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Mind in the Gutter


The lights are dim, a gray haze drifts above despite Nazi like no smoking laws. I hold you close to me protectively.

I look around at the other couples. I watch them going through the motions together in dances of grace, or lack there of.

I've come to live for these nights together. I caress you through the tight leather encasing your curvacious form. I grin to myself as I feel myself harden a little.

Slowly I pull down the zipper to expose you.

"My god how beautiful you are." I whisper.

I look around to see if anyone is watching. I know it excites you to be in public places like this.

No one is watching, except Ted. I look at the rented thing hanging on his arm like a leach. Gaudy, trashy and cheep. Just the way he likes. Showing signs of heavy use he will discard her quickly before the night is out.

I slide a hand softly across your smooth skin. The exotic color again causes a thrill in my spine. I slip first one finger and then a second into your holes. You almost cling to me, perfectly, like you were made just for my use.

I remember when I first found you.

Discarded. Abandoned. Misused.

I took you someplace safe, got you cleaned up. I think it was your beautiful round curves that first caught my eyes. How your skin shown in the light. A color I had never tried before let an air of the taboo about you.

Then there was our first night together. It was perfect. How you shown under the glittering light, how well we moved together after the first hesitant steps. You gave me every thing I could ask for.

I've never been so lucky as that night.

I filled all you holes exactly right. My god how beautifully you responded to my touch. Slipping free only to be caught and quickly used again.

I look over at Ted. I hear him bragging to himself. It must be to himself since I'm not listening to him. You're my only focus as I pull you to me. Unseen I place a soft kiss upon you. I tuck you in tight as I slip a third finger into you. You settle perfectly onto my hand. I feel myself harden almost painfully. It pushes against my zipper threatening release.

I caress your delicate curves. I feel my breathing quicken.

My time is close. I can tell you're excited as well.

God if my wife only knew. At first I could tell you didn't like the lies I told my wife to let me be with you, but now? I know it kind of excites you to be there for me when I have need of you.

Ted's rambling on now. Talking about himself, how well he managed to score the other night. He's ignoring his rented toy till he's ready to put it to use. That's typical of him.

Not like me. I spent hours getting ready to be with you tonight. I dress just right for the night out together. I want to be as perfect for you as you are for me.

My breath and heart rate quicken as we move together again. I want it so much to be like our first night together. I have tried so hard to get that to reoccur, but it always seems to be just at the edge of impossible to achieve.

You move a little. My fingers feel your soft embrace around them as I have them buried deep inside you.

I move to quick.


I feel you slip from my fingers. I watch you move away knowing I've not done my best yet again.

"Wow, John. Seven-Ten split. That will be tough to pick up."

I warm my fingers as I watch you returning to me. They slip into you easily now and again I feel the tight warmth of you.

Perfectly I move this time.

I watch you react to this as a thing of beauty.

One pin falls knocking down the other in an impossible shot.

"Damn!" I look around to Ted. Him with his rented ball. " Your game is defiantly improved John."

I pick you up as you come back to me.

This may not be as perfect as the first night, but I know this one is going to be nearly as good.

"So John what did you tell you wife this time? I don't know why you lie to her. Mine never cares if I go bowling."

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