tagGroup SexMasquerade Ch. 02

Masquerade Ch. 02


The Party

Although he rain had stopped, the air remained heavy and still. Claire got into her car and continued her journey toward her sexual fantasy.

What a day this was turning out to be! On her way to participate in a party designed to cater to her sexual fantasy, Claire inadvertently had one of her fantasies come true. Oh, but she had a lot of them and she was looking forward to her next encounter.

Claire turned her car down Sequoia Lane and looked for the address. She was impressed to find a row of mansions set back from the road. They all had gated entrances with long driveways leading to homes obscured by forested landscapes.

It was 12:50 p.m. Claire was 10 minutes early as she approached the 1874 address. She pressed the button and waited at the gate.

"Yes, who is it?"

"My name is Claire and I'm here for the Masquerade."

The gate opened, making way for a wooded but gently curving drive to the front of the home. As she approached a circular cobblestone entry to the front of the mansion, Claire noticed four men in French renaissance period costumes. They were dressed as servants and directed her to a place just in front of the main entry. Claire parked her car and was assisted with utmost courtesy to the front door.

One servant announced Claire's arrival with two taps of the wrought iron knocker upon the large wooden door. While Claire waited for it to open, she put on her mask in preparation for her host's greeting. The mask was more for effect than for practicality, as it covered only her eyes and nose. Still, it made a statement with its deep red color and sequins bordering the edges.

The door was opened by yet another servant who bowed reverently before the guest.

"Welcome Miss Claire."

With a wave of his hand, the servant parted a red velvet curtain in the entry way and ushered Claire into the room beyond.

The room was massive. High, dark wood-paneled walls supported an intricately carved ceiling of angels and devils. The devils were sexually ravishing the angels... and the angels appeared to have a look of ecstasy on their faces.

As fascinated as Claire was by the artwork, she was even more excited by the human orgy scattered about the perimeter of the room. There must have been twenty people lying on different types of plush carpets, each person engaged in some act of sexual gratification. Some were paired together in acts of anal, oral, or missionary sex. Others sat opposite each other while participating in mutual masturbation. There were a few who were alone, watching and pleasuring themselves.

Claire felt her own need grow as she watched and listened to the sounds of men and women in various stages of sexual arousal. Her pussy tightened as warm moisture began to lubricate her sex. Unabashedly, Claire ran her hands down the front of her dress pressing into her mound, her hips gyrating in rhythmical motion.

Suddenly, a gong sounded in the distance and two large doors opened on the back wall. A servant dressed only in a loin cloth appeared behind Claire and taking her by the arm, escorted her through the doors.

As the doors closed behind her, Claire found herself in a slightly smaller room. This room was much brighter than the last, its walls and ceilings a brilliant white. Gold veins ran through the highly polished white marble floors, which were elegantly complimented by a gold border on all four walls about waist high. Gold leaf accents decorated the relief on the high ceiling.

Claire's attention was drawn to the altar in the middle of the room. It too was white marble with a gold border separating the top from the pedestal. The six foot long altar top was draped with some sort of very soft animal fur, presumably on which to place a sacrifice.

In one corner of the room a servant stood beside the gong that Claire had heard prior to being escorted through the doorway. He struck it again.

This time a man dressed in a black leather body suit and a mask covering his entire head appeared. He walked over to Claire, gently touched her face and began to unlace the top of her dress.

Fully intending to go along with the role play, Claire smiled in conciliation. Only after her dress had fallen to the floor, did the man escort Claire to the altar. He motioned with his hand for Claire to lie on top of the animal skin.

"Oh, my... I'm going to be the sacrifice," she thought.

On her back with her legs dangling at the knees over the end of the altar and wearing only her black panties and bra, Claire felt exposed and excited. Her red mask added mystery to the scene. What anticipation she had, quickly turned to apprehension when two men dressed only in loincloths appeared. With gentle purpose, they bound both of Claire's wrists to either side of the altar.

Now Claire lay there in hot expectation of what might happen to her. Before her imagination could get the best of her, a man appeared and walked to a point just where her legs bent at the knees. He was completely naked and a truly gorgeous male specimen. Tall, tanned, muscular... and the most beautiful, hard cock she had ever seen.

The man wasted no time as he guided his shaft just inches away from Claire's pussy. She was already wet with desire and wanted to feel him inside her so badly. Claire's excitement turned to mild frustration as the man stared at her and began to rub his cock in a jerking motion. His hand ran up and down the full length of his shaft as he began to moan and his hips moved back and forth just lightly touching Claire's pussy as he gyrated.

"Fuck me you bastard!" Claire yelled in wonton frustration.

The man smiled at her and put the palm of his hand on her mound. He got down on his knees and placed his face just opposite Claire's dripping pussy. Now letting go of his cock, he slid one finger into Claire's wet hole and began to move it in and out. He ran his tongue between her pussy lips and licked her clit with a soft, long stroke.

"Oh my god... oh fuck, yessssss... ohhhhhhhh..." Claire's voice trailed off as she was swept away in sensual pleasure.

The man continued his assault on Claire's clit with a light suck, tender lick, and a gentle nibble. His tongue and lips were very experienced. Claire's body was on fire.

As he brought Claire closer and closer to heaven, the man placed three fingers inside her and fucked her tight, wet vagina with only one purpose... to make her cum. Claire knew this and relinquished any control she had left.

Claire turned her head from side to side as if to fight off the physical sensations that were overpowering her. As her head moved, her eyes caught glimpses of naked men surrounding the altar, watching her in her throws of passion. They gave out moans of pleasure as they masturbated their hard cocks. One by one the watchers fell to their knees as they extracted their hot cream from their stiff shafts.

This was too much for Claire to endure. Her strained movements against her own tension had caused the binds that held her hands to loosen. Claire's pussy juices ran freely over the face of her paramour, and she began to feel that electric sensation deep down in the pit of her stomach. As the orgasmic rush began to sweep over her, Claire instinctively grabbed at the man's head and pulled him into her pussy as deep as he would go.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yessssss... suck my clit you son of a bitch! Eat my pussy you fucker. Oh my god, I'm cumming... ahhhhhhhhh."

Claire's body shook with uncontrollable spasms. Wave after wave of watery bliss carried her over the edge as she clasped her legs around her lover's neck.

Claire so wanted this man to keep his face tight against her pussy, but he slowly stood up and backed away. He walked around to the side of the altar and helped Claire turn onto her side. She could feel his hand between her legs as he gathered the wetness from her dripping pussy and began to lubricate the tight space between her ass cheeks.

At the same time, another very well endowed man approached the altar. He lay next to Claire face to face, his hard shaft rubbing against her mound. There was just enough room for the other man to lay behind Claire, his cock pressing against her anal cleft.

Claire was quite ready for the double penetration of two horny, throbbing cocks. Her pussy was on fire and dripping wet with expectation. She wanted both men to cum inside her, filling both holes with their hot cream.

As her pussy was entered, Claire let out a guttural moan from deep inside, "Ohhhhhh, you're so big... so thick."

The man began moving inside her slowly, rhythmically... and as Claire moved her hips to meet his thrusting, the man behind her guided his hard shaft to the opening between her ass cheeks. She was tight, but well lubricated from her pussy juices. His cock slid in about half way... and then with help from Claire's movements... all the way in.

"Ughhhh... mmmmmmmm... fuck... yesssss...", Claire moaned as the two cocks stretched her holes and she was totally penetrated by both men.

Claire's back and forth movements were involuntary, as she responded to the wild thrusting both front and back. Her eyes glazed over as she lost focus of her surroundings.

Through her blurry vision Claire saw two naked legs approach her and stand just before her face. All she could see were the alabaster thighs of a very sexy woman. Claire looked up with sweetly tortured eyes, her mouth open, her body being pummeled by two rock hard shafts.

"Now it's my turn," the woman smiled at Claire.

Claire returned the smile when she realized the woman was Erin from the costume shop.

"I'm your hostess. I know all about your needs. Welcome to my home."

Erin approached Claire and placed her shaved pussy over Claire's open mouth.

"While you're getting fucked my dear, you're going to eat my pussy and make me cum."

Claire remembered how good Erin had made her feel back at the shop, and she so wanted to taste this sweet, young pussy.

Erin began to slide her already excited, wet honey pot over Claire's lips and tongue, steadying herself by holding and massaging Claire's breasts.

Remembering Erin's ministrations back in the costume shop, Claire was very happy to return the favor. She grasped Erin's ass as she began her tongue play on Erin's clit... sucking lightly, then circling it with her tongue... licking, nibbling... then sticking her tongue very far up into Erin's love tunnel.

Erin's knees began to buckle.

As Claire sucked and licked this firm and delicate pussy, she inserted her finger into Erin's back door. It was easy to do. Erin was so wet. Claire lubed her finger from Erin's juices and was allowed easy access into her ass.

Erin knew Claire's oral love-making was bringing her close to cumming. She felt herself getting wetter and could see her juices running down the side of Claire's face.

Just then Erin heard a loud moan. The man who was fucking Claire in the ass began to pump wildly and grasped her ass cheeks. His body stiffened as he shot his creamy load deep inside Claire's ass.

Claire took only a brief interlude from Erin's pussy to enjoy the feeling of this stud cumming in her ass. "Yesssssss, fuck my ass you bastard. Give me your cum."

As he slumped to the floor from pleasure, Claire continued her assault on Erin's clit. She had not removed her finger from Erin's ass this whole time.

The combination of the man's orgasm and Claire's renewed attention upon her clit was too much for Erin. Her body began to shake as she felt waves of electric current well up from inside her pussy and explode into a massive orgasm of her own.

"Oh my God Claire... you're making me cum baby. Oh fuck yesssss... eat me baby, eat my pussy."

Erin's gush of orgasmic juices flowed like a river over Claire's face. Claire felt the other man pumping harder inside her pussy... Erin's spasms caused her legs to tighten around Claire's head... and Claire was lost in her own pleasurable release of sexual tension.

The moans of the two women locked in orgasmic release put the man over the edge. His eyes went blank, he threw his head back and with an animalistic groan, he shot his load of cum into Claire's tight wet pussy.

Claire had semen oozing from both her ass and pussy. She was exhausted in the most pleasurable way. For the first time in her life Claire had experienced an orgasm with a woman, and she had made a woman cum. She knew it would not be the last time. Claire's fantasy had been realized.

Back home that evening, Claire was in the kitchen cooking dinner when her husband walked in.

"How was your day, dear" he asked.

"Oh, you know... same ol', same ol'."

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