tagSci-Fi & FantasyMaximus and Alexandra Ch. 01

Maximus and Alexandra Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is my first story, though I plan to write many more in this universe. This universe and these characters are all original things created by me. Feedback and advice are appreciated.

Maximus, or Max as most people knew him by, closed the loading bay doors to his cargo ship. He was carrying a wide variety of cargo over from Makeal, the lawless continent plagued by crime and greed, to Trafia, the old primitive continent, stuck in the Dark Ages due to their traditions and loyalty.

Max was a Traveler, a small race shrouded in myth, who possess the ability and equipment to travel between the isolated Pangea-like continents of Ishaka. Each is an immortal being with one fatal flaw that contradicts the almost perfect biological structure of their anatomy.

Max was a ruggedly handsome looking guy, though unlike all the other Travelers, he'd aged, and appeared to be in his mid-forties. One look in the mirror on the wall, and Max was instantly happy. He hated the physical "perfection" that the other Travelers seemed to flaunt around.

Max slowly strutted up to the cockpit, when a bright orange and blue hologram popped up beside him. He jumped, startled at first, though he realized it was only his sporadic AI, M1KA.

"Maximus, as you have yet to take any safety precautions, I decided to scan the cargo and there are some issues I think you might have interest in." The holographic AI said in her feminine and surprisingly human voice. As she spoke, a long report showed up on the ship consoles.

"Mika, I don't care. I've done this trip quite literally hundreds of thousands of times." Max replied without thought to his companion's warning. He scrolled through the manifest carelessly, but then his eyes latched onto an item in the manifest: Sex Slaves. A sly smile crept onto his face. "Though, if you insist, I will go back and just make sure all the cargo is in order. Get the ship ready for takeoff, because when I get back we're getting out of here." Max called out as he disappeared back into the cargo hold.

Max moved through the cargo bay, using shipments of rare spices, minerals, and slaves as guides to navigate his way to the section he wanted to be in. His jaw nearly hit the ground, when what the manifest had told him, couldn't describe what he saw. He was staring at his oldest rival, his most hated adversary. He was staring at what used to be the Queen of Makael.

As Max gazed upon her, caged by the iron bars that contained slaves, all the memories of her emerged in his mind. The day that he was declared a traitor in all the lands, due to crimes against human nature. He remembered the day she had to go in hiding, as the gangs of Makael staged a coup on the capital. He had heard rumors amongst his connections in the now dominant gang, Makael's Hand, that she had been found and captured.

Max remembered talking with his connection about it, and Max suggested that they put her in the Arena, to be publicly humiliated, but that idea had been shot down. They wanted to have her disappear completely. Any loyalists would think that she had given up, and their spirits would shatter. They didn't know where Max sent his cargo, but they must've figured that it would be somewhere that they would be rid of her completely, so they tried to hide her in amongst the slaves, hoping he wouldn't notice.

Max was ecstatic. This woman had almost ruined his business of trading items that the two continents had little to none of in their lands. It was more than just profitable, as Max was technically the wealthiest man on all three continents. Max loved his life, and even after hundreds and thousands of years, he hadn't grown bored of it.

Surrounding her cage, were several more cages of the particularly attractive females, who would probably fetch a decent price to the brothels in Trafia. The Queen was just recovering from her sedatives and was still drowsy and had no idea what was happening. Max noticed this, and decided to "inspect" her last.

Max slowly strutted up to the cage of the first woman. He pulled up the manifest and checked to make sure all the basics were in order. He entered the cage, stun stick at his side in case things went awry, although the woman looked to be no match to him in any fighting way.

She was a tall black woman, with a skinny physique, though she had an ample bust. Max approached her, eyeing her like she was a pet at the store. His eyes had were unrelenting and scoured every inch of her body. A terrified and confused look flashed across her face, as well as the faces of the other caged women nearby.

Max noticed this and with a cruel smile commented, "Your a slave now. You're headed for a primitive and cruel place, where you'll be passed around between fat old nobles like you were a toy. They'll fuck you till they're satisfied and then hand you to the next man in line. I'm just making sure that you are something they will want to fuck. If you aren't, then I won't get payed. Nobody is happy when I'm not payed."

Tears rolled down the woman's face as she tried to back away, though she just trapped herself in the corner. The other women in cages nearby were crying too, realizing that their fate was destined to be the same as hers. The only woman who was controlling herself was the queen, though Max planned on changing that.

"Wha..what are you going to do to me?" The black woman asked between choked sobs.

"I'm just going to go over basic things, and if you comply it will be quick and easy. If you fail to comply, well I'll have to go into more detailed inspections, and maybe test you out to make sure what I'm selling is worth it." Max said with a practically emotionless voice, which only added to the terror. He took what looked like a nod from the woman, as a sign of her understanding, so he began, "We're going to start out with easy questions. What is your name?"

The sobbing black woman, started taking deep breaths until she could muster up the courage to speak, "J...J...Jessica"

Max nodded then moved on to the next question, "What is it you do?"

"I own a clothing store in the capital." Jessica answered honestly.

"Okay you seem to remember the things that you'd tell any person. Now we're moving on to the more personal, intimate questions. How often do you have sex?" Max asked bluntly.

Jessica stammered, trying to think of how to reply to this intrusion into her intimate life. She couldn't come up with an answer and she hung her head low, fearful of the punishment.

Max smiled cruelly and approached her, "I thought you wanted this to be quick and easy. I tried to be as polite in the wording as possible, but what I really wanted to know, isn't nearly as polite. Tell me, are you a slut Jessica?" Max asked his voice now containing a cruel sound of pleasure, but hate.

Jessica felt like the question was even more intrusive and had absolutely no idea how to respond. She crossed her arms over her chest, suddenly feeling very self-conscious about the fact that she was wearing a low cut t-shirt.

Max was even happier now, but had to keep his expression as it was, to give off the correct image. "Well since you can't seem to remember whether or not you are a slut, how about you show me those tits. Being exposed ought to jog your memory." Max stated in a form that was in no way a question.

"I'm a slut." Jessica said, hoping it would get her out of stripping in front of this man.

"Well sadly you didn't answer when I first asked. So you're still going to have to strip, but since you're a slut you shouldn't mind." Max said as he looked at the tall woman, assessing any strengths she might have. She was slightly shorter than him, had skinny arms, and was not doing well under pressure.

Jessica looked petrified, but her fear of this man, won against her urge to resist and fight. She pulled the low cut black t-shirt over her shoulders and dropped it to the ground. She then unlatched her simple push-up bra, and dropped it to the ground. Her arms quickly moved to cover her large breasts.

Max smiled and chuckled as she covered her breasts with her arms. He knew that she knew that wouldn't work for very long. Max pulled out two magnetic bracelets from his tool belt. He roughly grabbed her wrists, yanked them away from her breasts, and clamped the bracelets on, all at once. The bracelets activated and pulled both wrists to the iron bars of her cage.

Both breasts were now free and exposed. The dark skin of her breasts surrounded even darker pencil eraser sized nipples, which were erect and pointing straight at Max.

"Now that's a lot better." Max commented taking in every detail of her newly exposed skin.

Jessica was sobbing again because she was absolutely terrified of what had just happened. She felt even more powerless and exposed as his eyes scoured her helpless body and exposed breasts.

"Next question. Which hole do you like to be fucked in the most?" Max asked very casually, as if it were just a game of twenty questions.

Jessica thought for a moment, but she knew she had to answer for fear of punishment, "I like to be f...fucked in my pussy."

"Wrong. You're a slave and a whore now. You like to be fucked in whatever hole someone will fuck you in. And for your stupidity, your pants are coming off." Max said with a cruel laugh at his trick question. He unbuttoned the tight leather pants and yanked them down to the ground, exposing a tiny black thong. He took a step back and admired her near naked body, that's only cover was a tiny black thong. With this outfit on, she must've been going to have some fun, before they captured her. That or she really was just a slut.

Jessica's whole body shivered as her tiny thong became the only cover she had from this cruel man. Her sobs grew louder, and tears flowed freely down her face.

Max slyly looked around at the other prisoners, and they were all crying, scared out of their minds. "You've now answered all of the questions. You can keep on those millimeters of cloth, after all everybody needs at least a little hope right. Sadly you decided not to wear much hope today. That's your fault." Max said with a smile as he left her cage taking the discarded clothes leaving her pinned to the wall in nothing but her thong. She was an example to the rest of them, and it seemed to break the spirit of every other slave, except the queen.

Max went through each of the nine other women with the same set of questions, though the other women answered in the way that he wanted, and most ended up with at least there pants. Finally he walked up to the Queen's cage. She was a sight to see. Her extreme beauty, surrounded by iron bars and a dusty metal floor. She was actually going on her third or fourth century, but extremely expensive techonolgy was able to prevent aging. The technology had such an exorbitant cost that only royalty could afford it.

Max entered the cage and smiled at her. "Your name?"

"Alexandra." She said, a disgusted glare wrinkling her pale features.

"Last name?" Max asked though he already knew the answer.

"I don't have one. I gave it up when I took the position of Queen." Alexandra said with a look of annoyed defiance.

"I'm afraid that's not good enough. How about you let me see what's hiding under that dress you've got on." Max said with a poke at the silky material of her green dress.

"Burn in hell, traitor." Alexandra said and spat in his face.

Max had a mock look of surprise on his face and he wiped his face off. "Now I thought this was going so well. Looks like you'll just need a punishment for your...crime. Now that's irony." Max said with a laugh.

Max grabbed her wrists and turned her around shoving two magnetic bracelets onto her hands. She was stuck with her arms out against the bars, and her ass jutting forward invitingly. He pulled out a small knife and cut the shoulder straps off of her dress, letting the dress slide down to her ankles and revealing that she was wearing absolutely nothing under the dress.

"Well it looks like the Queen is the biggest slut of all. It wouldn't surprise me with how low cut your outfits are. Well too bad today is your first "'wardrobe malfunction' right?" Max asked rhetorically.

"You'll regret ever getting near me you scoundrel." Alexandra said with a hiss.

Max just waved away her threat, and ran his hands over her rear that was jutting out. He moved his hands all the way up her body till they reached her breasts. They were giant and perfectly formed, though definitely fake. Max weighed the two breasts in his hands, sinking his fingers into the soft skin, and lightly juggling them. He then used his fingers to tweak at the surprisingly hard nipples. It appeared that she was enjoying the attention.

"It looks like you're enjoying this as much as I am. Though you did defy my command, so there will have to be a punishment." Max said with a laugh. He looked around at the other women, all were watching with fearful expressions.

Alexandra said nothing, but just kept her mind clear and focused.

Max slid a hand around to her firm, but round ass. He placed his other hand on her hip to stabilize her. "Now I think maybe 20 slaps on your fine ass, might teach you to start obeying the people in charge. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to enjoy this." Max brought his hand back and with all of his muscular might, brought down the hand on her ass, making the sound of skin on skin impact echo throughout the cargo hold. A perfect outline of his hand appeared when he removed it from the pale cheek.

Alexandra stifled a cry of pain from the muscular man spanking her ass. She was royalty and this was probably the worst pain she'd ever physically felt. She had to keep her cries inside her, or else all of the other women would completely lose hope.

Max laughed a little at the mark on her ass, "Well that hurt my hand so it had to have hurt you. I love the imprint my hand made on your pretty little ass. Only 19 more of those to go."

Max rubbed her ass, enjoying the feel of the flawless skin, before he raised up his hand and smacked it right into the exact same place. The hit wasn't as strong but it was stacked onto the sore spot of where the first one landed. He repeated the process for the next seven hits. The sound of the Queen's stifled cries getting louder and louder, almost to the point where they could be heard by Max.

Max breathed hot air onto the mark where every single hit had landed in a perfect handprint. He then brought his palm down harder than ever before and landed it perfectly. If the sound of the impact wasn't demoralizing enough, the cry that finally escaped the Queen would kill any spirit the other women may have.

"Now that was fun. It's time for the other cheek my Queen." Max said. He brought down his hand ten more times, the sounds coming from the queen growing louder with each one, till she could be heard clearly by every slave in the cargo hold.

Alexandra had a face filled with agony, though not a single tear had rolled down her face.

Max smiled deeply at his handiwork. "Now that is beautiful. I hope those stay for a while. Give any of the noble bastards fucking you the idea to spank that pretty ass. By then it'll be real nice and sore." Max said with a demented laugh, before he looked down at the bulge emerging from his pants.

"Well I guess it's time for the next question. Though why not just skip to which hole you like to be fucked in the most. Or better yet, how about I fuck all of them and figure it out from your body language. So which hole would you like me to fill first my Queen?" Max asked.

Alexandra calmly took a few deep breaths, then answered "Well if you're going to fill all of them, lets go top to bottom." She said while trying to conceal her knowing smile.

Max, surprised that she answered so calmly and easily, nodded his head, and adjusted her magnetic cuffs, so that she was on her knees facing him. Max planted a microscopic device on the tip of her teeth. "This is so that you're teeth will not be able to come into contact with my dick. Meaning don't even try to bite." He explained.

Max shrugged out of his khaki pants and boxers, releasing a hard eight inch dick. He pushed it forwards to Alexandra's lips. Max's hands moved to the back of her head pulling it forward to give him a blowjob.

Alexandra opened her mouth taking in the large dick inch by inch, swirling her tongue around it, doing all the things she'd heard gave a man pleasure. Anything to get it over with as quickly as possible. She hadn't ever actually given anyone a blowjob, as the King had only had sex with her so that she could birth an heir to the throne. Though an heir wasn't necessary with the technology that cured old age, and could make your body "perfect" in every way. That was why she had large breasts and a firm round ass. She was made beautiful by technology. The only thing they left the same, was her face. Her face was so beautiful already, that they left it alone, leaving it perfect just how it was.

Max was surprised that the Queen seemed almost eager to suck his dick. It was like she wanted to give him pleasure. Though she was moving slowly, so he thrusted forward, pushing his dick to the back of her throat and making her gag. He then pulled himself back to her lips, before thrusting all the way forward, causing her to gag again.

Alexandra was caught off guard by him making her gag, and she tried to recover as he pulled back, but then he thrust himself back just as fast as he'd left. She focused on breathing between thrusts as he fucked her face. She looked up at his face, but she didn't have the helpless look of a woman humiliated, instead it was the look of a woman who knew of what was to come and was looking forward to it.

Max suddenly pulled out of her mouth completely and fell onto his back, dick hard and pointing straight up to the ceiling.

Alexandra knew she would have to thank Micheal for the paralysis spit technology he'd come up with. It had taken a while, but now that he'd come in contact with her saliva in two ways, he'd been paralyzed.

Alexandra used her foot to pull his pants closer and got the key to her bracelet. She deactivated the bracelet and it clanked down to the ground. She took off his clothes and put them on, though the pants and boxers were way too large and kept sliding down and she had to leave a couple buttons undone at the top to fit her breasts, which also showed major cleavage, and if she bent over, you could even see her nipples.

Alexandra unlocked the door to her cell and pulled Max's nude body out before closing it again. She freed the other prisoners, though they had no idea where Max had put their clothing and didn't want to wait for him to wake up to find out, so most were topless, and Jessica was wearing nothing but her tiny thong. They picked up Max's body and snuck off the ship. They walked eight miles to where the drop off point where Micheal said he'd be. He didn't know about the others, but there was no way she could've left them there.

To be continued

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