tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 02

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 02


Lisa was Chinese like her friend Mei. There circumstances were so alike that when they first met they had become fast friends. Both their parents had emigrated from China and started small businesses selling primary products. They had worked hard and created successful lives in their adopted homeland. Mei had kept her Chinese name because it was easy to pronounce. Lisa had anglicized hers for the opposite reason. Thirteen years after their parents immigrated they were thoroughly integrated into the local culture. While both recognised the sacrifice there parents had made moving half way around the world for a better life Lisa in particular felt totally over working the register in their produce shop. She wanted time to spend with her friends and was starting to resent a life that revolved around school and work.

Lisa loved talking about boys with Mei. They both were seriously in lust with the idea of white boys and their cocks. Lisa had no doubts Mei would find a nice boy to fuck. She was so pretty and her mum was much more open than Lisa's parents. Even though she had a European name her family was so much more conservative. No way would her Dad let her date a white boy. Lisa still tried to be the dutiful Chinese daughter. Her grades were excellent and she worked hard but she craved excitement and desperately wanted something more in her life.

Nothing illustrated the difference between the two friends more than when Mei told her about the man in her shop with the stiffy. Lisa was sure she had felt the gaze of men watch her before but was too scared to look back. She never made eye contact with customers and was too shy to try even after Mei's story. Knowing she would be mortally embarrassed if anyone noticed her eyeing up some middle aged white guy like Mei had. Frustratingly the shame she felt was because of another friend. Rachel was both her and Mei's other best friend. Blonde with freckles, glasses like Lisa. Rachel was slightly chubby but with a pretty face and big tits that had already made a couple of boys take notice. The first of the geek girls as Mei called their group to have boyfriend.

However it was her Dad that caused Lisa problems. She just went to pieces around him. The only part of her body that seemed to function around him was between her legs. Speech, higher brain function, muscle coordination and breathing all seemed to fail at the sight of him. Only her thumping heart and the burning ache in her pussy reminded. Lisa was terrified someone would notice how bad she wanted him. Her shameful secret that she didn't even share with Mei.

In fact both the girls didn't share as much with each other as they claimed. Mei loved to talk dirty. Talking about boys and cocks enflamed her and more often than not sent her of looking for some alone time after her conversations with Lisa and Rachel. She would often make an excuse to leave early if a really Horney subject had come up. Mei despite her outwardly open manner would have been extremely embarrassed if her friends new she was dissing them to go and fuck herself silly on the loo. Assuming it was the same for her friends she would have been shocked to know Lisa was too scared of being caught to even try touching herself down there.

Mei had no idea of her friends longing and frustration. Lisa was a cum bomb just waiting for the right trigger.

Mei lay in bed completely oblivious to how conflicted her friend was. The doctor had made her stay in bed for another 24 hours to ensure she was totally over the concussion and she was jumping out of her skin. Every time she dozed off the most wonderfully horny dreams filled her subconscious. Dirty slutty dreams that had her waking up flushed and aching. Inevitably she ended up frigging herself to climax. The cums were satisfying and eased the desire between her legs. However she was longing for the feelings that the creature had generated. She hadn't figured out a way to properly play with her bum although a finger slipped into her back hole had become mandatory when she masturbated. It made her cum harder but she now found she longed for the creature to fuck her there again. Her bum twitched and her pussy flooded when she remembered her violation.

Mei was rubbing herself again when Lisa turned up to see her. Frustrated she couldn't finish herself off due to the interruption she realised she was due to meet Lisa at the bakery before the doctor had intervened. Once again her pussy trembled as she realised that the intensity she was feeling when she was masturbating hadn't died off. It was like she had paused her pussy as she had quickly removed her fingers when Lisa had surprised her. Praying that Lisa didn't notice how aroused she was it took all her self control not to cum when her friend jumped up on the bed and hugged her. Pressing her breasts hard against Mei's rock hard nipples. As she withdrew Mei bit her lip and fought hard to regain her composure. Despite never being that attracted to girls the mental image of her friend being ravished by the creature drove her wild. Looking at Lisa she realised how sexy she was. Her friend was an Asian wet dream from her glasses to her knee socks. Cute face, slim almost skinny body and the tightest arse. Mei realised she was becoming kind of obsessed with bottoms and it didn't help when Lisa slithered of the bed and then bent over as she realised she had rushed into the house without taking her shoes off. Mei was transfixed as her eyes tracked Lisa's thin legs up the curve of her thigh and fantasised about watching her bare bum penetrated as Lisa squirmed and squealed with pleasure.

Lisa thought Mei looked surprisingly good after her accident. She was so worried when she had thrown her arms around her friend as soon as she saw her. Turning around after taking her shoes off she realised Mei was practically glowing. She looked so healthy and happy Lisa was intrigued by Mei's earlier text.

My god Mei you look like the cat that got the cream. Kind of cryptic text girlfriend. What's so cool?

Lisa waited as a smile beamed across Mei's face.

Cat that got the cream. You are so going to think back to this moment and laugh. Yeah chick I did get the cream and I'm taking you to the creamery.

Mei's tone grew serious. Lise I need you to trust me. I didn't have an accident I found something amazing. It is scary at first but I promise you will love it so much.

Lisa looked at her friend and realised she was buzzing. Oh my god Mei it's not drugs.

The shocked look on Mei's face made Lisa immediately ashamed.

No babe it's not drugs. You know I would never. Look I can tell you but you'll think I'm crazy. Trust me I'm not crazy it's something you have to experience. Tomorrow everything will make sense.

Lisa felt bad; she knew Mei would never let her down. Ok you know I trust you. Laters then.

Lisa left Mei to her beauty sleep. Not that she needed it. Whatever her friend had found it certainly had an effect she had never seen Mei looking better. Lisa was still thinking this as she stopped and went back to the bedroom to get her forgotten shoes. She realised how wrong she was as she quietly opened the door. Mei was lying naked on the top of the bedclothes her hands between her thighs moaning softly. Lisa was transfixed as she watched her Mei roll over and pushing her bum into the air she started running her finger along her crack. She could tell from the ecstatic look on Mei's face that her friend was totally getting off on touching her arse. By the time Mei slid a finger into her butt hole Lisa had already slid her hand into the top of her cut of jeans and was frigging herself like crazy.

Omg this feels so goood. Mei you naughty dirty slut. Lisa was enraptured. She felt her own orgasm building fast and she nearly fell through the door as came for the first time in her life. Regaining her composure she quickly retreated down the hallway and left Mei house with her head spinning and a wonderful horny ache between her legs.

Lisa knew she could hard wait until tomorrow to find out what Mei had found that had made her so naughty.

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