tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 08

Misery Rides Again Ch. 08

byBill Smith©

The moon is full and so are the breasts on the unknown young lady we just picked up. Justine is drinking champagne from the bottle but her eyes are dancing all over our naked young companion. Removing the bottle from her lips Justine passes the bottle to our new friend who seductively licks the top before placing it next to her lips, then she tips the bottle upwards and drinks like a person dying of thirst. Justine reaches out, cups the nearest breast of our young friend with her cold hand almost causing her to choke.

Removing the bottle from her lips our new friend shivers and tells Justine, "Oooooooooooo, your hand is cold!"

"Not for long," Justine whispers back as she takes back the bottle of champagne. Taking a large gulp from the bottle she turns and hands the bottle to me.

I know I have had enough to drink for one night so absently I place it between my legs to prevent it from falling over and spilling its' contents in the car. Too late I remember I am not wearing anything down below. Before I can scream I look over at Justine and what I see makes a cold bottle between my legs insignificant. Justine is kissing our new friend and I can tell she is also feeding her the champagne. As thirsty as our young friend was a moment ago she is not able to contain all that Justine is giving her; some of the champagne escapes her lips to travel down her chin only to fall upon her breasts and then downwards as gravity dictates. The wet trail of champagne leaves a glistening trail that the moonlight captures and highlights.

It is difficult to drive and watch all that is going on next to me, so I force myself to keep my eyes on the road regardless of the sounds next to me. I concentrate on my driving and find that I am on my bike route to the lake. If my little place at the lake is isolated in the day time, imagine what it would be like at night!

Justine removes the champagne bottle from between my legs but I refuse to look at where it goes. The temptation to look is strong, but there is still little bit of rationality still prevailing in my little brain for I know if I look the temptation will be too great to keep looking, and I am the captain of this battleship so I must make our destination. The sounds the these two females are making must be the same sounds sirens used to lure mariners to their destruction on the rocks, sweet songs be damned for I know now their true song was not a song at all! If I had but a mast to secure myself to, but I don't so with every ounce of my being I drive on and then I am there.

The squeals of the tires on this battleship matches the squeal of our new friend! I look over to see Justine sucking on our friend's breast while at the same time I see that she has her hand between the young lady's thighs.

I jump out of the car and run to the other side. With no thought to the outside world I open the passenger door sitting off the dome light and what greats me is a sight that will haunt me for years to come. Justine does not have just fingers inside of our new friend's pussy, she has her entire hand inside! Justine is driving her hand in and out of that cunt like a jackhammer tearing up pavement, and our new friend is meeting each thrust with equal fever. I drop to my knees, bend forward to capture our new friend's free nipple with my lips as I snake a hand downwards to her clitoris. As I flick my finger back and forth across this blood engorged clitoris I feel Justine's hand as it continues its' incessant thrusting while our new friend starts to tremble and jerk like a person with a seizure... then she screams.

Her scream is like a shock wave that travels outwards from the car shaking up everything in its' path. As I fall backwards on my ass I hear the woods come alive with birds squawking, squirrels clucking and sounds from animals I can't identify all greatly disturbed as their slumber is shattered by this unearthly scream. Then there is silence once again from the car except for gentle whimpers from our friend. I look at Justine who's eyes are as full as the moon while she looks at the girl, then she looks downward and watches as she slowly removes her hand. She brings her hand to her face and I can see her smile as she looks at the wetness glistening in the dome light. Her tongue sneaks out between her lips and licks the wetness from her hand.

I get up off my ass and pull our friend to her feet as a small moan escapes from her lips. As we stand I kiss her, then putting her arms around my neck she kisses back, which allows my hands to fall and cup her ample ass. I pick her up and take her to the rear of the car where I place her on top of the trunk. Since I'm already between her legs this allows my dick to find the opening to her cunt where it is slowly swallowed whole. I feel her cunt adjusting to my dick as I am buried to the nut but I don't move my hips as I luxuriate in this wonderful feeling. Leaning forward my lips touch hers then our tongues dance that age old dance of passion. I hear the door close and with it the inside light goes out. I raise up on my hands and look down upon this young lady, the moon has her painted in a pale moon lightness but her eyes glow like fire while her cunt gently caresses my dick.

I see Justine as she walks from my front to my back and then I feel her hands on my ass as she spreads them apart. Then I feel something wet moving up and down the crack of my ass. I gasps out my surprise at this wonderful sensation.

Our friend looks at me with concern in her eyes and asks, "What's wrong?"

I fall forward on top of her placing my head next to her ear, "Justine is licking my ass. Oh.... sweet god what a feeling..."

"Daddy tell me how it feels!"

"Her tongue feels almost like... I don't know... I can't get a handle on how to describe something hot, wet, soft and alive!"

I start to move my hips but our new friend just grabs my ass with both her hands and tells me, "Don't move pappa, just enjoy the feelings. Tell me what is she doing to you."

Since our new friend is holding my ass open for Justine this allows her more freedom to explore my ass. I shiver and shake as I tell my new friend, "Justine is making little small circles with the tip of her tongue at the top of my ass. I can feel her saliva creeping down my ass as her tongue is making slow circles following the wet trail."

I suck in a lung full of air in shock and excitement. "She is nibbling on my asshole! I can feel her teeth as she takes little bites. Oh..., Ah..., Oh...," I tell my friend who holds me tightly to herself not allowing my hips to move. I rise up on my hands, eyes as wide as the full moon, shake and tremble. "She is putting her tongue in my ass," I manage to say between gasps, sighs and moans.

Our new friend shakes and trembles as I tell her this. "Oh daddy, that is sooooooo dirty. And I like dirty," she tells me as she cums grinding her hips against mine.

Justine pauses for a second and then she attacks my ass with new vigor, her tongue drilling deep and wide. The sensations on my ass and cock it is too much, I cum. My dick throbs and spits, our new friend's cunt grips and releases on my dick, and Justine is trying to crawl up inside of my ass tongue first! "AHHHHHhhhhhhhh," I scream, disturbing the beasts in the forest causing their voices to rise once again to the full moon but this time with mine in a cacophony of sound strong enough to raise the dead from their sleep! I fall forward in a semi faint. I whimper as Justine removes her tongue from my ass, I feel..., I feel empty... and alone? As I think through these feelings I hear kissing sounds, I raise my head to see Justine kissing our friend. I insert my head between theirs which allows all three of our tongues to dance and play together.

Justine breaks the kiss, to look at our new friend, she ask, "Did I hear you say you like dirty?"

With a twinkle of reflected moon light in her eyes she tells Justine, "Momma, I love dirty. If you are talking about sex."

"George," Justine looks at me with a questioning look on her face.

I look at Justine, with the thought I wish I still had her tongue in my ass, but with a slight shiver I tell her, "Justine at this point in my life I am open to anything."

With that said, Justine crawls up on the trunk of the car. I pull back to watch as she straddles our new found friend, facing me. Placing both of her hands between her legs, I watch in puzzlement but then I see liquid fire spit forth between her legs and feel it hit me in the chest. I gasp at this perplexing turn of events. The moon is full and its' light is strong, bathing all of us in surrealistic grayness but what shoots forth from between Justine's thighs is ablaze in fire. I would run but our new friend has her legs scissored and I am still between them. The liquid fire turns to heat and runs down my body soaking our friend in its' fiery heat and she moans with excitement.

Brain cells sizzle, smoke and die, and as others take over in my cloudy mind the answer jumps out at me, Holy Shit Batman, she is pissing on us! In over a half a century of living I have never seen a woman urinate, and as many times as I have pissed and seen other men piss this is really a new adventure for me. As all of that sinks into my mind, my dick twitches in excitement. I watch as our new friend reaches up with her hands and directs Justine's hips to her face, and then in amazement I see her open her mouth to drink in the liquid fire. WOW, this is too cool, I think as Justine lowers her body until her cunt is in full contact with our new friend's mouth.

My dick is still hard but I want something in my mouth. I fight out of the scissored legs that hold me in, grasping the legs of our new friend I lower my head and fasten my mouth to her wet sex. A million thoughts dart through my mind but the response I feel from our new friend causes me to reject them all from my mind as I drive her towards another climax. I put a finger in her ass as I suck on her cunt and she explodes with muffled cries into Justine's cunt, which in turn helps Justine to cum as well. Then I feel a wetness assaulting my mouth that I have not known, then I realize what is transpiring and my dick is twitching again... our new friend is pissing! No telling how many brain cells have died but I have come to the realization that this ain't bad! As a matter of fact, I like it! I drink as much as I can and then our new friend cums again, and Justine cums too! Too fucking cool, I think as I feel what they are feeling thrown into this feedback loop. Then we all sort of come to a halt.

With a smile on my face I look at both of these beautiful women and let my liquid fire erupt from my dick to dance upon their bodies. Fingers dive towards the juncture of their thighs, while moans race toward the full moon as I kept my liquid fire in motion. In a short amount of time both of the women cum, waking once again the beasts in the forest who sing out in protest to the moon racing across the heaven.

"Darlene, you fucking sick cunt, I'm going to kill you!"

To Be Continued...

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