'til you take both of us?"

"Not long," she whispered, licking, sucking.

Her tongue was driving me nuts. "Keep your hands behind you, girl. Gonna fuck your mouth."

I got to my feet, grabbed her hair in both hands, looking down at her. "Open real wide for my cock."

She opened her mouth and I slid my cock in deep, all the way, 'til I felt the back of her throat. She gagged, and I pulled out. Soon, I'd teach her how to take my cock real deep down her throat.

I settled into a good rhythm, fucking her mouth, my balls bouncing off her chin over and over. She looked so fucking hot on her knees, giving herself to me, her pink lips wrapped around my dark cock, her tits bouncing every time I thrust into her mouth.

Fuck. I pulled her closer, fucked her mouth harder and faster. "Yeah, baby. That's it. Take my cock down your throat. Make me cum real good. Fuck."

My cock swelled in her mouth, and I knew I was gonna choke her, but I didn't care right then. I wanted my cock head buried in her throat when I came.

I dug deeper into her hair, and rammed my cock down into her throat. She gagged, and her throat clenching around my cock head pushed me over the edge. I came, grunting, giving it to her real deep.

After I emptied my balls, I pulled back, let go her hair, stroked her face. My cum was leaking out from between her puffy pink lips.

"You liked it, baby?"

She nodded, licking her lips slowly.

I smiled, leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Good bitch. Get on all fours and clean me up."

Then I sat and spread my legs, let my new girl lick my cock and balls.

Running my hands through her hair, feeling her warm tongue on me, I couldn't help looking at her ass, and wondering what it was gonna be like the first time I took her virgin little hole.

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