tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 06

Misery Rides Again Ch. 06

byBill Smith©

I'm sucking on Justine's fingers, savoring the taste of Ann's cunt, Justine smiles and asks, "Taste good doesn't it?"

I just nod my head and continue sucking.

Slowly Justine removes her fingers from my mouth and informs me, "Taste even better from the source." With that she moves to my other side and sits down on the couch. Ann comes back to earth, she moves off my lap and sits on my other side. I place an arm around both and pull them close to me, and just smile thinking what a lucky man I am.

There is a moan from the floor and the three of us look down. It appears that the moan came from Mira as Larry has pulled her off his dick, and is now kissing her. I have never really watch two people deeply kiss like these two are doing. If I didn't know better I would swear that they were eating each other; but trying to figure out who was eating whom is the trick.

As I was trying to figure this out the women start removing my shirt. When I am able to see Mira and Larry again they were still kissing but their hands wear roaming up and down each other's bodies, sort of like what Ann and Justine is doing to me. At some unseen command the hands stop roaming and start concentrating on my nipples. Ann starts to gently roll my nipple back and forth between her fingers as Justine was trying to pull my other one off. Pain and pleasure, I don't know which one I enjoy the most. I am surprised when the pain turned to heat, and then the heat turned to pleasure. Oh god, somehow my internal wiring is being rerouted, what was once pain is now pleasure, I think as Justine removes her hand from my nipple and replaced it with her lips and tongue. The pleasure is intense... then she bites me. A scream was on its way up when she releases her teeth and starts to flick her tongue back and forth across my tortured nipple. The scream turns into a moan of excitement before it leaves my lips.

I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations. Ann has replaced her hand with her mouth, now two mouths are driving me insane. It must be insanity as I can't think, I don't think I can see, and I don't care! When I think I can't take it anymore, someone has sneaked their hand into my shorts and grabbed my dick. My dick, somehow I have forgotten my dick! Now all I can think of is my dick. Then another hand finds it way into my shorts, past my dick towards my balls. Without thinking I spread my legs to help this new hand reach its destination. I keep my eyes closed because there is something inside of me that is afraid if I open them all of this will be just a dream, and it feels just too damn good to end.

"What the...," we hear from the floor.

I open my eyes, the women pull their mouths from my erect nipples and we all look at Larry and Mira. Larry has removed Mira's translucent blouse and bra, now he is just staring Mira's lack of breasts. A smile slowly spreads across his face, then he looks up at me. I smile back and blow him a kiss. Larry then looks at Ann with a questioning look on his face, and she smiles and says, "Go for it baby." Larry bends his head and starts sucking on Mira's nipple, while a happy sigh escapes from Mira.

Been there done that, I look at Ann and Justine. Ann grabs my head and kisses me. What a kiss! I thought she was trying to eat my tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. Whew, I think, things are getting hot! As I try to regain control of my tongue, Justine is pulling my shorts off. As my tongue fights with Ann's, Justine's tongue has made contact with my dick. I say Justine has made contact with my dick but her contact is light and fleeting; her tongue is like the wings of a butterfly dancing up and down and around my dick and balls.

My hands start to wonder up, down and around Ann's body. She feels so soft and smooth. One hand capture's a nipple and she squirms, and moans into my mouth. My other hand has moved down between her legs and has found the opening to her cunt. She is wet, then I remember how she tasted on Justine's fingers and I moan into her mouth.

Breaking all contact with me Ann jumps up, removes her clothes, and looks at Justine and exclaims, "I need his cock!"

"Sure baby," smiling a wicked smile Justine grabs my dick in a vise like grip and tells Ann, "but mount him facing me."

Ann straddles my body and lowers herself while Justine guides my dick into her hot and dripping cunt. Sweet delight invades my being as my dick enters Ann's silky hot pussy. I reach out grabbing Ann's plump ass with both my hands and start to kneed it like a baker working on bread dough.

While I have been busy with Ann, Justine has disposed of her clothes. Straddling my body in front of Ann she presents her breasts to her. Ann bends her head and captures a nipple with her teeth. She pulls Ann's head into her breast while looking down at me with a smile on her face. I stare at my wife as Ann rocks back and forth on my dick and I think to myself just how much I love my wife.

I almost laugh out loud at the absurdity of this situation: my dick is buried in the pussy of my best friend's wife, who just happens to have one of my wife's breast in her mouth and I think, I love my wife. Then I do laugh out loud, which causes Ann to release Justine's breast. Justine laughs too but then bends her head and kisses Ann. Again I wonder who is eating whom, but I don't really don't care as Ann cunt has started to contract around my dick. I tighten my grip on Ann's ass and start to drive my dick into her with all of my power and she cums. Moans escape from Ann's mouth and Justine tries to eat them all but some escape and fills the room with her sounds of excitement, while her cunt convulses around my dick and her wetness drenches my balls. This is paradise, I think as I slow my pace and then stop my movement.

Justine releases Ann's lips and starts to kiss Ann's face, then her neck and kisses her way down to her breasts. Ann is shaking now almost like a bowl of Jell-O and I like this movement! Then I feel Justine's tongue at the junction where Ann and I meet. The butterfly is back but now it is dancing over two bodies, or is it now one because we are connected? I laugh out loud in joy as Ann cums again, and Justine is there to lap up the wetness. Ann slowly falls over and I guide her fall to the couch where she just lays there breathing heavily.

The butterfly has now turned into a hungry tigress as she swallows my dick up to my balls. Whew I'm impresses and excited too! After a few moments I pull Justine's head from my dick and bring it upwards to my face, where I then start to lick the wetness from her lips and chin. Then I kiss her, and out tongues start to do battle. I pull away and tell her, "I want you."

Justine smiles. Then with a wicked look on her face she spins away and ends up on her hands and knees. Looking back over her shoulders at me, she wiggles her hips and I get the message. Quickly I'm behind her and with her assistance I have my dick buried up her cunt in one thrust. The feeling is astonishing as she clamps her muscles around my dick and as I pound her sex. She has placed the fingers of one of her hands on her clitoris and is masturbating herself, and in no time she is cuming. I finally look up and see that she has placed herself where we can both see Mira and Larry.

Larry is doing things to Mira's cock that I have never thought about, and by the sounds that Mira is making she is enjoying his actions. Then Larry pulls off of Mira's cock and he moves his head downwards. I pull Justine's limp body upwards towards me and whisper in her ears, "What is Larry doing to Mira?"

Shaking her head Justine looks at what is taking place before her. I feel her cunt contract around my cock and she tells me almost breathlessly that, "Larry is eating her ass."

"Eating her ass?"

"Yes! He is putting his tongue up her ass, hopefully in preparation for his dick."

"You are telling me that he is putting his tongue up Mira's ass?"

"Yes baby I am. Not only does it feel good to have it done to you, but as you do it, it feels... it feels wonderful to do it. Knowing that you are giving pleasure, and giving pleasure in a way that most people would never even consider is almost to wonderful to consider. Remember that sex is dirty if you do it right, and when your tongue enters your lover's ass it does not get much dirtier then that but it is not dirty... it is only the thought."



With that information I withdraw my dick from Justine's pussy, then walking backwards on my knees till I think the angle is correct I pull her ass cheeks apart and look at her little pink asshole. Why the fuck not, I think and bring my mouth into contact with her ass. My tongue sneaks out and gently probes Justine's asshole. At first my tongue meets resistance but soon she relaxes and my tongue is able to probe deeper. There is not an offensive taste or smell but it is so incredibly sexy that I am blown away by the very act. Soon Justine is into the act and she starts to push her ass back as my tongue plunges past her sphincter on its' downward thrust. She has brought her fingers up to her cunt and she is strumming her own tune on her clitoris as I play her ass with my tongue like a bow across a string instrument. Justine soon cums, and on that note I remove my tongue and replace it with my slicked up dick. In a few slow shoves my dick is buried up her ass. Once I have Justine impaled on my dick I look up and see that Larry has don't the same thing to Mira.

Larry and I look at each other, smile, then we pound with all of our power into and out of our lovers. Our lovers moan in unison, a cappella and in tune as we pound their asses without a conductor but on the same beat. In one final heart shaking crescendo we all cum at the same time. Then slowly Larry and I slowly fall onto our prostrate lovers with applause from Ann as out performance did not go unnoticed.

I whisper into Justine's ear, "I love you baby."

She responds with the tightening of her sphincter and a sigh on her lips.

to be continued...

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