tagInterracial LoveMissed Connection Ch. 05

Missed Connection Ch. 05


Kassidy woke up, confused when she saw Sean sprawled all over her bed... again. She almost freaked out until she realized that she was still wearing her oversized nightshirt and her pussy wasn't sore and throbbing. She looked at Sean: His tousled brown hair, his straight nose, his perfect lips... it really sucked that there would never be a future between the two.

As if he could feel her eyes on him, his eyes flickered open. He looked at her and smiled. When he remembered what happened last night, his smile faded.

"Good morning, Sun-Sean!" Kassidy sang happily and laid beside him.

"Morning, Kass," he said, ruffling her curly hair.

"Are you hungry? I'll make you whatever you want...," she said with wide, hopeful eyes, hoping he would take her peace offering.

"I, ah, I'm not sure that's a good idea, Kassidy," he said, sitting up and stretching. Kassidy's eyes watched hungrily as his muscles flexed yummily as he arched his back to stretch.

"Please, Sean?" she asked, breaking eye contact with his abs long enough to make eye contact with him.

"Okay," he agreed, against his better judgment. It was going to be tough keeping his hands off of her, especially if she kept eye-fucking him the way she was... "You know what I like."

Kassidy nodded happily and went into the kitchen. Within minutes, the smell of eggs, bacon, and toast filled the air, sending subliminal messages to Sean's stomach. He watched intently as she maneuvered her way around the kitchen. She sang aloud to 'Unwritten' by Natasha Bedingfield and moved her curvy body to the beat. She was too cute... this was the Kassidy Levine that he fell in love with years ago. It was then that he decided to give it another try... While Kassidy was making orange juice, he walked behind her and slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

"Sean, I-" she began and he planted kisses along her slender neck, "I can't do this with you... I'm not going to lead you on."

"You look so sexy in here singing and dancing... I tried, Lord knows, that I tried to keep my hands to myself but it just occurred to me that it's been about four ENTIRE days since I've been inside you," he whispered, sending a wave of chills over her body. She groaned as he pressed his erection against her ass, "Tell me you don't miss it."

Kassidy felt her knees grow weak and her pulse quicken. Sean's hands began to gingerly grope her breasts over the thin material of her shirt. He smiled to himself when her heard a small moan escape her throat. "Tell me you don't miss it, Kassidy," he repeated, rubbing small circles around her nipples and tweaking them ever so often.

"Sean, this isn't a good idea," Kassidy said, desperately clinging to reason, "This is just gonna make it harder on us later."

"Kassidy, please... just this once, for old time's sake," he said, turning her to face him. She nibbled on her bottom lip and nodded her consent.

He ran his forearm across the counter, pushing objects to the floor. He sat her on the cleared countertop and attacked her mouth with his before she had time to change her mind. He pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her only in her panties and continued to massage her tongue with his. He left her hungry mouth and kissed down her neck to her breasts. He took a stiff nipple into his mouth and nibbled it softly.

"Mmm, Sean, please don't fucking tease me," she pleaded, her hot body shuddering in anticipation.

"Kass, if this is gonna be my last time with you, I want it to be perfect," he said, pulling away from her nipple and looking into her eyes. The intensity behind his stare took her breath away and all she could do was nod.

He dropped to his knees and looked longingly at her covered pussy. He leaned in and ran his tongue over the crotch of her soaked panties, teasing both of them as he looked up at her. When he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled her panties off and spread her legs until he was even with her pussy. He kissed it lovingly before wasting no time to suck her clit into his mouth.

"Ah! Fuck, Sean! Just like that! Lick my fucking pussy! Please don't stop!" She yelled repeatedly, alternating her praises.

He closed his eyes and was fueled by her words of encouragement. He licked her pussy passionately, leaving no part of it untouched inside or out. He was relishing in the fact that thus far, he was the only one... He was the only one to taste her, to love her, to fuck her... He found comfort that as of right now, there was no one else.

Kassidy soon began to tense and squeal, snatching Sean out of his thoughts. She released he frustration on his tongue and sighed contently. "You're the fucking best, Sun-Sean," she praised, satisfied.

"And don't you fucking forget it," he said with a smug smile, her juices glistened on his lips and chin. Without giving her time to come down from her high, he took off his pants and stepped out of them, his erection jutting outward proudly.

He spread her legs wide open and pushed his hard cock deep inside of her. They both groaned aloud when he was in her to his full extent.

"God," Kassidy whispered as he began to slowly move inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as she kissed him passionately. Sean gripped her ass, continuing to pump in and out of her tight pussy.

'So, this is what making love feels like,' he thought as he returned her kiss, as she rubbed her hands up and down his back.

He began to drive Kassidy mad, pulling out of her as far as he could with her legs wrapped around him and slamming back into her, tapping her g-spot.

"Sean?" she whined as her continued his thorough movements.

" Kassidy?" he said between thrusts... the sound of her whine making him just about lose his load.

"Please fuck me... hard," she pleaded, body on fire.

Without another word, he slammed into her to the hilt, losing himself. "Mmm, yes! Sean... Fuck me!" Kassidy groaned as he roughly pumped inside of her over and over again. Soon, her breathing and pulse quickened and he knew she was close. He pulled out, eliciting a cry of frustration from Kassidy.

"Dammit, Sean," she grumbled angrily, no one likes to be deprived of an orgasm.

"Get up and bend over the counter," he said sternly. She quickly obliged, not used to Sean's tone being so low and dangerous. He roughly kneaded her ass, planting a slap here and there before he rammed his cock inside of her violently.

"Ow! Fuck, Sean!" she said, trying to crawl away from the pain. He separated her brown ass cheeks so he could watch his cock disappear into her pussy. His body collided audibly with hers and soon he felt the familiar tension in his balls.

"Damn, Kassidy, I'm so fucking close," he grunted, looking down at her perfect, round ass.

"Come on, Sean! Keep fucking me! You know you want to... fuck my pussy" she encouraged, pushing her ass back on his cock. He tried and tried to keep his orgasm at bay but Kassidy had such a filthy fucking mouth!

After a few more seconds of Kassidy's dirty talk, Sean was at his brink. He anchored her hips and fucked her until he pulled out, grabbed her roughly by the hair, and pushed his spurting cock deep down her throat.

"Fuck, Kassidy... Oh my God!" he yelled up at the ceiling as Kassidy eagerly swallowed spurt after spurt of his cum. Pretty soon, Sean began to get a little weak in the knees. Seeing him sway, Kassidy pulled away, got to her feet, and helped him to a chair.

"That. Was. Amazing," Sean said when he regained his sanity. Kassidy simply nodded as she nuked their breakfast in the microwave. She placed a cup of orange juice on the table before him and shortly after she had his plate next to it.

After serving him his plate, she took a seat opposite him and began picking at her food.

"Kassidy... What's wrong?" He said, taking a swig of his orange juice.

"Nothing," she said, avoiding eye contact with him.

"Now, Kassidy, you know that I know you better than anyone else. How you gonna lie to me?" he said, concern painting his handsome face, "Is it because of Soldier Boy?"

Kassidy laughed aloud, choking on the piece of bacon she was eating. "Soldier Boy?" she coughed, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

"You know...," he said, erasing all emotion from his face and giving a mock salute.

"Sean, don't be an asshole," she said, taking a sipping from her glass of water.

"I'm not! I said that I was going to back off and I will if that's what's gonna make you happy. Just know, I'll just have to kill him if he hurts you and I'll expect a very handsome reward in return," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

It took all Kassidy had to not laugh aloud at the thought of Sean killing a man whose body was a lethal weapon. Oh well, the man can dream. She exhaled and felt weight fall off her shoulders, life would be a lot easier now that she and Sean were on the same page.

Kassidy and Sean ate the rest of their meal like old times, as in, before the had slept together. They laughed, they told jokes, and not once did they mention sex... well, not with each other. Of course, they laughed and joked before but this is the first time in a long time that it didn't end with them having sex.

Kassidy averted her eyes as he stood to put his pants back on, it had only just occurred to her that they had been eating breakfast in the nude. While he was busy dressing himself, she pulled her shirt over her head. Soon, she was walking him to the door.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around," Sean said with a sigh.

"Of course, Sun-Sean," she said, walking over to him and wrapping her arms around him, "Please make it sooner rather than later." He nodded.

After she closed the door behind him, she walked back to her room with a huge smile painted on her face. No more worrying, no more stress, no more temper tantrums. She ran herself a hot bubble bath and slowly sank into it, loving the way the hot water seemed to work all of her problems away like the hands of a masseuse. For the first time in her life, she felt content...

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