tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMarried with Children:...Ch. 2

Married with Children:...Ch. 2


Married with Children: Al's Vacation Ch. 1

Al watched his family scarf down the dinner he'd bought them. Peggy now sat beside Al, hugged up next to him. Al felt curiously horny but didn't budge for the moment. He peered at Kelly who leaned against her mother's leg for support. Her stomach was fuller now than ever before. Her head rested on Peg's thigh while Peg subconsciously rubbed the back of Kelly's head. Bud on the other hand was wired from hell. He needed to get up and move around. He was unlike any of the Bundy men before him. Through the generations, Bundy men had become accustomed to eating a meal, leaning back on the couch and relaxing till it was bedtime but not Bud he was a pistol to say the least. He stood and grabbed his jacket and said "Thanks dad that was great. I'm going out for a while. I'll be back late is that ok?" Al simply nodded yes and the boy was out the door and gone. Al stood and walked around a bit. As he walked he unbuttoned his slacks and unzipped them and held them in place until he sat back down.

He reseated himself beside Peggy who was watching television with Kelly, still rubbing her hair. Al felt his cock stir inside his boxer shorts. He gently fumbled with the piss hole of his boxers and allowed the head of his cock to poke through. He sat like this for long minutes, neither Peg or Kelly noticed. Al gently nudged Peg's arm. She looked at all who directed her attention to his awakened friend. Peg's eye's bulged as she smiled and nodded towards Kelly and silently mouthed, "Cover that up!" Al shook his head no. He kicked off his shoes and socks, and unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He removed the tee shirt that lay beneath and then silently slid out of his slacks and neatly piled it all beside the couch.

He sat back enjoying this. He knew that Peggy could see his hard on, now it was time for pumpkin to see it too. Al stood and removed his boxer shorts and stood nude before Peggy. Peg smiled at Al and Al said, "Peg, I feel good, real good!" With that Kelly's head arose from Peggy's thigh and her attention was drawn to Al's voice. Kelly's jaw dropped open as her eyes locked onto Al's throbbing tool. "Daddy your naked!" Kelly cried out. Al smiled and laughed and said, "Yes pumpkin daddy's naked. I intend to stay this way any objections?" Both Bundy women shook their heads no without taking their eyes off of Al's throbbing eight-inch erection. Peggy stood and said "Al, do you really think the children should see you naked?" Al said "But Peggy you think it's fine for them to see you naked and work for their dinner shall we say."

Peggy was dumbfounded and didn't quite know what to say. Al continued his rambling by saying, "Now see I work hard for you guys and I find out that you three have been having a lot of extracurricular activity without dear old dad being invited in on the fun. Now I don't know about you two, but I don't like not being included. So here's the deal. I've decided that whenever I'm at home I'm going to be buck-naked and so shall you three. I'll tell Bud in my own little way, but let's just say, "He's really in for a big surprise." Al seated himself beside Peggy on the couch and tossed his arm over her shoulder. He lowered his arm down her chest and gently nudged open the top of her blouse and peered at her cleavage. Peggy blushed and smiled apparently uncomfortable with the fact that Al was now in control. Al pushed her forward on the couch and released the snap on her bra and told her to give it to him. Peggy worked like a contortionist for a few moments and then solemnly presented the bra to Al, who tossed it on the pile of his clothing. Peggy sat back and said "Happy Al?"

Al reaches his hand back down and caressed Peg's right tit through her blouse. Peggy's nipple stiffened. Al moved his arm from around Peg and turned to face her on the couch. Kelly looked on with great interest. Al reach out and grabbed both of Peg's nipples though her blouse and began tweaking and twisting them as Peggy's head lay back. Al noticed her breathing becoming shallower. Peggy said "Al do me now!" Al smiled and said "Shortly dear." He continued rubbing and massaging Peg's full supple bosom. Al stopped tweaking Peggy's right nipple and motioned silently to Kelly to come over to him. Kelly moved away from Peggy's leg and over to her fathers leg. Al reach out and placed his hand on the back of Kelly's head and pulled her towards his erect cock.

Kelly didn't resist. She at first nibbled on the head of Al's uncut cock. Then began devouring it as Peggy laid her head back and didn't know of Kelly's actions. Al reach his hand down towards the waistband of Peggy's pants and pulled the elastic out signaling peg to take them off. Peggy raised her head and noticed Kelly hungrily lapping her father's cock. Peg smiled and quickly stripped out of all her clothes. Peggy's thighs were soaked. Al said "Help her out of hers too dear." Peggy pranced around behind Kelly who was on her knees sucking Al's cock. Peggy reaches her arms around Kelly and unbuttoned her top. She wiggled it off of Kelly then the front hook bra she wore. Al reaches down to fondle Kelly's beautiful globes. Peggy unzipped Kelly's mini skirt and quickly moved it away from Kelly's body. Peggy took great pleasure removing Kelly's G-String Panties.

They were Peggy's personal favorite. The Red ones. Peggy removed them by pulling the string out of Kelly's ass crack Peg gently coaxed Kelly to lift one leg then the other finally Kelly was nude in all her glory. Al gently pushed back on Kelly's forehead signaling her to stop. Kelly stopped and sat upright. She still continued to fondle Al's swollen nut sack. Peggy said "Al, I wish I'd have know you'd be happy with us doing this years ago." Al said "Well peg you never know till you ask me." Peggy said "How is it that Kelly can suck your cock and you don't cum, but when you fuck me you can't last over two minutes?" Al said "Well peg it's like this I found out that with a little effort I can be hugely successful at the shoe business. If I can make a thousand dollars today, imagine what I can do tomorrow." Peg said "Al, I've never thought of it that way."

Just then came a knock at the door. Al stood erection and all and walked towards the door. He peeped through the glass it was Jefferson and Marcy. Al threw the door open and said "Hello friends, come on in." Jefferson and Marcy stood awe struck at the brazenness of al's demeanor. Marcy said mock shocked "Al Bundy where are your clothes?" As soon as the words left her mouth she noticed Peggy and Kelly nude also.

Marcy said "Well, that's different she said looking towards Peggy and Kelly. Al sat down beside Peggy and said "Come on in you guys. Hell take off your clothes let's all get real comfortable. Kelly honey fetch Jefferson a cold beer and get your mother and Marcy a mixed drink. Without a word Kelly darted to the kitchen and began preparing drinks for everyone. Jefferson said "Al, what's up with all this. Usually you're the one crying whenever you see the least amount of skin that Marcy shows. Now your inviting us to get nude with you guys?" Al said "Jefferson, dear Jefferson see it's like this. Today I had a wonderful day. I love my job. I made over one thousand dollars today alone simply from being nice and using the only talent I have at my job and I was indeed rewarded handsomely for my efforts. So I come home, bring my family dinner and then we're all so full we can't move so I figure why bother with the clothes. Let's just get naked and see where it takes us. Life's a journey Jefferson and basically you and I have the same thing, just like the girls here so why cover it up? Hell the only real difference is, is the size and shape of things right?"

Jefferson seemed dumbfounded by Al's logic. Noone said a word. Jefferson broke the silence by saying "Al, your absolutely right. I've never thought of it that way." Al continued "See Jefferson the other day when I borrowed something from you, I saw Marcy in her G-String and nipples bra and cowboy hat and I had to admit that Marcy you looked so hot!" Marcy blushed a bit and said, "Thank you Al." Kelly intervened by bringing everyone a drink but did not offer any conversation. All thanked Kelly for her trouble as she went over and sat next to her mother on the floor. Marcy said "Peggy it's refreshing to see a family cast off the burden of clothing and be ever so free amongst each other. It's beautiful. Peggy said, "Especially when your daughter gives ya the best head you've ever had!" Peggy broke out in laughter by herself as Jefferson and Marcy sat upright at the comment.

Jefferson said "Peg you can't be serious!" Peggy stopped laughing and became serious and said "Why can't I be. Kelly is not good at many things but pleasure she's the queen of and by God I found out a long time ago about my little girls' talents and have shaped and molded her and now she can get me off in about thirty seconds flat!" Marcy said "Peggy that's incest! That's wrong!" Peggy said, "Listen Marcy relax and go with the flow what happened to it's so beautiful?" Marcy said, "I'm sorry Peggy, I didn't mean to prejudge your family. I just didn't know there could be sexual fascination among family members. Your all so different." Kelly said "Yhea Mrs. Darcy why don't you take off your clothes and let us show you how Bundy's really have an enjoyable evening." Marcy nervously looked at Jefferson who was intently staring at Peggy's tits. The lump in his pants told her that he was ok with the idea. Al said, "So then it's settled let's all get naked and have a Bundy evening!"

Jefferson stood as Marcy turned to Kelly and said "Kelly would you like the honor of undressing my Jefferson?" Kelly said "Sure Mrs. Darcy. Kelly walked on her knees over to Jefferson and undid his belt and then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and allowed him to wiggle out of them. Jefferson wore no underwear. Marcy didn't like them. His cock hung limply at seven inches Kelly would guess. He was shaven and very thick. Twice as thick as Al, his cock was beautiful. Kelly wanted so badly to suck it but she was wary of Marcy. She wanted to touch it but decided she should wait. Al noticed Jefferson's sculpted ass cheeks and was secretly turned on by looking at them. Peggy sat upright and said "Alright Marcy, I'm going to strip you down ok?" Marcy stood.

She wore a blue dress coat, with a knee length skirt, with High heels. Peggy took off Marcy's jacket and tossed it on the floor. She spun Marcy around and unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to hear ankles. Marcy wore no panties. Only thigh high stockings and garters. Peggy unsnapped the snaps on Marcy's top and opened her top and spun her around and undid the clasp on her bra. Marcy was now nude save for the high hells and garters and thigh highs. She much like Jefferson was shaved and looked so hot. Her ass was plump and fleshy. Peggy was close enough to smell the perfume Marcy had on. Marcy said "Damn guys this is fun!" Jefferson said, "I agree." Sporting a huge erection. Peggy hadn't taken her eyes off of Marcy's ass in five minutes. Peggy could feel her cunt ache for attention. Kelly sat quietly fingering her clit as she stared at Jefferson and Al sat numbly fumbling his cock as he watched the entire group.

Now he thought this was definitely the way to start a vacation!

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