tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 07

Misery Rides Again Ch. 07

byBill Smith©

Driving out of Larry's driveway Justine looks at me and ask, "Are you disappointed that Mira is staying the night with Larry and Ann?"

"No. I'm really happy that Larry has him to play with, and hopefully he will share with Ann. Overall I think that it will be an excellent experience for Mira, and Larry will have a ton of fun too."

"Well I'm glad to hear you are okay with it. Do we have to go home right away?"

"No. What would you like to do?"

"Well I want to play some more."


"Yes, play," with that said Justine reaches over, unzips my pants and slides her hand inside to grasp my dick.

"You do know that I am an old man. An old man that has made incredible love to two incredible women tonight?"

"Larry thought you would say something like that." Removing her hand from my penis she digs around in her purse until she pulls out a small box, and as she removes a pill she looks at me she says, "Open you mouth."

I just look at her, which is kinda of dangerous as I am driving a very large car.

"George it is a sample of some new sex pills. Larry says it takes effect almost immediately, no long waits."

"Pills," I say disdainfully as I stick out my tongue. Justine places the pill on my second favorite sex organ and I swallow it like frog with a fly. I hope the frog receives more pleasure from the act as I gulp this new sex pill down my gullet.

"Good boy," Justine tells me as she unsnaps my shorts, "Now lift your ass."


"You heard me, lift you ass so I can get you out of these shorts."

I just look at Justine, with a look that anyone could interpret as, Are you out of your mind?

"George, keep your eyes on the road!"

Looking back at the road I'm surprised but I am still on the road and not up a tree. Pull of my shorts, she has to be kidding.

"Are you chicken," my crazy wife asks me.

"Chicken? Justine I'm over a half a century old, and you ask me if I am chicken. I have not heard that term used in that manner in over 30 years, yet you dare use it on me? Chicken?" I just shake my head as I can't believe what she has just asked. Chicken: cowardly, no backbone, easily intimidated...

I lift my ass and almost shout to her, "Take the damn shorts off!!"

Smiling she pulls my shorts down. After a few harrowing seconds she works my feet out of the shorts and then I am naked from the waist down. I look down and my dick is starting to grow but I swear that little one eye monster is looking at me and saying sucker.

I look at Justine who has a smile on her face as she looks at me. "What's so funny," I ask.

"George you look so handsome sitting there in your polo shirt driving this huge battleship of a car, and your foward gun is slowly raising seeking a target to shoot at, that I can't help but smile." With that said she presents her open mouth as a suitable target for my gun to aim at, but instead of shooting it is swallowed whole. She takes the whole thing as I feel her lips at the base of my dick as her nose tickles my pubic hair; I'm impressed as she has never done this to me before.

"Hmmmmmmmmm, baby that's feeling good," I tell her as I try and keep the battleship in the appropriate shipping lane. Reaching over with my right hand I slip it under her Genie costume, then under her panties and gently squeeze her ass. As I squeeze her ass I feel as well as hear a moan escape from her throat. Life is good, I think as I try and figure out where to go to but all I can do is drive: what is the saying, it is the journey and not the arrival that is the adventure, perhaps I understand that now.

My exploring fingers have found ports in a storm. I let my thumb sail into her ass, as a finger slips into her cunt, while another finger steers towards her clitoris. It seems that my actions have caused another storm as Justine's hips start to rock in the wake of my actions. The seas are staring to get ruff as Justine's ass is tossed around in a maelstrom of my making. It does not matter how storm tossed she becomes she never leaves her station nor ceases her duty to her captain. But there comes a time in a sailor's life when the storm is too intense, the maelstrom too strong and they are thrown overboard.

In Justine's case she is thrown upright, with her lips glistening with wetness she screams,"Oh Geroge! What you do to me!!!" As her hips grind away on my fingers, she licks her lips and her eyes roll up inside of her head. I keep her in the maelstrom until she screams, "No more George!"

And like a storm abating I let my fingers slow until they are still but like an anchor on the sea floor I am still firmly entrenched. Justine grabs my neck and I can feel her tremble against me like restless waves upon a storm tossed beach. "Oh, George," she moans into my ear, then..., then..., she bites my ear lobe!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I scream. I mean Justine bites my ear lobe! It is not a nibble, she stops just short of biting the thing off, I think, maybe... "Are you fucking crazy?" Removing my hand from her ass, and my fingers from their warm, wet harbor I reach up to make sure my ear lobe is still there. My ear lobe is still there but it is throbbing like a siren wobbling out warnings. Turning to Justine I ask, "Why?"

"Keep your eyes on the road."

I turn back and make sure there is a road, then I look back at Justin with a questioning look upon my face. Then I focus on my driving and the pain in my ear lobe.

"Cap'n, I did it, sir... I did it to help you keep focused as I didn't want you to cum too soon."


Reaching out with her hand she grabs my sex. Pain or no pain it was still as hard as a diamond cutter, but unlike a diamond cutter it is wet with excitement. Justine looks up at me with a smile on her face.

"You didn't know that. Your hand was not on it," I tell her with my hand still on my ear as I look into her smiling eyes.

"Oh George, I knew. What you were doing to me, what I was feeling, you had to be mirroring all of that too. As much as you think you were in control, you were just an equal partner in what we were doing. As I grew excited, you grew excited too. We were in a feedback loop dancing upon each other's excitement, I just didn't want it to stop too soon. So I bit the thing that was within the range of my teeth," with that said she grasps my dick in her hand to show me it could be worse.

I shudder slightly at the picture she presents to me, but my dick remains hard and firmly in her grasp. A thousand thoughts race across my mind but none could out think her logic, but even with all of that my ear lobe still hurts. Looking at the road ahead of me I ask her, "So..., what's next?"

"Baby, I would like some champagne."


"Yes, champagne. It is time to celebrate. George we have started out on a new adventure, and like christening a new ship we need to recognize that this is a start of new beginning."

With that bit of information I change course and set sail towards a different kind of liquid paradise. In a few short minutes I pull up in front of a resupply ship. Eh... I mean a store where Justine can get champagne. Releasing my dick she digs around in my shorts until she finds my wallet, removes several bills, kisses me on the lips and out he door she bounces.

This particular store I stop at has a glass front. I am able to watch Justine enter the store and move toward the coolers where her champagne should be located. I watch as others pause and look at Justine, remember she is still in her Genie costume with her pert breasts bouncing free and her little ass covered in little panties. The sight causes my dick to twitch, and I smile as I watch others point and smile at her. As Justine picks up her package and change from the checkout there is a knocking at the passenger window of the car. I look up and see a very pretty young woman raping her knuckles against the window. I push the button to let that window down. Laughing she sticks her head in the window and ask, "Do you need a hand with that papa?"

I look at her with a puzzled look and then I remember my shorts are on the floor. If there was more available light I'm quite sure she would have seen me blush but before she can reply Justine is there.

Justine ask her, "Can I help you?"

Looking Justine up and down while her tongue traces the outline of her lips she ask, "Are you with him?"

"Yes, who are you with?"

Tossing her head behind her she says, "The jerk in the pickup."

Without looking at the truck Justine asks the young lady, "Want to go with us?"

Once more looking Justine up and down she nods her head yes. Pulling away from the door she allows Justine to enter the car and then she follows.

"Go George," Justine tells me.

Shaking my head in disbelief I crank the battleship up and pull away. Then I am out on the road and heading..., towards..., I don't know I am just driving.

"Nice outfit," the young lady tells Justine.

Justine looks at the young lady dressed in jeans and shirt, "Do you feel a little over dressed?"

"Well now that you mention it, I do."

As Justine pulls out a bottle from her sack she tells the young lady very simply, "Well, take it off."

With a laugh the young lady starts to remove her clothes while Justine fights the top off a bottle of champagne. I just drive, but for some reason I have headed out of the city away from home. I am heading out to the lake, out towards the country. Hearing a pop I realize that Justine has a bottle of champagne open, and I hear the rustle of clothes knowing that a unknown young woman is in the car with us removing her clothes. Strange, I think, but then I remember that I am undressed from the waist downwards. Strange!

To Be Continued...

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