tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 03

Misery Rides Again Ch. 03

byBill Smith©

The girls are once again in the restroom. I hear giggles and hushed whispers. I start to wonder what may be going on, but after shaking my head I drive the thought away as it could be anything.

I head to my closet, look at the slacks and I just can't bring myself to put them on. Turning to the dresser I head for the bottom drawer and pull out some shorts. Shorts, polo shirt and sandals, I'm ready. Back to the library I head with my JD in hand. Time just seems to slip past as I sip and think upon the day's events.

My reverie is broken as Justine and Mira come through the library door. Whew, man I am at a lost for words again. Twice in one day, I may have to give up practicing law at this rate, I think to myself, almost spilling my drink. Justine is wearing a black summer dress, shoulders bare except for thin spaghetti straps. Mira is still dressed in a similar dress except the shoulders are covered. The juxtaposition of the two is mind boggling, both beautiful, both sexy, oh yes. One young, and one ageless. Shit I am an old man and I getting another erection.

"Okay George," Justine looks at me and shakes her head. "Put you tongue back into your mouth."

"Justine," I reply with a smile on my face," I can think of better places to put my tongue."

"George! You have to feed us first," my ever pretty wife tells me with eyebrows raised and both of her hands on her hips.

"Why does Mira have her shoulder covered? I mean this is Texas and it is the summer time. I just want to know," so I asked.

"Well George, it seems that Mira was attacked by an some kind of big animal today. And that animal bit her shoulder, it didn't break the skin but the teeth marks are very visible. Do you know what kind of animal would do that?"

I blush as I hang my head.

Mira laughs her musical laugh and runs to my side. Which is not easy as Justine has put her in high heels, the square kind not the pointed ones. She grabs one of my arm and turns to face Justine, "We go eat now?"

Justine walks to my other side and grabs my free arm and looks at me and ask, "Well?"

"Lets go eat!" What else can I say.

I deliver the girls to the car. I hate bucket seats so I have a large car with one long beach seat in the front. Justine is the first to enter it. It is difficult to describe because she does not just set down and move over like she normally does. This time she places one leg into the car and lowers herself, and as she lowers herself her dress slides upward slowly revealing more and more leg. As her ass hits the seat her sheer pale blue panties come into view and you can see the outer lips of her vagina, and I swear it appears to be smiling at me. Justine laughs and quickly closes her legs, but I swear her vagina winked at me! I shake my head to clear the image.

Now it is Mira's turn. She tries the same entrance as Justine, but if it was not for Justine reaching out in time she would have hit the garage floor. I was too busy waiting for her dress to do the same trick as Justine's to notice the precarious placement of her feet. But at last Mira is in the car and I close the door.

As I walk around to the other side of the car I wonder what kind of and what color of panties Mira is wearing. The thoughts of old men, I think to myself and smile. What a strange day it is. Will it get stranger?

Off we head to restaurant row. I turn and ask the women where they would like to eat and suggest Mexican. I see a smile briefly cross Justine's face and she shakes her head no. Then I just ask Mira what kind of food she would like to eat.

"American food George. I see ethnic restaurants in American but I think want Mexican food I go to Mexico. Go to Paris and eat McDonalds, don't think so."

Both of them just look at me. American food? I have never thought about American food. Hot dogs and apple pie? As I turn the car onto restaurant row I see the answer to my dilemma: Steak! Moo cow. Cowboys. Talk about American. I pull into the valet parking of "The Steak House" and watch as two runners hit both sides of the car to open doors. I linger back a little and watch as the ladies get out. Mira gives the young man a lot of leg to look at, but Justine gives him the entire taco and I almost laugh out loud as his eyeballs budge. I wonder if it winked at him too? I get out and wait until the ladies join me, and with one on each arm we walk into the restaurant.

Eyes turn towards us as we enter. All eyes are on the girls. You can see the pleasure in the men's eyes as they move up and down Mira and Justine. The women's eyes move up and down them to, but most of them look with cat eyes ready to do battle.

I'm not aware of any eyes moving up and down my torso, but who cares I have both Mira and Justine on my arms.

As we are directed towards a table eyes follow our progress. We get a corner table, the one that has a circular bench seat. I'm forced to go first and slide into the center and watch as the girls sit down. No, they just don't sit down, it is the car scene all over again except Mira does not fall down. I see smiles on the men and a few women to, but most of the women who are looking are frowning. Once we are all seated at our table eyes slowly pull away and go back to their food or lunch partners. We order drinks and food.

Justine looks first at Mira, smiles, and then looks at me and speaks, "George, we have come a long way in a very short amount of time. And I want to go farther. I want to try everything before I die, and I want you to go with me as we try out all things sexual.

"After our short talk this morning I realize that I should have talked with you before I took off and did what I did on my own. I was foolish, and that in itself was kinda fun, but... No buts. I did it and it was a giant step to take and now at last we are together on the trail of sexual adventures. Or at least I hope that we are on the same trail together?"

"Okay Justine I bite," smiling I look at Mira, who smiles back. "I remember in my youth that I enjoyed new adventures, and from time to time it did lead me into trouble but I was always able to extricate myself unscathed. In youth there is foolishness with no thought to the consequences, it is part of learning.

"With the years that come with 'growing up' I like to think we learn not to be so foolish in the things we do. But I guess, in removing the foolishness we remove possibilities and that makes it difficult to dream dreams. Do you know where all of this will end?"

"No, I don't know where this will end, but someone said it is the journey that is important and not the arrival."

"You do know that you are putting everything you hold dear on the line, on this journey you want us to take. You cannot make such a drastic change in philosophy and not think it will not spill over into all aspects of your life. Are you willing to do that?"

"It is a difficult question to answer but if I continued where I was two weeks ago the road was not appealing at all. I needed a change, " and looking at Mira she looks back at me and continues, "You needed a change too."

Reaching out my hand, Justine takes it in hers and I tell her, "We are on this journey together. Let us hold hands and 'tiptoe through the tulips' together."

"No Geroge, no tiptoeing we will walk boldly through the tulips!"

"I come to," Mira asks. "I like tulips."

Justine and I laugh and say together, "yes."

"Good. Now I need go restroom," Mira looks at Justine, "You go to?"

Justine releases my hand, stands up, holds out her hand and Mira stands and off hand in hand they go to the restroom together. I watch others as their eyes follow this dynamic duo. Life is really strange. Then I laugh out loud as both enter the women's restroom. Where else would they go? I wonder if Mira will squat, I laugh again.

What a strange day this has been. Am I really ready for a new philosophy, after all I am over a half a century old how many more years do I have left to live? Live in peace, comfort..., and boredom? Or put everything on the red, let the wheel spin and see what happens? I have already made up my mind and told Justine I was in with her. The wheel is spinning.

I take care of the bill, and wait at the restroom for the girls to emerge. I look around the restaurant but no eyes are looking back at me. Tells the tell does it not? It is okay, the ladies are with me, that is if they ever come out of the restroom. I hear giggles approaching the door, then it opens and there is my duo. And yes both are giggling. They are surprised to see me waiting but it does not stop the giggling, but they separate and each one takes one of my arms and off we walk towards the door. I just look at one and then the other with a puzzled look on my face.

Finally Justine tells me, "Mira forgot to squat."

And the giggles continue as we walk through the door. The runners see us and are off running to get our car.

Justine continues, "There was another woman in there who saw Mira's feet facing the wrong way in the cubicle. So when Mira came out of the cubicle this woman asked her how she was able to pee standing up. Without missing a beat Mira told her, 'Practice.' And then we almost ran to the door to get out of there."

I just look at both of them and think to myself, I guess you had to be there...

The car arrives and the girls give the runners another show. I didn't get a chance to leave a tip as everyone was on the other side of the car watching the show. I guess tips can be anything? A couple of bucks or a sex show? Justine gives a little extra by sliding her hand up Mira's legs disappearing under her dress. I hear one boy moan. I drive off, but Justine's hand stays where it is at. Shit, I can't watch as I have to drive.

I glance over ever chance I get. Justine is now kissing Mira, and Mira is squirming. Whatever Justine is doing under Mira's dress its' effect is stimulating.

Then Justine pulls back and tells her, "Now Dear, you will just need to wait until we get home, as it is not fair to George as he has to drive."

The looks on Mira's face almost cause me to crash; shock, disbelief, anger, pleading, all appear one at a time for moments before moving on to the next one. Then I start laughing.

"Not funny, George," Mira tells me and pouts at the same time.

I remember those feelings of long ago. I believe they are called "Blue Balls." Then I laugh again as I can almost see blue balls under panties under a short dress. What a strange day it has been. Mira is still glaring at me.

I pull into the center where my drug store is located, but Justine points out a boutique and says, "First thing we have got to do is go there."

"Okay," and I park close to the Eros Boutique.

I get out of the car and walk to the other side and open the door for the ladies. Mira gets out quickly but Justine..., Justine gives me a show. Bless her heart. I reach in with my hand and help her out and to her feet. For my efforts she gives me a kiss, one with a hint of more to come.

Walking to the front of the Eros Boutique I see all kinds of sexy clothes displayed in the front windows. I think this is a clothing store as I open the door for the ladies. Once inside I see all sorts of clothes made out of all kinds of material, and as we move further inside of the store I think the clothes are getting smaller and smaller. I don't think this the kiddy section, yet the amount of material being displayed if placed on a full grown woman..., ah, would indeed be interesting to see!

Then we pass into a doorway with hanging beads acting as a screen. Inside covering every wall, even the ceiling, were all kinds of things sexual. Life size dolls with strange mouths all appearing to be saying "O." Dildos of all shapes, sizes and colors, some jutting out from the wall looking like weapons. The thought a two lines of soldiers advancing on each other with these giant dildos held threateningly out in front of them, almost causes me to loose it.

Inside some of the display cases are handcuffs and other kind of restraints. I envision a policeman with a dildo in one hand and handcuffs in the other telling me to get up against the wall and spread 'em, and I start giggling.

Justine and Mira look at me wondering what is going on. I stop giggling and shake my head no indicating it is not worth talking about.

In other displays there are all kinds of vibrators. Small vibrators that fit on your finger. Big vibrators that look like they could make a horse happy. And of course everything in between. There were battery power vibrators, vibrators that plugged into wall outlets, and rechargeable vibrators too! America, I love it!

I look up and see Justine and Mira talking to a sale lady over a display counter. I assume that this person is a sales person. She looks like a sales person, the kind you would find in any chic boutique, slim and pretty. Except she is wearing leather chaps, maybe a leather g-string, and a backless leather vest. When she bends over you can see the swell of her small pert breasts. She looks good with Justine and Mira. It is time to mosey on over and see what my partners are up to. Ye Haw.

Mosey, Partners and Ye Haw? I think to myself. Is this place so alien to me that I'm having a difficult time adjusting/thinking. Maybe instead of thinking about a new journey we could think of it as a new trail ride? Get hold of yourself George, I admonish myself. Looking at the sale person I think, How about getting hold of her?

I walk up behind Justine and Mira, placing an arm around each one I nudge myself between them and look down on top of the display counter. What I am looking at is..., well it looks like two dicks back to back connected together with their heads going in opposite direction. Coming or going, I think, almost start giggling again.

The sales person looks up at me and smiles, "I was telling your wife and daughter about the Nexus two headed dildo. It pleasures two people at the same time, with the addition of a harness, and a clitoris vibrator it will drive women wild. A sure crowd pleaser."

I smile my sweetest smile. A person once said when an attorney smiles it reminds them of the shark in "Jaws," before it bites down, and tell her, "This is my wife and this is my lover, or I should say our lover." Looking at Justine as I say it, and she smiles and nods her head. Mira squeezes my arm around her in approval.

This little sales person looks up at me with new respect, smiles at me and says, "Can you handle another one?"

"Talk to my wife here and she will see if she can fit you in. And when you are finished bag up the Nexus two headed dildo, harness and clit vibrator." In my mind's eye I could see Justine pounding away at Mira. I pull away and take Mira with me and we walk around in amazement in this adult play house. We see a bunch of things that don't make much sense to us. Rookies, I think, Me, Justine and Mira, a whole new world to explore. Am I ready?

Justine catches up with us several minutes later with the Nexus two headed dildo bagged up with the other goodies as we head down to the drug store. Once in the drug store the girls take off to the cosmetic counter while I head to the pharmacy. I tell the young male pharmacy tech my name and that I'm there to pick up a prescription. He tells me my "prescription" will be ready in a minute. Did I detect a sneer from this boy. Maybe I am just a little sensitive over picking up this prescription and I let it go, but I picture Justine using that Nexus two headed dildo on his pimply ass and I gain a little satisfaction from the thought.

I find the girls talking about makeup, and I realize that I know nothing about makeup and don't want to know. In a few minutes another bag is filled with goodies and placed in the bigger sack from the Eros Boutique. With a honey on each arm I mosey back to the pharmacy. Time for a show down with the pimply little pharmacy tech.

The pharmacy tech looks up from the counter and his eyes first fall on me, then he looks at Justine and then Mira. Then he sees I have them both on my arms. I can almost see smoke coming from his ears as he looks from one woman to the other one. The little shit is getting an erection and it is starting to tent his overly large pants. This is funny.

But this time the pharmacy tech treats me with the respect he should have when I first showed up. Justine pays for the prescription while I whisper into Mira's ear. Once the drugs are in our possession Mira slings out her arm and using her thumb she thumps the head of the pharmacy tech's dick. He screams as he grabs his crotch and bends over.

Justine looks at Mira and me. I smile and tighten my hold on each woman and turn them around towards the entrance and start walking. With a turn of my head I look at the pharmacy tech , smile and send him my thoughts, Be out of town by sundown.

Once outside Mira and I start to laugh. Justine just looks at us, but the laughter is infectious and she starts to laugh as well. And laughing we enter the car and off to home we head. Sex pills and a Nexus two headed dildo, where is the day heading?

To Be Continued...

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