tagRomanceMarried But Not To Each Other: His Side

Married But Not To Each Other: His Side


I have never written a story like this, but this woman I am about to tell you about has totally changed my life. Gwen and I met on the net and my life has not been the same since. I knew things would go great between us because our talks were just normal talks. Neither one of us even mentioned the word sex while we got to know each other. I know that usually, people are interested in favorite positions, how many partners, how big body parts are, etc. Things were just different with Gwen. We talked almost all day every day for about a week or so and we started to get closer and closer. We even ventured into talking on the phone, which was great.

Things went on like this for a few weeks till things started to get more serious. We told each other that we had feelings for one another and at that point is when we both brought up the subject of sex. We both kind of talked about what we liked, turn-ons and so fourth. After a day or so of talking about that, I told her to pretend I was there with her while she was chatting on the net. As she was chatting, she could feel me kissing the back of the neck while my hands slowly ran across her nice ample sized breasts. As my tongue ran across her neck, she leaned her head back to give me better access. My hands reached down to remove her shirt and then to unhook her bra. I turned her around and looked at her with want in my eyes. She could tell I wanted her bad. She got out of her chair and came up to me, kissing my lips hard and passionately. Both of our hands exploring our bodies.

She reached down to remove my pants as I reached to unbutton hers. I felt her hand wrap around my cock and begin to massage it I could feel it starting to throb and get even harder. As her pants fell to the floor, my mouth ran down her neck... down to her breasts. I sucked on her nipples, making them harder than they already were. Suddenly she stopped massaging and knelt down to my hard cock as I felt her warm mouth wrap around my cock I let out a moan and grabbed onto her head. Slowly she took my hard cock in and out of her mouth while she massaged my balls in her hand.

Breathing rapidly now feeling her tongue swirl around my cock as her head rose up and down I felt as if I was going to explode, she must have known I was excited because she began to suck harder and faster taking my cock deep into her mouth and then it went into the back of her throat my balls actually against her chin now as she took me all in I let out a loud moan she knew that I was enjoying it and continued sucking my cock hard and fast. I could take no more and my load released inside her wet moist mouth my body began to shake and tremble as she didn't stop when I came she continued to suck my hard cock which had no signs of going soft while her wet lips where wrapped around it sucking it into the back of her throat I sat there moaning feeling the sensations wanting her to stop yet wanting her to continue. I could hear her moan softly, telling me she wanted more.

Moaning... telling me she wanted me inside of her. I pick her up, still kissing her and take her to the bed. The head of my cock found her wetness immediately and I teased her with it. Putting just the head in as I moved it around with my hand... making her twitch with pleasure. I looked up at her and asked her if she wanted more of me and she moaned... yyyeeessssss.

With that, I swiftly shoved my cock deep inside her hot wet pussy. She let out a moan as her back arched to take in every inch. Both of us moaning in delight. Her legs wrapped tightly around my back as my thrusts got harder and faster. I could tell she was about to cum so I slowed down the pace to tease her and hold her off. I pumped my cock slowly now leaning down to suck on her breast she liked this a lot and let out a moan and begged me not to stop, her hands around me I could feel her nails digging into my back at first a twitch of pain but then that harder they dug into the closer I knew she was to cumming and this turned me on so much I could not tease her any longer I wanted to cum and didn't think I could hold out for much longer so once again I began to fuck her hard shoving my cock in full thrust as hard as I could she was moaning and I could feel her body quivering underneath me all while her nails were now dragging down my back much harder then before when suddenly the reached my ass and she grabbed onto it so hard and pulled me deeper into her I felt the warm gush of her juices on my hard cock and instantly came with her both of us letting out a moan and cumming together.

My cock still inside her I could feel all of the warm juices we had created and her pussy still pulsating from the intense orgasm she had. We both lay down on the bed exhausted looking at each other smiling, kissing one another. Gwen gets up and says she needs to shower and get cleaned up. I follow her in the bathroom and we continue once again...

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