tagBDSMMay I Please You, Sir?

May I Please You, Sir?


For so long I had defined myself by my role as wife and mother. I had pushed aside my sexual self as deviant and unnecessary and instead defined myself by my role. I was the good wife, obedient and demanding nothing. I was the good mother baking muffins and volunteering at school. I helped with homework and wiped away tears and felt my sexual self dying a bit more every day.

Being a good wife and a good mother was important, hell it still is important but Sir made me realize that it was not the only important thing. I am important too, and my submission is my gift to Sir and my legacy to myself.

So I changed my life and reordered my priorities. I am no longer a wife. I will always be a mother but by reaching out for what I need I have become a better mother because I can live in my own skin.

I met Sir online when I was standing on the edge trying to decide if I was worth the sacrifices I would require. My practical side insisted on caution and care but She would not be silenced. She demanded that her voice be heard and her needs be met and caution had no right to demand her submission. Only Sir could do that and in order for that to happen I had to get out of my own way.

As I readied myself for my first scene with Sir my hands shook. Would Sir find me wanting? The thought of disappointing him made me shudder. We had done coffee several times in recent weeks after months of contact online. We had discussed limits hard and soft. We had discussed Sir's style and my own wants and needs. We had discussed Sir's requirements and Sir had explained safety and really building trust and how Sir felt that trust took time and so there were things he would not do until trust had been built.

As I shaved myself and ran my fingers over my folds to make sure they were smooth and ready for his inspection I could feel my fingers tremble. I remembered our discussions and wanted so much to please him. Over and over the razor slid over my skin until I was smooth and soft for his pleasure.

I went to my closet and pulled out the dress Sir had chosen for me. I had taken my cellphone shopping and taken pictures of myself in almost thirty different dresses. As soon as Sir had seen this dress he had halted my shopping and declared it perfect. Knowing that the dress pleased him made me feel right inside. When I could please Sir my world felt whole.

I pulled the dress off the hanger and admired it's lines once again. The top was low cut and lightly boned to make wearing a bra unnecessary. The soft black chiffon tucked in at my waist and fell to a skirt made with several layers of the same fabric which overlapped and swirled as I walked. It was cut to lay between my knee and my ass and had a handkerchief hem so the higher layers gave the impression that a scandalous bit of flesh would be revealed at any moment as I walked. Yet it never made good on that promise. Sir alone would determine who would be allowed to gaze upon the flesh hidden by the fluttering layers of skirt.

I pulled on the garter belt and clipped the silk stockings in place. The softness of the silk caressed my leg and emphasized the bareness of my pussy and ass. Sir had demanded they be left bare so that I would be accessible to him. Finally I pulled on the garter which Sir had insisted be red. As I walked the garter played peekaboo through the layers of chiffon and added to my feeling that I was laid bare and trembling and at his mercy.

On my lips I carefully drew a red line and filled it with Russian red lipstick. Sir had a fondness for bright red lips wrapped around his cock. It was one if the first things he had ever told me and I wanted to please him in all ways. My hair I left down and soft. I allowed the natural wave to float across my shoulders. My eyes were also soft and I could feel my mind quiet and my musvles soften as well. I was nervous, terrified even, at the thought that Sir would find me wanting. I pressed a hand to my breast and took a deep breath. Sir had seen what I looked like. We had talked for months and I trusted him and knew he would not harm me.

I trembled not because of my nerves and my fears. I trembled because I wanted to please him. I wanted to be what he desired and was afraid of falling short. With one last deep breath I gathered my courage and put on the black stiletto heels which completed my outfit. Not allowing myself to delay any longer I gathered my purse and headed to my car.

I remember little of the drive to the hotel. The air was cool and the wind whispered again my legs and kissed my naked pussy and ass as I walked the length of the hotel parking lot from

the spot Sir had told me to park. I could feel my anticipation ramp higher and my nerves settle as they always did when I obeyed Sir. It was likely that he would never check to make sure that I had obeyed his order that I park farthest from the door but I did not obey to avoid punishment. I obeyed because I had a bone deep desire to please Sir and if no one ever knew my obedience and desire to serve him in all ways I would know it and so the walk from my car to the doors of the hotel was a service to Sir and part of my gift to him.

I crossed the lobby to gather the key-card from the front desk clerk and saw his gaze skim my attire with a hint of speculation before he smoothed his features into a courteous mask. A blush washed over my body and colored every inch of exposed skin a delicate shade of pink. I wondered if he had caught a glimpse of the red garter but I kept my head down and did not meet his eyes. Key-card in hand I headed to the elevator and pushed the sixth floor button as I entered.

Finally I stood at the door to the room. I stared at the numbers on the door and felt my breath quicken. Anticipation had me panting in short order and I had to force myself to take deep breaths and calm myself. Passing out at the door before I even entered would not please Sir.

I entered the room quietly and heard the hiss of the shower. I looked around the dimly lit room and saw the note Sir had left on the table by the door and hurried over to read it.

Take off everything except the red garter. Go to the bathroom. I want you on your knees with your hands behind your head and waiting. Please me.

I felt my nerves recede as I quickly undressed and piled my clothing on the table. The red garter stood out in stark contrast to the pale white skin of my upper thigh and the feel of its scratchy lace combined with the gentle bite of the elastic which held it in place seemed only to emphasize the lack of clothing every else. I hurried to the bathroom and placed myself quickly in position. I got on my knees and spread my legs as wide as was comfortable and then stretched them out one inch more. My legs were splayed wide and my hands went up to my head and clasped behind. I had entered this position before through the months that Sir had instructed me and every time I entered it I felt the peace cover me like a wave. Even the hardness of the tile and the lines of grout which seemed to press into my knees at the point of contact did nothing to diminish my peace.

My breath caught as I heard the water turn off and I stared at the towel laying in front of the tub as a temporary bath mat. I heard the curtain pull back. I did not look up though it took all of my focus not to. If Sir wanted to see my eyes he would let me know. All I had to do was obey. Again I felt myself centered and reassured by that thought. I did not have to think or question or wonder. I had only to obey.

I saw Sir's feet as they hit the towel and watched as he leaned to one side to grab a towel. "Eyes up." I looked up immediately and felt my waves of peace become a tsunami which rocked me to my core. Sir was so beautiful to me. The grey at his temples seemed only to emphasize the blackness of the rest of his hair. His eyes were brown and his face held a stern expression and yet I felt my breath catch again as my eyes worshipped him. His stomach was taut with just a bit of that middle aged paunch which betrayed his age of 46. A sprinkling of dark hair scattered his pecs and trailed down to his cock. His cock made my mouth water. Sir motioned my eyes up with his hand and I started guiltily from my my lustful perusal of his body. Sir took the towel, refolded it and carefully placed it back on the towel bar and took a step closer to me.

He stood inches from me and every part of my being yearned to lean forward and close the gap but I had not been given permission to touch. I heard a whimper fly through the air between us and realized it had come from me. "Hush." I fell silent and waited for Sir to give me instruction.

Sir touched my chin and lift it higher as he took another step forward. He lifted his cock and pulled it taut to his belly exposing his balls to my hungry mouth. I wanted to open my mouth and swallow him in but I waited in stillness for his command. Every fibre of my being shrieked at the effort it took to deny myself. I felt a shudder wash through my body and my lips rocked forward of their own volition to touch his flesh. It was the minutest of touches but Sir felt the contact and I saw his face firm in disapproval. "Be still."

Time seemed to stretch forever as I knelt on the floor at his feet waiting for his command. Finally when I thought I could bear the wait no longer I felt his balls nudge forward to my mouth. "Open." My lips opened on a sigh as he pushed his balls firmly against my mouth and I sucked them gratefully. My tongue reached out to bathe his tender nut-sack and I worshipped his skin with my mouth. The softness of the skin there contrasted with the crispness of the hair with which his nuts were lightly covered. I could happily have spent an eternity suckling and nibbling at his flesh. I heard Sir begin to breathe more heavily and the thought that I was giving him pleasure made me feel tipsy. My own arousal swelled within me as I thought of bringing him pleasure. I licked and sucked and adored his balls and almost sobbed as he pulled them away from me. I wanted to lean forward and chase him as I felt him withdraw but I forced myself to remain still as the gap widened. In my stillness I felt my position as prey. I could feel Sir's perusal like a physical touch, heady and overpowering.

Sir lowered his cock from his stomach and brought it to my lips. Again I waited for instruction, though the desire to lick my lips and bring them into contact with his beautiful cock was nearly irresistible. Sir closed the gap and I felt the satin skin of his cock touch my lips. Still I waited until I heard a whisper of sound hiss, "Open." My lips parted gratefully as the heat of his cock pushed into my mouth.

On a gasp I pushed forward in my eagerness to fill my mouth with his cock and felt his hands reach up to grip my hair. My senses felt overloaded and the flash of pain as he gave a swift sharp tug of warning overwhelmed me even further. I whimpered my need. "Silence." Another sharp tug quieted me and I again waited for direction with his cock in my mouth, pressing down on my lips and tongue.

Your body is mine to use and I will decide how I want to use it. Do you understand? I tried to nod to show my understanding and was given another even sharper tug of reprimand. My eyes darted to his as I tried to understand what he wanted of me. His severe expression seemed to hit me like a physical pain. Far more cutting than the tug of my hair I felt my soul shrink at the thought that I was displeasing him. I was still under his hand and let my eyes sink into his. He nodded once and his expression eased a fraction. I felt my own inner turmoil ease in answer.

Sir began to thrust into my mouth. He held my head in place and increased his pace as his cock became slippery with my saliva. As his flesh grew slick saliva dripped down my chin and hit my breast. My entire focus was in keeping my mouth open and soft in spite of the ache beginning to gather in my jaw at the effort required to do that. With each thrust Sir pushed deeper and stretched my mouth further, deepening the ache in my jaw.

My senses felt overloaded as I tried to process the sensations assaulting me from all directions. The warm firmness of his hands on my head, the hard yet soft heat of his dick as it pressed between my lips. The stretch of my lips and jaw as I struggled to accommodate his thickness and length. Several times I gagged and each time Sir would hold me in place as I worked to accommodate his cock. Eventually I found the rhythm and was able to take Sir to the back of my throat. Each time he slammed into my throat I swallowed around him. I heard Sir's breath catch. The only outward sign that he was affected by my actions. I felt his cock swell even further and thenit began to pulse streams of cum into my mouth and onto my eager tongue. I gently lapped at his cock without moving my head. I swallowed his seed and waited silently as I felt the joy at having pleased Sir cascade over me and suffuse every cell of my body.

"Good girl." Sir said softly.

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