tagInterracial LoveMarriage Troubles Ch. 03

Marriage Troubles Ch. 03


Nita was both horny and scared. She had the bathroom door open a crack, listening for something. Anything! Did her friend go back to bed?

She stayed in the bathroom for five minutes, cleaning the cum off her bush, belly and chest, and then crept out cautiously. She was still carrying her clothes. She was hoping that her night wasn't over.

Jamie was still lying on the couch, surprised to see her still naked and he smiled.

"It's okay." He whispered, throwing the blanket open. "There's lots of room!"

Nita smiled and dropped her clothes at the foot of the couch, revealing her majestic Indian body to him. She was shivering from the cold, and she was quick to lie down on the couch in front of him. He dropped the blanket over top the two of them, and put his arm around her. They were both facing the television. He kissed the back of her neck.

"That was amazing." He whispered in her ear. Thrills went up her body at his words, and she smiled, wiggling her bare bum closer to him. He hugged her, his arm feeling the bottoms of her breasts on top of it. She wriggled a little more, feeling his semi-aroused dick between her cheeks. He kissed her ear, her cheek, and her neck, sending tingles down her spine to her crotch.

"What do you think, Nita?" He asked. She nodded in agreement, smiling.

"I didn't know sex could be so good!" she said, turning her head. He kissed her soundly, lips smacking. She subconsciously pressed her ass backwards against him, feeling that he was becoming aroused again. He sent his tongue into her mouth, briefly, before breaking the kiss.

"It was the best sex I have ever had -- you are so amazing. Absolutely perfect!" he whispered, sending waves of happiness, pleasure, and desire through her. She wished she could be alone with him for a few days so that she could feel this good for longer than just an hour! She wanted him back inside her. He was kissing her cheek and neck again, and she turned, lips searching.

Her lips found his and the two kissed deeply, the big man hovering over the small woman, running the shaft of his cock between her ass cheeks. She needed him back inside her, and her tongue flailing wildly in his mouth told him so. What he didn't know was that she desperately wanted his cum inside her as well. Last night when they fucked, she realized that she was disappointed when he pulled out of her. Twenty minutes ago, when he was fucking her hard, she felt a huge need to feel him cum inside her and was again disappointed when he pulled out. She understood that if she asked for something, he gave it to her -- but her upbringing made it difficult to ask for such things! She broke the kiss.

"Put it in me." She said, looking at him with her dark beady eyes. She opened her legs and curled her foot around his leg, pulling him even closer to her. He slid up the couch a little to better position himself, and felt her grab his hard cock. She eagerly placed the tip right at the hot, wet entrance to her tiny body. Instinctively, he thrust upwards.

Jamie's penis pierced Nita's vagina, shooting up into her warmth most of the way with just one stroke.

"Unh!" they moaned in unison. She wiggled her ass as he continued pushing, forcing his dick the rest of the way inside her.

"That feels good." Nita breathed, her accent apparent. She was such a small girl it felt as if his cock went halfway up her body! He kissed the top of her head as he began sliding his dick in and out of her, his hands caressing her belly. He slid them up her body, cupping her tits. Her boobs were so soft, yet her nipples were so hard in the palms of his hands. He squeezed and massaged them as he plunged his manhood into her fiery depths over and over.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned quietly each time he poked at the bottom of her cunt. She could feel every inch of his thick member sliding along the walls of her tunnel. She looked up, hoping for a kiss, but she was so short that he was too far above her. He could see the desire in her eyes so he bent down and kissed her forehead. He grabbed onto her waist and began to thrust harder, smacking against her ass.

"Unh! Unh! Unh!" her moans were a little louder now. She reached behind her and grabbed his ass, encouraging him to plunge his penis deeper inside her. He obliged, throwing the blanket onto the floor so he could fuck her a little harder. 'Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!' his groin slapped against her sexy ass over and over. He slid his hand down her right leg without missing a beat, raising it in the air so that her legs spread wider. He grabbed her foot, slipping his fingers in between her toes as he fucked her from behind.

Nita was in heaven, wincing with each of his thrusts. He went in her so deep this way! He squeezed her foot, looking down her beautiful body. That gorgeous ass of hers was shaking each time he smacked against it. He slid all the way inside her and held it there, releasing her foot.

Keeping himself inside her, he grabbed her and put her onto her hands and knees on the couch. He stood up behind her with one knee on the couch and the other foot on the floor. He was a like a giant behind a child, even though Nita was 30 years old. She was so damn tiny!

Grabbing her hips he rubbed his groin against her beautiful ass, really forcing his cock as far inside her as was humanly possible.

"Ohhhh..." Nita purred in approval. This whole experience was so new to her!

Grabbing her small waist, he held her steady and pulled most of his cock out of her. He rammed himself back inside her as hard as he could.

"UNH!" she cried, arching her head back. Her cheeks shook when he hit them. He began to fuck her doggie style right there on the couch, slapping against her ass over and over. He wasn't nice it about it either. He fucked her hard. Very hard. Her cheeks were shaking violently non-stop as he pistoned his manhood in and out of her small body.

'SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!' he was hitting her bum so hard the slaps could be heard upstairs. Good thing his wife shut the door!

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Nita whined. She could feel an orgasm rising inside her and she rushed to embrace it. The tingles inside her pussy were building and building. His balls were slapping against her clit, further stimulating the feelings.

She came, silently, biting her lip as the orgasm exploded within her. Her entire body was on fire, and the blood was rushing through her veins. Her vagina was pulsating, grabbing at his pistoning cock as she came.

"Ohhhhh..." she released, trying desperately to catch her breath. She was ramming her ass back to meet his every thrust.

Jamie took in the entire erotic scene of him fucking his wife's friend Nita. From the bottoms of her beautiful feet, up her smooth, brown legs to that gorgeous ass of hers. He loved the way those cheeks shook each time he hit them. Underneath her, her tits were swinging wildly back and forth to the rhythm, and she was groaning erotically. The view alone was enough to make him cum, but the audio was mind blowing! He had to make this last longer -- this was just too incredible! He slipped his penis out of her wet vagina.

Nita opened her eyes, caught off guard. She turned to look at him inquisitively. He sat down on the couch.

"Get on top." He ordered. Maybe this will make him last an extra few minutes! She scrambled on top of him, swinging a short leg over him and pressing her pussy against his shaft. Lifting up, she reached underneath her and grabbed his hardness, raising it into the air. She pressed entrance to her twat against him and her pussy lips parted easily for him.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, closing her eyes as she sunk her pussy down on him. His hands grabbed onto her soft ass, squeezing her cheeks as his cock was buried all the way inside her tiny body. She began to slide her pussy up and down his hard pole, expertly -- when in fact she could count on one hand how many times she has taken the top. Hell, has she EVER taken the top?

She looked up at him with eyes half-closed in that sexy way that only hot women can pull off, and she kissed him. He was so hard inside her, and his strong hands were squeezing her ass tightly as her slick cunt glided up and down his rod. Nita's tongue went far into Jamie's mouth, letting him know how good he felt inside her through a kiss.

Jamie could feel his balls heating up.

"I'm gonna cum!" he warned, breaking the kiss. Her lips went right back on his, as thrills went up her body at his words. She felt a tremendous desire to have his cum in her. To feel him shoot it in her, and to hold it inside her body all night long as she slept. She kissed him harder.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" she moaned into his mouth, shortening her strokes. She was afraid to ask him. It was too bold. Too perverse! He wasn't her husband! She slammed her pussy right down on his groin, and held him as deep inside her as he would go.

He was right on the edge. He just needed a couple more strokes to get there, but this little hottie was holding her pussy down on him tightly. He realized, through his euphoria, that she was trying to get him to cum inside her! The thought pushed him a little closer. Holding her ass, he lifted her up an inch or two, with some effort. It was enough to allow him to thrust upwards two more times, she was pushing back downwards the entire time. He released her ass and she slammed back down on him and held him deep inside her again just as he lost it. His hands slid up her back and held her close, she was still kissing at his mouth when he went over the edge.

Jamie's penis jerked violently within the tight confines of Nita's vagina, unleashing a thick load of hot cum and firing it deep inside her tiny body.

"Mmmmph..." Nita moaned into his mouth, tongue nearly touching his throat. She felt that one! She loved it!

His cock expanded and contracted again, and a rope of his semen rocketed off the back of her hungry pussy. He slid his hands back down her smooth body to her ass, holding her down on him as if she wasn't pressing her groin against him hard enough. Jamie's member twitched again, and more of his seed poured out of him and into Nita. She began to grind her pussy against him, as if to milk every drop out of him and into her. He started to kiss her back again, his sperm still pouring freely out of the end of his penis and far into the depths of the Indian woman's vagina.

They remained that way for awhile, kissing passionately as his cock grew soft inside her and the last of his semen dripped into her pussy. Their lips were smacking loudly as the two of them tried to catch their breath.

Finally, he broke the kiss. He smiled at her, squeezing her soft ass lovingly. Nita smiled back, shyly, a full load of his cum inside her cunt. His cum was inside Nita! Incredible!

"You wanted me to cum inside you." He made it a statement, not a question.

"Yes." Nita smiled nervously, and looked down, shyly.

"Are you happy that I did?" He asked.

"Yes." She repeated, not looking up. He lifted her chin up with his hand so that she was again looking at him with those dark beady eyes. He kissed her full lips, softly.

"I loved it." He whispered. Her smile grew bigger and she kissed him. "But," he said, breaking the kiss. "The next time you want me to cum inside you, promise me you will ask first, or at least tell me to! Speak up!"

Nita nodded.

"Promise?" He pushed.

"I promise." She replied. They sealed it with a kiss.

Ten minutes later, she was lying her friend's spare bed thinking about the cum that was inside her, and the wonderful experience she just had. Nita smiled as she fell asleep, satisfied.

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