tagInterracial LoveMine! Ch. 02

Mine! Ch. 02


*Here's the second chapter and I'm telling you guys this right now, it is five pages on word doc and I'm hoping it will be more than one page, so it doesn't seem so short. Anyways, I hope you guys like it and please keep the feedback less brutal. I get I have spelling mistakes and some errors, but I'M DOING THIS FOR FUN. I'm not sending this out to an editor for a book lol. Ta ta for now. Thanks to all those who have read everything of mine, hopefully you guys can see I have grown in my writing. Thanks for the emails and positive messages.

Chyna Marie*

Three years later...

As I looked into the mirror at the local BDSM club, Lively, I couldn't help, but notice the changes I have made in over three years. I allowed my dark auburn hair to grow out towards the middle of my back, loving the feel of it on my skin or in the grip of a lover, especially in the hands of a lover. I joined a fitness club and became tone which, thankfully, highlighted my light mocha skin tone and my grey eyes.

I've, literally, changed since I've left my hometown three years ago. I had too, especially since my father basically told me Blake had the whole Calvary out looking for me. It was just my luck that my mother happened to own a little cottage in the beautiful place of France and vowed to keep silent. She knew I had to move on with my life, but being a mother, she warned me to never be naïve enough to think a dominant man, like Blake, would just lie down and accept his fate. Well three years have passed and I guess the dog finally decided to give up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm disappointed, but I made the decision to cover my trail, use cash instead of credit, dyed my hair, lost twenty pounds, and happen to pick up a French accent, that was a hit with all the male attention I was getting. My life was turning out to be perfect, the only ones I trusted with my location was my mother and Michael of all people.

Michael was the first one to find out since he heard my mother screaming about how Blake would find me in France and yadda, yadda... He vowed to keep my secret on two conditions. One, I helped him, when the time was right, to get my cousin drunk enough to admit her true feelings for Michael in his presence, of course. Two, he couldn't wait to tell me, 'I told you so'. I was fine with it, knowing that those words would never pass those Italian lips of his.

The sound of my phone ringing, threw me from my thoughts. I reached into my purse and checked the I.D. The caller was unknown, but it could easily have been Michael.

"Bonjour," I said running a hand through my hair, before I walked out of the bathroom. A deep dangerous chuckle filled the line and it seemed as if time had stop. It couldn't be!

"You thought I forgot about you, il mio amore?" I gasped at the words, il mio amore. My love? His nickname for me since I could remember, a nickname I use to live to hear, but they became a ghost of the past, just like the man who said it.

"How did you get this number, Blake?" I asked, quickly walking towards the exit, making sure my eyes were casted down as I past well known Dom's, who had taken up interest for me. It was just like Blake to interrupt my playtime. That bastard!

"You don't have to worry about that, il mio amore. With a little persuasion, money, and being Joe Mitanni's son, I can get anything I want. I thought you knew that, especially being the daughter of his right hand man?"

"Don't remind me." I groaned, throwing on my coat. I gave a quick smile to Jack, the doorman, before the winter air surrounded my body in a bitter blanket.

"Well I do have to remind you, Bailey. Have you forgotten that both of our fathers have enemies?" I rolled my eyes.

"With the business they're in, I wouldn't doubt it, Blake."

"Is insanity your new and improved state if mind? Or have you hit your head?" I sighed.

"Blake if you are just going to insult me, I'm just going to hang up." I warned.

"And if you do, your ass will be grass." My eyes widen.

"Threatening me, Mr. Mitanni?" I teased.

"No. I'm promising."' He snarled. I smirked as I ran up to the front door of the cottage. I dug my keys out shaking my head.

"You can't promise something you're not here to see through. Blake I'm hanging up now." Before he could say another word I touched end on my phone and walked into my house. God I hated when he was starting to become the he-man. He got this certain tone a lot of the times that would shut me up just like that. Michael loved it, I hated it. He was the only one, besides my father, who could do it. Michael has tried, but a kick to the balls proved that theory wrong.

As I turned to shut the door, a sound came from behind me. Before I had time to react, a hard, forceful body pinned me against the door. My breath slammed from my chest, but quickly came back at the feel of the intruder's erection rubbing on my lower back. The sounds of harsh breathing filled the room as a familiar scent filled my nose. With what I could muster, I laughed.

"The cat has finally found its prey, il mio amore." He said roughly in my ear as his hands gripped my wrists, forcing my hands above my head. I grunted as I tried to buck from underneath, but failing at my attempt get free. His chuckle vibrated my back as he brought my wrists into one of his hands and allowing the free one to roam as it pleased.

"Always trying to get away from me, il mio amore." He said while he nipped on my ear lobe. I whimpered at the sharpness of his teeth, but moaned as his other pinched my nipple.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Blake." I hissed through gritted teeth as the hand pinched the other nipple.

"Really?" he whispered kissing down my neck, awaiting that perfect spot on my shoulder that would turn into puddie with just a bite. I jerked my shoulder out of reach which didn't sit too well with him. He raised up my skirt angrily and without a second thought smack it, obviously showing no mercy.

"You don't remember that night you ran away from me?" Smack! "The night I told you 'I loved you'?" Smack! "The way I held you in my arms as you had the best fucking orgasms of your life?" Smack! I moaned, leaning my head against the door. I grinned.

"Once again, I have no idea what you-"

"Don't you dare lie to me." He snapped, moving his free hand to my weeping core. I gasp as he ripped my panties off and before I had time to at least attempt to squeeze my legs together, two of his fingers thrust into me. I whimpered trying to fight for some of control. "You're soaking wet, il mio amore."

I arched against him as the pleasure began to take over, trembling ever nerve in my body. The familiar feeling of his fingers moving in and out sent tingles throughout my body, bringing me to the brink. The funny thing was, he knew how to make me beg.

"You love pushing me, il mio amore. The proof is right here. I wonder, have you've been testing my patience, become a pain in my ass, all because of this little secret?" He whispered as he crooked his fingers, finding that one spot.

"Oh God!" I cried out, tossing my head back onto his shoulder. He merely laughed, as he bit into my weak spot along my neck.

"Blake," I screamed feeling the spikes of my orgasm building up. He was going to drag this out, the bastard. He was going to get a thrill just for the hell of it. Well I guess I deserved it. This was somewhat a revenge act set upon me.

"You're so close, Bailey," he whispered. "Tell me you missed me, il mio amore. Tell me no man has been able to fill your needs like I did. Tell me!"

"No," I moaned. His fingers stilled inside of me. Shit. His fingers slid out of me angrily. I whimpered at the lost as he released me all together. I turned around, leaning heavily on the door. I was shaking with need now, shuddering for that lustful orgasm he denied me of.

"You try my patience, il mio amore." He growled before he stuck his fingers, coated with my juices inside of his mouth. A small moan escaped my mouth as I found my hand making a beeline for my pulsing pussy.

"No!" He shouted, gripping my hand and pulling it away. "You're pussy belongs to me and only me, il mio amore. Do you understand me?" I nodded, just as his phone began to ring. He glared at me a little longer, before he answered.

I was so frazzled, it took me a minute to catch my breath and regain my defenses. I took a deep breath and pushed away from the door, only to have Blake grab my hand. I turned to look at him. God this man was sexy. He reminded me a lot of Joe Manganiello from that show True Blood, just with longer shaggy hair and a five o' clock shadow. Blake was the only man who could make me feel small and fragile. I'm 5'9 and that tells you something.

I tugged my hand from his and walked towards my bedroom. If Blake was here, it met that I would no longer be able to stay here, since he found me. I wonder how long he has known I was here. It had to be sometime because he knew where I would be at and he knew where I lived. Plus my mother's security around this place was designed by...shit. Of course he could get in this place; his father fucking designed the whole security. Just my luck. Thanks mom for forgetting to tell me that tiny detail.

As I walked into my room I shrieked. Everything in my room was trashed. I mean, from the bed to the windows, to everything in my closet being torn and shredded, even every heel of my shoes were broken. Someone, who had a vendetta against me, went out of their way to make my room of three years into something unrecognizable, which was weird since everything else in the house, that I've seen so far remained in tack.

"Bailey what is it?" Blake called out from the living room. Something in me screamed 'GET OUT' and I never ignore that feeling. I ran into the living room in search for my purse.

"Blake what the hell did you do?" I yelled at him as I snatched my purse from the counter in the kitchen, Blake hot on my heels.

"What do you mean? Bailey just stop and calm down." He said grabbing my arm, forcing me to stop and look at him. I was mad, seething mad and he could tell.

"My room is trashed, nothing in there is salvageable. What did you do, Blake? Piss someone off? Kill the wrong guy? Put a hit on a special guy?" I screamed at him, smacking his chest. "You ruined my life by trying to find me. What if I was home when that happened? Huh? What if-"

"Shut up, Bailey!" He said through gritted teeth as he pulled out his phone. He dialed a number as he tugged me to the front door. Okay, my Italian is great, but not that great. All I could make out through that whole conversation as we went out of my house was something about trouble and something about death. That's it. I rolled my eyes thinking of everyone who would be involved in this new drama.

No doubt my father, Blake's father, Michael, everyone of their cousins in the business, probably some crooked cops attached to Blake's family. God, everyone and their mother would be involved all because of the right hand's daughter. See, this is the time where I wished my family wasn't a part of the underground, especially being a woman. Woman were treated like fine glass, no one told them anything as long as they kept the house clean, kids controlled, and remained that perfect physique.

So, when everyone came together to think of a revenge plan, I would be pushed into the corner and will be told to keep quiet or go play with the kids and women in the kitchen, who will probably be cooking dinner for fifty. I can't wait.

"Blake you don't have to-" Blinding headlights came to my attention as they seemed to be making their way towards me. The sounds of screeching tires filled my ears and all I could think about was the danger Blake was in. I screamed for Blake just as an arm hooked around my waist pulling me through the air, just as the sounds of gunfire erupted through the air.

I screamed as the arm pulled me behind a car. I found myself kicking and scratching, trying to get free, only to have a familiar growl still me as the arm brought me to the ground. Blake's hard body surrounded me, protecting me as he held me to the ground as the sounds of the car speeding away.

The moment the sounds of gunfire stopped, Blake had me up and running to his car, using his body as a shield until I was securely strapped into the back seat of his SUV. As Blake got into the driver seat, already on the phone yelling out curses and threats in Italian, tears silently fell down my cheeks.

"I'm going to die for falling in love with you," I whispered too low for Blake to hear as I looked out the window, watching my home for three years blend in with the darkness.

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