tagInterracial LoveMissy and Phil Ch. 03

Missy and Phil Ch. 03


The phone rang, and Gloria picked it up.... "Hello?"

"Hi Gloria, it's Missy, is Mack there?"

"Hang on"

"Hey sweet cheeks, glad you called, I was just thinking of you."

"Mack, may we come over this weekend sometime?"

Mack smiled to himself, as he knew this one had an itch between her legs that needed scratching. "Well sure Missy, how about 9 on Saturday evening? I've got some running around to do on Friday night, and on Saturday some of my buddies will be here, but I see no reason you can't either.... Uhm hang on, Gloria wants something."

"Yea yea, I know. She said to be sure and bring Phil along. I think she has plans for him again."

"Uhmmm, what about your company? I mean, how is that going to work out?"

Mack laughed, "You don't need to worry about them. That will be all taken care of."

And before she could reply, he had hung up.

Missy looked at the phone for a second, and then shrugged her shoulders.

Immediately she started thinking about that big cock again, and how he seemed to be in control of everything. She gave it a fleeting thought about his buddies being there, and if this was gonna be done in another room while they were there, but then those thoughts about that huge cock of his filling her up, came back to the surface.

When Phil came home, she hit him with the news, before he even had time to pull his shoes off.

"Honey, I talked with Mack, and he wants us to come over at 9 on Saturday."

Phil hesitated as he thought that maybe they might take a little break from going back over the Gloria and Mack's house for another bout of sex.

"Uhmm, okay...... I just thought that maybe we were gonna go slow with this stuff."

She had planned this little talk with him for the last hour, so she was prepared for any reply he might come up with.

She fibbed a little when she said "Gloria said to bring your butt over, as she has special plans for you."

Immediately, Phils' asshole puckered up a little.

"And I suppose that Mack wants some more of that special lovin, as he calls it."

"Phil, don't start! We talked about this the other night. It turned you on, to see him take me, and also to have me watch as Gloria did you."

Phil's jaw tightened up, but he knew that Missy could see that he had turned so docile when Gloria had fucked him.

"Phil?" She started to smile at him.

"Remember how you told me that when she fucked you, it kind of turned you on? Well it turned me on too! To see those black hands of hers pulling your hips back while she worked that strap-on on you, was really exciting. In fact, I thought that Mack was gonna take a turn at you too. Honey, I've been dying to ask you.... When he stuck that black cock into your mouth, and you started sucking on it, was that your first time?"


"I thought we were gonna be honest with each other? They way you sucked him, it looked like maybe you had done that before."

"When I was in high school, a buddy of mine and me...."

He let it drop, but he could see that she wasn't going to.

"We messed around twice. He had me suck him when we were in the showers, and later that night when his folks weren't home, he called me and I went over there, and I sucked him again. That's all.... just twice!"

Missy smiled. The once subdued mousy housewife was starting to open up, and dirty thoughts were going through her mind. "Did you swallow?"

Phil just nodded his head, and pretended to pick up the newspaper.

"So when Mack pushed that cock of his against your lips, I noticed that you didn't fight it any."


He tried to focus on the words in the newspaper, hoping she would drop the subject.

"Phil? Did you like it when he did that to you?"


"Mack, silly."

Phil nodded his head again. As Missy turned to go into the kitchen to fix dinner, a knowing smile started to spread over her face. "Yes," she thought "this was going to work out okay."

Phil was nervous when he rang the doorbell. He could hear several voices behind the door, and he was not so sure he wanted to find out who was there. As he pulled back a little, the door opened up, and there stood Gloria in one sexy looking outfits. Yep, definitely no bra under her tee shirt, that stopped just below the globes of her big breasts, and the hiphuggers were pulled up so tightly, that her camel toe Mons almost made it look like she was wearing nothing below.

"SWEETIE!" She dragged him into the room, and Missy followed behind.

There were four guys, including Mack in the room, and they all shut up, and looked at the mousy little woman who followed Phil through the door.

"Hey, there is the little woman, I was telling you guys about. Missy, get that luscious bod of yours over here!"

Phil was being dragged by Gloria, towards the kitchen, so Missy walked over to where Mack was sitting on the couch.

"Rufus, where's your fucking manners? Get up and let the little lady sit here beside me!"

The older black man with some missing teeth looked her up and down a couple of times, and then got up and went to another chair.

Mack stuck his hand out, and then pulled her down onto his lap and started giving her a big french kiss.

Missy started to push her hands against the black man, but then thought better of it. After all, Mack seemed to be the man in charge, as usual.

When his tongue invaded her mouth, a couple of the guys started hooting and made a few off color remarks.

"Man, she sure looks like she is ready."

"Yep, Mack said she was easy."

Missy heard the remarks, but already Mack was tugging on her shorts, and her cotton panties were starting to come off with the shorts.

All of a sudden, she felt another pair of hands fondling her ass cheeks.

"Geez, are they gonna be here when Mack was going to fuck her" she wondered.

Mack drew back from the kiss, when he felt her stiffen up, and gave her that steely look of his. "Listen, little bit..... these are my homies, so treat them with respect!"

Missy just nodded her head, as the realization was starting to set in that these guys would also be messing with her tonight.

In the kitchen, Gloria had already taken charge.

"Phil, get out of those clothes. I want to look at the white dick that belongs to me now."

Phil started to protest, but reached for his belt buckle.

"Gloria, what about those guys out there?"

"Okay, this is the way it's gonna be sweetie. Your gonna get buck naked, and then get on your knees and show my puss that lovin it deserves. Now if you do a good job, then I'm gonna drain you of your first cum. Your cum is so fucking sweet, I've been dreaming about tasting it, all day."

"But what about those guys out there, with Missy?"

"You just worry about yourself honey child. They will take care of Missy."

"You mean they are all gonna fuck her?"

"Geez, your so naive. You guys came here for sex right?"

She didn't wait for him to respond.

"Well your both gonna get plenty of that tonight. But before they get a hold of you, I want that cum of yours, and then I want to sample that fine ass of yours again."

Phils' head dropped a little, when he realized she wanted to fuck him again.

"Phil, you worry too fucking much! Missy will be fine. She is gonna get more black cock than she can handle, and as far as that goes, so are you."

There it was.... she had just told him that those guys out there were gonna maybe fuck him too. His cock started to give him away, as it started to rise up.

Gloria smiled, as she pulled her tee off, and then shucked her hiphuggers off. Yes, everyone was gonna have a good time tonight. She knew that Phil might end up laying on the floor after everyone was done with him, but Gloria knew that tonight she was gonna have that little bitch between her legs, as she was gonna show her what real woman to woman lovin was all about.

It had taken Mack, all of about a minute to pull his pants off, and have Missy sit on his cock. There had been no preliminary fondling or anything like that. Mack had just lowered her down on his cock, with her back to him again, and then had pushed her forward so that the first of the other three niggers could take a turn at her mouth.

Missy knew better than to object, and she had just opened her mouth, and started sucking, until the first guy got good and hard, and then he took over and started fucking her mouth.

Between gags, the guy had gotten into her throat part way, and as the tears started coming to her eyes, some snot was coming out of her nose, as the first nigger pushed forward real hard, while pulling her face into his abdomen. He was coming directly into her throat, and held his cock there so long, that Missy was starting to black out.

"HEY fucker..... let's not kill her, okay!"

Rufus pulled back, and his third volley of cum went into her mouth, as she started gasping for air.

Mack was buried all the way in her, but he was going to be patient. He had agreed to share her with them for the first round, but after that, some of them would have to take turns with Gloria and the white husband.

Phil's introduction to her pussy lips didn't last long, as Gloria was getting impatient to have another crack at his ass. Yes, she wanted it before any of Mack's buddies claimed it.

She instructed him to stay on his knees, while she grabbed the strap-on off of the kitchen table, and stepped into it. She was getting quite adapt at putting it on and tightening it up.

"Okay lover, let me put some KY on this, and then I'm gonna make you feel real good."

After Gloria had put a couple of dollops on the dildo, she grabbed him by his hips and without taking it easy, she pushed about 3 inches in him.

Phil too a deep breath, and the dildo invaded his asshole. His cocks started to soften, and this black Amazon started fucking him. Yes, she was definitely a woman who took what she wanted. It seemed that her and Mack were a lot alike.

Gloria leaned forward over Phils' back and whispered. "Does it feel good baby?"

Phil just nodded his head, as he concentrated on not tightening his anal muscle. He knew as long as he didn't do that, it didn't hurt so much. That plus the fact, that already the tingling was starting to return, like it had from last weekend. Yes, this black woman sure knew how to fuck a man....

Rufus had pulled out of her mouth, and in under a minute, a second cock took it's place. It was about the same size as the first one, but this guy was uncut. In fact, his fore skin completely covered the head of his cock.

"Put your tongue under the fore skin girl." It took her only a second to realize that he wanted to be pleasured with her tongue. Her one hand grabbed the cock at it's base, and she pushed her tongue between the fore skin and it's cock's head.

"Oh yea, now that's what I'm talking about" he moaned, as he put his fingers into her hair, so he could control the fuck.

"Man Mack, you sure as fuck were right. This bitch can suck cock with the best of them!"

Rufus was stroking his cock, pulling the last of the cum out of it, as he wandered into the kitchen. There the sight of Gloria fucking the white husband got his immediate attention.

"Hey Gloria, I see your one of the guys now."

"Fuck off Rufus, Mack said that this one is mine, till I'm done with him!"

"Hey no problem. Just complimenting you on the fine fucking your doing!"

Gloria ignored him while she concentrated on setting up a natural rhythm of fucking into Phils' ass. This was as erotic to her, she thought, as it surely was for Phil. Having her hands on his hips, and controlling the fuck, turned her on so much, that she knew she would be squirting in no time at all.

A nasty smile spread over her face as she continued fucking Phil, while slowly leaning forward. When her face was close to the smaller white man's neck, she knew what she wanted to do. Her lips locked onto the side of his neck, and she started sucking real hard on the flesh.

Yes, she was gonna mark up this white boy, so that his wife would know who he belonged to.

As she was sucking up the blood through his skin, she could hear Missy coughing. Yep, right on schedule, she thought. The second one must have unloaded into the little white cunts mouth. Pretty soon, all three of them would have emptied their loads in her mouth, and then they would come looking for her and Phil.

Mack had shared Gloria with his buddies many times, and she in a way liked it, cause it gave her the thrill of having more than just his cock.

"OH FUCK.........!"

Glorias' head sprung up, and some of her sweat splattered across Phils' back, as she drove the strap-on hard into his ass. A powerful squirt of cum hit the backside of the strap-on, as her first release came. The little hairs on the back of her neck stood out, as she realized that she had again fucked this white guy, and as far as she was concerned, he belonged to her.

As she pulled out of him, the kitchen door swung open again, and Minor stumbled in, stroking the mess he had on his cock. Evidently Missy had not been ordered to clean up the mess, but then Gloria saw why. Minor walked up to Phil, who was breathing real hard from the fucking he had just received, and he grabbed the white husband by his hair and started to rub his cock over Phils' lips.

"Come on boy, open up and clean the mess your wife left!"

Phil didn't even hesitate, when the black cock was pushed against his lips. He opened up and about 4 inches of wet, slimy cock invaded his mouth.

On the other end, he felt someones hands pull his hips back up so he was again on all fours. Rufus looked down at the gaping hole that Gloria had just exited from, and he pushed forward.

His cock met no resistance as he plunged in all the way to his balls.

"Oh fuck, yea.... he almost feels like a bitch!"

Gloria was taking her strap-on off, as she knew that pretty soon, someone was going to be wanting to fuck her. Well, it didn't matter anymore, as she just had one of the stronger orgasms in quite some time.

As she walked into the living room, carrying the strap-on in one of her hands, she saw Missy being mouth fucked. A smile spread across her face, as she realized that by the time they were done with her, that little white cunt would do anything that they told her to do.

Mack unloaded deep in Missy's cunt, just as the last guy was dropping a load down her throat. She was still coughing from the last guy, but no one paid any attention. She was just a white cunt to use for their pleasure. What Missy and Phil didn't know, was that Mack's buddies had each paid $50 to have a crack at this white couple. So the money was in Mack's pocket and what he considered as a favor to his 3 buddies, was all in an evenings pleasure.

As Missy was left breathing hard on the couch, the two niggers that had just done her, were going towards the kitchen. Missy kind of figured out that they were going to work Phil over, but at this point that didn't bother Missy all that much.

What kept going around in the back of her mind, as Gloria pulled her face towards the black flesh of her cunt, was these black guys sure knew how to deliver the goods. It seemed that each time they had hooked up with Gloria and Mack, the fucking seemed to get better and better. And to top it off, there had been no drinking or pot smoking. It had all been erotic releases, without any stimulants.

Missy didn't have to be forced to stick her tongue between the black cunt lips of Gloria. Those lips seemed to be covered by a wetness, that she soon realized was Glorias' cum. Yes, very sweet, and dammit, there was a lot of it to lick up......

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