tagInterracial LoveMarathon Ch. 02

Marathon Ch. 02


Ok everybody I hope this tides you guys over until I can get the next chapter of The Demon at Her Door out. And I'm glad that my short stories are giving you guys pleasure and making you "cum" back for more. At least some of us are getting some ;) But anyway enjoy and keep the feedback coming. Thx for reading.


Sounds of sex filled the living room as Charlie walked into the house. The moans of passion floated from downstairs. Charlie frowned in confusion while she tried to figure out what was going on. She took the stairs slowly afraid of the scene she would see. The sounds began to grow louder as she came closer to the bedroom door. She cracked the door open slowly and slowly gazed at the sight before her. Luke was lying on the bed naked and fully erect. She looked at the source of the noise and saw the scene on the TV. A woman was on her knees giving what had to be the best blowjob in history. Her head bobbed up and down on the mans' cock quickly then when he looked to be on the verge of an orgasm the woman stopped and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.

Charlie looked to the bed and saw Luke working himself. His hands were slowly sliding up and down his thick cock. He moved one of his hands down to his heavy sac and slowly massaged it. Charlie began to pant at the sight. His back was arched and the veins in his neck were showing. His blond head was pushed into the pillow and his groans became louder as he worked his cock faster and harder. She could feel her pussy flooding with wetness. She bit her lip then slowly walked into the room.

Luke knew that Charlie was watching him as he worked his cock. She'd always been fascinated by the way he came. He bit his lip at the sensation of his hand on his cock. Fuck he needed her mouth on him right now. He could feel himself on the edge of an orgasm, but he quickly stopped his hand from moving. He lifted his head and gazed at Charlie as she sat in the chair. Her lips were parted slightly and she had slid her hand into her wet cunt. She looked at him in shock as if she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Luke got off the bed and he watched as Charlie bit her lip. Her eyes were latched onto his thick, erect cock as he walked up to her. He stopped directly in front of Charlie and waved his cock slowly in front of her face. He wanted her to suck him off, but damn he wanted a taste of her too. He gazed at her thoughtfully then picked her up.

Charlie couldn't breathe as Luke carried her to the bed. He slowly stripped her clothing off her body before he leaned down to kiss her. He gently played with her tongue then licked her lips. He slowly kissed a trail down her body to her luscious breasts. He looked up at her before he slowly took one of her chocolate nipples into his mouth. He slowly slid his tongue over the swollen peak. He bit down softly causing a soft moan to escape Charlies' mouth. He smiled then turned his attention to the other breasts making her moan again. She raised her hands to grab his hair, but he quickly moved out of the way. He laughed softly as she growled in protest. Luke walked to the other side of the bed and lay down. He pulled Charlie into his arms and claimed her mouth while he rocked his cock over her clit. She moaned into his mouth as he increased the pace. She was on the verge of cumming and he wasn't even inside of her yet.

Luke groaned at Charlies' wetness. Her cunt was so slick he knew that his face would be soaked. He pulled away from her and motioned for her to suck his cock. She bit her lip then smiled. Charlie straddled his chest while she rested her head towards his cock. Luke moaned as he saw how wet she was. Her cunt and thighs were glistening from her juices. He leaned in and gave her a hot lick across her slit. He smiled as she moaned loudly. Luke gave her pussy another hot lick, but when he got to her clit he flicked his tongue over the sensitive area quickly. He felt her legs begin to tremble and he stopped quickly.

Charlie rested her head on Lukes' thigh. That man knew how to work a woman right. She slid her small hand towards his thick cock. His size always amazed her and it never failed to make her wet. She slowly slid her hand to cup his balls in her hand. He was heavy and hot waiting for her to please him. She leaned down and shyly licked his sac. Luke groaned in response while Charlie slowly sucked his balls into her mouth. She sucked on them and massaged them with her tongue. She was startled when she received a smack on her ass. She looked back at Luke and watched as he massaged her ass slowly. Pulling the cheeks apart then slowly meshing them together. He slowly ran a finger through her juicy cunt making sure to cover his finger in her wetness. She watched mesmerized as he lubed up her anus with her own juices. She began to whimper in protest as he slowly worked his finger into her ass. The sensation was one she'd never experienced before. He smiled at her while he tried to fit his finger into her ass. Charlie tried to pull away from him, but he held her with his other hand.

Luke could feel his cock harden even more at the sight in front of him. Charlies' swollen lips had been wrapped around his balls and he knew he had to stop her before it was too late. He looked at the finger he was trying to push into her ass, but it wouldn't move. She was so tight, but that didn't mean he was going to stop. He slipped his fingers towards her warm pussy. He circled around the opening of her cunt, but he didn't slip his fingers inside. He chuckled as she tried to plant herself onto his finger and when she didn't succeed she growled at him. He watched as Charlie raised her ass over his face then wiggled her pussy over his lips. She knew he loved eating her out and this time wasn't any different. He was tired of teasing her and he wanted his face soaked in her cunt now. He pulled her ass down to his face and buried his face into her cunt. He licked her fast and hard causing more juice to seep out.

Charlie tried to catch her breath, but it was damn near impossible. Luke was working her cunt and it was only a matter of time before she came. She turned her attention to his thick cock and slid her mouth down on him slowly. She sucked on him hard while her hands massaged his sac. She began to bob her head up and down faster and she started to massage his sac harder. She received another smack on her ass and she began to suck him faster. She felt his balls tighten up in her hands and she felt his cock go stiff. Charlie pulled her head off his cock and moved her hands away from him. She nearly came when she felt him growl deeply into her cunt. She felt his stiff tongue circling her clit then he licked his way to her opening. She felt his wet tongue go deep inside then slide out slowly. Charlie placed her hands on his stomach and started to grind herself into his face.

Luke couldn't believe Charlie refused to let him cum and now here she was working herself on his tongue. He began to tongue fuck her cunt fast and hard. She was moaning loudly into the room and he felt her nails bite into his stomach. He could feel her legs trembling and he smiled into her cunt. Two could play this game. Before she could cum he pulled away and pushed her ass away from his face. Charlie screamed out in frustration. She looked over her should angrily at Luke. He looked back at her looking like the Cheshire Cat. She dipped her hand into her cunt and spread her juice over Lukes' cock. She started to work him hard and fast. She dipped her head down to his cock and started to suck off her juices.

Luke grabbed Charlies' ass violently before he leaned into her pussy. He stuffed two fingers deep into her core and began to fuck her wildly. He circled her clit with his tongue and started to suck and lick on her in time to his strokes. He felt Charlie keep pace with his fingers as he worked her wet cunt. All of a sudden his balls began to tighten painfully and his cock stiffened. He had no warning before his cock burst inside of Charlies' mouth. This was the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. His spine arched and he felt the tingles run throughout his body. His cum squirted into Charlies' mouth and he felt her mouth suck every bit of cum inside of him.

Charlie tried to stop, buts he couldn't. When she felt Lukes' cum begin to pour into her mouth she tried to swallow as much as she could. She began to scream around the cock that was in her mouth. Her pussy had melted into Lukes' hands and mouth. She felt cum pouring out of her body. Her gaze became blurry and she felt her clit throbbing inside of Lukes' mouth. After the waves of pleasure subsided they lay there unmoving. Luke made the first move and gently moved Charlie onto her side. He rose up out of the bed and gazed down at her. Her lips were swollen from working his thick cock and her body was glowing from her release. He groaned as he became erect again. Charlie watched in confusion as Luke walked away from the bed and to the drawers.

Luke grabbed what he was looking for and turned to Charlie with a smile on his face. He carried the hot pink vibrator to the bed as she started to sit up. He joined Charlie in the bed and propped himself on the pillows. He spread his legs and motioned for Charlie to come sit between them. Charlie moved towards Luke and put her back to his front. She moaned as she felt his stiff cock grinding into her ass from behind. Luke hooked his ankles around hers so she couldn't close her legs. She leaned into Lukes' hard body and he leaned down to suck on her breasts. She laughed softly as he flicked his tongue over the hard peaks before he sucked them into his warm mouth. He sucked on each nipple hard making them tender to the touch. He pulled her face to the side so that he could kiss her and suck on her lips.

Charlie felt his fingers begin to stroke her cunt while his tongue occupied her mouth. He slid his tongue in and out of her mouth like a cock. She moaned softly then pulled her lips away from his greedy mouth. She gazed down at her cunt to find his fingers playing with her. She leaned back to relax while his other hand played with her tender breasts. His lean fingers stroked her cunt from top to bottom. When he reached her clit he flicked his fingers back and forth over her clit. He watched in amusement as Charlie tried to move out of his reach. He took the vibrator and slowly slid it around in her juices. He brought it up to her greedy mouth and watched as she sucked it. Her plump lips gripped the vibrator to perfection. Luke took the vibrator from her mouth before he slowly slid it back towards her wet cunt. He teased her before he slid the nine inch toy deep inside of her. Charlie rested her head on his shoulder as she moaned. He turned the vibrator on the lowest speed and slowly began to fuck her with the toy. The whirring noise of the vibrator mingled with the soft cries of pleasure that escaped from Charlie. Luke bit his lip as he watched his woman becoming wetter.

Charlie could feel the juices running out of her. They were dripping onto the covers and onto Lukes' thick cock. She watched as he fucked her slowly with the pink toy. She slid her hand down to her clit and began to massage it slowly. She circled then rubbed her clit in time to the strokes that Luke was giving her. She looked over her shoulder at Luke and watched as he licked his lips. She pulled him down for a kiss the pushed his face away. She moved his hands and leaned over in front of Luke with her ass in the air. She grabbed the toy and turned the vibrator up to full speed. She looked over her shoulder and invited Luke to claim what he wanted.

Luke leaned into Charlie and began to eat her out. He licked her clit fast and ran his tongue up and down her slit. He took control of the toy and began to fuck her fast. He took one hand to stroke his hard cock while he tongued his ebony queen. He flattened his tongue and licked her clit hard. Fuck it she needed to cum now. Luke began to lick her clit quickly while he increased the pace of the toy. Charlie rose up on her elbows and moaned loudly. She felt the orgasm work its way up her spine. Her legs started to tremble badly and her back arched involuntarily. The orgasm hit her hard and cum began to pour out of her. Luke continued to fuck her cunt through the orgasm and he didn't stop until the last wave washed through her. Charlie collapsed on her stomach, but it didn't gain any sympathy from Luke.

Luke picked up Charlie and sat her on his cock hard. He needed to be inside her wet core. He threw his head back and groaned as her tight cunt gripped him hard. He leaned back into the pillows and grabbed her hips. He raised her up and down slowly enjoying the sensation of her wet cunt on top of his hard cock. Charlie was so beautiful on top of him with her chocolate skin contrasting with his tan skin. Her breasts swayed gently with his strokes. He felt a sweat break out across his forehead. He couldn't be gentle with her he needed to cum inside her now. Luke began to fuck Charlie fast and hard. She gripped his hair as her breasts began to sway everywhere. Charlie took one hand and placed it on his chest. She could feel him getting close to an orgasm. She began to grind into him while he fucked her. Luke started groaning loudly in the room and Charlies' moans joined in with him. Luke began to jackhammer her cunt from below and she felt her orgasm fall on her. She threw her head back and screamed his name.

Luke went over the edge when he saw Charlie on top of him gushing cum onto his cock. He felt his cock blow inside of her spraying his cum everywhere. Charlie collapsed onto his chest and the only noise in the room was the sound of their breaths. Luke kissed her deeply before he gave her juicy cunt one last stroke. She just had to be curious today and look were they ended up. Curiosity did kill the cat and there was no doubt that hers was thoroughly beat.

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