Marriage Troubles Ch. 02


"Pleeease lick me, Jamie!" Nita said, pulling her panties as far out of the way as possible and giving him her treasure. He sucked her big toe into his mouth, his eyes going from the pleading look on her face, to that gorgeous swollen cunt of hers. He kissed over her top of her foot again to her instep, and then his lips brushed across her instep to the bottom of her foot, where he kissed back up to her toes again.

"I'm not going to do it until you say the word "pussy"." He informed, and then sucked her two biggest toes into his mouth. She needed to be licked so badly she couldn't take another second of this!

"Please lick my pussy Jamie." Nita said in her sweet voice. The nervous laugh was gone.

Pulling her toes out of his mouth, he dove between her sexy thighs, sucking the lips of her delicious pussy right away.

"Ohhhh!" she cried out in relief -- a little too loudly. But her friend was sound asleep upstairs above them. Her panties slipped from her fingers and half covered her pussy. Jamie grabbed her panties and tugged them down roughly, pulling Nita an inch or two down the couch with his efforts. She wiggled her legs as he pulled her panties down past her knees and she pulled her feet out of them one by one. He dropped them on the floor and Nita spread her legs wide for him, feet in the air, her puckered cunt lips were beckoning him.

Grabbing her ankles, he pushed her knees back to her chest.

"Hold your legs like this." He commanded. She did as he asked, holding her legs underneath her knees. Nita's pussy was one hundred per cent his. Placing his hands on her sexy legs just above her ass, he bent and sucked the swollen lips of her pussy into his mouth, tasting her flowing nectar.

"Ohhh..." she moaned, humping her pussy up in his face a little. With her legs up like that, she was unable to react the way she did the night before. He released them, and watched them slowly go back towards her body.

"You have a beautiful pussy Nita." He said quietly. "Any time you want me to lick it, please ask -- there is nothing I would love more."

"Okay." She giggled, hands still holding her knees against her breasts. She could not believe she was in this position for a man...who wasn't her husband! Her own husband has not even seen her this way!

Jamie licked underneath her pussy. Not quite her asshole, although he could see it, but just a little bit above that but beneath her slit. He was incredibly tempted to tongue her ass -- she had such a beautiful one -- but he held off. This woman was inexperienced -- to do something like that might scare her off! For now. So he contented himself with licking the skin in between the two holes. She squirmed before him, and when his tongue touched the very bottom of her pussy she bucked, her legs temporarily freeing themselves from her hands before she grabbed them back again.

He dipped his tongue inside her pussy, swirling it around.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, her orgasm already on its way. Jamie was aware of how quickly this girl cums, so he tried to take his time as much as possible. His nose was in her pussy as his tongue was as far inside her as it would go, gathering her juices. He pulled his tongue back into his mouth, drinking her. He slowly ran his tongue up the sensitive lips of her vagina, steering clear of her clit.

"UNH!" Nita cried, bucking her hips. Her legs broke free again, and when she bucked, his tongue accidentally nudged her clitoris. She came, digging her heels into his upper back as she began to rub her needy pussy into his face. "UNNNNGH!" she whined, her hands pressing the back of his head into her crotch as wave after wave of orgasm rolled through her. Jamie lapped at her clitoris, knowing she was having an orgasm so there was no sense holding back now. His tongue lashed back and forth across the tiny button, and the tingles that were already wracking her body grew even more intense. All of her muscles were tensing up, and the inner walls of her pussy were pulsating as she came and came and came. She was overwhelmed. Finally, she had to push his face away. He kissed the lovely lips of her pussy one more time before crawling up the couch towards her.

Nita was gasping for breath, watching him approach, opening her legs wider for him. He lay on top of her, the hard shaft of his dick laying along the lips of her sopping wet treasure. His lips found hers and she kissed him eagerly, her short legs wrapping around him as he ground against her. She began humping her hips upward, eager to be penetrated. Her tongue went far into his mouth and hoping his cock would do the same thing to her pussy. The two were breathing laboriously, kissing loudly as they writhed their naked bodies against one another.

Jamie wanted to pull his hips back and just jam his throbbing member inside this hot little Indian woman. But he held out. He wanted Nita to become more aggressive -- it would lead to a lot more sex between the two in the future! So he teased. He kissed her like she has never been kissed before, and he continued to run the entire shaft of his cock along the sensitive outer lips of her pussy, grinding against her exposed clit.

After a couple of minutes, her kissing grew even more urgent. Her heart was pounding like crazy, and she was beginning to writhe her crotch up even higher, hoping to catch the tip of his manhood. He wouldn't let it. It was oh so tempting, but he fought it off. Only another minute or two. His hand caressed the side of her sexy body as his tongue explored her mouth. Their lips smacked loudly, and could probably be heard at the top of the stairs if one were to listen.

Finally, Nita broke the kiss.

"Put it in." she breathed, panting, pussy buzzing. He grabbed his cock and tapped her pussy with it a couple of times.

"Do you want this?" He asked. She nodded, her eyes were pleading. "Ask me to fuck you."

She didn't hesitate.

"Will you fuck me?" Nita's dark eyes were filled with desire. Gawd, she was hot! He let go of his cock.

"It's all yours. Put it where you want it!" He said. Nita grabbed his thick rod in her pretty hand and immediately placed it at the entrance to her pussy, pulling him a little. Her entrance heated the tip of his manhood like never before. He pushed forward.

The lips of Nita's vagina opened up to allow Jamie's penis entry.

"Ohhh..." she moaned, closing her eyes and arching her head back as he penetrated her inch by inch. Hot tightness engulfed his cock as he pushed more and more of it inside his wife's small friend. She was so wet that all it took was one, steady stroke. He had to force it a bit at the end, but he squeezed his entire hard, thick penis into Nita's welcoming vagina. He held himself inside her, cherishing the feeling of having such a gorgeous woman grip his cock so tightly inside her hot treasure. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. Desire was in her dark eyes. Desire, and something else. Something more.

He kissed her softly, sucking her upper lip outward a little as her pussy continued to grip his entire cock. Nita's smile grew bigger. It lit up her whole face. He couldn't help but smile back, and he kissed her again.

"I can't get over how beautiful you are," he said. Her smile grew as big as ever, and she looked downward shyly, heart fluttering. Her husband NEVER spoke to her that way! "and I feel so lucky to be inside you -- it's an honor!"

She chuckled shyly, but her heart was beating a mile a minute. He cut off her laugh with a kiss, this one lingering, and he began to slide in and out of her. As her tongue flew into his mouth, she was conscious of every inch of his thick, rigid pole sliding along the sensitive walls of her cunt. He slid quickly back inside her.

"Mmmph!" she moaned into his mouth as she suddenly felt so full. He tried to maintain a slow pace for as long as possible, but after a couple of minutes, he could not hold out any longer. Breaking the kiss, he began to thrust in and out of her even harder, not knowing that at that very moment his wife was getting out of bed upstairs.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Nita moaned, humping her hips upward to meet each and every one of his hard thrusts. Her feet were flailing helplessly in the air, and she could feel another orgasm rising already. He was going inside her so deep! And his cock was so thick it was stretching her pussy wider than ever before! Her tits bounced up and down with every thrust as he continued to fuck her.

Jennifer emerged from the bedroom and as she headed to the bathroom, she could hear noises from the stairs. Frowning, she went to the top of the stairs and listened.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" A girl's moans were muffled. Jennifer shook her head, angry. Jamie was watching porn, and had the nerve to keep the sound up! They had a GUEST for gawd's sake! What if Nita woke up and heard that? She would have to speak to her husband in the morning. She turned and finished her journey into the washroom, shutting the door quietly and hoping her friend didn't wake up.

Her friend, meanwhile, was more than awake. She was a moaning, writhing rag doll as Jamie fucked the shit out of her on the couch. She was on the edge. His rock-hard cock was pounding into her, and his groin was smacking off her clit.

"OHH..." her whales were cut off as she bit her lip, cumming. Her entire body was on fire, and she was struggling to breathe. Jamie continued to piston mercilessly in and out of her small body. Her hot pussy was acting like a vacuum, practically sucking him inside over and over. He didn't think he could hold out much longer.

"Unh! Unh! Unh!" Nita moaned, finally recovering as Jennifer flushed the toilet. Jamie heard it, but was too far gone to stop. Nita was too far gone to even hear it! He thrust in and out of her a few more times before pulling out of her. As his wife emerged from the bathroom, her husband's cock jerked. A hot, thick wad of cum shot over Nita's belly and landed almost at her neck! He tried to stifle his moans as his penis jerked again, another load of semen shooting just beneath her belly button. More cum poured out the end of his penis and onto Nita's neatly-trimmed bush. He squeezed it and more cum dripped onto her bush.

"Jennifer's up." He hissed.

"What?" Nita breathed.

"Quick -- into the bathroom!"

Nita grabbed her jeans, bra, shirt and panties and ran off. Cum still dripping down her torso. Jamie grabbed a blanket and threw it over himself, not knowing that his guest had left her socks lying on the floor. If his wife came down, she would think nothing of him being naked under a blanket. She knew he masturbated all the time.

He listened for a few moments, thinking that he heard a door close upstairs. Which door? The top of the stairs? Or the bedroom? Regardless, he heard the faint sound of her getting back into bed, so either way he was safe.

It turns out it was both. Jennifer went back and shut the door to the stairway, and then returned to bed. She didn't want her friend hearing her husband watching porn!

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