tagNonHumanMiley and the Alpha Ch. 02

Miley and the Alpha Ch. 02


I want to thank everyone who has read the first chapter to this series. I got some feed backs of encouragement and praise and it really surprised me and made me happy that other people liked what I had written. Thank you so much. I also want to point out that I am open to ideas on the story line. I also want to give thanks to my editor Resapoo, she did a great job in making the story flow.


For the first time in Dante's life, he couldn't think. Here he stood with a young girl, who barely reached his chest (newly turned, 18, and still in high school), and a very angry father. As the alpha of a pack, he was born to lead. For the first time in 137 years, he was dumbfounded on how to proceed. On an angry scale of 1-10, Dante would say the father was a 4. However, when Miley's father found out what Dante had done to her, the rating of a 4 would shoot well pass 10. Dante was still contemplating a way to proceed, when Miley spoke.

After composing herself, Miley spoke calmly:

"Dad, this is Dante. Dante, this is my father, Nico Lombardi. Dante is the alpha of the pack of werewolves here. He came to see why I entered his territory without permission. He didn't know that I was new, but we talked and settled everything. Now he's leaving. Good bye Dante."

Dante listened and was quiet taken with how she skimmed over things without divulging what happened between them. The only problem was that they hadn't talked, nothing was settled, and this situation was far from over. Dante looked down at her and saw how tired she appeared. She was worn out, and he felt bad for being the cause of her condition. Looking at her father, Dante said: "It's nice to meet you Mr. Lombardi. As Miley just said, I am on my way out. Have a good night."

Gently taking hold of Miley's hand, Dante walked to the front door. "We have things we need to discuss, Miley." Miley turned to him, anger blazing in her eyes, now storm gray.

"We have nothing to discuss. I don't want to learn your ways. I don't want to be a part of your pack or a part of anything that condones the type behavior you have shown towards me. Get out and stay out. Don't ever come around me again, or so help me, I'll shoot you."

With those words, she turned away, leaving him and his six men outside and slammed the door shut.

"Werewolves, alpha, what? What the hell is going on Miley?" From his facial expression, Miley could tell that he was still trying to understand that they were other werewolves, and they were just in his house.

"Dad, just think about what I said. I don't want to talk right now." Miley started up the stairs to her room.

"Miley, what happened? If you won't tell me what happened, at least tell me if he hurt you. Are you ok?" Her father was very concerned and starting to get angry, but Miley just didn't want to talk.

"No, I'm not hurt. I'm ok and on my way to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

Back home, Dante was smiling. Miley had spirit and could match his passion from kiss to mind-blowing kiss. She took his breath away. All he and his wolf could think about was making her theirs. Pacing back and forth, Dante considered the situation. How can he mate with her, she's only eighteen? Granted that she is of legal age to marry in human society, she is not of legal age to mate in the pack. Mating is more binding than any law on record. Because of this, the minimum age for a werewolf to mate is twenty-one.

What was he going to do? He may be the alpha, but as a good leader, he followed the same rules that his people did. After thinking for a bit, he came to a decision: he would wait three years before he could mate with her. However, he could still make love to her as they wished. Dante wondered what he could do to appease his wolf and ease his possessiveness over Miley. If he married her under human law, would his wolf's possessiveness ease until they could make her permanently and forever theirs? Most, if not all, of the pack members are married under human law, as it helped to keep up appearances. Dante smiled at the thought of making her his. He couldn't wait, but first things first. He needed to take himself off the market. He needed to speak with Tracey, his, now former, woman friend.

Dante always knew that Tracey was expecting to mate with him and become the alpha bitch. He often thought about mating with her and making her the alpha bitch, but something always held him back. Lately, he had been thinking that he didn't have a soul mate out there; that he missed her. He wanted kids. The pack needed heirs. He needed a mate. The alpha needed a mate. But he hadn't missed his soul mate. He has found her and he will mate with her in every sense of the word.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Tracey. She answered with a sultry voice, "I wondered when you would be calling. When would you like to come over?"

With an authoritative voice, Dante replied, "I just wanted to call and tell you that I will no longer be seeing you or anyone else. EVER. Make sure that you pass that little tidbit along to the rest of the females. I have found the person to whom I'll be mated."

Tracey was floored! He had other women, but she was the one to whom he came back. She was his main woman! Tracey had been expecting for him to eventually mate with her. She was supposed to be the ALPHA BITCH. In a restrained voice, Tracey asked, "What's her name?"

"Her name's Miley Lombardi. Good bye Tracey."

Fuming as he hung up on her, Tracy made a vow: "Miley Lombardi, you may mate with Dante, but you will not be alpha bitch or the only woman he takes to his bed."

Although it was two months ago, Miley's encounter with the alpha felt like it was yesterday. Since that time, Miley tried to focus on her new life in a new town. School was fine, and, although the students were friendly, some boys were overly polite and acted strangely when encountering her. The boys would apologize if they slightly touched or bumped her, but the apologies would be repeated three times before they went separate ways. The girls that associated with those guys often stared at her with jealousy, envy, or awe. Miley soon learned to avoid associating with them.

Miley's cousin, Beth, introduced her to her friends and they all had grown close to one another. Every Friday, the five of them have lunch after school at the café up the road from the school. This Friday, however, was different. When they walked into the café, her stomach got a little queasy. Beth noticed the sickly look on Miley's face and ushered her to a table. "Are you feeling well Miley?" Miley took a deep breath and forced a smile. "I'm fine, lets order."

The waitress took their orders and, not long afterwards, their food arrived. Amber started out the conversation that the group would be engrossed in through lunch. "So, the school's dance is coming up soon. I am so excited. I have no clue what to wear," Amber said.

Megan was just bursting with excitement. "I think we should all go shopping this weekend for dresses. Then we can decide on who to go with and color coordinate accordingly. What do ya'll think?"

"That would be fine. I got no plans," Miley said. She was just trying to limit my talking. She felt strangely nauseous and hadn't touched her food, and drank only half her glass of water.

Beth had noticed Miley not touching her food but didn't say anything about it. Miley knew she would check up on her later. "We could go Sunday. Don't tell me you guys forgot about tomorrow?" Jane piped in, "oh yeah, tomorrow is the town's carnival. That's going to be loads of fun!"

"Indeed it will be."

The deep voice startled them all, with each of them nearly flying out of their chairs. Once Miley saw who actually spoke, she wished she had flown out of her seat; flown far away from him. The other girls looked up at him in recognition and surprise; a look you would give someone who is very well known, important and mysterious.

Nodding in acknowledgement to the girls, Dante turned his full attention to Miley. "Miley and I need to leave, if you all would excuse us?" He held his hand out for her. Miley looked up at him like he was crazy. She wasn't going anywhere with him. "Sorry Dante, but I'm busy at the moment, maybe another time?" She turned away from him and thought he would take the hint. No such luck.

Still smiling, he grabbed her hand and leaned down so that his lips faintly brushed her earlobes. "Don't make a scene. Get up and come with me, now." He pulled her hand up and her feet followed the action. They left the café and headed towards the town's park. Dante still held her hand, as if they were a couple. When she tried to release his hand, he tightened his grip more.

As they walked down the street, many towns' people snuck glances and some gawked at them. Miley had to admit that it wasn't a very pleasant feeling. She had never liked to be highlighted. She was perfectly fine with just being herself; not worrying who's dating whom, possessing the latest fashions and accessories, and all that stuff.

Feeling herself patience waning, Miley spoke: "You know what? You're a bully and an asshole. I had thought that I would never have to see you again after our first meeting two months ago. It's a shame that that isn't the case." When he didn't respond, she went further. "Are you even going to talk to me or just hold my hand and pull me along?"

He stopped abruptly on the sidewalk and yanked her back to him. When she was now facing him, he pulled her against his body, cupped her face with his free hand and took her lips with his. This kiss was even more intense than the last one they had shared. Colors swam in her eyes, her toes tingled, and her insides started to warm. Miley felt herself growing lightheaded. Everything melted away and then returned when he lifted his head from hers.

"I want to wait until we have reached the park to talk." He gave her a quick kiss and resumed walking. She kept my eyes down the rest of the way to the park. Miley didn't want to see who all saw that kiss, her face was red from embarrassment and passion of the kiss.

Miley had never been kissed like the way Dante has kissed her. She occasionally had boyfriends, but the only thing they did was kiss, and the kisses didn't even come close to what she experience when Dante kisses her.

"Don't do that," Dante said with a growl.

"Do what? I haven't done or said anything but walk."

"The expression on your face is driving me wild with need. Whatever you're thinking about, stop, or I won't be able to stop myself from throwing you up against one of these buildings and making love to you." He groaned at the image that his words made. His words made her blush harder and it was with enormous willpower that he didn't do just what his said he would do.

Miley couldn't help but blush. His words created an image in her mind, and surprisingly, it showed just what she wanted him to do. Taking a deep breath, she gathered her thoughts and tried not to think about anything that involved Dante.

They made it to the park and sat down on a bench that faced the river. For a while, they just sat and stared as the ducks quacked and drifted on top of the water. Dante was the first to speak. "I'm sorry about our first meeting and I want us to start over." His voice was gentle and Miley could tell that he meant what he said.

"I don't want to start over. I just want you to go away and let me be." After all that he had put her through, it surprised her that she didn't want to hurt his feelings. Call her naïve, but how would she go about breaking up with a guy who she hadn't actually dated, but liked, but had to break up with because, she thought, he is no good for her?

"Miley," he said. "Listen to me. You may not understand, but I have to explain why us not being together is not an option. It is believed that every Were has a mate, and that mate is their second half, like a soul mate. Mates are drawn to another and their wolves are restless for one another once they find their other half. I will never be happy without you and you will never be happy without me. You can fight it, but why would you want to when you have met that one person who was made for you? I've waited 137 years for you. I had nearly given up on ever finding you, until two months ago."

"If I'm your soul mate, then how could you have choked me until I couldn't breathe, or raped me?" The little girl in her, the child that once believed in happily-ever-after, wanted to believe him, but the grown up Miley wanted to use logic; things like this didn't happen. This was the real world and there are no happy endings.

"Miley, please. I was blind to what was in front of me. When I first saw you, I wanted to do nothing but lay you down and stake my claim. However, I wasn't there to sate my lust; I was there to protect my people from a possible danger. I hadn't realized who you were to me until I couldn't stop myself from making love to you. I took you up stairs to scare you, but when your towel fell off, it was game over. I couldn't have stopped myself if there was an attack on the house. I just had to have you."

He took her face in his hands and kissed her. Her mind went blank and the next thing she knew, she had straddled his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and was kissing him back. Nothing mattered to her except than getting as close to him as possible. His hands roamed her back and pressed her hips down to grind on his member.

A smell had her jumping off his lap and running to the nearest trash can. She didn't make it that far, dropping to her knees on the grass, and letting lose the contents of her stomach.

Dante was stunned by the shift of actions. He registered a kid eating a hot dog clear across the park and Miley retching. Rushing to her side, he held her hair back and rubbed her back slowly. With concern in his voice, he asked, "Miley, are you sick?"

"Not in the usual sense," Miley said, taking a gulp of air, "at odd times of the day I'd get nauseous, but this is the first time I've actually thrown up."

"How long have you been like this?"

"Two days I think. Why?" She looked up at him and saw concern in his eyes.

"Impossible," was all he said. His lips started to lift into a smile.

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