tagNonHumanMasquerade in Chains

Masquerade in Chains


Sierra looked at herself through her white feathered mask in the mirror. Her countess dress was a pearl white flowing all the way to the brown carpeted floor. Her arms left no trace of flesh, only white lace flaring at the wrists. It was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen, with the exception of the basket that looked as though it were protruding from her rear end. She laughed, she was glad it was Halloween and she wasn't the only one dressed this way.

Sierra's invitation to the masquerade ball came two weeks prior and she had spent allot of time looking for the perfect costume in which to wear, even harder to find was the mask. Sierra didn't know how she managed to get invited to the Blair mansion, but there it was, traced in gold sitting in her hand as she headed out the door to attend the special event.

Her gown made the loudest bag kind of noise as she walked into the ballroom, her heels clicked and embarrassed her as she saw the people mingling. This masquerade was the first she'd ever been to. Her face flushed lightly as all eyes turned to her, as if she were expected. Sierra was extremely glad the feathers covered all but her blue eyes and pink lips. Sierra held her head high and walked to a near by table to sit.

Swarms of men flocked to her as if she were a magnet, asking to dance, wanting her undivided attention. But her eyes only bestowed one man. She watched him walk from the other side of the room. He wore a blue and black suite and a black mask. His shoulders were broad against those that stood around her. He held out his hand and Sierra locked her gaze with his deep green eyes as she took his hand. His grip was firm and left no question as to the fact that he would be the one to dance with her. He left no room for argument from the others.

"Sierra, I've been awaiting your arrival. I could ravish you right her, but I doubt the others would appreciate it."

"Did you invite me? What is your name?" Sierra asked as the man lead her to the center of the ballroom.

"Devon and yes I invited you." He whispered as he brought her in close to his chest. Sierra could feel his muscles beneath the cotton material. Butterflies gathered in the pit of her stomach as the music started and she followed Devon's lead. He twirled her in and out of him, as if he were making love to her at the same time. Sensations of his touch were lingering all over her body. She could feel her desire for him increase with ever twist he pushed her into. Ever pull he brought her back with made her body mad with want. She could see the lust in his eyes. He wanted her just as bad. The music was maddening, wrecking havoc with his touch on her body. As the song ended he dipped her over his knee and lightly brushed her lips with his. This almost threw Sierra over the edge. She was mesmerized and entranced by this man. She had to have him.

"Come with me." Devon said as he brought her back up from the dip. Sierra followed with excitement building in her chest.

Devon lead Sierra to a back room. As they entered the dim lit area, the room took on a warm glow and Sierra could see long stem red roses over flowing crystal vases all over the room. Petals had been gently placed all over the bed and floor.

"How do you know me? Why did you invite me? Have we met before?" Sierra spewed off question after question from the nervousness that set in her body.

"Don't ask questions, just close your eyes."

Sierra did as she was told. Devon pulled her in close, she could feel is warm breath on the back of her neck. His fingers lightly traced up her back and down her bare shoulders. She could feel his chest moving up and down as he breathed. She could hear the rapid beat of his heart in her ears. Sierra felt a tingling sensation on her nipple, a light flick. She opened her eyes and Devon was gone, but the sensations still wondered over her flesh, as if her clothes did not exist. Sierra couldn't help but close her eyes and give in. She let the feel of him wondering through her increase. She could feel a brush on her lips, her neck gently caressed with kisses and nibbles. Her clit had circles being drawn around it, causing her insides to indulge in the pleasure. She felt the wetness flow down the inside of her thigh. Her body slowly moved to the floor lying on her back, allowing all the sensations to engulf her.

Sierra felt something growing, spreading the inner walls of her delicate flesh. She let herself expand to the size as all her nerve endings were being ravished at once. Her hands found the buttons to her dress and quickly undid the top to allow the cool air in the room to embrace her hard nipples adding to her desire.

She could feel a tug on each nipple at the same time. Her hair was being pulled back to arch her body up. All at once the touches intensified. The engorged penis inside her expanded, pulling out then pushing itself back in with long even strokes, as it licked and sucked and messaged her inside. Sierra didn't have time to wonder how that was possible, her body only yearned for more, and more she got. The tugging on her nipples became hard pinches causing lightning like sensations down to her clit where something like a tongue flicked at the generous bud.

Suddenly her body exploded in ripples of pleasure, each one causing another orgasm. Every part of her was on fire, sensations she had never before experienced caressed her clit and Sierra scream out as another strong orgasm ripped through her flesh and she passed out.

When sierra awoke she was chained naked to a bed. A man stood in the door way of the room. His eyes were sparkling with excitement and a grin formed his lips.


"Sierra, you belong to me now. For all eternity you will be mine and do all that I wish of you. If you are good, on this same night every year that follows I will give you more pleasure than you experienced this night. If you chose to disobey my will every night will be a torture of pleasure with no release." Devon replied releasing his hardened cock from his pants and lightly rubbing it on Sierra's bottom lip. There could be no other response, she had no choice but to do as he wished. She grabbed the base of him and opened her mouth to allow his entry, consummating the deal.

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