tagRomanceMansion in the Wood

Mansion in the Wood


Thanks to Kanga40 for her wonderful editing skills on this story.


We met in college. After dating for several years we finally got married. Tricia was my life. We had been married for a year when the house came up for sale. It was a dream home for just about anyone.

The house had been built in 1939 as a mansion for some rich socialite. She'd been married and raised their children there. Her husband passed on yet she still lived in that big old house. It was huge, sitting on ten acres of land.

Normally, such a place would have been way out of reach for us, a barely married young couple, but for a few things that happened at that time. We had longed for a house like this one, and it fit the bill to what we wanted to grow into someday.

Tricia's father, who had retired due to ill health, died suddenly. In his will he left her a few hundred thousand dollars and some items he knew I'd probably like to have. The second thing that happened was the death of the socialite.

She'd been up in years and her kids were out on their own, all married. She'd let the place get run down, I suppose money may have been tight for her at times too. Needless to say, when it went on the sale block and people came to look but there were no takers. It had been for sale for two years by the time Tricia and I noticed it.

The family wanted the estate settled. Since they didn't have the time in their busy lives to bother with repairs and things needed to bring it into saleable condition, they told the real estate agent to dump it for whatever they could get.

Being as it was a depressed housing market at the time, even the realtor didn't want to mess with it, fearing that it would turn into a money pit. For someone like us it was a dream come true.

Our sudden income and the situation with the estate led to us putting down a very modest offer and the agent jumped on pushing the estate people to take it. In that way Tricia and I managed to buy a house worth almost a million dollars for three hundred thousand.

Since we had that in cash, when we went to the bank and told them of our plans to purchase the home and fix it up, they gave us a loan to buy it for our offer. We then used a chunk of the inheritance from Tricia's dad's estate to fix up the house and make it more than a home to us.

We had a swimming pool installed, and I built a deck and installed a hot tub that fit the site perfectly. We fixed up rooms in the house and after the place was all done, we started on the caretaker's cottage, fixing it up for visiting guests. Soon our kids were making noises in the yard and pool, and we were a loving and close family.

Life went on and the kids grew up and moved out. Tricia and I still lived in our now huge home, and enjoyed being with each other. The only dark in the cloud came when a few years after our youngest daughter got married.

Tricia went to town to go shopping. She stopped at a convenience store to get gas for her car. It was one of those she was in the wrong place at the wrong time things and as she was paying for the gas a man walked in and pulled a gun. The robbery ended up with the love of my life dead on the floor, the clerk mortally wounded in the hospital and the robber shot to doll rags near Tricia's car.

The funeral was hard, but life afterwards was harder still. I kept the house and eventually hired a maid and groundkeeper to take care of the place. I, in the mean time, just went to work and filled in the hours trying to stay sane. A huge open hole invaded my life, and at times it was all I could do to live day to day.

I'd see Tricia in the house it seemed, and there were times when I'd see something or think of a time in the past, and it would almost be too much. My kids stopped by often, worrying about me I'm sure. I'd put on a happy face for them but I knew they knew I was faking it.

"Dad, why don't you sell this place and buy a smaller house, or even get a condo?"

Sally was my youngest and she worried about me constantly.

"I've put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears here Sally, there's no way I could sell this place."

The memories stirred once again as I thought of the things Tricia and I had done together over the years to make this house into a home for our family.

"It's so large though dad. I mean, eight rooms in the main house and four in the caretakers cottage... you don't need all that space any more do you? Wouldn't it be better to move into a smaller place and... well, maybe get out of the memories this place brings to you?"

"Your mother and I fixed this place into what it is today. I can't sell a dream baby. I can't walk away from this place either. It's in my blood now. Can't you see? I know you're worried about me, but trust me, I'm okay, and someday soon I'll be far better. It's just going to take some time yet... just some more time."

"I'm just worried about you dad, that's all. I know you miss mom. It's been hardest on you and I see you sitting in your chair sometimes and it just kills me to know how much you're still hurting. You need to do something... anything to get your mind off the past and move on. I know you'll never forget Mom, none of us will."

I knew she was right. Sally had always had that way of talking to me that let me know, just by the tone of her voice, that she loved me and worried about me. I knew the other kids were worried too since they kept in close contact with me and their youngest sister.

Three kids we'd raised and they'd all turned out great. Jim was an engineer with a construction firm, John was a lawyer with a corporation in the city and Sally, taught school. All good kids and all with families of their own who didn't need to be bothered with their old man being so unhappy. I resolved that I'd work on fixing the situation sooner than later.

I was still relatively young, and in my work I dealt with constant change. I'd spend many evenings taking prospective clients to dinners, wining and dining as it goes, to persuade them to do business with our firm. It was old hat for me to read a person and get a feel for what they'd want in the way of entertainment.

Usually, now days, entertainment was dinner and perhaps a night at a bar or club. In the old days I remembered fixing clients up with certain types of women time to time. I was never proud of those moments, but in the old days one did what one could to obtain and keep clients.

I never used or even thought of stepping outside my vows of marriage, since it just wasn't in me to do something like that. My wife Tricia was more than I needed. She was beautiful, loving, and a very sexual person in her own right. We'd meshed together from the start and I'd never had a thought of doing something to screw that up.

That's not to say I wouldn't look at some beautiful woman, or be in situations where I'd flirt, because that happened pretty often. It was that I always knew what I had at home was far better and far more valuable than anything I could find elsewhere. I was always confident that Tricia felt the same way. We were a matched set and we always had been. That was part of the reason her loss had been so difficult for me.

Now I was alone in this huge old place that was filled with memories. Briefly I thought about Sally's push to selling this place. Just as firmly as I'd told her, I put it out of my mind. I just couldn't sell it. Not after all these years of hard work we'd put into fixing it into our home.

Work on Friday was hectic and I was busy trying to sell our product to a couple of sharp young businessmen.

"You know of a place where we could go have a few beers and maybe watch some dancing, Randy?"

The client was younger than most I dealt with. His partner was about the same age, and they were both single. I wasn't sure how to respond to the question, since I wasn't sure if he meant what I thought he meant. I hadn't been pressed for 'that' type of entertainment in years.


"You know... a place where young women dance... perform for tips?"

"A strip club?"

"Yeah. That would be good. I was thinking more of a 'Gentleman's club' though."

"Gentlemen's club strip club, same difference. Yeah I know where a few are. Do you want full nude or topless?"

"What's the difference other than how naked they get?"

"Around here, full nude means no booze. Topless places serve booze. If you want to drink booze you'll be in a topless club."

"Can we get lap dances there?"

I didn't know. It had been so long since any clients had wanted the more base things entertainment wise, I just didn't know. I'd never been to a strip club before, only knowing about the booze and level of dress due to overhearing some co-workers talk about it once a while back.

"Uh... lap dances?"

"I figured a man of the world like you would know all about strip clubs and lap dances Randy."

"Well to be quite honest I've not been to a strip club in quite a few years. Always too busy with family and home I guess."

I saw disappointment on his face, though he tried hard to hide it. I knew I had to break through here somehow with these guys, so I took a gamble.

"I'll tell you what, Jim. I know where some clubs are and I'll call around and find out if we can find one with lap dancing and booze."

"That'd be great Randy. I want you to know that you don't have to do this to get our business though. Really."

"I know. I want to make sure you guys have a good time while you're here. It's a long ways from home in a strange town."

I knew from the look he gave me that his saying I didn't have to do this was only partially right. I could tell that if I didn't come across, they most likely wouldn't either. I felt like I'd taken a step back in time to when I was first finding girls for clients. Just like the old days, almost. I hated the idea of it.

Then he hit me with the bomb.

"You'll come along right? I like to see the people I deal and work with are on the same plane of thought as I am. Besides, I don't know my way around this town yet."

Damn. Just what I didn't want. I knew that I'd be there though. I just wasn't prepared for sitting in a strip club watching young ladies dance around taking off their clothes. It wasn't something I'd done in the past, nor something I'd ever thought of doing on my own. Now I was not only going to do it, I was going to do it with a smile on my face in order to win clients over to our business.

"Yeah, I'll be there. I can even pick you guys up and deliver you back to your hotel room afterwards if you want."

"That's great Randy. Looking forward to it."

I made a few calls and finally located the best club to get what the clients wanted. Later that afternoon I told them about the club I'd found and they seemed happy. That night, I picked them up, and off to the club we went.

Arriving at the club I found it to be loud and intense. The bouncers at the door were huge. Intimidating as they stood like sentinels on watch. Inside wasn't what I was expecting. I had expected a cloud of smoke from cigarettes and cigars. In the old days that's what I'd come to find, more often than not. But then it had been bars and lounges, not strip clubs I'd gone to.

The air was clear, the music loud and the young women seemed to be way too young for me to see in such a setting. I was embarrassed to be there, let alone bringing clients in. I hid that embarrassment well, I thought.

As we sat there I slowly got comfortable. It took a while to get used to bare breasts being in my face, so to speak. The waitresses were topless and the dancers did strip fully. The way they did that was to keep the bar separate from the dance floor area with a low circular wall. I hadn't been aware of that being legal, but then I wasn't going to run to the nearest cop and complain.

The place was jumping and crowded. Our table was at a premium and we knew we'd have to keep at least one of us sitting there constantly. Bill, the other client who had missed the initial dance club conversation, took a dancer over to the lap dancing area where they talked for a bit, and then she did a lap dance for him.

I watched as she put her body over his, rubbing in close but not quite touching. Bill was trying his best to not reach out and touch and once he actually slipped up and let a hand wander where it shouldn't have. One of those huge bouncers was right there putting a stop to that immediately.

Jim leaned over and spoke loudly into my ear, to be heard over the bump and grind music.

"They have a private area in the back. We'll take our lap dances there in the future."

How he knew that I wasn't sure until he pointed to a sign near the bar that pointed the way to the 'Red Room Area'. Obviously, these two knew their way around clubs such as this. I didn't have a clue.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as a very curvy and sexy young lady leaned over me, showing me her very nice rack up close and personal.

"Can I get you a lap dance sweetie? I can give you a private one if you prefer."

"Uh, how about you sit and have a drink and we get to know each other a bit first?"

She smiled and slid in next to me on the bench seat. I moved over a bit trying to get some room between us, but she acted like she was glued to me and as I slid over she slid with me.

"That's enough for me. Thanks. My name's Candy."

A waitress came over and we order drinks. I was sure that when 'Candy' ordered her Champagne, it wasn't what she got. It looked like ginger ale to me but I knew enough to know that the clubs did this to make money so I didn't quibble. There was something vaguely familiar about this young woman. It was something other than how she was dressed, or lack thereof.

Candy talked to us, mostly me, and I actually started to warm up to her. I suppose my questions to her were a bit off of the track. I asked her about her shoes, as they were intriguing to me. They were CFM's with heels so damn high I just couldn't picture her being able to dance in them at all.

She pulled a leg up and back onto the seat next to me and showed me the shoe, all the time letting her leg touch me here and there, knowing that she was working me up. I caught her glancing at my crotch several times, probably trying to judge my size, or seeing if I was turned on. She didn't have to look too long or too close to see that I was in fact, turned on.

The mini skirt she had on didn't hide her thong and as her legs spread open while showing me her CFM, I saw a pussy lip slip into view as her thong lost the ability to cover her modesty. She was looking into my eyes when I finally broke away from the spell binding view. I blushed as she smiled a very knowing smile.

"Like what you see?"

"You're a very beautiful young woman. You have pretty eyes."

"Yeah, maybe, but I don't think it's my eyes or my mules that you're thinking about right now."

"I've never done something like this before. I'm a widower and it's been a long time since I've been in a place... well, I've not been in a place like this for a very long time."

"I know. So... how about that private dance now? It's a hundred but it's private and I'm good. I'll make it worth your time."

"Uh, I don't know..."

She had thrown me with her 'I know' comment and I was trying to understand her meaning.

Jim picked that time to pipe in his two cents worth. He'd missed most of the conversation while he was getting a lap dance. He showed up just as 'Candy' was asking about the private dance.

Bill had been sitting there with his attention on the current dancer more than conversation. They really couldn't hear us over the music, but they caught a bit at the end.

"Go ahead Randy, we'll hold down the fort. Let us know what the private dance is like too will ya? We need to know if it's worth the money."

'Candy' glanced at them as they almost drooled over her tight firm body.

"Guys, I'm more than worth the cost, trust me."

The way they stared at her made me shudder. I got up pulling her behind me, just to get away from them. 'Candy' stepped out ahead of me and led me into the 'Red Room Area'. It ended up being a series of small curtained rooms with couches and chairs. Music was piped in, though not as loud as out in the main club.

"Chair or couch?"

Looking at the couch I knew that I'd choose the chair. The couch looked too inviting for 'other' things to happen and I wasn't so sure I wanted to go there.


"Figured that. What? Does the couch look too comfortable? Like maybe you'd be afraid I'd get you in a position you couldn't recover from too easily?"

I collapsed onto the chair, vaguely relieved that it was a chair, and a not too comfortable one at that. Nothing much could happen there. At least those were my thoughts as I got ready to accept a lap dance from a young woman about my daughters' age.

I pulled a hundred out of my wallet and laid it on the small table next to the chair. 'Candy' picked it up and pushed it into my shirt pocket, pulling my jacket out as she did. Looking into my eyes she smiled and then leaned over kissing me!

I couldn't believe she gave my money back to me. Something was going on now, and I really was confused. I knew that touching, even back here, was frowned upon. Was kissing too? I didn't know for sure.

Soft lips caressed mine and though I knew it was wrong, I allowed her to slip her tongue inside my mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else. ANYTHING else. I just felt her warm soft lips, her tongue inside my mouth seeking out and exploring me. My erection was painful. I hadn't been with a woman since Tricia had passed, and that was three years ago now.

She pulled away and began to dance in front of me. I was mesmerized by her swaying breasts as she turned and twisted to the beat of the music. Slowly she lost articles of clothing as she danced.

I noticed that her smile seemed genuine and it went deep into her eyes. I was torn. I felt nasty just sitting there as this young thing took off her clothes in front of me. I was horny as hell at the same time. I desired her.

I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to come to grips with my thoughts when I felt a touch on my leg. Opening my eyes I saw that 'Candy' was totally naked now with the exception of stockings and garter belt, and what had touched my leg was her shaved pussy.

She was straddling my right leg and dipping her pussy down to rub on it. I saw the wet spots here and there too. Was that normal? Did dancers get so turned on that they'd get that wet? I had no experience with this sort of thing so I wasn't sure. I was pretty sure the kiss had been beyond normal too.

She looked down where her pussy lips had left the telltale signs of desire on my tan pants and then back up into my eyes. Her smile was even more intense, if that were possible. Her hands brushed my crotch, lightly touching at first, and then a sudden firm grasp on my shaft exposed my desire for her, to her.

With her grasp on my cock her eyes flashed and sparkled. She adjusted my cock in my pants with skill and aligned it to my body as she slid up my leg and pressed her wet pussy straight down on that hard shaft. Only the cloth of my pants and underwear separated us.

"Ohh... damn... you feel so hard. So large and so hard. God, you make me so hot."

Her voice was more a moan as she whispered into my ear. I felt a chill course through my body as I felt her overheated pussy squirm on me. Her lips found my neck and soon she was kissing and suckling on my neck as she moved to the beat of music.

I was sure lap dances were not supposed to be like this. I was positive that we weren't supposed to touching. There was something else going on here and I wasn't sure what exactly was happening between us.

"Grab my tits. Feel how hard my nipples are. Go on, feel them."

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