tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMeet The Neighbors Ch. 02

Meet The Neighbors Ch. 02


Having been discovered by his neighbor Kevin is now posing as Kelly. Linda and Gary the couple next door have been very friendly and have invited Kelly to stay to dinner…

Linda gave Kelly no time to refuse, providing her with a bunch of little chores in the kitchen. Obediently Kelly got on with then and was taken by surprise when the doorbell chimed.

‘Oh Linda, I can’t do this. I’ve gotta go.’

‘Don’t worry Kelly, you’ll be fine. You are a natural. You’ve got the walk, you’ve got some very feminine gestures and best of all you actually sound better as a girl. It’ll be a great evening, trust me.’

At dinner Kelly was sat next to Jack and it soon became clear he had absolutely no idea. He flirted, he flattered and he even touched! As Kelly helped Linda with the dishes Jack took the chance to dish out a pat on the bum!

‘Did you see that Linda!’

‘I did Kelly. I told you that you’d make a bit hit!’

For a while after the meal Kelly and Linda chatted together while Gary and Jack talked business in the den. Linda was very good at making Kelly feel at ease and relax. When the men returned the conversation centred on the business and Kelly drifted off, lost in thought. Here he was all feminised, treated like a girl and even being hit on by a guy; and what’s more he liked it! Sure, in the Internet chat rooms for cross-dressers that he used he had been known to indulge in some quite flirty chat, but his acceptance of the attention surprised him. Then he realised everyone was looking at him. A bit flustered he wondered if he had given the game away somehow.

‘That sounds like a good idea doesn’t it Kelly?’ prompted Linda

‘Yes, sure’ replied Kelly, hoping it was the right answer.

‘You play tennis don’t you?’

‘Um, yes.’

‘That’s settled then’ said Jack, ‘we’ll make up a four over at my place on the 17th and then dinner after, my treat. Well I gotta dash. A delightful dinner as always Linda,’ (he gave a peck on the cheek) ‘I like your ideas Gary, well meet to thrash them out next week.’ (Gary received a firm handshake.) ‘And Kelly, I am delighted to meet such a charming young lady!’ As he said this he gave Kelly a kiss on the cheek and a small hug.

‘Well Kelly how does it feel to be such a big hit?’ asked Linda

‘Wow! This has been such fun, after all the years of dressing in secret at home, I feel so happy! Just one thing. Tennis?’

Linda explained that Jack had a big house in a very posh suburb of the city, complete with tennis court and pool. ‘We’ve been before, you’re gonna love it.’

‘Tennis; like this? Oh boy!’

‘Oh girl you mean!’

Linda and Kelly giggle and hugged. As the hug went on it turned into a more passionate embrace; painted lips met and kissed. And kissed. They were still kissing when Gary returned.

He took a quick look and then moved over to the kissing couple. Suddenly Kelly was aware that the hands that were caressing her belonged to both Linda and Gary. It felt so right so Kelly didn’t protest, but responded to the caressing hands with moans of pleasure. Sensing the unspoken agreement of their guest, the married couple upped the pace, leading Kelly over to the couch. There Linda deftly removed the dress and gently laid Kelly on the couch. Smoothly she slid down Kelly’s pantyhose and panties, freeing a bulging cock. In spite of the cock in her hand Linda still treated Kelly as a girl.

‘Ok Kelly, honey, I want you to copy everything I do to you.’

A moment’s confusion over what Linda meant was erased when Gary knelt astride Kelly, holding out his own huge cock.

‘Here you are Kelly’ he said.

There was no point panicking; there was no chance of escape, so Kelly knew that obedience was the best bet.

‘First I want you to gently squeeze the balls like this.’ Linda’s actions matched her words. Kelly’s cock began to respond to the touch. ‘Then you run your finger along the cock from the base to the tip like this’ continued Linda.

Clumsily Kelly copied turned on as much by the feel of Gary’s cock in her hand as by the sensations from Linda’s touch.

‘Mmm that feels so good’ encouraged Gary.

As if linked the two girls pulled the foreskins back, ran a finger by the tip and then, prompted by Linda, sucked the pre-cum from their fingers. Kelly had never tasted it before and was pleased not to find it disgusting.

‘It’s time for your first taste of cock, Kelly’ instructed Linda.

‘Oh yes Kelly, baby, lick me and suck me please’ urged Gary.

Guiding Gary’s cock towards her mouth and pulling the foreskin back, Kelly copied the licking and sucking motions of Linda. The twin sensation of licking and being licked; sucking and being sucked pushed Kelly to the edge. As she gasped, opening her mouth Gary took the chance to slide his cock in deeper, making Kelly gag slightly.

Sensing that Kelly was about to cum, Linda eased the cock from her mouth and allowed cum to spurt all over Kelly’s own tummy. Meanwhile Gary had his hand on the back of Kelly’s head, so there was no doubt he would shoot his load into the virgin territory of Kelly’s mouth.

Kelly coughed as cum hit the back of her throat, but urged on by Linda and Gary she managed to swallow and then carry on sucking and licking for more.

Later Kevin was back in his male clothes and his own house. He thought how Linda had helped him clean up and get the make up off. She had been very enthusiastic telling Kevin what a great girl he had made, what a natural he was and what great friends they were going to be.

Kevin was slightly stunned. He had had his cock sucked; a very male activity. Yet simultaneously he had followed Linda’s instructions and sucked Gary’s cock, just like a girl! He recalled the sensation of vulnerability and powerlessness; was this a place to which he should return?

To be continued…

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