tagInterracial LoveMine Ch. 08

Mine Ch. 08


She was truly a prisoner in this house. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned into months until, she was there at Jake's mansion for three months. Narissa had become Jake's whore. While she feared him she couldn't get enough of his cock. She craved it, wanting it in every hole. She was tormented and growing slowly insane from thoughts of it. While Jake was away on business he would keep her locked in her room. Olga and Sergei guarded her closely.

Jake kept her clothed in the clothes that he wanted her to wear, which was usually something tight and revealing. He had her every move watched. If she wanted to get a little exercise in the pool or his private gym, either he or Olga and Sergei would be there to watch her. She could only take a walk around the grounds, when Jake was in attendance.

When Jake took her out to dine, she was not allowed to make eye contact with any man in the facility. Jake would always keep her very close to him when they went out in case she thought of fleeing.

If she took one step out of line, it was reported back to Jake, and she was thoroughly punished. She bore marks on her back and her ass quite often, but Jake was careful never to hurt her enough to leave permanent scars. His punishments ranged from whipping her with one of his various whips, keeping her chained in a dark room for long periods of time, or he would withhold her from her pleasure. He would fuck her and then deny her body its release just as she was about to reach her peak. That particular punishment was always the worse. Once, he had made her masturbate herself in front of Olga and Sergei. In the beginning, she cried, not wanting to have Jake's staff looking in on her punishment, but as her fingers slid in and out of her cunt she got hotter and hotter, and the fact that she had three pairs of eyes watching her made her wetter than ever.

When she had time to think, Narissa found it disconcerting how cock hungry she had become. After a few short months, she could not get enough of him, and it scared her. She knew she had to get away soon or she would never be able to escape, her body wouldn't allow it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Narissa stood still as Olga prepared her for an evening out with Jake. As always, the outfit she wore was extremely daring. This particular outfit was a tight red spaghetti strap satin dress. Jake loved dressing her up in silks and satins. The dress dipped demurely in the front, but dipped so low in the back that it revealed the crack of her ass. The skirt of her dress was short like most of her dresses, and it clung lovingly to her voluptuous bottom. She wore no bra or panties. Sometimes, Jake allowed her a pair of crotchless panties, but not tonight. Tonight was special, he had told her.

Jake came into the room to inspect her when Olga was finished readying her. He motioned her to turn around. He placed a ruby chocker around her neck and a pair of ruby droplets in her ears. Jake showered her with expensive jewelry. In the beginning, Narissa was flabbergasted by his extravagance and generosity, but she soon saw the gifts for what they really were: another way to establish ownership of her.

"You look very lovely tonight, angel."

"Thank you Jake." She replied on autopilot.

"Show me how much you appreciate your gift." He commanded softly.

Narissa knew what to do. She knelt down before him and undid his pants to free his dick. Jake had taught her how she should show her appreciation to him. Narissa gave a broad lick to the head of his shaft making sure to pay extra attention to this part as this was where Jake was his most sensitive. At first it had taken her several tries to get even half of his cock into her mouth without gagging but Jake made her suck him for hours before she got it just to his satisfaction.

She licked, nibbled and sucked on the tip before taking his rod into her mouth. She was almost able to get his cock all the way into her mouth using the deep throat technique he had taught her. Jake stood there silently looking down at her. He didn't move a muscle. The only indication that he was turned on was the hardness of his cock. He then began to breath heavily as she sucked her mouth up and down on his rigid pole. When he gripped her hair tightly, Narissa knew he was about to come. She braced herself as she felt a burst of salty liquid fill her mouth. She was careful to swallow every drop of his semen, otherwise she knew she would be punished later.

The truth of the matter was, that she had actually come to enjoy the taste of him. God what slut I am, she thought to herself.

"That was very good angel. You may get up now. Put him away." He instructed referring to his dick. To her chagrin, she felt the urge to get him hard again so that he could fuck her. He pussy was pulsing with need. Not realizing what she was doing, she looked at him imploringly. Her lips were fixed in a pretty pout.

Jake laughed rubbing her head. "You're greedy for it tonight aren't you?" She nodded her head frantically. "You know the rules angel, but tonight, I have something special planned for you. You will like it." He said pulling her up. He gave her a long deep kiss. "Now be a good girl, and let's go."

Jake took her to new restaurant, and it seemed like it would turn out like any other night until he announced, "We're going to a party tonight." Jake spooned a forkful of soufflé into Narissa's mouth, while he watched her reaction. She hated when he fed her because she knew people were staring, but this was just another way of showing his ownership. 'What do you think about that?" He asked when she didn't respond.

"A party sounds nice. I would like it very much." She replied carefully. The cogs in her brain began to spin. If she went to this party, she might be able to recruit help in order to escape. The sexual hold that he had over her was making her crazy. As much as she had come to crave his cock and the things that he did to her body, she knew that the longer she stayed with him he would own her so completely that she would not want to escape. Narissa couldn't let that happen.

As if he read her mind, he reached over to grasp her hand roughly, green eyes flashing, "Don't try anything tonight. You will behave or you will regret it. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, I understand Jake." She said with her mouth, but her mind thought of a completely different answer. Jake had never let her around other people before. When he had people over, her would keep her locked in her room, daring her to scream. It didn't count when he took her out for a meal since he didn't allow her to look at anyone but him, but a party was different. Surely he would have to let her talk to someone. Her pulse began to race.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When they pulled up to a large Georgian mansion that was almost as large as Jake's, Narissa felt hope. Surely one of the occupants of this grand home would be able to help her. Jake escorted her to the front door, with his arm tightly around her waist. A very large blonde who wore a tight leather corset and an equally tight pair of leather pants opened the door. The woman was wearing so much make-up that she almost looked as if she were wearing a mask. "Jake! Long time no see." The blonde greeted with a very thick southern accent.

"I thought I'd swing by for a minute or two." Jake smiled warmly at the woman.

"Well I hope you stay for more than a minute or two. Who's your little friend?" The woman eyed Narissa curiously, motioning them inside the house.

" Narissa this is my friend Sally Dupree. Sal, this is Narissa. She lives with me." Jake introduced.

"How do you do Narissa?" Sally greeted shaking the younger woman's hand. "I think you will fit right in. Herb like black girls."

Narissa's jaw dropped. Who the hell was Herb and what was this woman talking about?

"Not tonight Sal, we're just going to watch tonight. This is Narissa's first party." Jake explained.

"Just watching? Oh come on Jake, if she's living with you, she should be use to this by now." Sally pouted stroking Jake's arm flirtatiously.

Jake shook her head gently. "Just here to mingle my dear, but I will make it up to you." He winked at Sally.

"Oh well, if you should change your mind..." She trailed off licking her lips suggestively.

'Yes, I know." He said giving Sally's large behind a playful pat.

"Well lover, you know your way around. Everyone is in the living room. Enjoy yourself, and Narissa," Sally said turning to the baffled girl in front of her, "It will be our pleasure getting to know you." Sally grinned before walking off.

Narissa had no idea what that exchange was about but she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Jake led her to the living room, where six other couples were gathered, casually conversing amongst themselves. She noticed that most of the people here were dressed similarly to Sally. "Don't be so tense. These people are harmless." Jake whispered in her ear.

"What kind of party is this?"

"What kind of party do you think it is?" He asked with a wink. She hated it when he answered a question with a question.

"I don't know. Why is everyone dressed like this?"

"That's how they feel the most comfortable. Let's just say that they all lead alternative lifestyles. Now be a good girl and let me introduce you around."

After the introductions were made, Narissa decided to make her move. "Can I go to the bathroom Jake?" She was gambling on the fact that with the other partygoers distracting him, she might be able to slip from his attention.

"Okay, I'll take you." He answered.

Damn, he wasn't going to budge.

"Jake you simply must tell us where you found this darling girl." A tall redhead approached. She could have been a model with her all American good looks.

"Around. How are you Sonny?" He asked casually.

The name Sonny brought Narissa's head up. She looked closely at Sonny. This was the same woman from the Wicked Burrito, but her hair was now red instead of blonde.

'I've been well. You haven't been around lately." Sonny pouted.

'I've been busy lately." Jake said as if Sonny was boring him.

"Hmm, well, when you're ready to play again, give me a call, and you can bring your friend too. She can watch." Sonny smirked walking off, swaying her hips seductively.

Narissa shook her head in wonder; the party seemed to get weirder by the moment.

"Jake, we've tried the new product. Sally loves it. Where the hell have you been lately?" A man asked approaching Jake and Narissa.

"I'm a busy man." Was Jake's reply.

"Who's this pretty young thing?" The tall thin man asked. The man looked to be in his mid-fifties.

"This is Narissa. Narissa, this is Herb Dupree. He and Sally live here. They are two of my biggest clients. They own a few shops of their own, and I am one of their suppliers." Jake explained.

"Oh." Narissa smiled politely.

"So are you going to share tonight or what? Sally gave me to bull story about you just wanting to observe." Herb asked the question of Jake but his eyes never left Narissa's body. She felt like cringing away from his leer, but she knew that if she offended this man it would be her hide.

"Not tonight."

"I can certainly see why, but don't keep her to yourself so long will ya?"

"I may share occasionally but she will always be mine." Jake said it in such a way that Herb was silent for several moments.

Herb shrugged the comment off. " I'm glad to see you here anyway. I wanted to ask you about that last shipment I put in a couple of weeks ago, and a few other business matters."

"Sure." Jake shrugged.

"Let go into the study real quick before the entertainment begins."

Narissa used Jake's momentary distraction to assert herself once more. "Jake I really have to use the bathroom."

"Oh, the bathroom is down the hall, third door on the left." Herb said helpfully.

Before Jake realized her intentions, Narissa wiggled out of his arms. 'I'm going to the bathroom." She announced. To her surprise he didn't follow her, but when she looked back she saw him staring at her with angry eyes. If she didn't get away from him now, she was in for it.

Narissa rushed into the bathroom without knocking, and walked in on the redhead that she met earlier. "I'm so sorry." Narissa apologized quickly before turning to leave. She needed to find another escape route and fast.

"Don't rush off darling. I was just doing my make-up." Sonny smiled insincerely at Narissa.

"It's okay."

"Do stay. I wanted to have a little chat with you anyway."

"Me? Why?"

"Let's just say, I'm curious. You're not Jake's usual type."

"Really? Then what is Jake's type?" Narissa asked deciding she didn't like this woman.

"Me. But I guess that's neither here nor there. This just doesn't seem like your scene and I know what a demanding lover Jake is. He needs a woman to satisfy him, not a little girl."

Narissa was not going to let this woman intimidate her. "Maybe Jake is tired of used goods." Narissa countered.

Sonny turned from the mirror to glare at her and for a second, she looked as if she would attack but instead she threw back her head and let out a throaty laugh. "So the kitten has claws. How did a little girl like you get mixed up with the big bad wolf?" Sonny asked curiously.

Narissa had a split second decision to make. "Look, I have to tell you something. Jake has kidnapped me and I need your help to get away." Narissa explained desperately.

Sonny looked at her for a second as if Narissa had spouted two heads then she let out another loud laugh. "You are too much kiddo."

"I'm serious. He keeps me locked in a room and he has me watched all the time by these two awful people. They're Russian, and they help him punish me if I get out of line." Narissa grabbed Sonny's arm.

"Darling I don't know how much you've had to drink tonight but I think you should be cut off for the night. Now don't go telling anymore tales my dear or you'll lose that prime hunk or man, and I'll be waiting." The redhead warned shaking Narissa's hand off her arm before walking out of the bathroom.

Narissa panicked. What if Sonny told Jake what she said? Narissa looked around the bathroom. She whispered a silent prayer when she saw a window by the toilet. If she could open the screen she could get outside.

Just as she was halfway out of the window, she heard the door handle jiggle. She was glad that she had the foresight to lock it. Lucky for her, the bathroom was on the first floor, she thought as her feet touched the ground outside.

"Getting some fresh air Narissa?" Jake was leaning casually against the house. How did he know? Narissa shot into motion. She started running like a track star. She fully expected Jake to chase her, but to her surprise he didn't. Maybe he was going to let her go after all. As she began to run on this strange estate she didn't know where she was going until she spotted some woods. She decided that she would hide in the woods. While running towards them, she ran past some tall hedges.

Ten minutes later she was still running around the same hedges realizing that this was a maze! Jake must have known, which was why he hadn't chased her. Narissa knew she had to find a way out or he would find her. She backtracked and chose a different path only to find herself back in the same spot where she began, and to her horror Jake stood there with an amused look on his face. Despite his calm expression, she could feel the rage emanating from him.

"Tired yet?" He asked. He walked towards her and she took a hasty step back ready to flee again. His hand snaked out so fast that she didn't see it coming. He caught her arm in a tight grip. She tried to pull away only to be turned around and smacked on her ass. "Are you going to walk or do I have to carry you?" He inquired softly. She hated when he used that quiet tone with her. It meant that she was really in for it. That calm before the storm was what frightened her the most.

"I've already said our goodbyes to our hosts. They were disappointed that you wanted to leave so early, so I've invited them over for dinner next week. Come on."

He practically dragged her to the car. As they were driving back to Jack's, Narissa could no longer hold her tongue.

"I hate you!" She spat at him before bursting into angry tears or fear and frustration.

"I'm sorry you feel that way Narissa. You will however, eventually learn to love me."

To be continued...

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