tagInterracial LoveMissed Connection Ch. 03

Missed Connection Ch. 03


Kassidy went back and forth for three days on whether or not she should text Jackson and when she thought about what she should write, she felt like a complete dumbass. Kassidy did NOT want to give a bad impression... Too many times had she started a text and soon found herself overanalyzing what was being said and didn't send it.

She also felt that calling him was out of the question... She wasn't really the 'phone' type. She hadn't expected him to really respond... Honestly, she just made the post to say that she tried. She definitely did not foresee herself as she was, now: on pins and needles, staring absently at her cell phone. Whenever she had down time, she found herself chastising herself for being such a coward about the whole situation. She knew that if he was like any other guy, if she kept him waiting much longer, she'd miss out on him again... She really needed to get it together!

She had to mentally prep to convince herself to take action: 'Kassidy, you have to send him a text... It was you that submitted the post and now the ball is right back in your court... What's a text message, anyway?' Sean, of course, did not want her to respond and for some reason when she brought the subject up, he acted really frustrated... Sean wasn't here to talk her out of it, so she swallowed her pride and picked up her phone.

Kassidy: Hey Jackson, it's Kassidy... I got ur email

After she pressed 'send', she relaxed...a lot. She even laughed at her own stupidity: Was that really so hard? How could she get so damn worked up over a text message?

Her mind traveled back to when she got the email three days prior:

"So what are you gonna do now, Kass? I'm telling you that that," Sean said, nodding towards her cell phone, "is no fucking good." His chest rose and fell quickly as his green eyes bore into hers.

"Sean, calm down. I'm not planning on going and meeting him or anything...Well, at least not yet," she explained in an attempt to clam him down.

"Yet? Yet! You can't be fucking serious! You don't know anything about this guy! He could be a fucking murderer!? Sean was seriously getting on her nerves.... It wasn't like she was fucking naïve enough to just go off and meet this man in some deep, dark alleyway... Jeez.

"Oh, Sean Davis! How could I have ever lived without you?" Kassidy spat sarcastically, "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to put myself in a fucked up situation? Fuck you!" The anger in her eyes stopped Sean in his tracks: Her eyes wild, her perfectly arched eyebrows ruffled... He knew it was cliché but she was so damn sexy when she was mad. He wanted nothing more than to lay down and let her take all her frustrations out on him but he quickly decided against that because now wasn't the time.

"You know what, Kassidy? You're right... you're a grown ass woman, so I can't stop you from doing anything. Just know, I'm trying to keep your best interest in mind," he said softly as he calmed down. He went from freaking out on her to softly stroking her cheek and Kassidy wondered what the reason behind his sporadic and weird behavior was.

She reached up and placed her hand on his, holding it in place. "I know you are, Sun-Sean but I already have a father... what I need from you is my best friend."

Sean felt the unfamiliar ache as he broke eye contact with her. "Fine... I love you, Kassidy."

"Love ya, too, Sun-Sean," she said with a toothy grin. Kassidy knew Sean like the back of her hand (or so she thought) and knew that the only reason he was pretending to catch feelings was because she had another guy in mind. Little did she know, his feelings were far from artificial.


Jackson was making himself dinner when he heard his phone blaring 'Indestructable' by Disturbed. He had a text message but had long given up hope that it could be Kassidy. For three days, he waited for her to call or text... minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days with no response. Every time his phone went off, he'd run to it, thinking it could possibly be her... it was usually one of the soldiers he fought with checking up on him. Soon, however, he figured that she lost interest.

He walked to the living room and picked up his phone and looked at the text. Again, he found himself reading it several times before he was convinced that it was real. He had thought she had forgot about him, yet, here she was sending him a text message... a very simple text message but a text message nonetheless.

He decided to play it cool:

Jackson: Hey, what's up?

Shortly after sending the message, he felt that maybe he played it a little too cool. 'Damn,' he thought. It had been awhile since he had meaningful communication with a civilian woman. He spoke regularly with military women and they were for the most part tough broads that didn't pussyfoot around with small talk. His last relationship was with a female Marine named Katrina Scott and although she was an AMAZING fuck, he didn't think that two military-hardened individuals did well in relationships...at least not from his own personal experience.


Kassidy was borderline elated when the message came so promptly, even if it was just three words.

Kassidy: NM. Sry it took so long 4 me 2 txt. I just now mustered enough courage 2 txt, I was nervous ;/

Kassidy was a firm believer in the 'Honesty's the best policy' rule and as a result, she was frank to a fault. That sometimes made her come off as a bitch but she figured that if this was to turn into something, she wanted to begin by being truthful. This was who she was: take it or leave it.

Jackson read her message and smiled, slightly. She was too cute but he never would have expected such an open and honest response to come so soon. Immediately, he took her lead:

Jackson: Nothing to be nervous about, I almost thought you forgot about me. I was waiting for a response.

Kassidy: I kno, I'm sry. My best friend didn't think this was a good idea n I started second-guessing

Jackson: Well, I'm glad you didn't listen to her.

Kassidy: Him* Yea me 2, what r u up 2?

Jackson didn't know how to feel about talking to a girl with a guy for a best friend. He could think of 1,001 ways that could be a bad thing...Unless, of course, he was gay.

Jackson: Nothing, really, I was just trying to adjust to being back home

Kassidy: Sounds like fun...not lol Where have u been?

Jackson: Afghanistan

Kassidy: O, ur n the military? What branch?

Jackson: Army

Kassidy was ecstatic...she loved a man in uniform. She made a mental note to tell him so when she got to know him better. If she got to know him better.

Kassidy: Cool... How long were u gone?

Jackson: 9 months... 9 looooong months lol I had actually just got home the day you saw me in the store. Are you a student?

'Great,' Kassidy thought, 'He could have been checking me out because I was the first chick he saw, not because he was actually attracted to me.' After shaking the negativity from her mind, she scolded herself for overanalyzing again. She walked to her closet and pulled out her black work shirt and a pair of tight, black slacks. She was running out of time.

Kassidy: Yes, I finish up next Spring.

Jackson: Awesome! What's your major?

Kassidy: Nursing with a minor in Sociology

Jackson: Cool

About ten minutes passed with no response and Jackson wasn't sure why she stopped texting. He figured that he had better keep the conversation up or risk losing her for another three days.

Jackson: So what are you doing?

Kassidy: NM juss gettin ready 4 work

Jackson: What do you do?

Kassidy: I'm a hostess at Burge's Steakhouse

Kassidy couldn't believe that she told him her place of employment. After the initial shock of her stupidity, she shrugged it off. He knew she was a student, he knew she had to be close because she was grocery shopping right off campus, why not tell him where she works? More than likely, he would have bumped into her anyway... her college town was not that big.

Jackson: I know that place. Maybe I'll see you around, Kassidy

Kassidy: Maybe you will, Jackson ;)


After taking a quick shower and dressing, Kassidy was at work. Today was a slow day. It had been slow all week because classes were over and most of the students were gone home for the summer. She let out an exasperated sigh as she looked up at the clock... her work day was passing at a snail's pace. When it seemed that all hope was lost, her phone vibrated. Looking at the message, she smiled:

Jackson: Having fun yet?

Kassidy: Hell no! I'm bored outta my damn mind!

Jackson: Would you like some company?

Kassidy's heart thudded in her chest at the thought of seeing Jackson in person again. He was absolutely gorgeous (from her memory) and she was here in her work clothes! She wanted to decline but she was really bored and she did want to see him again... Against her better judgment, she picked up her phone to respond:

Kassidy: How fast can you get here? ;)


Kassidy was on edge ever since Jackson told her that he was on his way. She went to the bathroom to look herself over to make sure she was presentable. After coming to terms with the fact that this was as good as it was going to get while she was wearing her work uniform, she exited the bathroom and inconspicuously looked outside to see if she could spot Jackson's truck.

After hours with scattered customers, an elderly couple decided to come in while she was waiting for his arrival. Kassidy cursed her luck and went to seat them... They didn't want a booth and didn't like the layout of the tables. After finally seating them, she walked back to her pedestal just as someone was entering the restaurant.

"Hi, welcome to Burge's. My name is-," her speech was cut short by the beautiful yet stern, blue eyes staring back at her. She swallowed audibly. 'Hellooo, Jackson' she thought as her eyes rolled over his body. Her breathing was labored as her corrupted mind thought of the possibilities:

She looked at his head that she could envision pushing into her pussy,his flawless face that she could picture twisting in pleasure, his perfect lips that she could picture wrapped around her clit, his thick neck that she saw herself sinking her teeth into, his broad shoulders that she could picture gripping as he moved inside of her, his hard chest that she saw her fingernails raking, his waist that she could envision wrapping her legs around. He broke her concentration when he spoke:

"Hello, Kassidy," he said with a confident smirk. He loved when women checked him out, not that he needed approval, hell, it just felt good. Something about her age gave the impression of innocence and it turned him on to no end. His eyes descended over her exposed collar bone and to her black polo that had one button too many unfastened.

After snapping out of her trance, she gave him a small smile. "Jackson," she said, extending her hand. Jackson took it in his and marveled at how small and soft her dark hand was in contrast to his rough, white one. He fought the urge to press his lips to her flesh, not wanting to scare her off too soon.

"Would you like to be seated?" Kassidy asked, raising an eyebrow. Jackson almost missed his cue because he was busy watching her mouth move... She leaned forward to grab a menu from her pedestal and casually pushed her wild curls behind her ear. He saw her ear had several piercings and it even had a small tattoo of a rose vine surrounding the pinna. He loved the way her lip ring nuzzled at the corner of her mouth and he couldn't stop himself from wondering what other tattoos or body piercings her clothing concealed..

"Sure," he said, smiling, "When's your lunch break?"

"I already had it," Kassidy said, pouting. 'Jesus, if she doesn't stop making that face,' Jackson thought as she poked out her full bottom lip. He wondered what it would be like to suck that lip into his mouth as he claimed her body...

"Ah, that sucks," he said simply. He tried to mask his true disappointment but Kassidy was no fool. She walked ahead of him, leading him to a table that was close to the front so they could still talk. Jackson couldn't stop staring at her round ass, thick thighs, and wide hips if he wanted to... and he definitely didn't want to. Kassidy smiled to herself because she could feel his eyes on her, making her stand straighter and walk with more confidence.

After seating him and giving him his menu, Kassidy retreated to her pedestal. She was so deep in thought that she barely realized that her boss was standing right beside her.

"-, Kassidy... Have fun," Stanley said with a smile. Kassidy shook her head and looked at him.

"I beg your pardon?" she asked, apologizing.

"I said," Stanley began, "that it's really slow today and that you could take the rest day off if you wanted."

Kassidy couldn't believe her luck! After thanking him profusely, she turned on her heel and entered the dining area and sat at Jackson's table.

"I'm glad you changed your mind," Jackson said, winking at her.

"My boss actually gave me the rest of the day off," she said, beaming.

"Awesome... so does this count as our first date?" Jackson asked, taking a sip of his soda, relishing in the taste.

"No," she said, watching the glow leave his eyes. She loved how even though he was disappointed, he had enough pride not to let it show. "This doesn't count as a date because you haven't asked me out, yet."

"Kassidy," Jackson said, reaching across the table, "Would you do me the honor of being my date this fine evening?"

Kassidy pretended to think it over before placing her hand in his. "Why Jackson, it'd be my pleasure," she said in an artificial Southern accent.


They made small talk and was truly enjoying one another's company. In a short amount of time, Kassidy learned that Jackson's favorite color was black, he was Alumni of her university's ROTC program, and he had no family. Jackson learned that Kassidy was a free spirit with an open mind, cried when ASPCA commercials came on, and she couldn't stand her stepmother.

It wasn't long before Kassidy's phone began to vibrate. She excused herself and prepared to leave to take the call. Jackson gestured for her to remain seated, indicating that he didn't mind her answering her phone at the table. She smiled and answered it. It was Sean.

"Hey, Sun-Sean, what's up?"

"Oh nothing, thinking about popping up at your job to keep you company, I know it's slow as all hell tonight."

"Sorry, Sean. I'm on a date."

"With who? Mystery Guy?"

"Uh-huh. Stanley let me off early and we kind of decided to do dinner."

"Kassidy, I told you not to trust his ass. I'm on my way."

"Sean, don't-," she began only to be met with a dial tone. She smiled uncomfortably at Jackson and sat her phone down on the table.

"Was that your boyfriend or something?" Jackson asked after swallowing his bite of steak.

Shaking her head, she spoke: "Or something... That was my best friend, Sean. He's still really weirded out by us meeting. Do you mind if he swings by to see that you're cool? He's on that Big Brother shit."

Jackson shrugged, he had nothing to hide, "I have no problem with it."

"Thanks, Jackson," Kassidy said with a wide smile and changed the subject, "So what did you wanna be when you were a kid?"

"A soldier," he said shortly and sipped his soda again.

"Well you got that," she said, laughing, "What was second place?"

"A police officer," he replied, using the same initial tone.

"And what are you?" Kassidy asked, turning her head to the side in the most adorable way Jackson could imagine.

"I'm a Military Police Officer," he said, cracking a smile.

"No way," she said, returning it, "Okay, what was your favorite cartoon?"

"I don't wanna tell you," he said, looking away.

"Out with it!" she said, strumming her fingers on the table and looking at him expectantly.

"G.I. Joe," he grumbled, turning a lovely shade of red when Kassidy burst into hysterics.

At that moment, Sean approached the table. "I see everything's going fine here," he said, surveying the situation.

Kassidy stopped her laughter and took several gulps of her water. "Yes, Sun-Sean, I told you it would be. This is Jackson... Mystery Guy from the grocery store. Jackson, this is Sean, my best friend."

Jackson looked at Sean intently before offering him his hand. Jackson knew that look anywhere... 'Big Brother my ass,' he thought as he watched Sean size him up.

Sean took Jackson's hand and shook it curtly. He never broke eye contact and neither did Jackson. Kassidy, feeling the tension, broke the silence. "So, what's up?" she asked Sean, hoping to stop the stare-down.

"Nothing much, Kass. I just came to check up on you but now that I see that there's nothing to worry about I guess I'll leave you to your date," he said with a smirk, retaining the stare.

Jackson was not about to back down, especially not from some kid. Sean's behavior actually had an adverse effect on Jackson: Instead of intimidating him, it made him want Kassidy even more...

"Nice to meet you, Sean," Jackson said darkly.

"Likewise, Bro," Sean said, turning on his heel and walking away.

"What was that about?" Jackson asked, finally looking at Kassidy.

"Oh, he's just a little protective of me," Kassidy replied, shrugging.

"I think he may have a crush on you," Jackson said, his words accompanied the sexiest smirk Kassidy had ever seen in her life.

"He does, but I just don't feel that way towards him. Physically, definitely, but I just don't want anything more from him. He's not what I want."

"So you and Sean-," Jackson stopped and raised his eyebrows.

"Oh yeah," she said, wondering if this was one of the times her brutal honesty would give her problems. She gave Jackson the entire spiel about the complexity of her and Sean's relationship as they walked to their cars. When she finished, he opened his mouth to speak:

"Well, Kassidy, I can honestly say that you deserve better than his shit. I'll be around if you need me.. All you have to do is text," he said, feeling comfortable enough to grab her by her hips and pull her into him.

Kassidy closed her eyes and relaxed into his embrace. Sean held her but it was nothing like this. She loved the way he oozed masculinity and raw sex appeal. She felt herself grow moist with the thought of her being able to completely let go and allow him to dominate her.

Jackson saw the raw desire in her big brown eyes and knew exactly what she craved. He was certain that when she was ready, she'd come to him because they both knew that he was just the man for the job...

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