tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 04

Misery Rides Again Ch. 04

byBill Smith©

"George," Justine tells me as I drive into the garage, "Take one of your pills, remove your clothes, and hop into bed. Mira and I will join you shortly." As the car comes to a stop both of them jump out of the car. Mira grabs the bag from the sex shop and together she and Justine off head into the house.

Take a sex pill, remove clothes and hop into bed, I think to myself, I can handle that. Sometimes taking orders can be fun. Whistling Wagner's "The Ride Of the Valkrie," I head off to the kitchen. I take a pill as ordered. Then I dig out a cold bottle of champagne, three champagne glasses and head to the bedroom. Sitting the glasses down on a night stand I head to my bathroom and fight the cork off the champagne. Taking a sip from the bottle, I sit it down on the counter top, and then I start to remove my clothes. As I am undressing I can hear chatter and giggles coming from Justine's bathroom. Girls, I think, and then start to laugh, Girls, ya right. What a day this has been! Then I stop for a moment and think, it is not over yet...

Once I am sans clothes I pick up the champagne bottle and head to the bedroom. Before I get into bed I fill the champagne glasses and then take another quick drink from the bottle, chuckle and hop into bed. Hands behind my head I settle into bed and review the days events. What a strange day, started off like any other Saturday, then it went to hell in a hand basket once Justine dropped her bomb on me, then meeting Amir, then having sex with Amir, then Amir turns into Mira, then sex pills and two headed dildos. What's next, I think as the bathroom door opens.

Justine is the first to emerge from the women's sanctum sanctorum where magic portions and spells are made to confuse and drive men to insane acts. Justine comes out wearing a belly dancer's outfit. The outer garment is translucent revealing the whimsical bra and panties. Her skin is too pale to give the costume the authenticity it truly deserved, but it was either her or the sex pills as I was starting to feel rather randy again.

This "stirring" was not lost on Justine's gaze as she smiles at me. She bends over, I hear the sound of a rustling sack and then she straightens up with a CD jewel case in her hands. Removing the cd I watched as she places the cd in the cd player. Arabic music? Duh, I think, belly dancer's outfit, get a grip old man. Justine comes over to my side of the bed, bends down to kiss me and before I can grab her she is upright, gathering two glasses of champagne she is off once again to her holy of holies. The door closes.

The stirring continue to stir, and I think of Amir's "America I love it," and I start to laugh out loud. America the home of the Nexus two headed dildo and sex pills, my thoughts take my laughter to another level. The door to Justine's bathroom opens and Justine looks out at me, and I wave her back. Slowly I get myself under control and listen to this intoxicating music. I think about the snake charmer with his flute and cobra, and I start to twitch my prick to the time of the music, I loose it and start to laugh again, but quieter this time.

The door opens and Justine comes out moving with the tempo of the music. She moves to the foot of the bed where she stands and continues to gyrate with the music. I watch with a smile on my face. Then sensing movement from outside my field of vision I turn my head and see Mira standing in the doorway, timid but with a little smile on her face, she too is caught up with the music as she can't stand still.

Mira is wearing a belly dancer's outfit but on her it seems natural with her dark skin and black hair. Then she really starts to dance, hands above her head as she becomes the music. The only thing missing are the tympanums, the little cymbals attached to a dancer's fingers and thumb used to accent the music. Mira is good, she dances to the foot of the bed and really makes her belly dance. I mean her belly muscles move to the beat of the music at the same time her hips gyrate and her arms snake through the air.

I remove my eyes from Mira and look at Justine. Justine is caught up in the moment. Her eyes are all over Mira, her lips are parted and her tongue is keeping tempo with the music as it dances across her parted lips. Justine likes what she sees. So do I!

The song ends. Mira bows. Justine claps. I clap and whistle too. Mira looks up first at Justine, and I watch as a smile is born on her face. Then she looks at me and I am still clapping and whistling. Her smile is even bigger. Then she sees what I have between my legs and blushes, but the smile never leaves her face. She then turns to Justine and throwing her arms around Justine she kisses her. Mira breaks the kiss with Justine then she jumps into bed with me, crawls up my body and kisses me too.

I feel the bed shift as Justine climbs onto the bed. I feel a hand around my dick but I don't know who's as Mira is still trying to suck my breath away, and to be honest about it I don't care as the hand feels good. Then Mira breaks the kiss and hides her head between my shoulder and neck. Justine takes her place and I can tell the difference between the kiss as Justine has had more practice with me. Both are exciting.

Justine breaks the kiss and bury's her head between my other shoulder and neck. I almost have to fight to get my breath back. I have my arms around both and pull them tightly against me. This feels really good, both arms are full and my dick is as hard as a rock. Then I notice that there are two hands playing with my sex. Life is good, I think and sigh as fingers play my dick like a lute.

My hands are not idle, I slide both underneath their pants and panties and feel ass. Which one feels better, I ask myself. Both are wonderful and different, and I refuse to answer myself as I play with each. Smiling, I tell myself, A little bit of heaven in each hand.

"Mira," I ask, "Where did you learn to dance like that?"

"My mother taught me. Since she was little girl all she ever wanted was be a dancer. Her father said okay to learn but could not dance professionally. When she married father she dance for him but him only. When I born there were no more children, she taught me dance. As young child my father thought my dancing funny, but I grew older he forbid it. Mother and I would dance when alone, she happy to have someone teach. I loved to watch her dance. She tell me when dance she feel good. I too feel good when dance. No one but mother see me dance. I like dance for you and Justine. I love to dance."

"With us you are always free to dance, to do whatever you want to do."

She looks at me, "Is so?" Then looking at Justine, both smile. Then turning back to me she ask,"Okay George would like to try different thing?"

"Different? This entire day has been different, why should I stop now. Just do it."

Both hop out of bed and I hear the rustling sack again. In flash both are back up on the bed, one on each side of me. Both grab my arms and before I can blink my eyes my wrists are encased in leather restraints and both arms are secured to the bed posts. The girls lean over me and kiss each other while their hands roam each other's bodies. It is a long kiss, one that I wished I was in the middle of. I hear moans and whimpers, and then I realize that some of that noise is coming from me! They break the kiss and with flames in their eyes they look at me.

Justine bends over and kisses me. While I am sucking on her tongue Mira is free to use her tongue on my nipples. I want to reach out and touch but I can't and the only whimpers I hear are mine. Justine breaks our kiss, bends her head and joins Mira on my nipples excepts she starts to bite. At first I feel nothing but pain but that turns into heat, and oh lord I'm starting to burn up! What seems like hours they both release my now overly sensitive nipples and proceed down my torso. Mira just using her lips and tongue to tickle. Justine is using her teeth and as she moves downward there are red teeth marks where she has been. I'm trapped between the two tortures and I am going insane. The more noise I make and the more strenuous my movements the more intense the girls do their things. Then after two lifetimes they arrive at the base of my prick.

With all of the things they were doing to my torso I have forgotten about my dick. Not anymore! What did Larry say, molten steel. I understand what he means now, my cock is so hard and so hot. My eyes are closed, my back is arched and off the bed. Why has no one touched my dick, I scream in my head, then I open my eyes and look down to where the girls are at. Both are just looking at it wide eye and with smiles on their faces.

"DO SOMETHING, DON'T JUST STARE AT IT," I scream hysterically. Both of them jump back as if shot, then turn and look at me with shock in their eyes.

Justine is the first to speak, "George we will, in our own time. This time baby you are not in control, we are. Lay back and enjoy."

With that I fall back to the bed with a sigh, but my dick feels like it is still up there. I look at both of them and then at my cock, then back at them with pleading in my eyes.

"Justine it is, ...it is very red and very big too," Mira speaks in awe.

"Very wet too," bending forward Justine's tongue touches the base of my dick and drags it upward removing the wetness. Once she arrives at the head she removes her tongue and kisses Mira. My cock feels like an ignited rocket on the launching pad without the restraining clamps removed, but even I forgot my predicament at the intensity of their kiss. Then I watch as slowly their heads descends towards my dick and once again I hump my body upward to hasten the contact. When my dick makes contact with their chins the only parts of my body touching the bed are the heels of my feet and the back of my head. They break the kiss and then their lips part as my dick glides between them. Lips and tongues, oh lord I think, Houston I have contact!. My cock is being attacked by a million butterfly wings and the pleasure I can't describe. Justine breaks contact and gets off the bed but Mira has swallowed me into a wet vortex of lips and swirling tongue and all I know is her. Slowly Mira follows me downward to the bed as my muscles can no longer keep me airborne.

The bed shifts and Justine is back. She pulls Mira off my dick. My first reaction is to strike out but I am tied down. Justine and Mira kiss again then break apart and whispers are exchanged. Justine grabs my dick and I feel coolness as her hand has some kind of lubricant on it, and then she starts to slide her hand up and down very slowly. Mira gets up from the bed and removes her pants. Mira is back on the bed and as Justine releases my dick as Mira straddles my body facing me. I see Justine doing something behind Mira. Mira sucks in some air as a smile appears on her face. Then Justine has her hand on my dick again and then I feel something different as it touches the head of my dick. A ring of pleasure slowly travels down my dick and as I look at Mira I see her lips make that "O" like the dolls at the Eros Boutique. This silky feeling I know but the ease of entrance is new to me, then I think, the lubricant. Mira has me inside of her and once she has all of me in her she starts to rise again. Then I feel a probing of my neither regions, then something enters me. Justine!

All I can see of Justine is her torso and one hand that has found its' way into her pants and panties. I know where the other hand is! Never in all of my life have I experience such sensations. What has been one finger is now the addition of another finger, then another. Justine cums. She withdraws her fingers and pushes down on Mira to stop her up and down movements. Mira and I both moan in confusion. Mira may have stopped her movements but her sphincter continues to dance around my cock.

I scream, "Justine what the fuck...," and I can't go on as she has swung her legs over my head and placed her cunt over my lips. I know what to do in this situation and I lick and suck as fast as I can. It was part in self preservation as Justine was so wet if I had not done anything I would have drowned. We all cum at the same time. This orgasmic loop is mind boggling, coming or going we do not know or care. Mira falls backwards, Justine fall off to the side, and well I was tied up so I could not go anywhere so I stayed where I was at.

Justine is the first to recover, she turns around and kisses me. I could taste Mira on her and my dick twitchs. I think, Modern living with chemistry, America I Love it! I whisper to Justine, "Baby I want you!"

"No George I want you," Justine tells me with a smile on her face, then she turns and leaves the bed.

In confusion I think, didn't we say the same thing?

Justine walks around to the other side of the bed and then she sits down. I hear the rustling once again of that sack, the one from the Eros Boutique. I watch as Justine rocks from one side to the other, then she stands up. And slowly she turns around.

Oh shit, is the first thing that crosses my mind. Justine is wearing the Nexus two headed dildo! She is also wearing a smile as she walks to the end of the bed. Mira is still between my legs in that wonderful after glow of wonderful sex not knowing what day it is or caring. Justine bends over her and gently kisses her on her lips, then whispers in her ear. Mira eyes pop open, she smiles, then she rolls off the bed and stands looking at me.

Oh shit, once again rolls through my mind. I look between my legs and all I see is the Nexus two headed dildo and Justine's smile. The bed shifts as Justine crawls towards me. Smiling she lowers her mouth to my dick, which thanks to modern chemistry is still hard as a rock. In no time at all the terrible Nexus double headed dildo is forgotten, and each time that Justine enters an additional finger into me all I can think of is the pleasure that courses through my being. While all of this is going on Mira joins us on the bed, starts to kiss me and run her hands up and down my body. I give myself over to pleasure and close my eyes. I never knew the moment when Mira's hand replaced Justine's mouth. I just remember the emptiness when Justine removed her fingers from me and then in an instant her fingers were back.

My eyes pop open, looking over Mira I see Justine looking down at me with a smile on her face. As the Nexus two headed dildo passes my prostrate gland my lips make that strange little "O" like those dolls in the Eros Boutique.

Mira removes her lips from mine and looks into my eyes, "Is good George," she asks then smiles as no answer is needed. Sneaking her hand between Justine and myself she has my dick in her grasp.

Justine bends her head and kisses me. There are no words available to describe how I feel. Justine's tongue is attacking my tongue like the Nexus two headed dildo is attacking my ass. She breaks the kiss and pulling upwards she hauls my legs over her shoulders and starts to drive my ass like a jack hammer tearing up concrete. Mira bends over and replaces her hand with her mouth... And there is no tomorrow, there is only the now. Justine and I both cum at the same time and as Justine's motion starts to slow down Mira keeps up her actions sending me into sensory overload and I scream, "NO MORE! PLEASE!!"

Justine removes the Nexus two headed dildo from my ass, and Mira removes my dick from her mouth with a plop. And I just lay there, then drift off into sleep where all the women have dicks and vaginas. I run in terror as I don't know which sex organs want me.

To Be Continued...

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