tagGroup SexMassage on the Beach

Massage on the Beach


Author's note: This is a true story.

Only the names have been changed.


I was coming back from a business meeting up in Orange county, to which I had driven my own pick-up truck. It was a friday, so when my meeting was done, my work week was done, and I could do what ever I chose to do, without going back to my office. I was driving down Pacific Coast highway in Carlsbad, debating about going home, or going on down the coast to San Diego.

I looked up ahead, and here were two young ladies, with large backpacks, looking for a ride to somewhere. I really didn't care where they were going, as my schedule was open until Monday morning when I had to be back to work. You know, bills to pay.

I pulled my truck over, leaned across to the open window on the passenger side, and asked them, "Where are you going, and may I give you a lift?"

One of them answered, "We want to get to somewhere closer to San Diego, before we stop for the night."

I thought, "I have nothing else to do... and it might be fun."

So I got out and lifted their backpacks into the truck bed, and opened the door. They got in.

We started talking as I was driving along.

I asked, "What are you two lovely young ladies doing hitch-hiking?"

One spoke up, "I'm Ruth Ann and this is my best friend, Karen. We're from Kansas, and had never seen the ocean. We saved our money, bought plane tickets to San Fransisco, with a return flight from San Diego back to Kansas."

I asked, "How long have you been out here?"

Karen answered, "We flew out here two weeks ago, and have to catch our flight out of San Diego in the morning."

I continued my questioning, "How old are you girls?"

Ruth Ann answered, "We're both 18, if that's what you're asking."

I chuckled and said, "That's a good thing. I guess two of you at 18 is a match for me. I'm 36. My name is Bob."

Karen piped up, "You sure don't look like

you're that old."

I thanked her, "Thank you, compared to you girls, I'm an old man, But I've also done a lot more traveling and living than you have."

Ruth Ann said, "We've been hiking & hitch-hiking down the coast. California sure is a lot more expensive than Kansas, we're just about broke."

Being a nice guy, I offered, "How about I buy dinner for the three of us?"

Karen said, "You don't have to do that, but it sounds good."

I asked, "How about chicken dinner on the beach, and we can watch the sunset while we eat? I'll drive you on down to San Diego when we're done."

Both girls answered, "That sounds great!"

I stopped at a KFC to get three chicken dinners and three iced teas. I drove on down to Cardiff-by-the-Sea, to a secluded beach I knew about.

I got my always available blanket out of the truck, and we walked out on the beach to have dinner, and watch the sun, sink into the Pacific. It was gorgeous!

As we ate, I let them do most of the talking, telling me all about their two weeks in California, how heavy their backpacks were, and how sore their muscles were.

We were the only people on the little beach. I saw an opportunity, and when we were finished eating, I offered, "How about I give each of you a total body massage, one at a time, with no strings attached and no expectations. I'm pretty good."

To my pleasant surprise, they accepted!

Ruth Ann chose to let her friend go first, so she got up and walked a little ways down the beach, sat down, and enjoyed watching the surf in the moonlight. The moon was shining brightly.

I asked Karen, "Why don't you undress so

there won't be anything in my way, and I will give you a total body massage."

She seemed very comfortable with doing that. Her friend was just down the beach. And I was fully dressed.

I told her, "Lay down on your tummy. I'll start on your back, and when I'm finished, I'll have you turn over."

I was determined to do a good job. I started at her neck and worked my way down her back to her waist. Then I took each arm in turn, massaging her fingers, palms, wrists, forearms, and upper arms to her shoulders.

I moved down and kneeled below her feet. I picked one leg up, laying it on my thigh, started at her toes, then the rest of her foot, and kneaded her calf muscles, up to her knee. Then I did the same to the other leg.

As I had put her feet down, I had moved each one out to the side about a foot. I moved up so my knees were straddling her left calf. I started on her thigh, up to her butt cheek, and on up to her waist. She was making quiet little sounds of contentment, so I knew she was enjoying herself.

I moved over to her other leg, straddling her right calf. I repeated the actions I had done to her other leg. When I finished, I moved so my knees were right between hers. I would start my hands outside her knees, and slowly work them up the outsides of her thighs, over her beautiful butt cheeks, and on up to her waist. Then I would run them back down over her butt cheeks, and down the insides of her thighs.

After about 20 minutes I stood up and said,

"Okay, time to turn over."

She answered me in a dreamy voice, "Do I have to? I'm really relaxed right now."

I answered, "We can't quit now, and leave your body out of balance. Turn over and I'll do your front side."

She slowly turned over, revealing to me in the moonlight, her shapely young body.

She said, "So far, it's felt wonderful. Please continue."

I kneeled down above her head, and started on her temples. She was getting very relaxed. I moved from her temples, on down her neck, and down to her shoulders, and then to her breasts, which I massaged thoroughly! I was certainly enjoying my self.

She was obviously enjoying it too, as she just kept making little sounds, "Umm. Aah. Ooh."

I moved on down her chest to her tummy, ending up at her waist. I got up and moved down below her feet, kneeling at her left foot. I picked it up, letting her knee bend slightly, and sat her foot on my thigh. I massaged her calf and on up her thigh. I moved her leg out to the side about a foot as I put it down gently.

Then I moved to her right leg and did the same thing. After I had put her right leg down, I moved over between her legs, kneeling between her calves. I started with my hands on the outside of her calves, worked them up along the outside of her thighs, and up to her waist.

From her waist, I slowly moved my hands, being sure to keep both hands in contact with her skin so she knew where my hands were, down across her flat tummy to her mound. It was covered with a small patch of very soft hair. I let my hands run down the insides of her thighs, and back up to her pussy.

I teased her a little, and met no objections, so I probed a little, first with one finger, then finally inserting two fingers and using my thumb on her button. I pushed my fingers as deep as I could get them, then curled my fingers, rubbing her g-spot while my thumb worked on her clit.

It only took about one minute, until she had an intense orgasm. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on my fingers so tight, I thought she might break them! I let her come back down, and then removed my fingers, and dried them on my handkerchief.

I asked her, "I do believe you enjoyed your massage? Are you relaxed now?"

Her answer was, "Where were you two weeks ago?! I feel better right now than I have ever felt!"

She got dressed and walked down the beach, said a few words to Ruth Ann, and Ruth Ann walked back to where I was.

I asked her, "So, did Karen tell you anything about her massage?"

She answered, "Only that it was fantastic, and that I should just relax and let you give me one just like it."

I smiled, and asked her, "Then why don't you undress, lay down on your tummy, and relax.

I'll see if I can make you much more relaxed by the time I finish."

I did my best to do an exact re-run of Karen's massage. The results were almost identical, except that when I finished, about 40 minutes later, instead of her getting dressed, Ruth Ann waved to Karen, who came back to the blanket and undressed.

Almost in unison they said: "As long as you understand that there is no sex involved... It's your turn!"

I undressed, and my cock was "standing proud", it was quite obvious that I had enjoyed giving each of them a total body massage, and finishing them off with an intense orgasm.

I stretched out on my stomach, and they knelt down, one on each side. They started at my feet, and went all the way up my back side, to my shoulders and neck. From time to time, they would lean down and rub their soft young breasts on my back. What an incredible sensation!

Karen said, "It's time for you to turn over."

So, of course I did. They each did one leg, then an arm, my chest, and my shoulders.

I wondered how far they would go. I didn't have to wonder for long!

They started, "four hands" massaging my upper thighs, my balls and my rock hard cock. I was in heaven. Two hands were gently squeezing my balls, and two hands were stroking my cock. I couldn't tell which hand belonged to which girl. It didn't take long for them to make me lose a large load, which one of them caught with my handkerchief.

Ruth Ann asked me, "Do you think we're all even now?"

I caught my breath, and answered, "That felt great! I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you both!"

We all got dressed and walked up the beach to the truck. I drove them into San Diego, helped them find a cheap motel near the airport, paid for it, and carried their backpacks in.

I said, "This has been a fantastic evening! I won't spoil it by asking if I can spend the night, just snuggled up, sleeping between you two. But, if you were to ask me to stay, I would be happy beyond description. You both know that nothing else is going to happen.

I'd even buy you breakfast and drive you to the airport."

They looked at each other, leaned close together, whispering something I wasn't able to hear, and then stood up.

They spoke in unison, "We'd love to have you stay! We trust you. Stay and tell us about some of your travels."

To say that I was surprised would be a major understatement!

I answered, "Let me go lock my truck!"

We had already seen and felt all of each other's bodies, so we all just undressed, used the bathroom, and I laid down in the middle of the bed. Ruth Ann crawled in on my right side, and Karen crawled in on my left. I put an arm around each one of them, with them laying their heads on my shoulders.

I said, "So, you want me to tell you some bedtime stories?"

They laughed. We talked for a while, and then shared little kisses good night. They both went to sleep in just a couple of minutes.

Me, I laid there thinking, what a lucky guy I was. Finally, I drifted off to sleep and had the most wonderful dreams.

Their alarm clock woke us all up in the morning. We hadn't moved all night. It took a second for it to sink in, with each of us, where we were.

Then we all smiled and said, "Good morning!"

They each took a quick shower, and we all got dressed. I carried their back packs out to my truck, and we went to breakfast at a nearby pancake house. After breakfast, I drove them to the airport.

I stopped right in front of the terminal, walked around to open the passenger door for them to get out, and unloaded their back packs onto the sidewalk.

Ruth Ann spoke first, "We're really glad you stopped to give us a ride. You have been true to your word, the massages were wonderful, and we were afraid we couldn't find a room we could afford to rent, and might end up sleeping on a bench in the terminal. Thank you for everything!"

Karen spoke next, "Last night was just amazing! It's an experience we'll never forget. Thank you so much!"

I told them, "I'm glad that you're both happy, with what happened last night, and with what didn't happen! I enjoyed my night more than you can imagine! You are truly, two very fine young ladies!"

The good-bye kisses we shared were wonderful. We all knew that we would never see each other again, and wanted to leave each other with one more fantastic memory. I'll never forget those kisses!

Anyone watching us kiss good-bye, probably wondered if I was a dad kissing his two daughters good bye, or if we were much more than that!

I walked around my truck, and said just before I got in, "You two have a safe trip. And don't forget me!"

They answered right together, "Forget you? Not a chance!"

I got into my truck, started it, and drove away.

I thought, true, there was no "sex" last night, but the massages were about as erotic as anything I had ever experienced, and everyone ended up... relaxed, satisfied, and happy.

We would all just have to remember each other by first names only. No one ever said what their last name was, or what town they were from. It just didn't seem important. What was important, was a marvelous night, and the fantastic memories!

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