tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMeeting Lindsay Lohan Ch. 02

Meeting Lindsay Lohan Ch. 02


In Chapter One, my slave emmy and I met Lindsay Lohan in New York City, on her 18th birthday. She had just been dumped by her boyfriend Wilmer Balderrama, and our kindness led her to spend the day with us... a day that ended with my taking Lindsay's virginity. After her orgasm, emmy, now nude, crawled onto the bed with us.

I smiled as I saw my slave crawl into bed with us. I knew she had been watching us, and I could sense her wetness from here. Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, was surprised to see emmy's nude body. She shrank against the headboard, frightened.

"Why... what... when?" Lindsay stammered. emmy just smiled, and without a word, took My cock into her mouth, licking it clean.

"It's all right, Lindsay," I said. "emmy knows that I want My cock cleaned after sex. she is only doing what she has been trained to do."

All the while, emmy's mouth was working up and down My shaft, sucking it, licking it with her tongue, cleaning it of all the cream left from Lindsay's first sexual experience.

Despite her fears, Lindsay's eyes were glued on emmy's mouth. While Lindsay's earlier blow job was fine, emmy was an expert. emmy had taken her mouth off My cock, and her tongue was licking all around My balls. Despite my orgasm minutes earlier, I was naturally responding to what emmy was up to.

emmy looked up lustfully. She had been watching Me make Lindsay a woman and had been masturbating through the entire scene. However, she had not cum herself, since I had not given her permission. she was hot and horny and needy.

I told emmy to crawl farther up the bed. she did as ordered, and got on her hands and knees, close to Lindsey. I got behind her, and in one swift motion, buried Myself deep into emmy's pussy.

emmy moaned and started bucking against Me. I took slow steady thrusts into her, all the while keeping My eyes glued onto Lindsay. She had obviously never seen a couple make love before. Her eyes darted from emmy's face, to her swaying breasts, to our coupled groins, and up to My face. Her hands traveled down her body, and My starlet started masturbating herself, unable to help herself.

I could feel emmy's body language change, and I knew she was close to cumming. Lindsay was getting close herself, but I sensed she needed help. "emmy," I groaned through My cock's stroking. "Lick!" emmy moaned louder, lowered her mouth and started licking Lindsay's pussy around Lindsay's fingers.

Lindsay, too far gone in her own lust, gave in to the moment and moved her hand. The woman who moments before had been fearful as emmy approached us nude now greedily accepted emmy's tongue deep inside her. emmy's tongue drove deeper into Lindsay's pussy with every deep thrust of My cock into emmy's puss.

I whispered one word to emmy... "Enchanted." At the mention of her keyword, emmy released her pent-up emotions and came hard. Her pussy squeezed My cock and flowed her personal juices all over Me. Her deep moans filled Lindsay's pussy alongside her tongue.

Lindsay's orgasm hit when emmy's moans started. She bucked up, and gave emmy her 18-year-old pussy juices, flooding emmy's face, causing emmy to moan louder.

Despite the sights and smells of the double orgasm, I was able to hold off My own release. Having cum only minutes before, the lack of orgasm did not bother Me much. I knew My next release would be even hotter, and I had it all planned now. I pulled My cock from emmy, and spoke.

"Lindsay, do you want to still pleasure Me?" I asked.

"Oh yes, please," came her breathless reply.

"You watched emmy clean My cock. Your turn to clean Me up. Ask emmy for any help you need."

Lindsay jumped at the chance to taste cum on cock. She swallowed My cock whole, sucking and licking. emmy lay back, waiting for any orders she might be given.

Lindsay licked and licked. She removed her mouth from My cock, and licked My balls. Finally, she looked up at Me. "Are you satisfied?" she asked.

"For now, girl." But My mind was churning.

We spent the next hour cuddling together and talking. I explained my exact relationship with emmy to Lindsay.

"I am her owner," I started. "I first met her online, then met her in real life. she willingly submitted to Me online, and when we met together, realized she wanted to serve Me forever. We have been a couple for a few years now. I was emmy's first man, and Mine is the only cock to ever penetrate her.

"We are a BDSM couple, but we are not too hardcore," I continued. "We use handcuffs, and spankings, and occasionally have rough sex, but we have never gotten into the harder-core actions, such as Torture Racks, Whippings, Blood play, asphyxiation, and other strong punishment acts. we've also never gotten into Golden Showers or Brown Showers. emmy is much more of a personal and sex slave than a toilet."

"What do you think of all this, emmy?" Lindsay said, her curiosity aroused.

A small nod gave emmy permission to answer.

"girl loves her Master," said emmy in her soft loving voice. "He is this one's world. I have loved Him for so long now. He cares for me, He fulfills Me. Even in our darkest moment," a soft sigh of remembrance broke emmy's speech before she went on. "Anyway, even in our darkest time, He was my strength, keeping me sane and centered as the police questioned us."

"What are you talking about?" said Lindsay, creeping closer to emmy.

"Um... we were detained by the US Border Patrol after going into Canada to look at Niagara Falls," she said. "My parents didn't know we were going away together, and called the police reporting me as missing."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Lindsay cried, throwing her arms around emmy and holding her as tears formed in emmy's eyes. The tears rolled out unbidden as emmy's memories flowed, and Lindsay rocked My girl gently as she worked through her emotions. As the tears subsided, Lindsay leaned down and kissed emmy's cheeks, wiping away the tears.

emmy responded by pulling Lindsay closer and kissing her full on the mouth. Lindsay responded to the kiss, and I saw tongues flaring between their mouths. emmy's hands cupped Lindsay's full breasts, and emmy's bigger breasts were soon lifted in a like manner by Lindsay. Their kiss deepened as their hands explored each other's breasts.

I watched in fascination as Lindsay broke the kiss and tasted emmy's breasts. A loud moan issued from emmy's mouth, because her breasts are VERY sensitive. emmy has orgasmed before just from My mouth on her breasts, and she was responding similarly to Lindsay's mouth. Lindsay licked all around emmy's dark aureoles, and emmy's body responded by causing the aureoles to darken even more, and her pussy started issuing her special juices.

Our starlet hostess moved to emmy's other breast, and emmy moaned a deeper tone, clearly closing in on her orgasm. I wanted in on this action, so I dove My face between Lindsay's legs. Ms. Lohan was lying on her stomach now, licking all over emmy, who was on her back. My tongue started on Lindsay's clit, and started licking upwards, over her pussy and all across her perineum.

Lindsay, lost in her own ministrations, suddenly felt her ass cheeks spreading, and My tongue dive on her puckered asshole. In her shock, she bit down on emmy's right breast. That moment of pain drove emmy over the edge, and she came, screaming and flowing in joy and ecstasy.

I licked at Lindsay's tight ass, getting it wetter and wetter. emmy, having recovered her senses, shifted positions, crawling under Lindsay, who rose on her hands and knees, then lowered herself as she and emmy fell into a sweet 69 with Lindsay on top. Lindsay, after a few initial tentative licks at emmy's wet pussy, dove in like a champ after emmy's thrusting finger drove inside Lindsay and found her G-spot. Lindsay's squeals of delight were buried inside emmy's cunt walls.

I raised up, positioned, then slid My cock back into Lindsay's pussy, fighting for space in there with emmy's finger. My slave's nail raked at My cock's skin, as I pumped into Lindsay, getting My cock wet. After a few strokes I felt I had achieved My goal, and pulled out. I was determined to devirginize Lindsay in every possible way. Since I had fucked her mouth and her pussy, and she was now chewing on My girl's pussy, only one spot remained, I thought. With a slow deliberate pressure, I slid My wet cock deep into Lindsay's tight asshole.

I released a monster with that move. The deeper I pushed, the louder Lindsay screamed. And no, they were not shrieks of fear either. Without removing her mouth from emmy's pussy, I could still hear quite clearly "YES!! FUCK MY ASS!!" I determined to oblige, pulling My cock nearly out, then shoving harder and a bit faster into her anus. I started a steady rhythm, one that sped up with every stroke.

emmy, meanwhile, was getting the best of both worlds. While licking the starlet's pussy, and fingerfucking her too, she also got a chance to suck on My balls as they swung close to her face. She snagged My balls on occasion, sucking through three or four strokes of My cock, then slid her tongue and mouth back into Lindsay's ever-increasing wetness.

Lindsay, not surprisingly, came first. I drove My cock into her ass until My groin slapped her ass, and she let go, crying in joy and lust as her orgasm overtook her. emmy's grateful tongue slurped up as much of the orgasm as it could, but cum leaked all around emmy's mouth.

Like a chain reaction, emmy's orgasm came next. Lindsey had located emmy's G-spot, and the combination of two fingers deep in emmy's pussy, a tongue on her clit, and one of My hands pulling on emmy's nipple sent My slave over the top. she could contain herself no longer, and squirted her orgasm over Lindsay's face, soaking her in cum juices.

As emmy came, I raised My hand and slapped Linday's ass... HARD!. A second slap on the other cheek proved that our sexy celebrity was multi-orgasmic, as she received two rousing orgasms, one on top of the other, the second more powerful than the first.

I could hold back no longer. I came again, filling Lindsay's ass with My first two shots of semen, then pulling out and giving emmy a cum facial with My remaining sperm. emmy came again as the woman over her shuddered and I shot My load.

Spent, we collapsed together on the bed. Lindsay was the first to revive, and she dove for My cock before emmy could get to it. She licked all over the balls and shaft, cleaning me almost as good as emmy does. emmy and I looked on in surprise. Surprise turned to delight when Lindsay spoke.

"Please, will you teach me to be a good slave for you," she said...

Lindsay ended her sentence with a single word that got Me going again... "Master!"

To Be Continued...

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