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Mistress Kristen


"Ding!" Adam's Smartphone alerted him to a new email. He had just left his desk, and tonight Kristen, his wife, had planned a night together. He reluctantly glances at the phone, and sees that it's from her.

"Starting now, you are my slave. You will do exactly as I say. I want you to get home. You will go directly upstairs, remove all your clothes, and take a shower. You will receive further instructions then. Reply to this email to let me know that you've received it. Mistress Kristen"

He hurried to his car and dialed Kristen. She answered immediately, "So did you get my email?"

"Yes! I lo-"

Kristen cut him off, "Yet you ignored my instructions? You were to reply to the email. I thought I made that clear. You're not off to a good start. Now get home, get naked, and get your ass in the shower." With that she hung up.

Adam raced home, his mind racing, wondering what Kristen had in store for him. He pulled into the garage, undressed and began showering as fast as he could. About halfway through, he heard the door open. The click of Kristen's heels on the hard bathroom floor sent a rush of blood to his already throbbing cock. As she approached, he could vaguely make out her shape through the translucent shower curtain. She appeared to be wearing a black gartered corset with stockings. Adam imagined how great her breasts would look nearly spilling out the top of the corset.

"I bought a new outfit just for tonight, I wanted to feel sexy. Too bad this is the best look you'll get at it." She approached, reaching and grabbing his slick, soapy cock through the shower curtain. She played with it gently. "When you get done, I want you to dry off, and put on this blind fold that I've left on the counter for you. Once that is done, call for me."

Adam quickly finished, dried off and blindfolded himself as ordered. He excitedly called for her, "Kristen, I'm ready!" He heard the door open and once again, the sound of her heels against the floor engorged his cock. She grabbed his balls firmly, squeezing firmly enough to make him rise to his toes.

"You will address me as Mistress Kristen, or just Mistress. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress"

Mistress Kristen took his hands, put a leather cuff on each wrist, and secured the cuffs together with a clip. "We wouldn't want this blindfold coming off now either." She put a pair of panties on his head. He could smell her pussy juices on the moistened panties. Taking a firm grip of his cock, she led him to the bedroom. "Follow me slave."

She led him to the footboard and placed his hands on top. "Now, you disobeyed me earlier. For that there will be consequences." With that she spanked his ass with what felt like a paddle.

"Owwwwww!" he yelled.

She spanked him again. "Quiet!" He jumped at the sting. She spanked him ten more times, each strike eliciting a groan or a flinch. "Aww," she taunted "what happened to my big strong man? You can't take a spanking from a girl?" She spanked him again. "Now, when I order you to email me, you will email me." Adam could feel the blood rushing to his ass. She spanked him again "Understand?"

Adam struggled to answer "I understand."

She spanked him again. "You understand what?"

"Owwww." He yelled. "I understand Mistress Kristen."

"Good boy!" He jumped again as she dug her nails into his burning ass. She grabbed him by the cock again, pulling him around to the side of the bed. "Now, on your knees boy!"

He dropped to his knees and heard her sit in front of him on the bed. Kristen unclipped his hands moved them behind his back where she reattached the cuffs to each other. She threw her legs over his shoulders. He could feel her nylons against her face. He longed to see his sexy stocking clad wife. He then felt her heels digging into his back and could smell her pussy which must be only inches from his face.

"Ooooh, this is making me so wet. I'll have to do something about this." He heard a vibrator turn on, then begin to work on the pussy right in front of him. "Mmmmmm, I bet you wish you could see this don't you?"

"Yes Mistress" he whispered.

"Mmmmmm, yes!!" she screamed. She started bucking her hips bringing his head back and forth, being careful not to let Adam's face touch her pussy. This seemed to go on forever. Adam couldn't decide what was worse torture, this teasing or his paddling. Finally Kristen asked "Do you want to taste my pussy? Beg for it you little bitch!"

"Please Mistress Kristen, let me taste your pussy" he panted

She dug her heels into his sides. "You can do better than that can't you? Maybe I should keep this up until you want it more"

"Oh please Mistress! This boy is begging to taste your sweet, sweet pussy! I beg you to let me taste your juices."

She grabbed him by the back of the head and shoved his head into her shaven pussy. He immediately found her clit with his tongue and started licking with quick short strokes. She fell back onto the bed, pulling him into her cunt. Adam took a deep breath and sucked her whole clit into his mouth. "God yes!" Kristen yelled, "Make your mistress cum now!" He licked faster. As her body began to quiver he sucked on her clit hard. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH!" she yelled as her body tensed, orgasm taking over her. Her pussy juices gushed all over his face.

"Such a good little pussy licker. Up on the bed so I can thank you properly."

He quickly climbed onto the bed. Kristen pushed him down on his back, attaching each wrist to the headboard. His aching cock stuck straight into the air. He felt her nails lightly brushing his sides, up the inside of his thighs. Unable to move or see, Adam felt these touches throughout his body, his back arched up with anticipation. Then he felt it and jumped. Her wet, warm mouth slowly enveloped his cock. She drove her mouth slowly down the length of his shaft, then back up even more slowly. She paused when just the head remained in her mouth and licked it all over.

Mistress Kristen stroked him with her hand as she slowly kissed her way up his body. His stomach. His chest. His nipples. His neck. She squeezed his cock as she whispered in his ear. "This cock belongs to me. You will not cum without permission. Understand boy?"

Adam could barely whisper in acknowledgement, "Yes Mistress."

She laughed and climbed on top of him, guiding his shaft into her still wet pussy. She slid up and down as slow as she can. "Ooohh yes" she moaned as she rode his rock hard cock. All Adam could do was feel her riding him. His body tensed as his cock strained. He clenched his thighs and ass cheeks to keep from coming.

He begged her, "Mistress, may I please cum?"

"NO!" she snapped, "Where are your manners? I'm not through with this cock yet"

"Owwwww!" Adam yelled as Kristen sharply squeezed his nipples.

She started breathing harder and riding him faster. Twice more Adam begged to cum, only to be answered with slaps to the balls. She started quaking on his cock as his body completely tensed, every ounce of his being straining to hold back his orgasm. Finally, she yelled "Cum with your Mistress!" Adam relaxed and his cock throbbed. Kristen drove herself down deeply onto him. She shook and screamed as his cock exploded inside her.

As Kristen climbed off of his sensitive, now flaccid cock, she asked, "So, what do you think?"

As Adam tried to find the right words to describe it, he heard another reply. A strange female voice answered, "We loved it. Can't wait to see you two again!"

To be continued...

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