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Mistress Elektra


August 2, 2012

Session with Mistress Elektra of Houston

I'm not exactly sure where I should start with this write up. Its now Friday, the day after my session. I am still enjoying the lovely after affects of our play, its a little difficult to focus on the events that lead up to this amazing visit.

I guess I should begin with last week, I had mentioned in an email to my Mistress, that the coming Tuesday was my Birthday...her reply was almost instantaneous received, than we should plan a session so that I can give you your Birthday presents...and Spanks! Reading the email I could just see the sparkle in her eye, and sly sadistic smile on her beautiful lips. Part of me cringed, part of me throbbed with anticipation. I had also mentioned that I had some toys in my garage for her...in particular some lovely strips of wood which would make lovely paddles for wayward slaves in her stable...her parting comment on that email was to remind me to bring her new toys to her on Thursday. Our session was set for 1:30 pm yesterday, I had loaded her presents into my car, these were to include 2 oak shafts 3/4 X 1/2 X 30 inches, 4 Pine slats 3/8 X 2 X 30 inches, 10 pounds of weights and several 1/2 oak dowels some 30 inches long...My ass flexed as I knew she would enjoy these gifts....and my ass would soon come to know them much better...

I arrived at the dungeon, a lovely condo just outside the downtown city limits of Houston around 1:20...knocked on the door and waited. Once more part of me was very excited, others were not so excited. I heard her approaching, that lovely sound of Spiked high heals across a tile floor...my mouth watered. Mistress Elektra is one beautiful Mistress, drop dead in fact....not to mention the fact this gorgeous women LOVES to wear incredible fetish attire...which only accentuates her perfect figure. I heard the doors deadbolt click, and then the door opened. Mistress Elektra positioned herself behind the door, her beautiful smiling face and blood red lips and blond lock smiling at me...

"Come in Pete!" said the spider to the fly..

"I'm not too early, am I?"

"Oh no! It just gives me more time to play with you!" she smiled.

I entered, and she closed the door behind me locking the deadbolt back...it was then my eyes fell on her, oh my I do honestly believe my heard skipped several beats, she was dressed in all black, half of the outfit was faintly see through, exposing skin here and there, she stood in 5 inch spiked heals shiny gloss black...her lips smiling, her eyes penetrating into my inner soul...

"Are these all for me?? Oh my! Lets take a look at these presents you brought me! I'm sure I can find a good use for these today!" She smiled...as she lead me into a dungeon room on the first floor...I was mesmerized following behind her, god I adore a woman in high heals...the way of their hips...

I set the toys out on a spanking bench prominently displayed in the center of there room, she sat on the desk and waited until I was completed.

"Now go and strip birthday boy, while I look these over!"

"Yes, Ma'am." I wend to the adjacent bathroom, and pealed out of my clothing, and then return to the chamber. Mistress was checking out the implements I brought.

"Very nice! We'll have to check several of these out later!" She announced with a sadistic gleam in her eye. "So, Pete, how was your birthday?"

"It was pretty good...no complaints except maybe I did not received any CBT!"

"Oh I'm sure We'll correct that here in short order!" again that sexy sadistic smile.

Almost on queue I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet, and shoes....

"Thank you! Thank YOU!!" I silently screamed inside my head.

"That is a good boy, kiss them good! This is where you belong pete, at my feet."

"Yes Mistress..."

"Enough, stand!" she commanded.

I stood before her, and looked me up and down like a side of beef, then reached out and took hold of my genitals, "Have you been a good boy?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"hmmmmm" was all she replied, as she reached for a length of rope and began tying my testicles. She tied them using a figure eight pattern separating the testicles...then cinched a knot good and tight...

Next she pick out a leather collar, and put it about my throat. Then she attached wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs.

"I think you have drooled over body enough for now" she said putting on a leather blind fold over my eyes, and everything went dark.

For the next 10 minutes I can only tell you what I heard and felt, I heard her near the shelves which held tons of toys and implements. Then I felt her lift my cock to my stomach, which was instantly followed by an audible smack and then lightening pain shooing through my bound testicles!

"aaugh!" I exclaimed.

"Thought you liked testicle pain, Pete?"

"Yes Mistress, sorry!"

Smack! Another lightening bolt of pain through my testicles, it felt like she was using a leather strap!

"Why aren't you thanking me Pete? Don't you like my attentions?

Smack! Smack!

"Thank you Mistress!" I exclaimed. "God those sting!"

Smack! Smack!

"Don't you like the pain Pete?"

"Yes Mistress, but there are pains that are more fun!"

Smack! Smack!

"I think for your next session, you'll be require to bring me a good ball wacking tool!"

Smack! Smack!

"Until then you'll just have to enjoy this!"

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Soon I was dancing, her hits raining down on my bound balls!

Finally she stopped. The pains slowly receded from my body, I heard her over at the toys again. The she came back up to me, she ran the back side of her leather clad hand across my cheek...

"God I love the smell of leather!" The hand slid down my throat and chest towards my groin, my cock responded.... I could feel her hand pivoting, then she grabbed my swelling cock, the fangs of the vampire glove dug into my penis, as she squeezed.


I felt her hand twist my penis the fangs biting deeper into my flesh....then she released my cock and grabbed my testicles, the fangs again biting into my flesh...the pain was intense.

"Breath, Pete...Breathe" she said her face almost against mine, I could feel her breadth, smell her perfume...it was intoxicating..

Finally her grip released and she began brushing the fangs against my testicles...sending spikes of pain through my body...

I focused on relaxation and breathing allowing the pain to spread throughout my body...

Finally she pulled her hand back from my genitals.....the pain slowed and stopped...

"Enough of this foreplay...lets go upstairs and really begin to torture these "bits" of yours!" I didn't see it but I know she was smiling...she patted my testicles with the gloved hand several times leaving no question what Bits she was referring too. "I know you want this Birthday session to be memorable...In fact you have begged me in several emails to make it so...I am only too happy to oblige!"

The blindfold was removed, my eyes filled with her lovely form as she clipped a dog leash to the collar...

"Come with me!" She commanded, as she pulled me from the room and up the stairs.

We entered the upstairs and she ordered me on to a table...Where I was soon strapped down.

She left me momentarily and returned with a black box, wires and several PES attachments.

She squirted a large glob of electrical gel into her hand and applied it liberally to my cock and balls.

Carefully she wrapped one stimulator about my bound testicles, careful to ensure the figure eight made full contact about my testicles. Next she order me to raise up, as she inserted the metal butt plug deep into my asshole. Next she inserted the deep throat attachment into my penis, fitting the corona stimulator about my cock head, and pressed the other stimulator deep into my penis.

A moment later and all was hooked up.

"Now, Pete, you did beg me to make this memorable, and being the masochist you are, I know you can take it...so I want silence from you otherwise I will gage you!"

"Yes Mistress" I replied quietly.

"If you are a good boy I have a surprise for you!" She smiled at me...one of those smiles that said good means she wanted to be sadistic, and I better take it like a man...I do love that look!

Without warning she cranked the PES unit to 5...the pain hit me like truck hitting my testicles...my cock head lit up like a Roman candle, my balls felt like they were being fried.

My whole body lurched, and tensed....I adore the PES unit for the shear volume of pain it can inflict so easily...constantly.

She flicked the machine to 7...this felt like she had doubled the pain...I moaned in pain...

"Quiet now! We don't want to disturb the neighbors!"

"Yes....Ma'am" I whispered....

She flicked the device to 10 (full blast)...again my body lurched, again doubling the pain in my genitals....

"I do like you like this...don't you?"

"Yes Mistress! Thank you!!" the pain waives flowing through my whole body...my genitals were in agony....

She then reached out with a gloved hand, and stroked my cock moving it position causing the stimulators to move ever so slightly, sending ever new waives of pain through my cock...she then toyed with my testicles, squeezing them, causing eminence new waive of pain through my body...slowly I began to relax as I adjusted to the pain...

Then it all stopped!

"I don't want you to get too used to this Pete....we'll have to go from off to full blast many many times today to prevent that and maximize the pain for you!" Again that sadistic smile spread across her face.

"Thank you Goddess! Man I love that, this is the only device that can keep me on the edge of an orgasm while inflicting so much pain!"

"Isn't it lovely? But you better not cum, Pete, cause as you requested...I will not stop...no matter what Until I am done with you today!"

"Yes Ma'am!" There was something in her voice that told me that was eventually going to happen...just so she can test my ability to receive pain after orgasm...

Without warning she spun the dial back to 5...my body lurched in agony anew. She then took a Stahl vibrator and placed it on my cock head. The vibrations caused the pain to descend my cock, she clicked it onto High...and then switched the machine to 7...Within moments the vibrator was sending me too close to release....

"Please...Please no more vibrator!" I begged....

"Take it Pete! You do NOT have permission to cum!!" She flipped the machine to 8...the pain was off the scale! I was so close....so very close....

"I beg you....Please!!! Please!!! not yet!!!"

"Take it Pete...Take it...."

I could feel the cum boiling in my testicles, my cock throbbed....then she removed the vibrator, and flipped the machine to 10....slowly my need to cum receded...After a moment or two she turned it off again....And she walked away from me into the Kitchen.

I relaxed...slowly the pain waived left my body, she reenter the room carrying a piece of cake...

"Happy birthday Pete!"

"Thank you Mistress!"

"You handled that round very nicely....You deserve a reward, now blow out your candles!"

I blew them out and she fed me a bite of cake.

A moment later she repeated the previous PES play...once again using the vibrator to get me ever closer to release...but just at the last second of my control she removed it denying me...then fed me another piece of cake...

I lost count of the number of times over the next 15-20 minutes she did this to me.

I could see it in her eyes, something was new this time....she flipped the PES to 7 making me levitate on the table and then put the Stahl against my cock shaft..on full blast...immediately my cock pulsed ever so close to cumming...

"Pete your session is long from over, but it is time for you to cum!" She said with a very sadistic gleam in her eye....

"No....No...Not yet!" I pleaded....


A couple moments later my cock erupted....the pain of that with a deep throat attachment is something to behold...

She laughed as the cum oosed out of my cock around the stimulator...she then flipped the PES unit to 10, and continued pressing the Stahl into my cock....without the aroused pre-orgasm energy the pain seemed to quadruple...true to her word...she did not let up...

I do love a woman of her word...the pain was so intense

"Take it Pete!" She commanded, "This is what you asked for! "

"Yes...Ma'am...Thank you!"

After several moments she once again turned off the PES, and let the pain subside throughout my body...

She fed me another bite of cake...

"That was awesome! Thank you SO much!" I told her...

"Don't think its over..." She smiled.

"Thank you"

We cycled through another 15 minutes of intense PES play before she was done with me...

I can honestly say post orgasm the PES is very VERY painful! but wonderful!

"Now its time for your birthday spankings!" She smiled sadistically again at me..

I cringed, I should have asked for those BEFORE the PES Play...I've never had spanking POST orgasm....these were going to hurt!

We went downstairs to the office again, where she ordered me onto the spanking bench...She laid before me 2 implements a leather strap, and a piece of oak 3/4 X 1/2 by 30 inches long.

"Draw 2 cards, Pete" she held out a deck of cards.

I drew two, she flipped them over 8 and a 9.

"Choose the weapon, and tell me the number you want to attach to it!"

I chose the 8 for the oak, and the 9 for the Leather strap.

"Spread those legs Pete." She picked up the leather strap and then delivered 8 stinging blows to my ass, then the oak stick, and delivered 9 good swats with it. I could feel the heat of my reddened ass burning. She then picked out 2 more implements and began in earnest to give me my full count of swats with each, then she added several more to grow on...

By the time she finished my bottom burned painfully, I knew I would be feeling this for days...(and I did).

"I hope you enjoyed your birthday, Pete!"

"Yes Ma'am!" I said and dropped to my knees and kissed her feet...

That was the very BEST Birthday EVER!!!

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