tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 08

Mistress Barbara Ch. 08


The next morning, after seeing Des and Ken off to work, I sorted out a moderately decent toga as a gift to my new friend, Kate. There was something about those two that intrigued me and made me want to get to know them better. She was a interesting lady, very similar to me in my previous sheltered existence. She was painfully shy, as I had been prior to meeting my beloved Cathy and changing my life for the better. It was clear that Kate wanted to emulate me. Fortunately her bisexuality was far more highly developed than mine had been in those days. I found her attractive and enjoyed her intimate touching and caresses enormously. I had now come to terms with and accepted my lesbian nature. I could never replace Cat as a preferred lover but Kate was closer to my own age. She was only a year older than me but had a lovely figure with firm nicely formed genitals. She had adapted well to the group sex situation at the Club.

I had found Lance intriguing rather than attractive, as a potential sex partner, but Cathy had told me that he was an expert lover. I was ready to let him penetrate me in any way that pleased him when the next opportunity arose. In our etiquette of group sex the ladies were always available to the men's needs but didn't approach the men for sex. It seemed archaic and unfair but it reinforced the male ego and I had always found it practical, reducing risk of unforeseen erectile problems in some men. Women seem more ready to adapt to anybody that pleases them once they lose their socially ingrained inhibitions. I wanted to spend more time at Angel Falls with them, getting to know the couple in a more conventional way.

"What about taking a camera this time?" Suggested Cat, as we were about to leave. "Maybe Des won't believe us if we have some fun along the way?"

"Take it by all means. Kent was very insistent that we not be late, though." I counselled. "We had better wear our dresses today."

"Can't we leave our togas in the trunk today?" Cat smiled mischievously. "Look at the fun we had last time?" She urged.

"Better not this time." I said firmly. "We haven't got time for any problems along the way. Kent will be furious if we get held up."

About half-way to our destination my wisdom was reinforced by a build-up of traffic. We came across a road accident and police were directing the traffic around the scene. The looked at Cat.


The look that I gave her made her cringe.

"Sorry darling. You were right!" She giggled.

We pulled up outside the tearooms and were surprised to see two large tour buses outside and people wandering around. I had wondered how the business supported staff, the last time we were here. Kate was busy serving food to a full house when we walked in. Lance beckoned us into the food preparation area.

"Hey! Good to see you. Come out back for a while, Barbara. Hi Cathy! This will all be over shortly." He smiled warmly as he guided us through the kitchen and into their private quarters. "I'll get you some tea if you like? Those two buses will be going in the next ten minutes or so." He explained. "A bit of a regular feature of our food business, I'm afraid. Here! Sit down and Kate will be with you shortly." He apologised. "I'll be with you as soon as I can." He left quickly.

I thought of all the attractions that we had visited in Queensland recently. Maple Lake could do with a main attraction to bring in the tour buses like this. I looked around at the view from their quarters and noticed a large selection of photos on the wall. They were very professionally taken and showed the attractions and amenities in the area. The falls were magnificent and most of them featured Kate, dressed in a well presented way and smiling happily. There were also two of Angela, their waitress. By contrast to Kate, she radiated confidence in the minimum of clothing. The was a topless photo of her, standing underneath the falls. By now it was obvious that she was more than just an employee. Cat moved over to take a look.

"Isn't she gorgeous? I'll have to get to know her." Cat cooed.

Kate came in carrying a tray and put it on the table.

"Sorry about the delay. I'll just leave this here and be back in a minute. We'll both be with you soon."

Lance brought out his private photo album and placed it in front of me, excusing himself to get Angela to tidy up the aftermath of the tour coaches. Kate showed us through the photos, pointing out the most recent images of her in the costume that I had given her.

"I still can't believe that I wore that at the club, Mistress." She blushed. "Lance says this is his best one yet." Turning the page.

The photo showed Kate in their lounge, demonstrating the position she sat in at the club, totally nude. "He insisted on that one, before we went to bed." She giggled. "Isn't it awful."

"Actually, its very good." I commented. Why don't you take a look at these." I reached into my handbag.

Lance had captured her mood that night to perfection. Confusion and shyness still showed in her face but she appeared to be more at ease. It was obvious that Lance's favourite hobby was photography. I pulled out pocket album of photos from Queensland that Des had taken. He returned as Kate was looking through them and joined us again. I empathised with Lance, noting the admiration is his eyes as he looked through our photos with Kate. I could fully understand his desire to help Kate overcome her shyness so that he could take similar ones of his wife.

We were still conversing and looking at photos when Angela knocked and entered the room.

"The next coach is due in an half an hour, Lance. Do you want me to put on another batch of scones?" She acknowledged us. "Sorry I'm in a rush. The next coach will be the last until later this afternoon." She explained. "Have you had a look at the falls yet?"

"We might go and look at them shortly." I replied, confused by her forward nature.

"These are friends of ours from Maple Lake, Angela." Lance introduced us properly. "Barbara owns the big conference centre that we told you about.--- Lakeside." He added. "Look! I'll help you with the next coach and we'll leave Kate to entertain Barbara and Cathy."

He got to his feet. "We'll be able to have lunch after this if Cathy and Barbara can stay for that long?" He apologised. Kate's got the rest of the day off." He added.

We walked outside with Kate.

"It still seems strange having no underwear on." Kate commented as I leaned into the car to get the camera. "I can feel the breeze circulating all around my---lower body." She smiled and shivered nervously. "What's this?" As I gave her a parcel.

"Oh, just a little gift for you." I smiled. "Something for you to wear at Maple lake this weekend." I explained. "No need to open it yet. It's the same kind of dress that we're wearing today. My own label." I added. "You'll love wearing it."

"I'm looking forward to it. Coming to visit you, I mean." She replied awkwardly.

We talked all the way down to the falls. Kate explained that Angela was related to Lance and was studying business by correspondence. She admitted that Angela was a great help to the two of them and was going to be a partner in their business when she got her inheritance. Apparently, her parents had died and Lance had offered her a job while she studied for her MBA.

"Does she know about us." I asked casually.

"No Mistress!" Kate said quickly. "I wanted to ask you first." Kate looked guilty. "She doesn't get out much and we've become very close." She hesitated. "We've slept together now and then." She confessed. "It's not like you think." She looked at me defensively.

"What's wrong with that." I said lightly, laughing with Cat. "We do it all the time." Cat assured her. "Nothing wrong with expressing our love for one and other."

We were nearly at the falls before Kate admitted that Angela was the one that seduced her.

"It happened quite suddenly." She said in a low voice. "Angela poses for Lance quite a lot. You know--with nothing on-- the way I was too frightened to do for him. We've been lovers for nearly a year now." She pointed to a rest stop with seats. "I'd better explain."

I sat down with Kate and Cat.


"We told you the truth about being monogamous the other night. Lance won't do it with her but we just have a bit of fun together." She looked at Cat and I awkwardly. "They're great friends though, Angela and Lance. We all are." She looked to gauge our reactions. "Lance knows all about our times together." She added.

"Look darling!" I held her closely. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with what you're telling me. I sort of guessed that you had been with another woman. When I asked you about what she knows about us, I just wanted to ask in case you told her about the other night. It makes no difference as far as we're concerned."

The relief was evident as Kate relaxed and told us the whole story.

"Angela doesn't go out with boys. She had a few bad experiences and she's a lot smarter than most of the people her own age. She's delighted that I've become a bit more daring lately. As a matter of fact she's encouraging me today."

I looked questioningly at her.

"Oh! In not wearing underwear anymore." She explained. "She's not wearing any either. She told me that she wouldn't wear any if I wouldn't." She smiled shyly. "I've got more photos of her up at the house that I'll show you. If you want to see them, that is?"

"While you've got your camera here, Barb?" Cat interrupted. Why don't we take a shot at the falls to show the boys." She slipped off her toga, smiling at Kate. "Why don't you join me?"

"There's a bus due any minute." Kate warned. She looked at her watch. "I'd better not." She looked worried.

Cat skipped lightly over the rocks and posed as I clicked off three shots. Kate whistled under her breath as Cat lay over a rock in a truly languid pose for the final shot. Her beauty was complemented by the rugged features and flora around the falls.

She slipped on her toga just as the first tourists came around the corner and pointed between each other. Cat was nearly out of breath from her rapid return to the lookout.

"Another minute and they would have caught me." She puffed.

We walked up the path talking and laughing between ourselves. I discussed the visit next weekend and gave Kate permission to tell Angela why she was going, if she wished.

"We never have secrets in our family." I said. "I'll leave it to you to decide what to tell her."

Kate made us comfortable in her private quarters again, carefully placing my gift on the bed and picking out two large volumes of photos from Lance's private collection. We looked through them before lunch, noting that most of Lance's nude subjects were of Angela. Obvious that she didn't share Kate's reluctance to be photographed in the nude out in the open. In many shots she was smiling naturally and looked totally carefree. She had smaller but beautifully proportioned breasts without a hint of tan-line anywhere on her body. Her enlarged erect nipples pronounced enjoyment at the photographer's attention.

"How old is she?" breathed Cat.

"Eighteen next month." Kate replied. "She gets her inheritance then and we'll be looking for a bigger business. They've already found a buyer for this place. Lance wants to shift to Maple Lake.

"With a figure like that she could do very well as a model." I observed. "I'll discuss some options for you both at the weekend."

We found three or four recent nude photos of Kate, taken by Lance in her bedroom. She lay on the bed looking uncomfortable without her clothing on. Not a hint of a smile and her tension was evident. Again Lance had captured her mood perfectly. I was glad to have this great opportunity to gain more insight about the nature and aims of our most recent friends. The photos told me more than words could ever convey. The next album was more recent and showed the couple in their bondage gear. Kate was showing the results of Lance's makeup on her breasts. The scars that he had applied looked horribly real, as I had seen on the first night that I met them. Her confidence had increased by now and she appeared excited by her adventurous display of Lance's handiwork. Angela and Lance brought in our lunch after the last coach left.

Over a hurried lunch we met Angela. As she knew nothing about the circumstances of our meeting with Lance and Kate so we all had to be careful what was said. She suggested that she would cover for Kate to enable her to visit us on Friday. Lance would be unable to join us until Saturday afternoon, but urged Kate to spend Friday night with us. They had to return on Sunday evening. Cat spent a lot of time talking to Angela and seemed to have a lot in common with her. They had both been brought up by nudist parents. We were reluctant to leave but I had promised Kent that we would be back in time for our afternoon showing at least half an hour before it was due to start.

All the way back to Maple Lake my darling Cat was too engrossed in conversation with me to worry about flashing. Cat confessed that she had the hots for Angela, admiring her personality and her beautiful body. She told me that she would always love me far more than any other partner that she may fancy from time to time. I realised that her sentiment was mutual, although I could never confess that to Des. He would be hurt too badly by that sort of revelation, as his male ego bruised easily. I told her that Kate had so much repressed potential as a friend and sex partner that I was determined to show her all the joys of community living. I would do this as long as it didn't interfere with the wonderful relationship that I enjoyed with all the others. Jealousy or envy had never factored into relationship in our families. We all shared each other's bodies in multiple or individual combinations so well that Cat and I were able to share our most intimate thoughts, as we were now, without reservation.

As we pulled in to Lakeside I noticed Kent's limo parked outside.

"He must have an important buyer here today." Cat remarked.

My heart skipped a beat as I realised that it could be the clients that Kent had been so anxious for me to meet and help him with. I tingled with a strange excitement.

Upon opening the door to our office Kent congratulated me on my early return and introduced me to a new buyer from Europe and his son.

"Franz Jnr. here, is a medical student with an keen interest in in Gynaecology." Kent smiled. "I'd like you to help him if you would. This is Franz Snr."

Kent invited me to sit down once the introduction was completed.

Cathy excused herself and left the office. Kent had not invited her to sit. She knew the routine and didn't want to stay. The signal was clear so I sat on the edge of the chair that Kent indicated, lifting my skirt to place my bare bottom on the fabric of the chair. Then I slowly adjusted my dress, shortening the front flap of my toga to display my genitalia in the usual way. I lowered my eyes and opened my legs in the way that I did when Kent displayed me to clients.

The men talked about me and Kent told the visitors that I was the only female that could take the full length of his penis during anal sex. I blushed and smiled. The visitors may have thought that this was from embarrassment. The reality was that I was proud that Kent had allowed me to go to Angel Falls, knowing that the client he had referred to was arranged for this afternoon. There was the hint of the delights to come, should Kent wish to demonstrate the ability that he was referring to. In a well practised routine I obeyed him immediately as he commanded me to display my body properly for the visitor's benefit. I undid my toga and left it on the chair. I could feel my nipples harden with anticipation. I looked at Kent.

"On the desk, Sir?" I asked.

He nodded as I wordlessly assumed that abhorrent sex slave position on our large desk, exposing my genitals fully for the men's close inspection and approval. I could feel myself getting wetter when Kent invited the pimply faced student to examine me, handing him a new pair of latex gloves.

"Let me know if she pleases you, my boy?"

Young Franz was clearly no expert as he probed the folds of my labia. Kent allowed him to examine me while he spoke to his father about the arousal that I was currently displaying for them. He said that the last costume that he was having me wear at the show was designed to be impossible to prevent constant orgasm.

"I'll have her show you what I mean, after the show." He said mysteriously. "She's extremely adaptable."

I could only hope that his father would be more gentle than young Franz. His long inexperienced fingers probed my bottom as if he was trying to make contact with his two other fingers, now buried deep in my vagina. I lay still while he satisfied his curiosity even though he was hurting me at the time. I was glad that the show was almost ready to begin when young Franz Jnr. signalled his full satisfaction and withdrew his clumsy fingers. He would make a lousy Gynaecologist, in the unlikely event that he ever passed the exam finals, if the experience that I had just suffered was any indication of his skills.

At that point Kent slapped my rump, handing me my dress and told me that I couldn't lay there enjoying myself all day.

"I may let you have a little more fun after the show if you're really good, my little Dove." He said curtly, turning to his special client with a proud look on his face.

To Be Continued...

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